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Summer Music Festival, Camp, and School Seeks Development Manager

The Walden School ( seeks a Development Manager to join the School’s dynamic, fun, and collegial San Francisco-based administrative team. The Development Manager, with the Executive Director and Board’s Development Committee, helps lead the School’s annual fund and overall development effort. The ideal candidate is highly collaborative, exceptionally organized, has excellent persuasive written and oral communication skills (including communicating in email/online, letter, teleph...
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A fine art photographer has taken daily selfies since 1982

Fine art photographer Nancy Floyd has been photographing herself almost daily since 1982. From those images, she's curated a selection of 2,500 photos in a collection titled Weathering Time. Now published as a book, the project is a stunning meditation on life, time, and also technology. — Read the rest
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Forced from home: the humans and animals under threat – in pictures

Nick Brandt visited five animal sanctuaries in Africa to portray the people displaced by droughts and the creatures whose very existence is under threat Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Books, Photography, Climate Change, Animals, Africa, UK News, World news, Culture, Art and design, Exhibitions, Nick Brandt, Art and design books

At the Confabulation Café...

... have a seat and talk all night. [Author: noreply[email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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How Things Change When Your Dance Video Becomes A Viral Sensation

She’s earned a following of more than 250,000 on Instagram and 460,000 on TikTok — as well as amassing 15.3 million likes on TikTok. – Lake Geneva News
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Pet Portraits: How to Turn your Photos into Art

If there is one thing that connects all pet owners it's the love we share for our pets. These animals are so much more than just pets however, they are part of the family. It's customary to display photos of your family members around your home and this tradition should include pets as well. However, if you're looking to take it one step further, you should consider having a custom pet portrait (or two!) created.Stellar Villa is a small business based in Brooklyn, New York that specializes in ...
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Snakes, spirits and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry: São Paulo Biennial makes defiant stand in Brazil’s culture wars

As the Bolsonaro government stokes divisions, the art festival offers a pointedly diverse and inclusive programme, including sculptures by the late dub reggae legendWhen fire devastated the National Museum in Brazil in 2018, one of the few objects to be found intact among the smouldering ruins was the St Luisa meteorite. While the Rio de Janeiro museum is still being rebuilt, the black rock, around a metre in length, is the star exhibit of the São Paulo Biennial, which opened at the weekend.The ...
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‘We always see sex from the man’s view’: Cammie Toloui, the peep show performer who peeped back

Turning her camera on her customers, the sex worker and photojournalist exposed the male gaze to itself – and opened up a world of shame and desire“As a rebellious preteen, I sat down and made a list of my life goals,” writes Cammie Toloui in her photobook 5 Dollars for 3 Minutes. “It was pretty simple: 1. Sex. 2. Drugs. 3. Rock’n’roll.”Born in the San Francisco Bay Area in the Summer of Love, Toloui was in the right place to hit these targets, and by 1990 was a member of a feminist punk band, ...
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Why Instagram’s creatives are angry about its move to video

The social media platform was once a favourite of artists and photographers, but a shift towards TikTok-type videos and shopping could leave them looking for a new home onlineIn late July, hobbyist photographer and self-proclaimed “sunrise hunter” Sam Binding conducted an experiment. After visiting Somerset Lavender Farm to catch the sun peeking over the purple blossoms, the 40-year-old from Bristol uploaded the results to both Instagram and Twitter. Two days later, he used the apps’ built-in an...
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On impulse I decided to make a trip to the Orsay Museum. It was fairly full but I don’t know if they were tourists or locals. It was nice to see the Impressionists again. The Statue of Liberty is there to greet you. There is an exhibit about the physical world going on right now. This is a stuffed elephant which was once in a Paris zoo. The clock is always great to see. Sculpture by Degas. Degas loved painting those ballerinas. That night there were firew...
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"People sometimes send us pieces that were deliberately made to be bad, and you can usually see right through that. It's fake bad art, and it shows."

