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BOXER REBELLION. Matt Hart’s Classic BMW R65 Scrambler

Written by Marlon Slack Matt Hart’s a photographer – and a damn good one at that. Trawling through his drool-worthy Instagram shows his passion for racing old Porsches and other, lesser marques. But when he was young he lived and breathed bikes, belting around on a little 80cc Yamaha. And lately the moto bug has bitten again. So much so he went out and built this, a gorgeous 1984 BMW R65 scrambler. “I’m always looking at classifieds for old cars and bikes just for curiosity,” Matt says. “I...
Tags: Instagram, Motorcycles, Italy, Sydney, New Zealand, Bmw, Honda, Classic, Scrambler, Boxer, Harley, Yamaha, Matt, Beemer, Matt Hart, KustomTech

one from the archives: sometimes people surprise you

A different Southwest Airlines flight, October 2018. A couple of days ago, the lovely Kim brought my attention to a post I wrote 6 years ago, in June of 2013 — a post I don’t remember writing, nor do I remember the event that prompted my writing it in the first place. This is particularly strange because you would’ve thought meeting this person would be someone I’d remember.I lov...
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MOTO PHOTOS. 2019 Machine Show, Braidwood, Australia

Gasoline’s ‘The Keeper’ BMW R65, made for our good mate Cam ‘Stories of Bike’ Elkins Written by Andrew Jones The same thing happened every year. I’d promise myself that I’d go to Australia’s Machine Show and then at the very last minute the reality of travelling three hours south of Sydney would kick me in the family jewels. With a six-hour round trip, it’d either be a seriously big day or I’d have to organise accommodation and/or camping gear. And as it was now just a few days before the even...
Tags: Photography, Australia, Motorcycles, Ducati, Sydney, Bmw, Event, Melbourne, Honda, Classic, Douglas, Woodstock, Moto, Harley, Yamaha, CANBERRA Australia

5 Pro Secrets To Getting Accepted At A Photo Stock Agency

Have you ever thought about selling your images through a photo stock agency? Here are 5 pro secrets to getting accepted. Trying to sell your images can be a very frustrating exercise. Unless you plan to be a full-time photographer, it is unlikely that you will have the time to market yourself and your images. If you don’t market yourself then buyers are not going to find your images.   There is, however, a way to make money without having to go full time. I am talking of course about being a s...
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2019 BMW 7 Series Partially Revealed Via Russian Leak

A Russian BMW fan seems to have leaked the new face of the 2019 7 Series on social media over the weekend. While we’d advise any news involving Russia be taken with a grain of salt, it certainly looks like this could be documentation of the sedan’s upcoming facelift. Take special note of the front lip […] The post 2019 BMW 7 Series Partially Revealed Via Russian Leak appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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The 5 best ways to market your car dealership for the holidays.

The festive season is fast approaching and for many car dealerships, it can be the busiest time of the year. As your customer base increases, it is important to make sure you take advantage of the lead up to the holidays. Keep reading to discover 5 tips to market your BMW dealership over Christmas and the start of the New Year! Have a prompt and responsive customer service. You will have more interest in your dealership leading up to Christmas. For this reason, you need to put extra effort into...
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Don't Overbuy When You Buy a Car (OT)

I read a letter in Automobile magazine by a guy who said he had owned sixty cars in his life. Really? Whew. How do you do that? I'm 61, and I've owned a grand total of seven (five new, two used). Using the formula [(current age) – (age at which you were licensed to drive)] ÷ (number of cars you've owned), that's an average of 6.43 years per car for me. My current car is a 2014 model bought new at the end of 2014 for a big discount—2015 was days away and it was probably the only manual transmissi...
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Don't Overbuy When You Buy a Car (OT)

I read a letter in Automobile magazine by a guy who said he had owned sixty cars in his life. Really? Whew. How do you do that? I'm 61, and I've owned a grand total of seven (five new, two used). Using the formula [(current age) – (age at which you were licensed to drive)] ÷ (number of cars you've owned), that's an average of 6.43 years per car for me. My current car is a 2014 model bought new at the end of 2014 for a big discount—2015 was days away and it was probably the only manual transmissi...
Tags: Photography, Vw, Ford, Fiat, Bmw, Nikon, Honda, New England, Corvette, Pininfarina, Michael Johnston, Summilux, Don, Mike, Mazda, Mercedes Benz

