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Facebook and Instagram Users Reflected on Kobe Bryant in January

The tragic death of National Basketball Association superstar Kobe Bryant dominated conversation on Facebook and Instagram in January, according to Facebook IQ, the social network's research arm. Meghan Markle and her split from the royal family also heated up the people category on both platforms in Facebook IQ's Hot Topics for the month. Valentine's Day...
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New York judge rules Ralph Watson can proceed with certain defamation claims against Diet Madison Avenue

The former CPB chief creative officer can sue two members for making allegedly defamatory comments on Facebook and Instagram; plus one of them can be sued for an HR complaint.
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Lego Turned Kids’ Playtime Ideas Into a Blockbuster Movie Trailer

There's been a bank robbery, and the thief is armed. With a titanium fish! Lego's newest ad, designed for vertical formats like Instagram, is a blockbuster movie trailer made up entirely of ideas proposed by kids while playing with a Lego City Police set. What begins as an explosive, high-stakes robbery quickly turns into a...
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Instagram Now Attracts a Larger Audience than Facebook Among Top Brands According to New Report from Socialbakers

Among top 50 brand profiles, Instagram has a larger audience and nearly 20X more interactions than Facebook, according to Socialbakers’ new Q4 2019 Trends Report London, U.K – Socialbakers, the unified marketing platform for social media marketers, released a comprehensive report on Social Media Trends for Q4 2019. Key insights from the report include Instagram overtaking Facebook […] The post Instagram Now Attracts a Larger Audience than Facebook Among Top Brands According to New Report from So...
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Instagram Is Testing a Latest Posts Feature

It's not quite the return of the chronological feed, but Instagram is internally testing an alternative. Blogger and developer Jane Manchun Wong discovered a Latest Posts feature in the code for the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network, sharing a screenshot in a tweet. Instagram is working on "Latest Posts" feed for catching up feed posts...
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Michael Bloomberg’s Instagram Meme Campaign Forces Facebook to Address New Form of Political Ads

Michael Bloomberg's meme campaign on Instagram may not be resonating with potential voters if the comments are any indication, but the unique tactic forced Instagram and parent company Facebook to quickly determine how to handle political ads in the form of branded content. Facebook said today that creators and influencers are allowed to work with...
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Instagram’s $20 Billion Ad Revenue Isn’t Exactly a Shock to Marketers

It's hard to remember now, but for the first three years of its existence, Instagram was ad-free. When it finally incorporated ads, shortly after Facebook bought the photo-sharing platform for $1 billion in 2012, the language around the rollout promised users it wouldn't be too much, too soon: "We'll focus on delivering a small number...
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Instagram: Here’s How to Sort the Accounts You Follow By Time Followed

Instagram recently launched the ability for users to sort the list of accounts they follow, including by how long they have followed those accounts. Our guide will show you how this is done. Note: These screenshots were captured in the Instagram application on iOS. Step 1: On your Instagram profile page, tap "Following." Step 2:...
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Change the Ref: The Bad Influencers

Gun companies are prohibited from running Instagram ads that promote the sale of or use of firearms. However, they’ve been able to get around these rules and restrictions by partnering with pro-gun influencers and having them promote firearms to their followers. These influencers are able to do...
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Seventh Generation strikes a blow for climate change and Publicis wins Bank of America: Wednesday Wake-Up Call

Plus: Macy's to shutter stores and Instagram rakes in ad revenue for Facebook.
Tags: Instagram, Advertising, Bank Of America, Publicis, Macy

Instagram appears to be raking in even more ad cash than YouTube

If you thought YouTube's $15 billion of ad cash was a lot, wait until you hear what Instagram is pulling in.
Tags: Mobile, Photography, News, Instagram, Advertising, Trends, Social Media, Instagram Ads

Telemundo Will Reveal the 2020 Billboard Latin Music Awards on Instagram

Telemundo will reveal the finalists for the 2020 Billboard Latin Music Awards on its Instagram account Wednesday at noon ET. The live event on Instagram will feature LatinX Now! host Christian Acosta and singer and composer Emilia Mernes. Finalists in 59 categories across Latin Pop, Tropical, Latin Rhythm and Regional Mexican will be revealed, along...
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The Most Loved—and Hated—Super Bowl Ads, According to Adweek’s Instagram