Said Louise Sacco, the permanent acting interim director of the Museum of Bad Art, quoted in "Treasures from the Museum of Bad Art" (CBS). The article is from 2015. Some readers will know why I'm thinking about it today.Click through and scroll to see what sort of badness is museum-worthy. It must be "sincere and original, and something went wrong in a way that's interesting." I laughed a lot looking at these pictures — hardest at "President Kennedy Eating Ice Cream": It's obvious what went wro...
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Australia’s 2021 National Photographic Portrait prize winner and finalists – in pictures

Sydney photographer Joel B Pratley’s photo of a lone farmer immersed in a dust storm in drought-stricken Australia has won the 2021 National Photographic Portrait prize. Titled Drought Story, the image shows David Kalisch captured amid a sudden dust storm on his 1,000-acre farm in Forbes, New South Wales. Pratley said his subject’s stance reflects the resilience of a man pushed to the limits by an unforgiving climate: ‘David’s composure during the storm was surreal, because he is just so used to...
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Inside the eerie Dennis Severs’ House, home to an imaginary Huguenot family – in pictures

After more than a year of closure, the Spitalfields Trust has announced the reopening and renewal of Dennis Severs’ House. Severs came to Spitalfields in 1979 and bought a derelict house. He reconfigured it to tell the story of a fictional family who had lived there since its construction in 1724 Continue reading...
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koen hauser

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A love from beyond the grave – Kurt Tong on his ‘ghost marriage’ photographs

His latest project, piecing together the story of a bereaved Hong Kong man who wed his dead fiancé, has won an award. The photogapher reveals how it began with the discovery of a trunk of keepsakesAt the centre of Kurt Tong’s elaborate visual narrative Dear Franklin, there is a doomed love story that is also a ghost story. It traces the intertwined lives of Franklin Lung, a man who rose from poor beginnings to become part of Hong Kong’s social elite in the 1940s, and a young woman known only as ...
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More Carnavalet

More photos of my visit to the Carnavalet Museum, home of the history of Paris. A look out a window at the newly replanted garden below. Maybe I need a musuc room with yellow walls too. Wooden wall art. An ornate bed for a royal baby. A whole room was painted in this fashion. There is the entire interior of a jewlry shop there done in the Art Deco style designed by Muscha, including, somehow, the gorgeous mosaic floor. A lovely fireplace too. ...
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"Throughout most of the ’60s and ’70s, [Brigid Berlin] dragged her Polaroid 360 and a bulky cassette recorder everywhere, though she once said, 'No picture ever mattered, it was the clicking and pulling out that I loved.'"

"Running out of film, she insisted, was worse than running out of speed. Warhol became equally addicted to documentation and, though his pictures became more well known, hers are arguably as revelatory, often the product of double exposures and lighting both flat and vivid, and featuring such friends as Lou Reed, Roy Lichtenstein, Dennis Hopper and Cy Twombly.... Her recordings — there are more than 1,000 hours of tape... — range from the mundane (chatter about her near-constant doctors’ appoint...
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Carnavalet Museum

The Carnavalet Museum is finally open. It was closed for over four years for renovation and then of course, there was the Covid situation. Admission is free but you have to get tickets online. The Carnavalet features the history of the city of Paris. It’s a beautiful museum. In the entry courtyard. It’s Louis XIV. There are over 100 rooms and 615,000 artifacts. The Carnavalet is the oldest museum in Paris. It’s in two adjoining mansions built in the 16th and 17th centuries. Lo...
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Meet the millennial crypto-art entrepreneurs backed by Scooter Braun who want to dominate the 'wild, wild west' of the NFT market

Mark Mastrandrea and Jeff Cole, the founders of IKONICK. Courtesy of IKONICK IKONICK, a canvas-art company, blends pop culture and quotes into high-end art millennials love. Now, it plans to disrupt the NFT space. It dropped its first NFT last month, earning $100,000 in sales. The founders spoke with Insider about tapping into the millennial art buyer and the future of NFTs. See more stories on Insider's business page. "Dreams weigh more than excuses."So says an all-white, bold font sp...
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Meet the millennial crypto-art entrepreneurs backed by Gary Vaynerchuk who want to dominate the 'wild, wild west' of the NFT market

Mark Mastrandrea and Jeff Cole, the founders of IKONICK. Courtesy of IKONICK IKONICK, a canvas-art company, blends pop culture and quotes into high-end art millennials love. Now, it plans to disrupt the NFT space. It dropped its first NFT last month, earning $100,000 in sales. The founders spoke with Insider about tapping into the millennial art buyer and the future of NFTs. See more stories on Insider's business page. "Dreams weigh more than excuses."So says an all-white, bold font sp...
Tags: Art, Instagram, Small Business, Entertainment, Investments, Boston, Disney, Trends, Markets, Economy, Millennials, Nba, Adweek, Gary Vaynerchuk, Christie, NFT

Backdrops to a riot: JR on how his confrontational street art went global

His portraits of his Paris neighbourhood summed up its residents’ anger. Now his subversive installations straddle borders, float on boats and envelop favelas. We speak to the elusive artist“I didn’t spend enough time in school for any of the teachers to remember me. The only role models I had were the guys in the neighbourhood doing graffiti,” reflects JR, on his journey from street-smart tagger to world-famous conceptual artist. “I guess what’s nice is now, at 38, I can tell my mother I am not...
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Old Friends

