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Red dawn: the Sindoor Jatra festival in Nepal

Every year, Nepal becomes awash with vermillion powder as Hindus celebrate Sindoor Jatra to welcome the arrival of spring and Nepalese new year Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, Religion, World news, Culture, South and Central Asia, Art and design, Nepal, Hinduism, Sindoor Jatra

The female boxers fighting back in the Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has been branded the rape capital of the world. Now photographer Alessandro Grassani is documenting the women there who have taken up boxing for self-defenceAn 18-year-old woman stands at the intersection of two featureless grey brick walls in Goma, in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. We can’t see her face, which is concealed by her left hand, but her right arm and neck are exposed and the burns on her skin are clearly visible. One night several year...
Tags: Photography, Women, Sport, Culture, Art and design, Congo, Boxing, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Drc, Goma, Alessandro Grassani, Blandini, Kibomango

In search of home: portraits of the Windrush scandal

The Windrush scandal left many living in a rootless limbo. Their plight inspired Pål Hansen to create portraits from film he had buried – in the soil they wanted to call home. Here, one year after Amber Rudd apologised for the government’s role in their treatment, they tell their storiesTowards the end of last year, Pål Hansen walked down to his local allotment, not to plant vegetables, but to bury several sheets of photographic film. Digging a hole, he carefully placed the film in the damp Hack...
Tags: Photography, UK News, Immigration and asylum, Culture, Art and design, Hackney, Rudd, Windrush, Amelia Gentleman, Commonwealth immigration, Windrush scandal, Pål Hansen

Ultranationalism in Ukraine – a photo essay

The growing presence of far-right groups in Ukraine leaves the west in a quandary. The ultranationalists have played a key role in fighting Russia-backed separatist rebels and are now challenging government corruption. But they are pushing for changes that go against democratic idealsThe country’s ultranationalist groups came to the fore in 2014, when they kickstarted massive street protests that led to the ousting of the Russia-friendly president Viktor Yanukovych. Russia responded by annexing ...
Tags: Europe, Photography, Russia, World news, Ukraine, Art and design, The far right, Crimean Peninsula, Viktor Yanukovych Russia

All the presidents’ busts – in pictures

Standing nearly 20 feet high, 43 US presidents’ busts, remnants from a bankrupted theme park, are stored in Croaker, Virginia, on the property of Howard Hankins who is seeking to restore the massive sculptures. Hankins has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to relocate the statues to a place where they can be visited by all Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Photography, Virginia, US, World news, US news, Culture, US politics, Art and design, Sculpture, Hankins, Howard Hankins, Croaker Virginia

Dubrovnik, Game of Thrones and overtourism – in pictures

For Dubrovnik, doubling as King’s Landing in Game of Thrones is a mixed blessing. Stardom has been a boon for business – but has also sparked an inundation of visitors to a city already struggling with overcrowding Continue reading...
Tags: Travel, Europe, Photography, World news, Culture, Art and design, Television & radio, Croatia, Game Of Thrones, King, Dubrovnik

Nuclear wasteland: inside Chernobyl's exclusion zone – in pictures

The Chernobyl disaster in 1986 forced the evacuation of nearby Pripyat, home to 45,000 people. David McMillan has journeyed there 21 times since to record abandoned homes and buildings as they are reclaimed by nature Continue reading...
Tags: Energy, Art, Europe, Books, Photography, Environment, World news, Ukraine, Cities, Culture, Art and design, Nuclear Power, Chernobyl, Urban Exploration, Pripyat, David McMillan

Atlantic City: 'Trump turned this place into a ghost town'

When Trump won the election, photographer Brian Rose made straight for the gambling town – to show the reality behind his billionaire boasts. The broken city he captured speaks volumes about today’s AmericaWhen Donald Trump opened the towering Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City in March 1990, he declared it “the eighth wonder of the world” and joined in the celebrations at a launch ceremony filled with portly actors dressed as genies brandishing tacky golden lamps. Even though it was purcha...
Tags: Art, Books, Business, Photography, Gambling, Economics, Communities, Society, World news, US news, Cities, Culture, Architecture, Art and design, Social exclusion, New Jersey

