Publications Reports Quality Problems with Fujifilm Lenses

Two photography publications reported quality issues with Fujifilm lenses leading to speculation there may be a quality assurance problem at the vaunted optics manufacturer. The reports indicate new Fujifilm lenses arriving with “sizable dust specks, cracks, and excessive variations between copies,” a distressing thing indeed. A report on January 3, 2018 in Photography Life detailed “multiple samples of a number of lenses” that contained debris between lens elements that could not be removed wit...
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Giphy builds transparent GIF library for Instagram Stories

 Instagram now lets some users slap background-less GIFs sourced from Giphy onto their Instagram Stories. Rolling out for wider testing with a Giphy-branded design, the new GIF sticker engine could further differentiate Instagram Stories from Snapchat, which has yet to embrace the animation trend. It appears that Giphy has worked with Instagram to create a special search engine for a library… Read More
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8 Tools That Can Multiply Your Instagram Marketing Effectiveness

Instagram's spiking popularity has caused artists to flock to it as a primary promotional channel, and amassing an engaged set of Instagram followers has become an essential part of any musician's online presence. Here we look at tools for increasing the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing. __________________________ Guest post by Nancy Grace The recent explosion in the popularity of Instagram has captured the attention of marketers everywhere. It has become increasingly import...
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ZØRE Releases X Core Series Handgun Lock

An Israeli company by the name of ZØRE is releasing their innovative quick locking system that they originally started through a crowdfunding campaign in 2016, which we covered in April of that same year. Today the company is going public in the United States offering the lock for individual purchase on their website. One of […] Read More … The post ZØRE Releases X Core Series Handgun Lock appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Instagram now tells everyone when you’re active, here’s how to hide it

Another day, another feature nobody asked for. Facebook subsidiary Instagram has now enabled activity status in direct messages: this means that practically all of your friends will now be able to see when the last time you were actively using the app was. The feature rolled out as part of the latest updates for Android and iOS – so at least you know everyone is getting the same deal. In case you were wondering how this looks, Instagram now displays a line indicating the last time a user was act...
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What's Driving The Music Business? VR, AI, Blockchain, Smart Speakers, More [Bas Grasmeyer]

As we move forward in 2018, Bas Grasmayer takes moment to reflect on the leaps and bounds forward which music industry tech has made, and how these advances will shape major industry trends in the coming year. _________________________________   Guest post by Bas Grasmayer from Music Tech Future I am typing this article on my phone in an airport. Therefore this piece is going to be a bit different than my usual MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE post. It’s amazing what we can do on our pho...
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Don't Get Inked Without Checking Out These Rad Artists On Instagram

Tattoos tend to be unique to the people getting them, but even the most creative minds have mood — and Instagram — boards filled with inspiration. Whether you love colorful, splashy designs or are more into minimal, dotted lines, there's nothing wrong with having a wandering eye for tattoos. The more you check out, the more ideas you'll get, the better your creation will come out.Of course, this isn't to say you or your artist will, or should, plagiarize others' work. However, we do suggest yo...
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Instagram ‘Show Activity Status’ lets you see when a user was last active

Facebook-owned Instagram seems to be following the footsteps of WhatsApp and Messenger as new 'Show Activity Status' feature shows when a user was last active. You can now see when a user last used Instagram from the direct message screen.  The feature isn't rolled out to everyone just yet and is currently being tested with a handful of users. It is a feature that is found on most Facebook-owned apps like Messenger and WhatsApp. From the direct message screen, you can see the activity status of...
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5 Tips for Promoting Your Gaming Blog on Social Media

While the blogging revolution has helped make every stay-at-home mom and would-be online entrepreneur an avid blogger, gaming blogs still present a plethora of opportunities, as there is always a constant stream of content and ideas that can be talked about. Whether it is guides and tutorials or news and opinions, there’s something for everyone. Creators and readers alike. Promoting your blog can be challenging, though. But, without a good promotion strategy, it will be extremely difficult to p...
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Digital Marketing News: 2018 Creative Trends, Organic Facebook Dead, YouTube Tightens Up

2018 Creative Trends – Shutterstock’s data and creative teams analyzed their customers’ billions of searches for images, footage, and music search and download data to discover the biggest year-over-year increases. What are the top trends? Fantasy, New Minimalism, Space, Natural Luxury, and Punchy Pastels among others. – Shutterstock ‘Organic reach on Facebook is dead’: Advertisers expect price hikes after Facebook’s feed purge. If any brands haven’t already shifted their Facebook strategy e...
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Nià Flaunts Her Stretch Marks and Bacne For Aerie, and She Wants You to Wear a Bikini, Too