The day the Louvre Museum was due to open I got online and got a ticket to wander around again. It was so great to be there once more. They limit the number of people who can enter so it wasn’t very crowded. The lobby. Mercury. A fovorite room. pretty statue. Winged Victory still in the same place. Ah, Mona! I rather like this one too. A few paintings that I like are moved or on loan I guess.
Tags: Travel, Photos, Art, Architecture, Paris, Mona, Mona Lisa, Louvre Museum

Mohamed Bourouissa on France’s identity crisis: ‘We’ve got catching up to do!’

The French Algerian artist uses photography, rap music and the frequencies of trees in his quest to shine a light on marginalised communities. Now he’s preparing for his first solo UK showIn early 2020, when Dave was making British history by triumphing at both the Brits and Mercury music prizes, the equivalent awards in France were making headlines for all the wrong reasons. That year’s Victoires de la Musique featured no headline prizes for a black or Arab rapper. “Domestic rap has become the ...
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‘It’s cooler to hang Lennon’s guitar than a Picasso’: pop culture wins out at auctions

Sales of items from celebrities such as Janet Jackson and K-poppers BTS are trending – and reframing what goes under the hammerIs celebrity merchandise the new Monet? Auction houses are in flux, with more and more pop culture items being sold under the hammer for six and seven-figure sums.Last month, Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills hosted a three-day auction of Janet Jackson’s personal belongings, including some of her most iconic stage outfits. Buyers included Kim Kardashian, who snagged Jac...
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SAG/AFTRA Sign First Agreement On Social Media Influencers (What Does That Mean?)

The Screen Actors Guild–American Federation of Television and Radio Artists’ national board voted to adopt its first-ever agree­ment for influencers—personalities and performers paid to promote products and services on networks like Instagram and TikTok, plus non-networked websites. In addition, those side hustles are no longer prohibited for current members of SAG-AFTRA. – Dance Magazine
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I went for a walk on Promenade Planteé in our old neighborhood. It was a really good place to enjoy Spring. It is found on top of this row of shops which once was used for wine storage. There is a lot of art in the shops including a bear skin made of feathers. This church looks especially great against the sky. There were tulips everywhere. Even more tulips. Some fun art.
Tags: Travel, Photos, Art, Paris, Tulips, Promenade Plantee

Zabar’s Painting by Borbay

I may live in Idaho, but New York City still courses through my veins. So, you can imagine my immense pleasure when I was commissioned to paint Zabar’s — an Upper West Side icon. I can still taste the coffee and black-and-white’s in my mind (and thanks to Goldbelly, literally)… Having spent thirteen years in …
Tags: Coffee, Art, Photography, Windows, New York City, Painting, Idaho, Commission, Broadway, Manhattan, Shakespeare, Upper West Side, Tudor, Contemporary Art, Painting Process, Borbay

Watch 400+ Documentaries from German Broadcaster Deutsche Welle: Art Forgery, Fashion Photography, the Mona Lisa, and More

You’re certainly familiar with Nouvelle Vague, the “French new wave” that shook up world cinema in the mid-2oth century. You’ve probably also heard of Hallyu, the “Korean wave” of pop music and television dramas (and, increasingly, films) now crashing across not just Asia but the West. As for Deutsche Welle, literally the “German wave,” you may know the term better in its abbreviated form: DW, the brand of Germany’s public international broadcaster. Here on Open Culture we’ve previously ...
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3D Print 18,000 Famous Sculptures, Statues & Artworks: Rodin’s Thinker, Michelangelo’s David & More

To recent news stories about 3D printed guns, prosthetics, and homes, you can add Scan the World’s push to create “an ecosystem of 3D printable objects of cultural significance.” Items that took the ancients untold hours to sculpt from marble and stone can be reproduced in considerably less time, provided you’ve got the technology and the know-how to use it. Since we last wrote about this free, open source initiative in 2017, Scan the World has added Google Arts and Culture to the many cult...
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Skull brides and iguana hats: Graciela Iturbide’s Mexico – in pictures

The renowned Mexican photographer has spent a lifetime documenting indigenous communities and chance encounters in her homeland Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Photography, Mexico, Americas, World news, Culture, Art and design, Awards and prizes, Indigenous Peoples, Exhibitions, Sony World Photography Awards, Graciela Iturbide

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