News-Illiterate Cops Order Air Hunt for 'Antifa' Citing Neo-Nazi Rumors That Triggered Armed Mobs

Screenshots of two rambling social media posts—one from Facebook, one from Instagram—form the sum total of the evidence police used last summer to justify an aerial surveillance operation in North California, records obtained by the nonprofit transparency group Property of the People and reporting by the Guardian…Read more...
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Facebook Bringing Voice and Video Calling Back to Main App After Moving Them to Messenger

Facebook is re-adding voice and video calling features to its main Facebook app after moving the features to Messenger back in 2014, reports Bloomberg. Users in some countries including the United States are now able to make voice or video calls directly from the Facebook app. As of now, Facebook is testing the feature, which is meant to cut down on the number of times that Facebook users need to swap over to the Messenger app. Messenger and Facebook used to be a single app, but in 2014, Fac...
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An abandoned and collapsing old Tokyo house

Old and incredibly dilapidated shops and homes aren’t that uncommon in Tokyo, but abandoned and slowly collapsing houses on relatively well used thoroughfares most certainly are. How long it has been there and how long it has been abandoned is anybody’s guess. Similarly, the owner remains a complete mystery aside from the clothes left behind. So with little in the way of information, there’s lots left to the imagination, which in some ways makes it all the more interesting.
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Tamron 18-300mm APS-C autofocus lens for Sony & Fuji announcement expected September 24th

Tamron’s upcoming 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3 Di III-A VC VXD autofocus lens for Fuji X and Sony E mount, for which a development announcement was made last month, looks like it might be set for a release announcement next month. September 24th, to be precise, according to a tweet from Nokishita. The tweet says that Tamron has […] The post Tamron 18-300mm APS-C autofocus lens for Sony & Fuji announcement expected September 24th appeared first on DIY Photography.
Tags: Photography, Gear, Sony, Fuji, Tamron, Nokishita, Sony Fuji, 18-300mm, 18-300mm F/3.5-6.5

What is Facebook Creator Studio and How to Use it for Business

Most businesses these days are on Facebook in one way or another, but not every business uses the Facebook Creator Studio function. And if you’re among those businesses, you could be missing out on the opportunity to have your content reach a wider audience on Facebook and Instagram. Read on to learn more. What is Creator Studio for Facebook? Facebook’s Creator Studio is a dashboard that lets content creators and people engaged in Facebook marketing manage their Facebook pages and/or Instagra...
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Instagram is ditching ‘swipe-up’ links in favor of stickers

Instagram is ditching the “swipe-up” link in Instagram Stories starting on August 30. The popular feature has historically allowed businesses and high-profile creators a way to direct their Story’s viewers to a website where they could learn more about a product, read an article, sign up for a service or do anything else the creator wanted to promote. In place of the “swipe-up” call to action, Instagram users who previously had access to the feature will instead be able to use the new Link Stick...
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The Complete List of Advertising Restrictions on Social Networks

Social media networks have made it easy for businesses to market their products and reach a large audience all over the world. However, there are certain things you cannot advertise on social networks. As of August 2021, here are the lists of advertising restrictions on social networks that are in place.  Across social media networks, “standard rules” apply for prohibited ad content. The standard rules include no promotion of illegal products, no promotion that includes trademarks that belong...
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Report: Giphy Lowered Its Value Ahead of Facebook Buyout to Avoid Antitrust Scrutiny

Facebook again weaseled around antitrust scrutiny in its $400 million Giphy acquisition, according to a Bloomberg report citing two sources with knowledge of the matter. If history is any indicator, Facebook can and will do whatever it wants. Read more...
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Saint-Etienne’s Green opts for England over France

Saint-Étienne (France) (AFP) – Saint-Etienne goalkeeper Etienne Green has chosen to represent England rather than France, he announced on Instagram on Monday. In a post written in French, the 21-year-old who was born in England... Visit for the rest of the story.
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How I made a 3D-printed wigglegram lens from three disposable cameras

I gotta admit that half of the reason I bought a film camera was to post cool-looking pictures on Instagram, so when I saw these things called “wigglegrams” on IG I immediately wanted to make my own. I found out that they are typically made with a Nishika camera which has 4 lenses to capture […] The post How I made a 3D-printed wigglegram lens from three disposable cameras appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Are the Taliban mocking the US with recreated iconic Iwo Jima flag-raising photo?

