Facebook whistleblower says Mark Zuckerberg should resign as CEO amid company's 'meta problem'

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (left) and former Facebook employee Frances Haugen. Matt McClain-Pool/Getty Images/Andrew Harnik/AP Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen said Mark Zuckerberg should resign as CEO of Meta. It's "unlikely" Meta-owned Facebook will change with Zuckerberg in charge, Haugen said Monday. Haugen leaked the "Facebook Files" that have embroiled Facebook and Meta in controversy. Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen on Monday called on Mark Zuckerberg to step down a...
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Facebook failing to protect users from Covid misinformation, says monitor

Twenty accounts and groups tracked by NewsGuard gained more than 370,000 followers over past year Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageMisinformation and sceptical views about Covid-19 and vaccines has been allowed to spread on more than a dozen Facebook and Instagram accounts, pages and groups that together have gained 370,000 followers over the past year, according to a report.The misinformation and promotion of vaccine hesitancy includes posts in Facebook groups claimin...
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Eggnog Martini

This Eggnog Martini is a beautifully festive cocktail that’s the perfect balance of sweetness and spice. The addition of Amaretto liqueur takes the flavor in this delicious drink to the next level. This drink comes together quickly and pairs perfectly with holiday appetizers and desserts. Reasons You’ll Love This Recipe: Elegant Eggnog – This pretty martini just might be the most sophisticated way yet to enjoy eggnog. Quick and Easy – Quick and easy to...
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Sunrise — 7:27, 7:30, 7:32.

[Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Britney Spears shares bloody Halloween costume as she details murder-mystery story in Instagram post

Britney Spears called out her parents for not letting her drive her car amid her conservatorship. #britneyspears
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Leaked Documents Reveal Facebook is Targeting Children as Young as 6 (slashdot)

"Internal documents show that Facebook has been actively hiring employees to build products that target children as young as 6 to expand its user base," reports NBC News — apparently within just the last six months. "Our company is making a major investment..." begins an internal Facebook blog post seen by NBC. The blog post announces that the company was dedicating a team "to make safer, more private, experiences for youth..." It goes on to point out this marked a new direction for Facebook, ...
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Mark Zuckerberg should quit Facebook, says Frances Haugen

Whistleblower says a new CEO should prioritise online safety over Meta restructureFacebook whistleblower Frances Haugen has delivered her strongest call yet for Mark Zuckerberg to step down as chief executive of his social media empire, saying the business will be better off with a leader who focuses on user safety.Frances Haugen said Facebook’s parent company, rebranded Meta last week, is unlikely to change if its founder remains in charge. Speaking at the Web Summit in Lisbon, the former Faceb...
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56 gifts for your wife that are memorable and creative - from a clay sculpting kit to an art print of her favorite city

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Getty Images Thoughtful gifts for your wife are key, whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or just because. We rounded up unique gift ideas for her, whether you want a grand gesture or a personalized memento. Still looking for a gift? Check out our list of the All-Time Best products we've ever tested. Putting extra care into picking out thoughtful gifts for your wife shows her just how how...
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Best Canon camera deals for November 2021

Canon offers frequent discounts on its cameras. We monitor the best cheap Canon camera deals and update this post regularly.
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Facebook says it just uncovered one of the largest troll farms ever - run by the government of Nicaragua

The Spanish word for "Murderer" covers a mural of Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega, as part of anti-government protests demanding his resignation in Managua, Nicaragua. Esteban Felix/AP Facebook announced it uncovered one of the largest troll farms, run by the government of Nicaragua. The troll operation involved state employees working out of Nicaragua's postal service, Facebook said. The company said the effort violated its policy against "Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior." On...
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November 1st foliage (at sunrise).

[Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Growth, Okay?! – Insecure Season 5, Episode 2 Recap

Photo Credit: Merrie Wallace This post is in partnership with HBO. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own. Going Well – A year has passed since the last episode and there is change all around. The BLOCC has 10,000 followers on Instagram, and Issa wakes up feeling encouraged and hopeful. Issa’s assistant, Koya, is waiting for her in her kitchen fixing her microwavable waffles. Molly has chopped her hair off, rocking a natural short cut with a part. She’s meditating on “embrace the chan...
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Pumpkins don't last as long as they used to...

