Front-yard farming at Meadhouse.

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5:31 and 5:51 a.m.

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Eddie Murphy's son Eric is 'head over heels in love' for Martin Lawrence's daughter Jasmin

Jasmin Lawrence (Martin Lawrence's eldest daughter) wished "my love" Eric Murphy (Eddie Murphy's eldest son) a happy birthday Saturday on Instagram.        [Author: USA TODAY]
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a solo retreat

Yesterday, on a whim, Marcus and I decided to take a day trip to Round Top, Texas, a tiny village about 90 minutes outside of Houston. My friend Cheryl has a boutique there, so we dropped in to say hi and do a little shopping, and then walked around to the antique shops and other really charming businesses that were there, before driving home. I spent the evening playing in my journal. It was a great da...
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There is a newly opened museum in Paris called the Hotel de la Marine. It once housed the extra furniture of Louis XIV but changed when the king moved to Versailles. The Germans occupied it when entrenched in Paris during WWII and then it was occupied by the Naval Ministry until now. It has a gorgeous interior, most of the art work is the building itself as well as furniture of former occupants but there is art of former French military men. I really enjoyed my visit there. The lovely entra...
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Today's sunrise at 5:12 and 5:27.

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Instagram ads are the new SkyMall

SkyMall shut in 2015, bringing an end to the era of in-flight magazines for bizarre gadgetry you could pick up as soon as you got off the plane. But its spirit lives on at Instagram, writes Clive Thompson, whose advertising lately specializes in similar fare. —
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I tried to use Starbucks' new program that lets customers order complicated viral drinks, but I ran into some issues

Starbucks is testing a 'Social Sips' ordering program. Starbucks Starbucks is testing a new system for ordering off-menu drinks that have gained popularity on social media. While it's a smart idea, the QR scanning function didn't work during my visit. I tried the $6 Pink Drink Remixed. See more stories on Insider's business page. Starbucks is running a limited test that allows customers to order drinks that became popular on social media through ads on Facebook and ...
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"I believe all National Parks should be closed to visitors unless they have been invited. There should be a selection process..."

"... and it should be based on intelligence, respect for nature and intent. No selfie sticks, no babies, no kids younger than an age where they can grasp their surroundings and the concept of nature. Littering and damaging nature in any way should be met with a fine so steep that no one would dare. In NYC, our parks and landmarks are overrun by the ugliest, rudest tourists one can imagine. They have ruined life here and with a welcome mat fro[m] officials who only see dollars."That's a comment ...
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WhatsApp is a step closer to bringing Snapchat-style disappearing photos and videos to iPhones

The new update, entitled "View Once," will be available for all iOS beta users. Thiago Prudêncio / SOPA Images: LightRocket via Getty Images WhatsApp rolled out disappearing photos and videos to iOS beta testers on Friday. View Once lets users send photos and videos that vanish from chats after a single view. View Once continues Facebook's push to mirror popular features of Snapchat. See more stories on Insider's business page. WhatsApp is a step closer to bringing disappearing pho...
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2021 Bradbury Scuffle Race

Race Results Next Races 2021 Bradbury Scuffle Race Results Bradbury Scuffle Race Results July 11, 2021 Place First Last Time Age Group 1 Joseph Reynolds 0:38:35 M 30s 2 Jacob Brady 0:38:55 M 20s 3 Andy Kiburis 0:39:43 M 30s 4 Drew Taylor 0:40:20 M 30s 5 Shane Eherts 0:43:54 M 30s 6 Brigid Smith-Franey 0:44:40 F 40s 7 Adam Zukowski 0:45:40 M 30s 8 Bill Guddeck 0:46:01 M 30s 9 Jenna Krajewski 0:46:11 F 40s 10 Kali McGown 0:46:40 F 20s 11 Blaine Mo...
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KBIA 30th Annual A Day at the Beach 1k/5k Road Race

KBIA 30th Annual A Day at the Beach 1k/5k Road Race July 11, 2021 @ 8:30 am – 10:30 am KBIA Annual A Day at the Beach 1k/5k, Sunday, July 11, 2021 Come run with us on a USATF certified course that begins and ends at beautiful Kennebunk Beach. The course winds through a shaded, beachside neighborhood and finishes alongside the Atlantic. Post-race snacks and beverages are provided. The 1k begins at 8:30 AM and the 5k begins at 9:15 AM. REGISTRATION OPENS JANUARY 16, 2021 at this link: http://www....
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