The Taliban unit has published a photo that shows a group of soldiers raising a flag together. Sounds familiar? It’s a recreation of the iconic Joe Rosenthal’s image, depicting six U.S. marines raising the country’s flag on Iwo Jima in World War II. However, the Taliban version was reportedly made to mock the U.S., which […] The post Are the Taliban mocking the US with recreated iconic Iwo Jima flag-raising photo? appeared first on DIY Photography.
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How to schedule Instagram posts from a professional or personal account

There are a few different ways you can schedule a post on Instagram. Tom Werner/Getty Images Scheduling Instagram posts can help you stay relevant and active on social media. You can schedule Instagram posts with Creator Studio if you have a professional account. If you only have a personal account, you can use a third-party app like Buffer. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Having a steady presence on social media is vital to being relevant, and gaining and mai...
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This totally unfair comparison pits the Panasonic GH5 II up against the RED Gemini 5K

As I was browsing through YouTube this morning, I spotted a new video from the folks at TheCameraStoreTV that looked quite interesting, pitting the new Panasonic GH5 II vs the RED Gemini 5K. And right after the introduction, I spotted a familiar face, my buddy Ryan desperately trying to not laugh at the antics of […] The post This totally unfair comparison pits the Panasonic GH5 II up against the RED Gemini 5K appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Timeless Leadership Lessons I Learned from My First Job as a Swim Instructor

THERE’S something about our first jobs that stick with us. They teach us things we didn’t expect to learn and shape the person we become later in our professional lives. This phenomenon happens even when that first job has absolutely nothing to do with the career you ultimately end up pursuing, which is exactly what happened to me. I was 14 when I first started as a lifeguard and swim instructor at my hometown pool in Canton, Connecticut. I got the position despite an awkward first interview: a...
Tags: Facebook, Leadership, Instagram, Boston, Connecticut, New Yorker, New England, Leadership Development, Canton Connecticut, Abe Birnbaum, Deb Schoenthaler, Physician Performance LLC, Beth Israel Lahey Health Performance Network

Why Everyone's Excited About YikYak Again (and Why It's Not Truly Anonymous)

I’m sure everyone’s made this joke already, but I can’t help myself: Yakity Yak, YikYak’s back.Read more...
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DaBaby Blasts “Crybabies” During Hot 97 Summer Jam Set

Last month, while performing at the Miami rap festival Rolling Loud, DaBaby said some truly fucked-up things about gay people and AIDS. In the days after that festival, DaBaby attempted to defend his comments, complained about his persecution, and then finally issued an Instagram apology, which he later deleted. In response, a number of festivals dropped DaBaby from their lineups. But DaBaby kept his spot on the lineup of Hot 97 Summer Jam, the annual New Jersey stadium rap spectacular, which al...
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What is Shopify, and How Does it Work?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that helps businesses run an online store. It offers a good alternative to opening brick and mortar stores to reach customers on a global level. It helps you increase both your sales and reach without experiencing the growing pains that come with outlet expansion. What is Shopify? Shopify is an easy-to-use application for online retailers and also comes with a Point Of Sale (POS) app for payment of goods in physicals locations. It offers merchants the ability...
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Lucky teenager buys $7,000 worth Leica M kit for only $15 at a garage sale