The big picture: the Rwandan Daughters project

Portraits of Rwandan rape victims and their children reveal the aftermath of the genocide 25 years agoToday marks 25 years since the onset of the Rwandan genocide. In just 100 days, between 7 April and 15 July 1994, seven in 10 Tutsis living in Rwanda were murdered by their Hutu neighbours. As many as 1 million people, including 10,000 Batwa pygmies, died.What’s less well known about those terrible months is that up to 250,000 women were raped. Many were infected with HIV and later died of Aids-...
Tags: Photography, Africa, World news, Culture, Art and design, Un, Rwanda

Stonewall at 50: stories from a gay rights revolution

In June 1969, in the violent wake of a police raid on a New York bar, Stonewall was born – a defining moment remembered here by those who protestedThe Stonewall riots started in the early hours of 28 June 1969 during a police raid at the Stonewall Inn, Greenwich Village, a favourite haunt of gay and lesbian New Yorkers. As customers were hauled out in handcuffs, the crowd outside erupted into fury. That night’s rioting was followed by days of further violent demonstrations in the neighbourhood. ...
Tags: Books, Photography, UK, New York, Protest, Culture, Art and design, LGBT rights, New York Public Library, Stonewall, Baumann, Art and design books, Diana Davies, Stonewall Inn Greenwich Village, Resistance Stonewall, Jason Baumann

Big spring beach clean: UK charity organises plastic clear-up

Over the next week, Surfers Against Sewage is mobilising more than 30,000 volunteers to clear the plastic flotsam and jetsam from the UK coastline Continue reading...
Tags: Travel, Photography, UK, Environment, UK News, Art and design, Travel Photography, Plastic bags, Green travel, Beach Holidays, United Kingdom Holidays, Plastics, Surfers Against Sewage

Branded a no-go zone: a trip inside the 93, France's most notorious banlieue

It is seen as a lawless breeding ground for hooliganism and drug trafficking. But a photographer called Mister Happiness is on a mission to tell the real story about the demonised area‘She put her pen down,” says Monsieur Bonheur, “and told me to stop dreaming.” The French photographer is recalling the day he told the careers advisor at his school that he wanted to study fashion design. “She said, ‘Your parents won’t have the money to pay for those schools. They won’t be able to pull strings. Yo...
Tags: Photography, France, Culture, Art and design, Paris, World Cup, Bonheur, Monsieur Bonheur

Annie Leibovitz on the shots that made her

She captured America’s most tumultuous moments and its biggest stars. The great photographer relives her Rolling Stone years – and the time she set fire to Patti SmithAnnie Leibovitz is standing by a photograph she took of Pont Neuf in Paris. It’s a swirling panoramic shot of the famous bridge, taken when she was a student and would roam the city’s streets camera in hand. One day, with a thrill, she realised she was standing where her idol, Henri Cartier-Bresson, once stood to take his own ghost...
Tags: Art, Photography, Music, Media, Celebrity, America, Life and style, Society, World news, Newspapers & magazines, US news, Culture, US politics, Art and design, Magazines, The Rolling Stones

Riding the tube – a photo essay by Stefan Rousseau

During his commute into central London, photographer Stefan Rousseau has started taking pictures of his fellow passengers, who are often absorbed in their own sleep-deprived worldsFor over 20 years as a photographer I have commuted into central London by car, experiencing a rush hour of anonymous, expressionless drivers hidden in their mobile steel boxes with no interaction other than through beeps of horns and the flashing of headlights. More recently I’ve been leaving my car at home and have j...
Tags: Photography, London, UK News, Cities, Culture, Art and design, Transport, Rail transport, Commuting, London Underground, Stefan Rousseau

Wave hunters: 2019 surf photo of the year – in pictures

Nikon has searched for the most creative and unique surfing images from Australian photographers and have announced the finalists of the Nikon surf photo of the year awards. The images are taken in locations such as Bells Beach, Mexico and Indonesia and range from portraits of surfers to backlit waves. Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, Indonesia, Sport, Culture, Art and design, Surfing, Nikon, Bells Beach Mexico