More About Variety in the Marketplace

A couple of further points to add to the "Wealth of Choices" arguments. First, check out this article at The Verge, the upshot of which is that Sony has surpassed Canon and Nikon in U.S. sales of full-frame cameras, reportedly in both dollars and units sold. A linked article notes that "Nikon will try to position its [Z-series] cameras head-to-head with Sony’s. (Even the names are kind of similar)," and "from the sound of it, Nikon is going to kick things off by going straight after Sony’s most ...
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XXXTentacion Murder Suspects: Trayvon Newsome, Michael Boatwright, Robert Allen & Dedrick Williams Indicted

The four men involved in the shooting death of XXXTentacion have been indicted by a Florida grand jury, and police are asking for help finding two of them who are still at large.According to Broward County sheriff’s deputies, the 20-year-old rapper (real name: Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy) was shot and killed on June 18th in an apparent robbery attempt as he was living RIVA Motorsports in Deerfield Beach, Florida.Two men, Dedrick Williams and Michael Boatright, both aged 22, have been arrested o...
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This Week in Photography Books: M L Casteel

  Last Friday, my dog died, and I sold my car. In the same morning. By Monday, I had a better car, and a profound sense that a new phase in my life had just begun. You can dismiss it as Taos-New-Age-mumbo-jumbo if you like, but in my experience, our lives are almost always divvied up into chapters. You move. Take a new job. Break up with your spouse. Have a falling out with your friends. Sometimes, the delineations between one iteration of our “self” and another are hard to parse. Other times, l...
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2019 Bentley Continental GT First Drive: Worth the Wait

The original press drive for the all-new, 2019 Bentley Continental GT was slated for November 2017, in Barcelona, Spain. In an unusual move, Bentley pushed back the launch of the replacement for its new big coupe by six months. Why? The car wasn’t good enough. Bentley engineers wanted a home run, not a double. Rightly so, for even in these SUV-crazed times when the Bentayga is Bentley’s best-seller, the handsome new Continental GT is the heart, soul, and face of the storied brand. Historically s...
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2018 Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE vs. 2018 Ford Mustang GT Performance Pack

It’s like déjà vu all over again, again. Yes, dear Motor Trend readers, it’s that special time of year when we trot out the latest pony cars from Detroit and figure out which one is best. For now. Because yes, we’ll do it again. Soon, too. We’ve been doing this particular head-to-head challenge for 50 years, and you loyal readers have never felt compelled to tell us to stop. The occasion for this particular comparison test is Ford’s launch of the bigly refreshed 2018 Mustang. For the purposes of...
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2017 Social Media Year in Review

Following an explosive election year, 2017 was a year of revaluation and scrutiny of the social landscape. While trends like the success of video and Stories content continued, concerns around brand safety and fake news underscored the need for quality control behind content delivery. Creative automation and authentic content like the Genius chatbot that lets you talk with Albert Einstein , and  Bravo’s Andy Cohen rolling out the first-ever week of Live social programming illustrated ...
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We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #378

Snapchat launches Promoted Stories with HBO Black Friday campaign , with a Story containing a simple message telling Black Friday shoppers to stay home and watch Game of Thrones instead. Previously, advertisers could only buy short, interruptive video ads inside stories, but the new “Promoted Story” feature means they are now able to reach everyone in a given country with a single promotion. Of course, the new Stories are still labeled as an ad. BMW launches ‘try-before-you-buy’ with Snapchat...
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The 12 stereotypical Californians you’ll undoubtedly meet

1. The male comedian Every month you’ll receive about 10 Facebook invites to his improv shows at IO West. You’ll usually catch him sporting a hip comic logo t-shirt, beard, wild hair, and thick-rimmed glasses. He has always been a fan of Louis C.K., even before it was cool. Do not feel bad if his hellos are quick though — he is probably on his way to print a headshot and resume at Kinkos, before his commercial audition, which he will be bitter about later. 2. The executive Pedestrians beware....
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The Daily Promo – Jake Stangel

