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... it's lazy summer Saturday.(But if you must shop, please shop through The Althouse Amazon Portal.) [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge Cooperative Farming

The Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma manages a cooperative farming program that raises wheat, corn, soybeans, and other crops on more than three thousand acres. A portion is purposely left unharvested in order to attract wildlife. (The Refuge manages 20,800 acres of habitat for wildlife.) This year it looks like corn and soybeans. You can see in the photo that the corn is already 8 to 10 foot high at the refuge. It's a good thing they don't plant corn everywhere on the refu...
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Link About It: This Week's Picks: Role-reversing frogs sing, comfortable trips to Mars, a museum of failures and more in our look around the web

1. Art Basel's Best Instagram Moments If there's one thing we've all learned from art fair attendance, it's the unending opportunity for unique Instagram images one simply won't find elsewhere. With industry-leading Art Basel's 2017 Switzerland...... Continue Reading...
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Bad news for AC Milan as Enzo Raiola reveals Donnarumma is onside

Focus on Gianluigi Donnarumma Another day, another interesting update in the ongoing Gianluigi Donnarumma saga. The 18-year-old goalkeeper is currently playing for Italy in the European Under-21 championships being held in Poland. On Saturday night it was confirmed that England will face Germany in the semifinals, while Italy take on Spain. Italy booked their spot in the final four with a 1-0 win over Germany. AC Milan v the Raiolas Donnarumma has just one year left on his AC Milan contrac...
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Wild Hogs At The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

I bet the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge manager is not happy to have wild Hogs on this refuge. Just about everywhere I hiked on the refuge I saw signs of Hogs. (March 2016) I decided after seeing signs of Hogs that I would try to stalk up on one and get a photo. I rate wild Hogs right up there with deer and coyotes when it comes to being wary. I found an area that had some fresh signs and I began my search. After about an hour I heard a few and I began my stalk. Most of the time you will hea...
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Photos: Mariners lose to the Astros, 5-2

Seattle lost to Houston at Safeco Field on Saturday night.
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Photos: Mariners beat the Astros, 13-3

Seattle beat Houston at Safeco Field on Friday night.
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Miley Cyrus Shared Some Adorable Baby Footage — Of Herself

If there's one thing everyone loves, it's baby pictures. They will never not be cute. It's even more adorable when it's a celeb who's grown up in the public eye, since it's a side of them we never got to see. Miley Cyrus took to Instagram to share an absolutely endearing video of herself a little thing in a big world. In her caption, she mentions that she's barely even a year old!The clip is set to her father Billy Ray Cyrus' new country song "Hey Daddy," which is the perfect background to baby...
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AirSelfie is a pocket-sized drone designed to take your picture from the air

Taking a selfie by holding your phone at arm’s length is usually fine if you’re only taking a snap of yourself or at most another person. But when you try to squeeze more people into the frame or want to see the background too, a camera at the end of your arm just won’t cut it. Neither will a 3-foot long selfie stick. Is there a better alternative? The folds at AirSelfie think so. AirSelfie is a small smartphone-sized drone whose sole purpose is to take pictures of you as quickly and easily as...
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These Photographs Of Volcanic Eruptions And Textures Are Mind Blowing

Long exposure photography is a tough but very rewarding genre where one can capture the movements of elements around. There are times when photographers get to any extreme to capture the beauty of the things around them, in the sense that, they do not even worry about the risks involved. This week, we have an internationally recognised and leading volcano and nature photographer G. Brad Lewis, who is also called the Volcano-man and has shot some award winning and incredible photos of volcanoes. ...
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Huge List of Free/Cheap ShopRite Unadvertised Deals for The Week

ShopRite Coupons This is not the full list of ShopRite unadvertised deals but here are some of the super cheap and FREE items you can get this week in addition to the regular ShopRite Coupon Match Ups.  We’ll post the full list of Unadvertised ShopRite Deals tomorrow. Check out these other great savings tools: Grocery... Read More The post Huge List of Free/Cheap ShopRite Unadvertised Deals for The Week appeared first on Living Rich With Coupons®.
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Looks on Campus: Julia - Michigan State University

Simplicity can speak volumes!Fashion isn't just about "more is more" -- sometimes the simplest look can turn heads, as Julia illustrates with her minimalist outfit. Make no mistake, this girl knows fashion -- we talked for a while about designer vs. fast fashion, style evolutions, and fashion icons. Julia's insights on style and self-expression can teach us all a little something. Julia 101 Name: JuliaYear: SeniorMajor: Arts & Humanities, Advertising School: Michigan State UniversityHometown: ...
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AC Milan’s genius plan to keep Gianluigi Donnarumma amid rumours Mino Raiola to be sacked

AC Milan linked with Antonio Donnarumma! AC Milan are wrestling with how to keep wonderkid goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma right now and they may have found a glorious idea. The 18-year-old goalkeeper is currently playing for Italy against Germany in the European Under-21 championships being held in Poland. Gianluigi Donnarumma has just one year left on his AC Milan contract and has had a very public falling out with the Rossoneri over a new deal. Big clubs are circling, including Juventus and ...
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houston pride 2017

The ACLU of Texas is an organization I find myself increasingly becoming involved with (seeing as they depend, in large part, on the volunteer services of attorneys).  Alex's best friend's mom is the Deputy Director of the ACLU of Texas, and this weekend their family invited our family to march with the ACLU in the Houston Pride Parade.  Naturally, we were thrilled to do so.The last time I attended the Houston Pride Parade w...
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7 Italian Social Photographers You Need to Know

This whole idea about writing a post about Italian Photographers came to me after watching this video about a book that revolves around a group of forgotten Italian Street Photographers. The book is called “La Strada” which simply means “The Street” in Italian. As a huge lover of Street Photography, I thought that this was a cool idea indeed, but the problem was that I thought that finding information about them would be easy. This largely turned out to be wrong and I decided to focus on more kn...
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Can You Tell Which of These Items Is Actually a Drawing?