A post shared by Nià The Light (@niathelight) on Jan 6, 2018 at 4:57pm PST From CVS making a pledge to to Lais Ribierio rocking her stretch marks on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway, we're living in an empowering era of body positivity. To add to the mix, one more model has decided to flaunt her dark lines and bacne like it's no big deal - because hello, it isn't! Zimbabwean-British model Nià Pettitt (AKA Nià The Light) took to Instagram to share a photo of her from a ...
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Kate Moss & Naomi Campbell Closed Kim Jones' Last Vuitton Show

On Thursday afternoon, a host of celebrities and the fashion elite flocked to the Palais-Royal in Paris to attend the fall 2018 Louis Vuitton menswear show, Kim Jones' final collection after seven years at the men's helm of the French fashion house. As one of the most influential menswear designers in the industry, the announcement of Jones' departure from Louis Vuitton earlier this week took the fashion world and his army of streetwear-obsessed fans by surprise. But for his last collection, Jo...
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Couple’s sexless marriage is ‘weird, weird, weird’ says Yahoo Newsroom

“People can do what they want. But the marriage is a joke.” “Huh? Am I missing something here?” Two friends of Tiffany Trump’s are in the spotlight after exchanging “unconditional, unconventional” vows for a sexless marriage. The story jumped to the “top-trending” category on Yahoo Newsroom, sparking thousands of skeptical comments. New York socialites Quentin Esme Brown and Peter Cary Peterson tied the knot in Las Vegas (where first daughter Tiffany served as flower girl). On social media, the ...
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PHOTO: Egyptian Traditional Bread Oven in Luxor, Egypt

On my way to the ancient tombs and temples in Luxor, Egypt, this woman invited me into her home to see her Egyptian traditional bread oven. The delicious smell of fresh-baked bread stopped me in my tracks as I wandered past her house. Lined up in a row on a stone bench were a dozen or so loaves of the flatbread that is so popular in Egypt. She spoke no English and I spoke not a word of Arabic, but somehow we made a connection and before I... The post PHOTO: Egyptian Traditional Bread Oven i...
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10 things in tech you need to know today (INTC, SNAP, AMZN, FB, AAPL, SFTBY, MSFT, GOOG)

Good morning! Here is the tech news you need to know this Friday. 1. Intel has admitted the Spectre and Meltdown patches have impacted the performance of a broad range of processors. Those include chips of the Ivy Bridge, Sandy Bridge, Skylake, and Kaby Lake families, with a performance impact between 2% and 25%. 2. Snap reportedly laid off about 24 people across eight different teams, mostly in the unit that curates users' videos. Some staff have reportedly asked to be relocated to Los Angeles ...
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How to Make Your Cat Internet Famous

Cats have been a major part of human life for centuries. They are useful, fun to have around, and often quite amusing. But why is the internet so obsessed with cats? And how to make your cat internet famous? Famous Cats Are Nothing New Even before there was the internet, there were a lot of famous cats already. Garfield is one great example. This cat appeared in both TV and newspapers. The Brighton Cats, on the other hand, became celebrities after their owners photographed them in absurd pose...
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20 Geeky Tattoos You'll Be Dying to Get With Your Best Friend

Let your geek love shine and get inked with something that symbolizes your favorite fandom. It will be so much easier if your BFF agrees to get a tattoo with you. Whether you love Star Wars, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, or anything else with a big fan base, you'll flip for these awesome bestie tattoos. Check them out and make your love for geekiness and your best friend become permanent!
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You Might Want to Turn Off Instagram’s New, Humiliating 'Activity Status'

It’s a sickness. Whether it’s repeatedly checking for new likes on a pic or mindlessly scrolling through your feed, Instagram can be a tremendously addictive app. And just in time to help feed your habit, Instagram has instituted a new “activity status” feature that shows you the last time someone was actively using…Read more...
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Understanding How TVs Work Is a Lot Easier When You Watch Them at 380,000 Frames Per Second

Despite feeling like ancient, antique technology at this point, the monstrously-heavy CRT television you grew up with was an engineering marvel, as the Slow Mo Guys reveal by filming an old-school TV at an astonishing 380,000 frames per second.Read more...
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How to Use Your Social Network to Travel the World

One of my favorite websites is Couchsurfing. This website allows you to connect with locals abroad and get a place to stay, a friend to show you around, and local information. I remember I used it when I was first traveling and stayed at this lovely home in Athens. I’ve grown to love it even more since they have a “who’s nearby” feature on their app, which I heavily used in France last year. Celinne, on the other hand, created – and used – her own personal social network. She traveled the world...
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Nià Flaunts Her Stretch Marks and Bacne For Aerie, and She Wants You to Wear a Bikini, Too

