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College admissions: long a murky cesspool of sports, affirmative action, government and benefactors

If you were laboring under the illusion that the admissions process at elite colleges is a meritocracy, stop. The college admissions cheating scandal comes as no surprise for those who have watched the process over the years. Parents want their kids in good schools because that reflects on them, not the kids. It does not matter if you are Jared Kushner’s dad getting him into Harvard by funding a building, or Forrest Gump’s mom doing the Greenbow, Alabama Middle School Principal to advance her so...
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Aggressive Instagramming is ruining Southern California's super bloom

People trampled California's poppies for the 'gram, and ruined it for the rest of us. Fields of fiery "super bloom" poppies are lighting up the hills of Walker Canyon in Lake Elsinore, a city about halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego. Thanks to uncommonly heavy rains this winter, much of Southern California is seeing a massive burst of wildflower blooms across the state. The poppies in Walker Canyon are so lush, they can be seen from space. > Superbloom visible from space - Califor...
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The top 50 U.S. landmarks on Instagram

From Times Square in New York to the Hollywood sign in California, see which landmarks have been tagged the most on Instagram.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Fifty years of the internet

Leonard Kleinrock Contributor Share on Twitter Leonard Kleinrock is the Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering. When my team of graduate students and I sent the first message over the internet on a warm Los Angeles evening in October, 1969, little did we suspect that we were at the start of a worldwide revolution. After we typed the first two letters from our computer room...
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This Week in Photography Books: Peggy Levison Nolan

  Parenting isn’t glamourous. That’s for sure. I always knew I’d have kids, and given how much I relish being a Dad, I guess I had it right. (I used the word “relish” here, because I don’t know if “enjoy” is quite right.) I love my children more than anything, and would take a bullet for either of them, as I would for my wife. No question. And each of the kids, both 21st creatures through and through, are funny, thoughtful, sweet and smart. I enjoy them as people, no question. They’re awesome. J...
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A Nikon Story

This is a story about an inquiry I put out on Twitter that wound up getting me a great conversation with a representative at Nikon. They then gifted me a product I had intended to purchase anyway. I just wanted to share my sincere thanks and appreciation for what they had done. Subscribe Transcription was done by which means it’s an AI generated transcript. The transcript may contain spelling, grammar , and other errors, and is not a substitute for watching the video. What i...
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Lori Loughlin hands herself in as Instagram 'influencer' daughter under pressure over university scam

The American star of 90210 was arrested on Wednesday on charges of bribing her children’s way into a California university, as calls mounted for her Instagram influencer daughter to lose her lucrative contracts. Lori Loughlin, 54, was charged with fraud and brought before a judge in Los Angeles – one of 33 parents indicted in the $25 million (£19m) scam. They are accused of paying William Singer to secure their children places at elite universities including Yale, Stanford and Georgetown. Singer...
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A La Carte (March 13)

Crossway has just released the ESV Gospel Transformation Study Bible, and Westminster Books already has it on sale. Today’s Kindle deals include several books by Paul Washer as well as a few others. No Private Matter I appreciate this look at social media debate and conversation. “Surely this speaks to the social media debates and debacles which have become so much a part of what Christians are saying and then restating via retweets and shares. Could there be room for those w...
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On the fury road: the Mad Max-inspired desert festival – in pictures

Joe Pettet-Smith photographs Wasteland Weekend, where 4,000 enthusiasts recreate the world of Mad MaxEvery year since 2011, thousands of fans of George Miller’s cult film Mad Max gather on the edge of the Mojave desert in southern California for the best part of a week immersed in the dusty dystopia depicted in the film. This is Wasteland Weekend, the world’s biggest post-apocalyptic festival. Fittingly, the permanent festival site sits in between the defunct Nevada nuclear test site – where fro...
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Snoop Dogg, YG, The Game to headline Once Upon a Time in the LBC concert

Goldenvoice just dropped an Instagram bombshell Monday afternoon when it announced the lineup for the upcoming Once Upon a Time in the LBC concert in Long Beach. Formerly called Summertime in the LBC, the show includes about 30 acts and is headlined by Long Beach native and hip hop superstar Snoop Dogg, who also headlined last year, along with YG and The Game performing his debut studio album “The Documentary.” Sign up for our Festival Pass newsletter. Whether you are a Coachella lifer or prefe...
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Pi Day 2019 deals: Here’s what $3.14 buys on Thursday, March 14

You don’t need to be a mathematics whiz to celebrate Pi Day. You just need to know that on Thursday you can get pizza, dessert pies and a few drinks for $3.14. Thursday is March 14, 3/14, suggesting pi, a Greek letter that has been used as a standard mathematical notation since the 18th century, according to Scientific American. Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. When rounded off the number is 3.14, but it is an irrational number with decimals that will “continue i...
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I have been up to Northern Arizona to spend time with my Mom in her rehab facility. They are working on getting her strong enough to get up and walk on her own. She wasn’t much of a walker before her incident but she could get around fairly well. Mom’s spirits are pretty good and she likes to make the staff laugh. Some of the patients there seem pretty much out of it which makes Mom the star. I knew she was doing better when I arrived and she had put on makeup. She still has some mental issues ...
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This Week in Photography Books: Nick St. Oegger