At Adweek, we're used to sharing our rankings of Super Bowl ads, so why not ask our readers' opinions? Using the voting feature in Instagram Stories we asked our audience to rank each big game ad with a thumbs up or a thumbs down. While some commercials like Olay and Avocados from Mexico split voters,...
Tags: Instagram, Mexico, Advertising, Adweek, The Big Game, Olay, Instagram Stories

Australian Studio Creates Advertising Campaign With A Landscapes Turned Upside Down

For the launch of the Dreamliner line of United Airlines in Australia, the Cream Electric Art studio based in Sydney carried out an advertising campaign which turns the world upside down. Through a poster series, this photomontages offer a surprising and previously unseen view : like a pop-up book, the landscapes occupy at the same time the foreground and the horizon, this time seen from the sky. Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Australia, Advertising, Sydney, Landscapes, United Airlines, Down, Upside, Cream Electric Art

MAC Cosmetics: M·A·C Opening

Parties packed with celebrities and magazine cover personalities are no longer private and exclusive. M.A.C Cosmetics, the world authority in professional makeup, has just announced its Official Store in Mercado Libre, the largest e-commerce platform in Latin America. The beauty company offers all its products on this platform. The celebration of the store’s opening was a full digital party. The event had live performances of local bands, celebrities, bartenders and more. To ...
Tags: Instagram, Advertising, Argentina, Latin America, Mac Cosmetics, Mercado Libre, Wunderman Thompson, C Cosmetics the world authority

baed stories: #noshamefor

To provoke a sex dialogue, we launched the social movement #noshamefor. The project was accompanied by a flash mob, in which every Ukrainian could participate. A wide audience participated in the flash mob, but Facebook and Instagram blocked the revelations of Ukrainians, believing that this was overly sexual content. Despite media restrictions, the following communication channels were involved: - Sha radio podcast - An article on BIT.UA with frank celebrities’ stories - Post...
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Christmas and New Year’s Eve Dominated Facebook and Instagram in December

People celebrated the holiday season and rang in the new year on Facebook and Instagram, as Christmas and New Year's Eve dominated the monthly Hot Topics list from Facebook IQ for December 2019. Friday the 13th was also noteworthy in the holidays and events category on Facebook, while Instagrammers talked about Art Basel. Users on...
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The Color Factory Offers More Than Just Instagram Fodder

As its name implies, Color Factory provides an ideal opportunity for splashy Instagram posts--but it also offers more than just social media fodder. The ticketed experience, which launched in San Francisco in 2017, celebrates color through interactive site-specific installations created by local artists. After its initial run, the pop-up expanded to a second temporary exhibit...
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5 Huge Marketing Campaigns Gone Wrong (+ How To Ensure Yours Goes Right)

This article has been contributed by Tom Simpkins. Marketing campaigns are some of the best ways to get the word out about your company, a product, or even just a message. Whether you’re aiming to make your brand iconic or simply trying to make a joke out of the competition, a marketing campaign can be a powerful tool. Campaigns can go viral, become beloved, even integrate into the zeitgeist; but they can do so either in a good way or a bad way. Sometimes your marketing message can fall on deaf ...
Tags: UK, Design, London, Campaigns, Instagram, Microsoft, Australia, Boston, Russia, Advertising, Marketing, US, America, Los Angeles, Chicago, Herb

Sloche / Couche-Tard: The Monsters

Again this year, Havas Montreal was mandated to develop a fresh new campaign for Sloche, Couche-Tard's popular iced beverage. In fact, Sloche is so popular that we featured monsters that only had eyes for this delicious beverage. Our biggest challenge was to deliver high-quality visuals while keeping within budget. The campaign had to run on several different platforms and formats, so our design had to be flexible in order to accommodate all the variants. We also met the chall...
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Instagram Makes Long-Lived Access Tokens Available for the Instagram Basic Display API

