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Storing Encrypted Photos in Google’s Cloud

New paper: “Encrypted Cloud Photo Storage Using Google Photos“: Abstract: Cloud photo services are widely used for persistent, convenient, and often free photo storage, which is especially useful for mobile devices. As users store more and more photos in the cloud, significant privacy concerns arise because even a single compromise of a user’s credentials give attackers unfettered access to all of the user’s photos. We have created Easy Secure Photos (ESP) to enable users to protect their photos...
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Daddy-O of Stetsasonic: Even After Almost 40 Years I’m as Good a Rapper Now as I’ve Ever Been

I may have mentioned before that I was a college DJ during the time when hip-hop music came of age.  And one of my favorite songs of the era was Sally, by the legendary hip-hop group Stetsasonic.  And years after my college DJ years (but I’m still a DJ…virtually at least) I had the opportunity to moderate a tech panel at Georgia Tech, and one of the panelists was Glenn Bolton, aka Daddy-O … co-founder of Stetsasonic. It was great hearing Daddy-O talk about technology and his experiences i...
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Win a $300 Mystery Bundle for Dog Lovers!

We are celebrating the relaunch of our YUCKY PUPPY® Facebook and Instagram pages with a BIG giveaway–a $300 Mystery Bundle! It’s filled with gifts for dog lovers, from jewelry to YUCKY PUPPY bags (psst…and even some dog toys thrown in as well). And I wanted to take the chance to share some great news: Cherry, ... Read More about Win a $300 Mystery Bundle for Dog Lovers! This post first appeared in Link to original post: Win a $300 Mystery Bundle for Dog Lovers!
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‘It’s a two-way conversation:’ 8 tips for social media naysayers

If you question what value social media really adds to your business, don't. Point blank, it gives real estate agents way more reach than they could get offline. It's not for everyone, but here are some tips to make getting started easier.
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A few weeks ago, Marcus asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I couldn’t think of anything, until suddenly I remembered that we still had hundreds of bricks left over from when we built our house.“You know that patio that you built for yourself at the bottom of the garden?”“Yes?”“I’d like one outside of my home office. Sort of an indoor-outdoor office space.”“Done.”I had no idea how much work it would ...
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14 incredible Walt Disney World resort pools, from a waterslide through a serpent's mouth to a lagoon with a volcano

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Reminiscent of a colonial Spanish fortress, the pirate-themed Fuentes del Morro features zero-entry and two water slides. Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort The pools within Walt Disney World resorts are among the most prized perks of a hotel stay. The best Disney World resort pools have a strong theme, extra amenities, and great food and drink. These are the best Walt Disney World hotel pools that ar...
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5:51 a.m.

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Raising Kids to Thrive in an Online World

RAISING KIDS in the physical world is hard enough to get right, but now there is the added dimension of the digital world. While we spend a good deal of time preparing our kids for success in the physical world, Richard Culatta says, “we have put surprisingly little effort into making sure our kids are prepared to be safe and healthy” in the digital world. In Digital for Good: Raising Kids to Thrive in an Online World, Culatta writes that the “events that take place in the virtual world are not...
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5:52 a.m.

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How much money Instagram influencers make

Influencer JaLisa Vaughn-Jefferson has more than 275,000 followers today and makes most of her income from brand deals. Marrica Evans Influencers on Instagram earn money in a multitude of ways. From sponsored content to getting tips on IG Live, creators balance several streams of income. We spoke with more than a dozen creators who shared how much money they earn. See more stories on Insider's business page. Instagram and influencers go hand-in-hand. The Facebook-owned social-media pla...
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Star Wars Bits: Ahsoka, The Book of Boba Fett, War of the Bounty Hunters, Tempest Runner, and More

In this edition of Star Wars Bits: Potential Casting News for Ahsoka The Book of Boba Fett Directors and Cinematographers War of the Bounty Hunter Previews Lucasfilm Hires Popular Deepfake Artist Star Wars Podcast & YouTube Round-Up And more! Potential Casting News for Ahsoka According to LRMonline, Mena Massoud (of 2019’s Aladdin) has been cast as Ezra Bridger in the upcoming Ahsoka Disney+ series. The last time fans saw Ezra was during the 2018 Star Wars Rebels series finale, in which...
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A $250,000 Substack offer wasn't enough to lure a Pulitzer-winning art critic from his staff writing job. He said he can't stand the idea of constantly 'barking' for subscribers.

Substack Famed New York Magazine art critic Jerry Saltz says he has turned down a $250,000 deal from Substack. Explaining his reasoning, Saltz said, "I think it is not my real work to write for 'subscribers.'" Substack has made waves in the media industry by poaching big names in recent months. See more stories on Insider's business page. Long-time New York Magazine art critic Jerry Saltz says he has turned down a $250,000 offer to write for the newsletter platform Substack,...
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The Portfolio: Simphiwe Majozi

The photographer uses the medium to connect with aspects of Zulu spiritual practices The post The Portfolio: Simphiwe Majozi appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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How ‘Instagram therapy’ is helping women with mental health

Women make up the majority of people living with mood disorders in Canada. However, treatments and resources that are adapted to their needs are still lacking. Looking for ways to feel better, many women are turning to social media platforms like Instagram. To make sense of the phenomenon called “Instagram therapy,” I interviewed more than 20 women in 2020 who use Instagram for mental health care. I found that women turn to the image-sharing platform to counter the lack of available resources. I...
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Simone Biles still struggling with 'twisties,' raising new doubts about returning at Olympics

Simone Biles posted two videos of her trying to do her uneven bars dismount Friday on her Instagram story, and it's clear she is not her usual self.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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Hemingway ‘wannabes’ celebrate author with lookalike contest

Fans in Nobel prizewinner’s favourite haunt of Key West hold their 40th competition on his birthdayErnest Hemingway is survived as much by his macho mythology as he is by his writing. Hemingway was in two plane crashes in two days. Hemingway shot himself in both legs while wrangling a shark. Hemingway had at least nine major concussions – and four wives. He had brain damage. He won the Pulitzer and the Nobel prize. He hunted and fished and wrote plays and books and articles and stories, for ever...
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FBI investigating Nigeria's 'super cop' in Instagram influencer HushPuppi fraud case

A high-ranking Nigerian police officer is being investigated by the FBI for allegedly making an arrest at the request of Instagram influencer Ramon Abbas, who has pleaded guilty to money laundering, according to the US Justice Department.
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2021 Ocean Park 5K @ OOB

We have one PC Screen down & a laptop in need of replacement but we will get our report out somehow. Please standby for news!
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A portrait of black lives in Suffolk – in pictures

Black Suffolk is a series of portraits by photographer John Ferguson of people from Suffolk’s African-Caribbean community. The pictures will be on display in an outdoor exhibition in central Ipswich from 30 July and throughout August. Ferguson said: ‘I have produced a new collection of portraits which explore the concept of home for a diversity of people in the African-Caribbean community in Suffolk. This theme creatively expresses people’s experience and interpretation of what exactly is home. ...
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Simone Biles still struggling with 'twisties,' raising new doubts about returning to action

Simone Biles posted two videos of her trying to do her uneven bars dismount Friday on her Instagram story, and it's clear she is not her usual self.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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