Jake Stengel Who printed it? We got it printed by Chromatic in beautiful, sunny Glendale, CA.  Who designed it? Julie Johnson designed it in collaboration with Jen Jenkins, my rep at Giant Artists.  Who edited the images? Jen and I edited the images together. My work is pretty wide-ranging, so we wanted to show that aforementioned range, but also keep it feeling cohesive and of one voice. The images are primarily from a campaign I shot for OpenTable last year (the main back image...
Tags: Europe, Photography, US, Glendale, Amsterdam, Bmw, Seattle, Opentable, The Daily Promo, Jen, Julie Johnson, Jake Stangel, Jake Stengel, Jen Jenkins

Watchlist: The Best Motorcycle Photographers, Part II

We’re often asked what the ‘EXIF’ in Bike EXIF means. If you don’t know, it stands for ‘Exchangeable Image File format,’ referring to the data a digital camera saves when it takes a snap. Basically we care as much about photos as we do about motorcycles. Without good photos, Bike EXIF wouldn’t be half the site it is. So for the second time, we’re profiling three motorcycle photographers to watch. Last time we featured Aaron Brimhall, Jun Song and David Marvier; today we’re chatting to Anthony...
Tags: Europe, UK, London, Instagram, Wes, Motorcycles, Photographers, Portland, Cape Town, Latvia, Bmw, Portland Oregon, Nikon, Honda, Canon, Lightroom

BMW Roadster Concept for Pebble Beach Teases Front End

BMW is getting ready to show off a new roadster at this year’s Pebble Beach festivities. The shapely sports car, whose identity is still shrouded in mystery, debuts August 17. At this point, it’s unclear what this new vehicle is. But it’s likely to be the Z4 successor that shares the same platform as the upcoming Toyota Supra. These cars are expected to feature rear-wheel drive and be built by Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria. August 17th. Pebble Beach. Buckle up. A post shared by BMW (@b...
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Open Mike: The Rolling Stones, and Why I Probably Won't Be Getting a New Camera

Section IYou're going to have to forgive me in advance. This post is self-indulgent, and might even qualify as "whining"—a word (like "silly") that I almost never allow commenters to apply to each other. But I don't mind applying it to myself. Y'know...if the shoe fits. My very perceptive and wise youngest brother (he's a Ph.D. psychologist and a gifted couples counselor, and he's in the right business) once said that I was great at giving other people purchase advice but terrible at knowing wha...
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'638 Supercharged Horses Under The Hood, and 600 of Them Died of Boredom'

[Notice from the Editorial Early Warning Team: Not off-topic, exactly, but contains car content. NO pool, coffee, or pet content.] Ken, Bernard and I had a conversation under the "Milvus!" post speculating about who buys what Ken called "über primes"—very expensive, very heavy prime lenses, the next meant to be even better than the last. Maybe it's the same people who buy these Corvettes. Tom McParland of Jalopnik discovered that some folks buy Corvettes and then...well, never drive them. Puzzli...
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The Daily Edit – / David Harry Stewart Founding Partner: David Harry Stewart Founding Partner: Matt Hirst Digital Media Specialist:  Ed Delfs Women’s Content Director:  Tara Shannon We have a fantastic newsletter you can get by signing up here. Heidi: Here’s a Google search that gives us a snapshot of what  50, 60 and 70 years of age looks like. How do you see AGEI.ST changing the current visual landscape on this? David: Do you know anyone who looks like that Google image search you...
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TOP Classic: 'The Trough of No Value'

I find this a particularly poignant picture. It's preserved in the George Grantham Bain Collection at the Library of Congress; I found it on page five of Michael L. Carlebach's excellent American Photojournalism Comes of Age (one of my favorite books about photography, by the way). It shows the photography staff of the newspaper The New York World in 1909. Or at least we can assume the man on the left and the man on the stairs are photographers, since they're shown with cameras. I direct your a...
Tags: Apple, Photography, UK, Congress, Montana, Time, Bmw, Collecting, Visual Culture, Michael Johnston, Gary, Howard, Mike, Michael C Johnston, Vincent Van Gogh, New York World