It doesn't matter if you wear glasses or have 20/20 vision, this Playbuzz quiz will still play tricks on your eyes. The images below, which are taken from artist Howard Lee's Instagram, show two items side by side. While both look exactly the same, they are not. One of them - you can't even tell which one - is actually a drawing! Known for his optical illusion work, Howard has created a series of drawings involving the juxtaposition of real and fake items, ranging from hot dogs to matchsticks, ...
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Adobe and Stanford just taught AI to edit videos — with impressive results

Could Adobe Premiere Pro get an AI update? Researchers from Adobe and Stanford just developed a pretty good AI video editor. The program automates the edit while still giving the editor stylistic controls. The post Adobe and Stanford just taught AI to edit videos — with impressive results appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The Best 35mm Lens

Just for fun, what's your favorite 35mm (or 35mm angle-of-view equivalent) lens? This might sound odd, given that I've probably tried somewhere between 60 and 100 of them, but my favorite is probably the Fuji XF 23mm ƒ/1.4 R that I'm currently using. There's no geeky magic about it. It just seems to do everything very well. Performance, for sure, but even size, weight, the way it operates, and cost all seem to hit the sweet spot to me. In second place for digital might be the Sony-Zeiss 24mm (th...
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The 20 photographs of the week

Wildfires in Portugal, the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire, protests in Caracas and the continuing violence in Mosul – the news of the week captured by the world’s best photojournalists Continue reading...
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Ander Herrera’s Marcos Rojo injury update

Injured Marcos Rojo Man United’s Europa League match against Anderlecht last season was costly. Not only did the game prove to be the last time Zlatan Ibrahimovic played for the Red Devils, Argentine defender Marcos Rojo also ended his season in the match. Both Ibra and Rojo suffered significant knee ligament damage against the Belgians. Back in May, Argentine paper La Nacion announced that Man United fans shouldn’t plan to see Rojo in action anytime soon. Putting a timeframe on his recovery, i...
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NBA Rookie Is Just So Happy To Play For 'Team Name' In The City Of 'City' (techdirt)

It ain't easy being a high-profile celebrity these days. A job that once mostly involved ducking cameras and putting out the occasional press release has evolved into one where multiple social media platforms must be updated so that fans feel that real connection that can only come with a carefully managed social media message. The brand is the ultimate product rather than any athletic or artistic output. To that end, even these social media messages come with sponsorships, carefully cultivated ...
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Best photos of the day: Eid, Glastonbury and Gay Pride celebrations

The Guardian’s picture editors bring you a selection of highlights from around the world, including the Saint Joan festival in Menorca, Eid, and Jeremy Corbyn at Glastonbury Continue reading...
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Congratulations Aaron Kraft – June PFRE Photographer of the Month

Congratulations to Aaron Kraft of Jackson, Wyoming who the jury has voted PFRE Photographer of the Month for June. This is Aaron’s fourth win. He’s previously won in May of 2017, August 2016 and October 2016. Here are all the entries that the jurors awarded points to this month: Aaron Kraft Justin Jordan Trace Tague Alasdair […]
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Being on Instagram

This has become my new time suck -- checking out everyone's photos.   Most social media sites invite people to stay in their chair and just keep browsing.  But Instagram prompts me to... [Author: Ken Levine]
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Photography With Constraints

Sometimes it's good to have less choice.
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Forget the lens swaps, Tamron’s latest lens covers 18-400mm for $649

Travelers can pack light with Tamron's latest lens with the widest zoom range yet, macro capability and image stabilization. The lens, for Canon and Nikon APS-C mounts, will retail for $649 The post Forget the lens swaps, Tamron’s latest lens covers 18-400mm for $649 appeared first on Digital Trends.
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8 Adobe Premiere Pro Tips for beginners, from professional video editors

Adobe Premiere is a powerful application, if you know how to use it properly. Try a few of these convenient tips and tricks, courtesy of director Matt Eastin and professional editor Adam Henderson. The post 8 Adobe Premiere Pro Tips for beginners, from professional video editors appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Liam Payne And Niall Horan Have A One Direction Reunion In Indiana — Look!

What a time for a reunion! Though One Direction has been on hiatus for quite a while now, it's still plainly obvious that the guys have a lot of love and support for each other -- and nowhere was it more clear than Indianapolis, Indiana last night when Liam Payne and Niall Horan got together again! Related: Harry Styles' Stepfather Passes Away The duo were in the Midwest together to celebrate a radio birthday bash with a major concert -- Flo Rida, Fifth Harmony, and Aaron Carter were all also in...
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Instagram Mafia and the Explorer Section: Is This the Future of Instagram Success?

We already discussed the phenomenon of Instagram pods, or groups of people who upvote each other's Instagram posts to help gain higher visibility. That was good timing too, because this issue of pods and trying to use the Instagram algorithm for your benefit just got a lot more serious thanks to new17 Vote(s)
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Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho pays tribute to Alonso and Arbeloa

In a classy gesture, Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has this evening taken to Instagram to pay tribute to two of his former players ahead of their retirement. Blancos bond The duo at the heart of Mourinho’s post are Xabi Alonso and Alvaro Arbeloa, both of whom the Portuguese tactician managed during his time with Spanish giants Real Madrid. Alonso’s retirement had been common knowledge for some time now, with the former Liverpool star having announced his intention to call it a day fo...
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