One hour is nice, but 60 days is better. Instagram said Tuesday that long-lived access tokens are now available for the Instagram Basic Display API (application-programming interface). Software engineer Muyuan Liu said in a blog post that when the Instagram Basic Display API debuted last October, user access tokens were only valid for one hour,...
Tags: Instagram, Advertising, Social Pro Daily, Muyuan Liu

Celebrities, Politicians Turn to Instagram to ‘Stop This Story’ of Antisemitism

Moshe Kantor, president of the World Holocaust Forum Foundation and the European Jewish Congress, turned to augmented reality to amplify a message about serious reality. Kantor spearheaded the Stop This Story campaign, which uses Instagram's AR effects to generate awareness about antisemitism. Stop This Story was timed to debut ahead of the fifth World Holocaust...
Tags: Instagram, Advertising, Kantor, European Jewish Congress, Social Pro Daily, Moshe Kantor, World Holocaust Forum Foundation

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank: CalenDARE Against Plastic

Every year, sometime in November, agencies across Armenia receive very similar briefs – design year-end corporate calendars for different brands. Our brief from ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK, one of the country’s leading banks, was no exception. But while paper calendars used to be rather valuable in the beginning of the decade, by now they have simply become obsolete. So, how do you make a calendar that people will not only use, but also talk about and even take selfies with? Pap...
Tags: Facebook, Instagram, Advertising, CSR, Armenia, Zuck Berg, ACBA Credit Agricole Bank, CalenDARE Against Plastic

7 Ways to Enhance Your Blog with Video Advertising

Video is one of the most impactful ways to reach an audience, and those who use video regularly see greater engagement than those who don’t. Video can even be used to help you promote your blog if used correctly. Consider these impactful ways to use video advertising, and see your blog readership soar.  1. Create SlideShare Videos  For many bloggers, LinkedIn provides powerful connections and extended reach for your blog. A SlideShare video showcasing the top posts on your ...
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Michelle Obama to Release New IGTV Series Targeting First-Year College Students

Issues-driven media company ATTN: is welcoming former first lady Michelle Obama to Instagram's IGTV long-form video destination. Michelle Obama and her Reach Higher initiative teamed up with ATTN: on a new IGTV series aimed at first-year college students across the U.S. called A Year of Firsts. The first episode will debut on IGTV in mid-January....
Tags: Instagram, Advertising, Michelle Obama, Publishers & Platforms

McDonald’s kicks off 2020 by showcasing its CEO while Yum makes deal for Habit

Mickey D’s new(-ish) CEO joins Instagram; Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut owner buys a burger chain.
Tags: Instagram, Advertising, YUM, Pizza Hut, McDonald, Mickey D, Taco Bell KFC

Pesky Apps That You Need To Delete ASAP

Pesky Apps That You Need To Delete ASAP Not all Apps are Good Apps…   Depressive Apps. With everyone curating an unrealistic, heavily manufactured, idealized version of their lives, we all start to believe other people’s lives are so much better than our own. It is time to get off Facebook...
Tags: Ios, Health, Google, Amazon, Security, Updates, Mobile, Facebook, Business, Instagram, Washington Post, Advertising, Marketing, Walmart, Data, Sem

The New World Owners — Influencers

The New World Owners — Influencers In twelve years, our President may be a Youtube star! Oh — let us hope not. Did you know that most of today’s influencers are just single person start-ups? What makes them unique is their ability to spot trends and then experiment with the latest formats and...
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National Geographic Is Celebrating New Year’s Eve on Instagram

National Geographic is celebrating the arrival of 2020 on Instagram. Four of Nat Geo's Instagram accounts (the main National Geographic page, National Geographic Travel, National Geographic Adventure and National Geographic Your Shot) will share pictures of New Year's Eve celebrations taken by its photographers around the world. These four Nat Geo Instagram accounts have a...
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7 Key Online Marketing Tips for Managing a Social Marketing Strategy

No marketing strategy can be complete if you don't add a social media plan to it. We could even claim that social networks have become the most influential marketing mechanism of the 21st century thanks to their potential to raise awareness and drive user engagement. According to Statista, the likes of Facebook and Instagram attract more than two billion users every day. It's a stunning figure that clearly proves the necessity to invest in social media marketing. Modern organizations know thi...
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