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Area Man Wants You To Check Out His Blog

After threatening for months to disrupt social media with a bespoke platform that would allow him to bypass community guidelines (and the embarrassingly long list of platforms he’s been banned from), our big patriotic boy has finally made good on his promise. Folks, the wait is over — the future is now, and it’s a…Read more...
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Trump's campaign nearly went broke for the 2020 homestretch, insiders say

Hello everyone! Welcome to this weekly roundup of Business Insider stories from co-Editor in Chief Matt Turner. Subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every Sunday.Read on for the inside story on the Trump campaign's finances, Anand Giridharadas lambasting corporate board members, and a new threat to the management consulting industry. US President Donald Trump looks on as he departs a rally at Toledo Express Airport in Swanton, Ohio on September 21, 2020. MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Ge...
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President Trump reportedly has approved the Oracle deal for TikTok’s US operations

President Donald Trump said has has given his stamp of approval “in concept” on the Oracle bid for the U.S. operations of the wildly popular social media app, TikTok, according to a report from Bloomberg. According to the Bloomberg report Trump said, “I have given the deal my blessing,” as he left the White House for a campaign rally in North Carolina on Saturday. “I approved the deal in concept,” Trump reportedly said. The spinout of TikTok’s U.S. operations from its parent company Byte...
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The Trump campaign has blown through its huge cash advantage over Biden, logged some iffy spending

"Money was supposed to have been one of the great advantages of incumbency for President Trump," and when Joe Biden emerged as the "relatively broke" presumptive Democratic nominee in the spring, "Trump and the Republican National Committee had a nearly $200 million cash advantage," The New York Times reports. Five months later, "Trump's financial supremacy has evaporated," and "some people inside the campaign are forecasting what was once unthinkable: a cash crunch with less than 60 days un...
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Trump Campaign Has Spent $325,000 on Facebook Ads Featuring Brad Parscale’s Page

Until this week, Mr. Parscale, the president’s campaign manager, was one of only three people whose Facebook and Instagram pages had been used by the campaign to display ads. The others were Donald Trump and Mike Pence.
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Mueller report details the evolution of Russia’s troll farm as it began targeting US politics

BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images On Thursday, Attorney General William Barr released the long-anticipated Mueller report. With it comes a useful overview of how Russia leveraged U.S.-based social media platforms to achieve its political ends. While we’ve yet to find too much in the heavily redacted text that we didn’t already know, Mueller does recap efforts undertaken by Russia’s mysterious Internet Research Agency or “IRA” to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. The...
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President Trump Posts Altered Photos to Facebook and Instagram That Make Him Look Thinner

President Donald Trump’s social media accounts are filled with vile racism, idiotic xenophobia, and inaccurate statistics. And now we can add another category to the list: fake photos.Read more...
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