7:09 a.m. — unseen sunrise, fog, paddleboarder.

Talk about anything you want in the comments. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Mt. Blue Invitational Relays

Boys 2 Mile Run Place NAME SCHOOL TIME 1 Grady Satterfield Mt. Ararat 10:35 2 Logan Ouellette Leavitt 10:55 3 Cyrus Evans Mt. Blue 10:56 4 Jacob Pelletier Cony 11:15 5 Ben Keleher Mt. Ararat 11:29 6 Liam Card Lincoln Academy 11:35 7 Pierce Coughlin Messalonskee 11:44 8 Tieran Croft Messalonskee 11:50 9 Cooper Parlee Brewer 11:56 10 Henri McCourt Mt. Blue 12:07 11 Andrew Turlo Waterville 12:11 12 Parker Libby Mt. Ararat 12:18 13 Beckett Cote Messalonskee 12:24 14 Eli Hoeft Mt. Blu...
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Holographic Chromed Logos

I love these colorfully chromed-out logos designed by Martin Naumann — you can find dozens of them on his Instagram and at Behance. You can also buy an icon set of these logos for your phone. As he explained on Behance, Naumann’s process for designing these is surprisingly simple — he zooms way in on RGB noise to generate a background gradient, blurs the logo, and then refracts the background using the height map. Cool! (via moss & fog) Tags: design   logos   Martin Naumann   remix ...
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Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp experienced a second outage in less than a week

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Facebook said some users were experiencing issues with its suite of apps on Friday. "We apologize for any inconvenience," the company said in a tweet. Facebook, Instagram, and other apps went down four days ago on Monday, October 4. Facebook suite of apps went down again on Friday, their second outage in the last week.The company acknowledged the outage and apologized to people experiencing issues after users reported being unable to access its apps, including...
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Instagram back up after second major outage of the week

Just a few days after a global Facebook outage, Instagram went down for over two hours due to a different technical issue.
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Consumer Tech Expert Eugene Wei – We have God-like search and distribution, and paleolithic emotions

Like many of you I have a bunch of Google alerts set up on certain topics, with one of them being TikTok. I’m not even on really on TikTok, but I began tracking it a while back because all of the hype surrounding it, and then when a friend of mine told me about how his son had only been on it a couple months – doing a few videos making different things out of boxes – had over 60K followers – I got even more curious, which is why I did a conversation with him for this series not that long ago. B...
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Facebook and Instagram say issues now fixed after second outage in a week

Facebook apologises to users struggling to access picture feeds and send messagesFacebook has said that issues that blocked access to its apps and services for some users have been fixed.The problems, which lasted around two hours on Friday, came days after the social media giant suffered a six-hour outage triggered by an error during routine maintenance on its network of data centres. Continue reading...
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Facebook Messenger and Instagram hit by second outage in a week

Facebook apologises to users struggling to access picture feeds and send messagesFacebook has confirmed that some users were having trouble accessing its apps and services, days after the social media giant suffered a six-hour outage triggered by an error during routine maintenance on its network of data centres.Some users on Friday were unable to load their Instagram feeds, while others were not able to send messages on Facebook Messenger. Continue reading...
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Instagram is down, again

Just a few days after a global Facebook outage, users around the world are seeing issues with Instagram.
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This Twitter bot will colorize your black and white photos

This Twitter bot will colorize your black and white photos— Boing Boing (@BoingBoing) October 8, 2021 "I'm a bot that transforms black and white photos into color using artificial intelligence," says @colorize_bot, a cheerful Twitter bot that performs is useful service free of charge. — Read the rest
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Fog on Lake Mendota at 7:19 a.m.

[Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Facebook Ads Are the Most Noticeable

Source: StatistaMore than half of the participants in a Statista Global Consumer Survey identify Facebook as a platform where advertisements are prominent and noticeable. When taking its subsidiary Instagram into consideration, the gap of obvious versus subtle ad delivery between Facebook products and competitor sites like TikTok and Twitter seems even larger. U.S. respondents in particular thought of Facebook and Instagram as the platforms with the most noticeable ads, with a share of 64 and...
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Learning app Duolingo sets its sights on the language of numbers

Aims to take kids from Instagram to integration with gamified approach The developers behind popular language education app Duolingo are setting their sights on maths education.…
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Are you a parent concerned about the impact Instagram is having on your children? Share your family's story

A Facebook whistleblower has helped renew concerns that some parents have likely had for years: what impact social media is having on their kids.
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"Facebook, whistleblower Frances Haugen says of her former employer, is this generation’s Big Tobacco, 'hooking kids' on its products and lying about its business practices...."

"'It’s just like cigarettes,' Haugen said this week in testimony before a Senate Commerce subcommittee. 'Teenagers don’t have good self-regulation. They say explicitly, "I feel bad when I use Instagram, and yet I can’t stop."'... Society doesn’t have an interest in keeping children away from these technologies entirely as it does with cigarettes; rather, there is a public interest in preventing predatory targeting of minors and a countervailing interest in protecting free expression and encourag...
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Instagram and Twitter's former San Francisco office is now available to rent - see inside the 'luckiest' office

Inside the 164 South Park Avenue office. Veracity Commercial Partners A San Francisco office space previously occupied by Instagram and Twitter is now available to rent. The 6,400-square-foot 164 South Park Street office space costs $27,500 per month. Take a look inside the space, which has four offices, three conference rooms, and two call booths. See more stories on Insider's business page. If you're a Silicon Valley startup CEO looking for a new office space with a "lucky" hist...
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Facebook’s ‘mental health tools’ reek of half-assing

Facebook announced a bunch of tools and resources to spread awareness about mental health last night. This move comes ahead of Mental Health Day on October 10. But it also comes along with the recent allegations against the company about ignoring the mental health impact of Instagram’s algorithms on teens. The firm said that it has worked with experts on mental health all around the world to build these tools. Here’s what the company has launched: A new emotional health hub with resources relate...
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Facebook Ads vs Instagram Ads: Which Ones Perform Better

Ad spend: an inquiry into how much brands invest in both Facebook and Instagram ads, as well as its increase from 2020 till mid of 2021.Which placement is better – by correlating the average click-through-rate with the costs per click or mille you’ll discover which are the most efficient places where you should place your ads on both Facebook and Instagram. CPC values: $0.49 for Facebook ads and $1.09 for Instagram on average Facebook has the highest CTR, of 3.06% on average, compared to Instag...
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Podcast Ep. 238: Be Careful Who You Tell Your Problems To

They say a problem shared is a problem halved, but not always. When you tell your problems to the wrong person it can become a problem multiplied. In this week’s episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions, I explain why you have to be careful who you tell your problems to and some of the reasons why people don’t respond as fairly, empathetically and compassionately as we hope and expect. I also talk about some of the hidden motivations that cause us to set ourselves up for a fall. Subscri...
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Purrific Photo Contest Winners

The winners of the Purrific Photo Contest were announced on Tuesday, October 16th. Check out some of the most adorable photos submitted to see if your pet made it into the top 10! The catster magazine photo contest 2021 is a contest that allows cat owners to submit their photos of their cats for the chance to win a prize. Take a look at our fantastic photos and photo contest winners! Lynx was the grand prize winner. Cat Nap is a category in which cats nap. Lynx, a 6-month-old Savannah, lo...
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