BMW`s Instagram Channel Has Reached More than 10 Million Followers

There is no doubt that BMW manufacturer is the most prestigious in the market, annually selling millions of models all around the world. And the simple reason that it makes the best cars in all segments, has brought its recognition on Instagram as well, with more than 10,000,000 followers admiring its work and dedication. But BMW`s massive success is not only due to its dedication and professionalism in building the best cars, but also due to its strong communication it has with its customers a...
Tags: Instagram, Success, Social Media, Autos, Bmw, Instagram Followers, Useful News, BMW Instagram channel, Media success, Jorg Poggenpohl, Digital Marketing BMW

Nikon and Mini team up to cross-promote cameras and cars

Nikon and Mini have announced a new marketing partnership that will see Nikon cross-promote its KeyMission 360 action camera with Mini's latest lineup of rugged Countryman vehicles. The post Nikon and Mini team up to cross-promote cameras and cars appeared first on Digital Trends.
Tags: Business, Photography, Cars, Trends, Bmw, Nikon, Mini, Keymission, Countryman

Terrific Images Reveal The Vulnerable Beauty Of Abandoned Cars That Have Been Left To Rust Over The Years

A Ferrari with parts missing stands forgotten in a workshop Kenneth Provost/ Stunning images reveal the vulnerable beauty of abandoned cars that have been left to rust over the years. The collection of spectacular images show how a Volkswagen Beetle, Citroën C2 and even a Ferrari have been taken over by nature and piles of rubble. In other shots, a Mercedes Benz is overgrown with ivy and an old-fashioned BMW has been left in a garage with a collapsing roof and debris on the fl...
Tags: Photography, Design, Germany, Vw, Ferrari, Ford, Belgium, Bmw, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Lancia

Girl Meets World Is OFFICIALLY Canceled — Read The Cast's Emotional Reactions!

At least we still have Fuller House… Over the past week, Girl Meets World fans have been pulled along on an emotional rollercoaster over whether or not the sitcom would be renewed for another season. A few days after Rider Strong sparked rumors of the show's cancelation, the Disney Channel series' writers officially revealed the Boy Meets World spin-off would be meeting its end later this month! Related: That's So Raven Star Orlando Brown Leaked His Own Sex Tape! In a series of posts on Twitter,...
Tags: Celebs, Instagram, Disney, Debbie Reynolds, Bmw, Federico Fellini, Fuller House, Disney Channel, Rowan Blanchard, Rowan, Michael Jacobs, Debby Ryan, Eric Matthews, Sabrina Carpenter, Feeny

Don’t Miss These Photography Links Before 2016 Ends

A Bunch of Awesome Photography Links to Round Off the Year Quite Nicely – Merry Christmas too! Image by Holger Detje Another terrific week passes us by in the world of photography as we find Toad Hollow Photography looking in all corners of the internet for links to tutorials, reviews, special features and great photography to share here with everyone. This weeks compendium features a very wide variety of topics in the form of photographs and articles, all created by some of the best people w...
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Prada, Moncler, Burberry Raise the Bar for Luxury Branded Entertainment

It’s Oscar season for movie releases at cinemas in your neighborhood, but online it’s a gold derby race for branded short films. In the last two weeks, branded entertainment — short narrative films produced by brands with award-winning Hollywood directors and talent — have premiered for a trio of elite European luxury brands: namely Prada, Moncler and Burberry. First let’s take a look at Past Forward, starring Freida Pinto, Kuoth Wiel, Jack Huston, John Krasinski and Allison Williams in mirror ...
Tags: Fashion, UK, New York, Hollywood, Instagram, Entertainment, Films, New York City, Advertising, Nike, Automotive, Brooklyn, South Africa, Luxury, Vogue, Lexus

Marketer MVPs of Social Media: This Is What It Takes for an Auto Brand to Win YouTube

Our weekly Marketer MVPs chart crowning the most engaging brand post on each of five major social platforms has long revealed a glaring lack of automakers at the top. Recent marketers to master YouTube, by our measure combining views, comments and thumbs-up, include Christian Dior, Netflix, Gatorade and Apple. But an automaker has now broken through, courtesy of the return of BMW Films.Check out the week's other most-engaging brand posts on major social-media platforms, according to FistenFirst ...
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