The Bombay Beach Biennale - in pictures

The fourth annual Bombay Beach Biennale took place last weekend on the shores of the Salton Sea in California. Artists and performers donated their time and talent to this volunteer-led event that transformed the town into a fully immersive artistic experience for 72 hours. Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Photography, California, World news, US news, Culture, Art and design, Exhibitions, Bombay, Salton Sea, Bombay Beach Biennale

Parties and passion in Burkina Faso by Ibrahima Sanlé Sory – in pictures

Vibrant youth culture and a flourishing music scene leap out of the west African photographer’s Peuple de la Nuit, featuring the musicians, dancers and lovers who graced his hometown’s hottest venues Continue reading...
Tags: Books, Photography, Music, Africa, Society, World news, Culture, Art and design, Exhibitions, Young People, Burkina Faso, Clubbing, Art and design books, Ibrahima Sanlé Sory, Peuple de la Nuit

David Bailey: 'Deneuve said it's great we're divorced – now we can be lovers!'

As he powers into his 80s, the photographer recalls shooting everyone from Kate Moss to Andy Warhol, shares his regrets over voting leave – and reveals how Gordon Brown pulled a fast one on him‘You look knackered,” says David Bailey, greeting me at his studio. It’s up a small mews and sprawls so casually across two floors that it still feels like the 60s inside. “Look at you,” he says. “Your buttons aren’t even done up right.” I look down at my jacket: that bit is true. But I tell him: “I’m not ...
Tags: Art, Books, Photography, Fashion, London, Celebrity, Life and style, Society, UK News, Culture, Art and design, Kate Moss, Andy Warhol, Gordon Brown, Social history, David Bailey

Nick Brandt's best photograph: elephants and building workers share a crowded Africa

‘We photographed the animals with motion sensors, then the humans. In the final edit, the exchange of looks between mother elephant and man was a wonderful surprise’ Poaching in southern Kenya is largely under control now, thanks to the numbers of rangers in place, but there is a bigger issue these days: the invasion of humankind into the wildlife habitat and the conflict that ensues. There is only so much space for people and animals to coexist. That is what I wanted to depict in This Empty Wor...
Tags: Art, Books, Photography, Africa, Environment, World news, Culture, Wildlife, Conservation, Art and design, Kenya, Amboseli National Park, Nick Brandt, Art and design books

At home in the remote snow forests of Russia – in pictures

Elena Anosova, a Russia-based photographer, travelled to Siberia to document isolated communities for her project Out of the Way. The village of Taiga has a population of 100 adults, the closest town is 185 miles away, and a helicopter shuttle visits twice a month at the most Continue reading...
Tags: Europe, Photography, Russia, World news, Culture, Art and design, Siberia, Taiga, Elena Anosova

'It was our catwalk': the children who gave their town a fashion makeover

How one Welsh town became the backdrop for a remarkable fashion shoot. Words by Paula Cocozza. Photographs by Clémentine Schneidermann and Charlotte JamesAfter their costume workshop at the Gellideg youth centre in Merthyr Tydfil, south Wales, some of the girls who had taken part braved the wind and the rain to parade the streets in their finery. It was soon after Halloween, November 2016. They were dressed in black, in extravagant hats, faces pale as the moon. Ice-cold curls, frozen by gel and ...
Tags: Photography, Fashion, Education, Children, Wales, Life and style, Society, Art and design, Charlotte James, Bristol Continue, Paula Cocozza, Fashion and textiles, Clémentine Schneidermann, Charlotte JamesAfter, Schneidermann James, Martin Parr Foundation

Hold the line: Hong Kong laundry – in pictures

In 2017, Hong Kong-based photographer Jimmi Ho was struck by one of his old pictures showing a man drying his clothes in a playground. The juxtaposition of the colourful laundry and stark buildings piqued his interest, and since then he has walked around the city in search of the inventive ways residents dry their laundry. “It’s hard to dry clothes in the wet season,” says Ho. “In Hong Kong, every square metre is exploited to the maximum.” Drying clothes in public spaces is illegal, but that doe...
Tags: Hong Kong, Photography, World news, Cities, Culture, Asia Pacific, Art and design, Ho, Jimmi Ho

