Sunrise — 6:47.

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Instagram star Alexis Ren says the dollar-based economy is 'collapsing' so she's going into crypto

Alexis Ren says she has lost faith in the value of the US dollar.Alexis Ren/We Are Warriors Model Alexis Ren believes "the way that we are utilizing the US dollar is really scary". Ren, who founded YourStage, a tech platform for learning, believes that the economy "is collapsing." She believes crypto offers a viable alternative and encouraged people to invest regularly. Most people know model Alexis Ren from her appearance in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition or as a contestant on the...
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No school, no hair cut: one girl’s journey through one of the world’s longest Covid lockdowns

Antonella Bordon’s hair was her family’s pride and joy. But as the pandemic kept her out of school for 18 months, the 12-year-old Argentinian vowed to lop it all off as soon as she could return to classWhen she finally cut her hair, Antonella Bordon had trouble sleeping. At the age of 12, her first haircut meant more to her than a simple change of style.For most of her childhood, Bordon’s silky hair ran all the way down her back to her calves, such a deep brown it looked like a black mane. Her m...
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Jools Oliver asks for help after revealing son River's 'scary' health infection

Jools Oliver turned to her followers on Instagram on Saturday morning to seek their help...
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2021 Gardiner Rotarys 2nd Annual Turkey Trot

Overall male winner- Jeremy Cotnoir Overall female winner- Ashlyn Poulin
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Facebook to test news feed controls to make it easier to customize content

Facebook is testing new ways to make it easier for users and businesses to customize their Facebook News Feed experience. For its business customers, Facebook is planning to expand the Topic Exclusion controls for the News Feed test to a limited number of advertisers that run ads in English. Meta considers the Topic Exclusion controls as a bridge product and is planning to test out a new content-based suitability control, which will help them address concerns that advertisers have of their ads ...
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Britney Spears calls out Christina Aguilera on Instagram about conservatorship

"I love and adore everyone who supported me... but refusing to speak when you know the truth, is equivalent to a lie!!!" Spears said on Instagram. #britneyspears #christinaaguilera
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