[Author: [email protected] (Unknown)]
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3 takes on Zuckerberg's "metaverse."

1. "Facebook wants to be The Matrix" by Kevin T. Dugan (Fortune). Zuckerberg still puts bringing people together as his guiding principal [sic], and this is how to do it, even if it just has them interact more with sensors and goggles than with other living, breathing people. It all seems kinda bleak, like when you first see how people are harvested to make up The Matrix. As Morpheus says, channeling the French postmodern philosopher Jean Baudrillard, “welcome to the desert of the real.” But as...
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We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #560

We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #560 Mashup 1 Nov 2021 hannahcurrey Facebook changes its corporate branding to MetaThere’s big news from the social media giant that is/was Facebook. After 17 years with...
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Food Network Candy Coated Christmas Giveaways (Daily Winners)

The Food Network is hosting a new giveaway everyday on Instagram through November 30th. Check their account daily for your chance to win. Two winners will be chosen each day to receive a variety of...
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Best camera deals for November 2021

Amateur and professional photographers to take advantage of digital camera deals and bundle offers that pop up fairly often. Read on for our up-to-date list of the best camera deals for 2021.
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Best cheap GoPro alternative action cameras for November 2021

If you're staying active outside, a good action camera is a perfect way to record your adventures.
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Shanghai Century: Shanghai Spirit – in pictures

Capturing the changing face of Shanghai through the past two centuries and the development of the last 30 years, from street photography to fashion shoots, from the intimacy of the lilongs to the grandeur of public facades, a new exhibition is presented by Porsche in collaboration with the Shanghai Centre of PhotographyShanghai Century: Shanghai Spirit is on display at Photofairs Shanghai from 3 November Continue reading...
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Children surviving the climate crisis – in pictures

Save the Children has been documenting the stories of children living on the frontline of the climate crisis, sending world-renowned photographers to Cambodia, Australia and Pakistan to learn about their lives Continue reading...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Happy Monday, readers. We've got lots on the docket today, starting with more Meta news, and wrapping up with a Google exec who's obsessed with collecting presidents' hair. Let's dive in. If this was forwarded to you, sign up here. Download Insider's app - click here for iOS and here for Android. Facebook 1. In Meta news: It's been a few days since Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook's new name, but while Wall Street internet analysts are cheering this change a...
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Florida teacher of the year arrested after allegedly striking student over Instagram post

Jacksonville teacher Caroline Lee was charged with child abuse after an incident over an Instagram post announcing her as the Teacher of the Year.       [Author: Florida Times-Union]
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Sunbathers of Beirut: the photographs celebrating everyday life in the Middle East

A new collection of photography aims to capture the upbeat, joyous side of life in the Arab world, away from war and suffering. Fouad Elkoury talks us through his projectOn 4 August 2020, Fouad Elkoury was sitting in his home in Beirut when an enormous explosion at the port shattered his windows and blasted through his living room. Miraculously, the Lebanese photographer survived but his home was destroyed, along with those of an estimated 300,000 others. “When you go through such an explosion,”...
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Candace Cameron Bure Responds to Criticism of Her Family's "Unattractive" Wedding Attire

Candace Cameron Bure's Instagram post from a recent wedding was met with criticism over her family's fashion choices, leading the star to respond directly to a number of the negative comments. #wedding #attire #unattractivewedding #candacecameronbure
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Halcyon Realms Favorite Art Books List ( Yearly )

I love beautiful art books and reviewing them is a big passion of mine; since 2009 I’ve reviewed over 780 art books and my list continues to grow. In late 2012, I started writing a post titled “my favorite art books of 2012”, where I highlighted about 10-15 of my top picks from all the titles I reviewed that year, and have continued doing so annually ever since. I’ve collected the favorites list ( starting from 2012 ) in this post and I hope you’ll find a book or two somewhere in there that...
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