A post shared by Nià The Light (@niathelight) on Jan 6, 2018 at 4:57pm PST From CVS making a pledge to to Lais Ribeiro rocking her stretch marks on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway, we're living in an empowering era of body positivity. To add to the mix, one more model has decided to flaunt her dark lines and bacne like it's no big deal - because hello, it isn't! Zimbabwean-British model Nià Pettitt (aka Nià The Light) took to Instagram to share a photo of her from a r...
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Portlander Paul LaCava wants to climb 1 million feet in 2018

He knocked off 4,199 feet during a ride in the West Hills on Tuesday.(Photos J. Maus/BikePortland) How many feet of elevation do you climb each week? How many times do you ride per month? These are the type of calculations that will weigh heavily on Paul LaCava’s mind for the next 11 months as he tries to accomplish his goal of 1,000,000 feet of vertical gain by December 31st. I met up with LaCava on Tuesday to see how we was doing and to share a few thousand feet toward his goal. LaCava ...
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Two New (Photo) Books to Read

Geoff Dyer, The Street Philosophy of Garry Winogrand. University of Texas Press, 240 pages, $60. (links to other Amazons at the bottom of this post) From the publisher's promo: "Award-winning writer Geoff Dyer has admired Winogrand’s work for many years. Modeled on John Szarkowski’s classic book Atget, The Street Philosophy of Garry Winogrand is a masterfully curated selection of one hundred photographs from the Winogrand archive at the Center for Creative Photography, with each image accompani...
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Tarte Says "We Know There Is No Excuse" For the Lack of Diversity in Our Shape Tape Shades

Update: Tarte released a statement via Instagram story the controversy surrounding the limited shade range of its new Shape Tape foundation. We have transcribed the statement below. You all know by now that we revealed our much anticipated shape tape foundation . . . & the final shade range that we launched was definitely not a full representation of all of you. It may be too little too late, but we can assure you this was not meant in any kind of malicious way. We all just got caught up in #...
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Watch Seattle Evolve and Grow in This Epic Three-Year Timelapse Shot From the Space Needle

Most timelapses condense a few hours or days into bite-size videos that make the world appear to fly by in fast-forward. But Ricardo Martin Brualla has created an aerial timelapse of Seattle that shows the city growing and evolving over three full years—and he didn’t even have to set up a camera himself.Read more...
Tags: Photography, Science, Seattle, Timelapses, Ricardo Martin Brualla, Seattle Evolve

6 Ways to Use Hashtags in Instagram Stories

You know what you should do? Add hashtags to your Instagram Stories. You invested serious resources into creating and capturing the perfect Instagram Story. Maybe you put yourself in precarious situations. Maybe you spent eons testing filters and pondering witty captions. When you “do it for the gram,” you better get the most views for your Story. Hashtags get you the views you deserve. Instagram’s Story feature is completely supportive of hashtags—unlike, say, our good friend and pal Snapchat....
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Wednesday Open Mike: Football!* And S.C. Gwynne

["Open Mike" is the often off-topic, anything-goes editorial page of TOP. TOP is based in the United States. The feature appears on Wednesdays, because Yr. Hmbl. Ed. is super-organized and able to do things on schedules**.] Two words: Saints Vikings. AKA "The Minnesota Miracle." Google that term and you'll get 2,760,000 results. Wow. What a spectacular, epochal game. The whole game was superbly well played, had a distinct narrative, and featured one of the most amazing finishes in the history o...
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Should SEOs & Content Marketers Play to the Social Networks' "Stay-On-Our-Site" Algorithms? - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by randfishIncreasingly, social networks are tweaking their algorithms to favor content that remains on their site, rather than send users to an outside source. This spells trouble for those trying to drive traffic and visitors to external pages, but what's an SEO or content marketer to do? Do you swim with the current, putting all your efforts toward placating the social network algos, or do you go against it and continue to promote your own content? This edition of Whiteboard Friday goe...
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Report: Are Marketers in for a Year of Facebook and Predictive Analytics? You Bet!

The following is a guest contributed post by Seamas Egan, Director of Marketing and Sales at Campaigner. It’s officially time for marketers to conduct an annual review of the strategies and tactics they’ve implemented throughout the past year. As the pace of technology innovation continues to accelerate, it seems marketing undergoes a new transformation each month. It’s critical that marketers ensure they are equipped with tools and tactics to meet the dynamic challenges of digital marketing. By...
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Really Bad MLS Photos

From our friends at Really Bad MLS Photos we bring you this batch of real (yes, they are real…) MLS photos. Enjoy! If you like this post you’ll love our other ‘Just For Fun‘ posts!
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