TikTok, the Only Social Media Platform Without Stories, Is Getting Stories

As sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, so too is it all but guaranteed in 2021 that social media platforms will eventually test some ill-fated version of Instagram Stories in their feeds. And as of Wednesday, TikTok is no longer the exception: The platform is reportedly experimenting with a new…Read more...
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Sr Games 10K Road Race @ Scarborough Aug 7th

Road Races 10k/1 Mile Road Race – Saturday, August 7 Scarborough High School – 5k Road Race/Power Walk – Thursday, September 9 Sanford Springvale YMCA –
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A Look at the Latest Updates to Shooting Tethered: Part 1

The June 2021 update to Lightroom Classic brought two changes to its tethering function, so I wanted to take a closer look at how those changes can impact a tethering workflow. In addition, I’ll share how you could utilize third-party solutions for tethering if the native functionality isn’t giving you what you want. [Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in the July issue of Photoshop User Magazine.] One thing I’ve found to be true across all areas of photography is that every d...
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Geri Horner celebrates adorable new addition to family - and fans are smitten

Geri Horner took to Instagram to share some wonderful news with her fans on Wednesday, and...
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Facebook cuts off NYU researcher access, prompting rebuke from lawmakers

Facebook shut down accounts belonging to two academic researchers late Tuesday, cutting off their ability to study political ads and misinformation on the world’s biggest social network. The company accused the academics of engaging in “unauthorized scraping” and compromising user privacy on the platform, claims that Facebook’s many critics are slamming as a thin pretense for killing the transparency work. The company took action against Laura Edelson and Damon McCoy, two well-known researchers ...
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Facebook Bans Vaccine Hoax Researchers, Blames FTC

Members of a New York University research team studying political advertising and covid-19 misinformation on Facebook found their accounts suspended Tuesday night, with Facebook pinning the action on the privacy settlement it reached with federal regulators in 2019.Read more...
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Instagram and Spring Partner on a $1 Billion Creator Fund

The image-sharing social media giant Instagram is expanding its partnership with creator commerce platform Spring, with the launch of the new Creator Commerce Fund. The partnership investment marks a significant investment for Instagram in creator commerce. The incentive program will help both established and emerging Spring creators to earn an income on social commerce via shopping tools on Instagram. Social media integration is an essential tool in helping content creators reach out to audien...
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august break: where I live ...

… or, rather, how I live:at the pleasure of this hairy terrorist.(For Susannah’s August Break.)
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A bride waving a flag in bombed-out Beirut: Christine Spengler’s best photograph

‘Shortly after arriving, I was kidnapped by a militia group who said I was a spy. A decade later, I went back to show life and beauty returning to the city’I spent my childhood in Madrid and I went to the Prado every week from the age of seven. I would cry at the works by Goya. His paintings of the Spanish civil war moved me like nothing else. I never grew up around photography – I grew up around Goya. Even as a child, I was attracted to the dark fates of the world.Over the course of my career, ...
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Scarlett Moffatt in tears as she's inundated with support over bikini photo

Scarlett Moffatt took to Instagram on Tuesday to share an inspiring body confidence message...
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Chris Bosh: Retracing Passion to Build Lasting Career Success

Nothing beats undeterred enthusiasm for doing something you absolutely love doing. It’s crucial, however, to understand that working in a team often requires you take a role outside of your comfort zone. Even without scoring, for example, your selfless contributions elevate the performance of the team. Chris Bosh is an NBA Hall of Famer, eleven-time All-Star, two-time NBA champion, Olympic gold medallist, and The League’s Global Ambassador. Chris joins me on the show to share the pivotal moments...
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Lady Amelia Windsor cements her fashion queen title in dazzling floral dress

At the weekend, the gorgeous Lady Amelia Windsor took to Instagram to share a stunning...
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Facebook reportedly wants to securely mine your encrypted data to target ads

There’s no secret that Facebook loves ads. It has stuffed the blue app and different features of Instagram with them. And the company has contemplated many times inserting ads in WhatsApp. Now the company is trying to make a match of an odd pair: encryption and ads. According to a report from The Information, the tech giant is building a team of AI researchers to explore possibilities to analyze data without breaking encryption. This will allow Facebook to insert targeted ads on WhatsApp, and le...
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On impulse I decided to make a trip to the Orsay Museum. It was fairly full but I don’t know if they were tourists or locals. It was nice to see the Impressionists again. The Statue of Liberty is there to greet you. There is an exhibit about the physical world going on right now. This is a stuffed elephant which was once in a Paris zoo. The clock is always great to see. Sculpture by Degas. Degas loved painting those ballerinas. That night there were firew...
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