Vicente Fernández, iconic Mexican singer who elevated mariachi music, has died at 81

According to statements posted by his medical team on his official Instagram account, Fernández had been in and out of the intensive care unit since early August, after suffering a serious fall in... #mariachimusic #fernández #vicentefernández
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Sunrise — 7:17.

Talk about whatever you want in the comments. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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2021 Portland Trails Holiday Dash 5K

Results courtesy of Runsignup & Split-Time Race Management Start & Finish Line Courtesy of Stephen Amoroso Photos East End Beach Going Out PhotosEast End Returning to Finish line
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Meta's leaked internal research on child and teen mental health isn't the smoking gun we think it is, according to a top scientist

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.Xinhua News Agency/Getty Images Leaked Meta research on teen mental health isn't the smoking gun we think it is, Andrew Przybylski said. The scientist told Insider it could not be held up as "damning proof" of the ill effects of Instagram. He's among more than 300 scientists who have called on Mark Zuckerberg to open up Meta's mental health research. When Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen leaked internal Instagram research about the effect of the platf...
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Ten tech predictions for 2022: what’s next for Twitter, Uber and NFTs

The year ahead for the social media giants, podcasts and games – and will there be yet another hyped return for virtual reality?Twitter has an unfortunate reputation as the punchbag of social media. It has failed to deliver the huge returns of bigger rivals such as Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram, it hasn’t been the cool new network for more than a decade and even its own most dedicated users love to drag it to oblivion. Continue reading...
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The world according to Guido Palau, the man behind fashion’s hottest hairstyles

The stylist and author of a book of images capturing a nation in lockdown explains how the way we wear our locks reflects the changing zeitgeistHe might not be a household name, but you’ll certainly be familiar with the hairstyles he’s created over the decades for the catwalk, magazine covers and ad campaigns. Guido Palau, the man behind some of the most influential hair in fashion, was showing off his form again in London last week – on the front of British Vogue, with the unconventional 54-yea...
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