On the fury road: the Mad Max-inspired desert festival – in pictures

Joe Pettet-Smith photographs Wasteland Weekend, where 4,000 enthusiasts recreate the world of Mad MaxEvery year since 2011, thousands of fans of George Miller’s cult film Mad Max gather on the edge of the Mojave desert in southern California for the best part of a week immersed in the dusty dystopia depicted in the film. This is Wasteland Weekend, the world’s biggest post-apocalyptic festival. Fittingly, the permanent festival site sits in between the defunct Nevada nuclear test site – where fro...
Tags: Photography, California, Culture, Art and design, Festivals, Nevada, George Miller, Mojave, Hollywood Continue, Joe Pettet Smith

Inside the bascule chamber: secrets of Tower Bridge – in pictures

Harry Cory Wright’s photographs of Tower Bridge, one of the most famous bridges in the world and a defining symbol of London, provide insight into the workings of the largest and most advanced bascule bridge of its time• Tower Bridge by Harry Cory Wright is published by Thames & Hudson Continue reading...
Tags: Books, Photography, Technology, London, UK News, Culture, Architecture, Engineering, Art and design, Tower Bridge, The Thames, Thames Hudson Continue, Harry Cory Wright

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The big picture: a surreal scene in the Iranian desert

Gohar Dashti’s take on the aftermath of the Iran‑Iraq war captures her nation’s ongoing sense of traumaThe photographer Gohar Dashti was born in 1980 in Ahvaz, a city in south-west Iran, near the border with Iraq. For the first 10 years of her life, her home was a battlefield in the brutal war between the neighbouring states. She spent many childhood nights in an air-raid shelter and she looked on as the place that was all she knew was reduced to rubble. Dashti’s work has always focused on the l...
Tags: Photography, Iraq, World news, Iran, Culture, Middle East and North Africa, Art and design, south west Iran, Ahvaz, Dashti, Gohar Dashti

Production of fedora hats - in pictures

Borsalino’s prized felt hats are handmade by 80 workers in its Piedmont factory, using hot water, steam and craftsmanship to transform rabbit fur into highly prized creations. Continue reading...
Tags: Europe, Business, Photography, Fashion, Life and style, World news, Art and design, Fashion industry, Italy, Manufacturing sector, Piedmont

National Geographic Traveller UK: photo competition – 2019 winners

Winning and shortlisted images from the magazine’s annual competition, with categories for Cities, People, Food, Nature and Portfolio Continue reading...
Tags: Travel, Europe, Photography, UK News, Culture, Art and design, Travel Photography, National Geographic Traveller UK, Cities People Food Nature

The Grand Canyon turns 100: rare photos of life and adventure

On 26 February 1919, President Woodrow Wilson established Grand Canyon national park. Today it attracts more than 6 million visitors a year, drawn to its extraordinary beauty. It has also been a home to Native American tribes such as the Havasupai, Hopi, Hualapai and Navajo since long before it became a national park. Rare archival images, including those from the Grand Canyon Centennial Project, provide a rich visual record of this remarkable place Continue reading...
Tags: Travel, Photography, Environment, US news, National Parks, Art and design, Native Americans, Grand Canyon, United States Holidays, North And Central America Holidays, Grand Canyon Holidays, Navajo, Woodrow Wilson, Parks and Green Spaces

George Mendonsa, The Kissing Sailor in famous photograph, dies at 95

Alfred Eisenstaedt photographed sailor kissing Greta Friedman in Times Square at the end of the second world warGeorge Mendonsa, the sailor who was captured in a famous photograph kissing a woman in Times Square amidst celebrations of the end of the second world war, has died. He was 95.His daughter, Sharon Molleur, told the Providence Journal her father fell and had a seizure early on Sunday at the assisted living facility in Middletown, Rhode Island, where he lived with his wife of 70 years. H...
Tags: Photography, World news, US news, Art and design, Second world war, Times Square, Providence Journal, George Mendonsa, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Middletown Rhode Island, Mendonsa, Sharon Molleur, Greta Friedman

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