Woman lost @metaverse Instagram handle days after Facebook name change (ars technica)

Enlarge (credit: Liu Guanguan/China News Service) Thea-Mai Baumann had posted to Instagram using the @metaverse handle for nearly a decade when her account was disabled on November 2. “Your account has been blocked for pretending to be someone else,” the app told her.  Baumann wasn’t exactly sure what had happened, but the timing was curious. The account block came just days after Facebook had announced its new name, Meta. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the name reflected the company’s new fo...
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Her Instagram Handle Was 'Metaverse.' Last Month, It Vanished.

Five days after Facebook changed its name to Meta, an Australian artist found herself blocked, with seemingly no recourse, from an account documenting nearly a decade of her life and work. From a report: In October, Thea-Mai Baumann, an Australian artist and technologist, found herself sitting on prime internet real estate. In 2012, she had started an Instagram account with the handle @metaverse, a name she used in her creative work. On the account, she documented her life in Brisbane, where she...
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Sunrise — 7:13.

[Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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How 2021 changed digital marketing forever

Somehow, the utterly-bizarre series of events commonly known as “2021” is almost over. The year both dragged on a flew by – and 2021 changed digital marketing forever. If you haven’t already, it’s a great time to start adjusting to these changes. Keep reading to discover some of the most notable email, social media, advertising and content strategy shifts from the past year! How 2021 changed digital marketing: Instagram Throughout 2021, Instagram threw social media marketers tons ...
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How this travel blogger pivoted during the pandemic

Gabby Beckford is an expert planner, even when things don’t work out as expected. Shortly after graduating from college and getting her first job in engineering, she realized that working in an office wasn’t for her. But this didn’t throw her off course, it presented an opportunity. Over the next two years, she used savings from her job to become a full-time travel blogger. On her website Packs Light, Gabby writes travel tips for Gen Z, offers influencer guides and services and runs occasional p...
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4 Key Insights From the Bhagavad Gita

One of my favorite books is a two-thousand-year-old text of Hindu scripture called the Bhagavad Gita. I’ve known about the Gita since I was in high school. For example, I knew that Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb, quoted the Gita when he saw the bomb tested for the first time: “I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” And as I read the biographies of great men throughout my adult life, I noticed that many of them counted the Bhagavad Gita as one of their favorite books. He...
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Huge 5.0 Update to ‘TouchRetouch’ Brings Improved Repairs

Photo repair app TouchRetouch was recently updated, and it brings many improvements. Here are a few: Quick repairs and removal of larger items can now be made with a single brush. TouchRetouch is now more edge-aware when that comes to removing an object that is close to another object. The app now offers a new tool to automatically detect and remove meshes. You can now use the object and line removal tools in Auto and Manual modes. The app provides smooth, seamless animations on the iPhone 13 Pr...
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Bridges burned? How Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s agent reacted to captaincy strip

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang stripped of the captaincy News broke this morning that, following a disciplinary breach, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang had been stripped of the Arsenal captaincy. It follows an issue where the Gabon striker failed to return on time from a trip to France to see his mother.As per The Athletic:“Aubameyang was granted permission to travel to France on Wednesday on the condition that he returned that night, in order to report for training on Thursday.Aubameyang did not retur...
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Podcast and smart speakers research reveals listening numbers

Forty-one percent of UK residents age 16+ have listened to a podcast in the last month, according to The Infinite Dial 2021 UK. The Infinite Dial 2021 UK was conducted by Edison Research and sponsored by Bauer Media Group UK and Spotify. The study surveyed 1,000 UK residents age 16+ on a variety of measures including online digital audio platforms, radio, social media, smart speakers, and more. Findings from the study show several strengths in the audio space in the UK, including podcasts. S...
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SMAA: Deering-Scarborough-Westbrook Dec 14, 2021

Licensed to Down East Sports Timing – Contractor License HY-TEK’s Meet Manager 12/14/2021 11:39 PM Week 1 Meet 4 – 12/14/2021 Deer/Scar/West USM Results Girls 55 Meter Dash Junior Division =================================================================================== Name Year School Seed Finals H# Points =================================================================================== Finals 1 # 198 Brooke Wardrop Scarboro 8.10 2 5 2 # 179 Sahiti Sanapala Scarboro 8.30 2 3 3 # 177 Fiona ...
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A look at the Irish: photography in Ireland from 1839 to now – in pictures

In Our Own Image: Photography in Ireland, 1839 to the Present is the first in a series of exhibitions forming the first comprehensive historical and critical survey of photography from across the island of Ireland. Coinciding with the centenary of the establishment of modern Ireland, In Our Own Image draws on material from from archives, private collections and contemporary commissions, charting how the medium has both reflected and shaped Irish cultural identity.In Our Own Image: photography in...
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