You can find all sorts of treasures at garage sales and thrift stores. A 16-year-old boy Tyler B. went to a local church sale and stroke a deal that would make all film photographers green with envy. He bought a 7,000 kit consisting of a 1960s Leica M4 and a couple of lenses – for […] The post Lucky teenager buys $7,000 worth Leica M kit for only $15 at a garage sale appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Megadap’s new ETZ-11 autofocus adapter lets you put Sony E lenses on Nikon Z bodies

One of the best things that’s come out of the last few years of everybody switching to mirrorless and there being so many different mounts out there is the plethora of adapters that keep being released – with varying degrees of capability. We’ve got straight through manual adapters, speed boosters, autofocus adapters, tilt-shift adapters and […] The post Megadap’s new ETZ-11 autofocus adapter lets you put Sony E lenses on Nikon Z bodies appeared first on DIY Photography.
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I'm a nutritionist in the Hamptons. My days go from negotiating with personal chefs to being sent very personal photos - here's what it's like.

Charlotte LaGuardia is a nutritionist and dietitian based in the Hamptons. Eric Striffler Charlotte LaGuardia, 29, is a certified nutrition specialist in the Hamptons who meets with clients via Zoom. She says her job means constantly having to say no to requests that go way beyond her job title. Here's what her job is like, as told to freelance writer Jenny Powers. See more stories on Insider's business page. This as-told-to essay is based on a transcribed conversation with Charlo...
Tags: Health, Wellness, Nutrition, Instagram, Life, Careers, Trends, Strategy, Southampton, Laguardia, Hamptons New York, Hamptons, The Hamptons, Nordic, Sag Harbor, Health Coach

Nico Tortorella post nude pics to show off new, full body-length tattoo

Nico Tortorella (Photo: Shutterstock) Actor and model Nico Tortorella got themselves a new tattoo… and it runs from their head all the way down to their heel. Tortorella, 33, posted a series of naked images to Instagram to show off their new, abstract ink work, and to praise the artist behind it. Swipe below to see all the images.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by nico tortorella. (@nicotortore...
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Photo of a kitchen court hearing wins the Our Times – Pandemic Perspectives contest

The coronavirus pandemic has turned our world upside down. We’re living in probably the weirdest times in recent history, and International Photography Awards (IPA) has decided to throw a contest for photographers documenting it. Our Times – Pandemic Perspectives is a special edition of the One Shot contest, and it’s all about the life we’ve […] The post Photo of a kitchen court hearing wins the Our Times – Pandemic Perspectives contest appeared first on DIY Photography.
Tags: Photography, Inspiration, Competition, Contest, Photography Competition, Photo Contest, Photography Contest, Coronavirus, COVID-19, COVID, International Photography Awards, International Photography Awards IPA

Stingless bees and Freddie Mercury masks: Monday’s best photos

The Guardian’s picture editors select photo highlights from around the world Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, UK News, World news, Freddie Mercury

Gordon Ramsay sparks annoyed fan reaction with controversial recipe

TV chef Gordon Ramsay took to Instagram on Sunday to share his recipe for a mouthwatering...
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The Cosyspeed PhotoHiker 44 is the most comfortable photography backpack I’ve ever used

I am notoriously difficult to find backpacks for, as I’ve mentioned on here before. I picked up a Tamrac Cyberpack 6 quite a while ago and it took 16 years to finally find another bag that felt as nice to wear. Now, I’ve found one that blows both of them away in the comfort stakes. […] The post The Cosyspeed PhotoHiker 44 is the most comfortable photography backpack I’ve ever used appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Gisele Bundchen sparks reaction as she pays sweet tribute to stepson Jack

Gisele Bundchen and her husband Tom Brady took to Instagram on Sunday for a very special...
Tags: Instagram, Tom Brady, Jack, Gisele Bündchen

Staycationers on the English Riviera – in pictures

As unprecedented numbers of people take their holidays in the UK because of the travel chaos caused by the Covid pandemic, David Hares has been photographing the English Riviera in Devon Continue reading...
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