  Sometimes, I feel like an armchair Tony Bourdain. (Minus the depression, thankfully.) I still have a hard time thinking about Tony, as his death both hit me hard, and exposed the power of his through-the-camera-charm. When Tony killed himself, there was an outpouring of global grief that I’ve seen very few times. It was big when Pope John Paul died. Sure. And David Bowie. People got really upset about that one. But even a President like Ronald Fucking Reagan made barely a blip, when he finally...
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Facebook will downrank anti-vax content on News Feed and hide it on Instagram

After indicating that it was exploring its options for fighting the potentially deadly rise of anti-vaccination content on its platform last month, Facebook is making a plan of attack. Facebook’s strategy in the effort is to both minimize the spread of vaccination misinformation and to point users away from inaccurate anti-vaccination propaganda and toward “authoritative information” i.e. info corroborated by the health and scientific establishment. To achieve a reduction in the spread of ant...
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Facebook to Take Harsher Action Against Anti-Vaccine Content

Facebook won’t allow anti-vaccine views to pop up in search or recommendations on the social network or Instagram, and will reject ads that contain misinformation about vaccines, the company said Thursday. Last month, U.S. Representative Adam Schiff, a Democrat from California, sent a letter to Facebook and Google, asking them to address the problem because their inaction may have contributed to recent outbreaks of measles in the country. Google’s YouTube turned off the ability for anti-vaccin...
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‘Downton Abbey’ Rep Remains Defiant: I Was Targeted Because I Was ‘High Profile’

If former congressman-turned-indicted felon-turned-free-man Aaron Schock (R-IL) could travel back in time, he might not have posed shirtless, parading his six-pack for the cover of Men’s Health magazine. That, along with his age, Instagram account and infamous “Downton Abbey” office decor made him a “high profile” member of Congress, he told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” hosts on Thursday. And, he added, an easy target. “I could have done a better job of overseeing my office,” he admitted. “I also th...
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Ctein Print Offer

Ctein, Frozen Azure Cascades, 2014 Our old friend Ctein returns with some recent prints. (For those of you who might be new here, Ctein, pronounced "kuh-TINE," wrote more than 300 columns for TOP in the years up to 2016, when he departed for a new career as a science fiction novelist. He wore many hats, being the site's resident technical expert, computer expert, and tea and parrot aficionado among many other things.) We're offering three beautiful inkjet prints on premium 17x22" paper for $1...
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Lens: ‘Incarceration Helped Me Find My Voice’

Years after serving time as a youth offender, the photographer Brian Frank has devoted himself to documenting young men’s experiences with the criminal justice system.
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Jack Perry aka “Jungle Boy” Nate Coy: Quick Facts to Know About Luke Perry’s Son

Jack Perry is the only son of actor Luke Perry, who died Monday (Mar. 4) after being hospitalized following a massive stroke on Wednesday (Feb. 27).Jack is a professional wrestler known by his ring name “Jungle Boy” Nate Coy. The 21-year-old’s mother is Luke’s ex-wife, Rachel “Minnie” Sharp.According to Luke Perry’s publicist, his family was by his side at the time of his passing, including his son Jack, his daughter Sophie, his ex-wife, his fiancée Wendy Madison Bauer, and his mother, step-fath...
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Facebook and Instagram Sued Chinese Companies Selling Fake Accounts, Likes and Followers

Facebook and Instagram filed a lawsuit late last week in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California against four companies and three individuals based in China, accusing them of promoting the sale of fake accounts, likes and followers on the two platforms, as well as on other online services including Twitter, LinkedIn,...
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Best Cities to Start a Restaurant, The Stress of Controlling Cash Flow, Speedy Websites, The Truth about Healthcare and Other Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know

18 Things Small Business Owners Need to Know By Rieva Lesonsky 1—Influencer Marketing Everyone is buzzing about influencer marketing these days. Will it work for your small business? Check out the infographic below from Milkwhale to find out.   2—Controlling Cash Flow Can Cause Personal Strain for Entrepreneurs New data released by Kabbage, Inc., shows the impact of cash flow on the workload, personal life and take-home pay of small business owners. The survey reveals the majority of sma...
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PhotoPills App – How I Use It (2019 Edition)

When I first started using PhotoPills many years ago it was originally only for use with landscape photography, long exposure photography and similar genres. However, more recently I am using it even more for family portraits and other outdoor portrait sessions for my photography client sessions. I use its photography planning features to ensure I get the best location, framing, and light. With it, I can ensure I am fully prepared ahead of time. PhotoPills is available for iOS and Android and is...
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29 Millennial Women Share Their Amazon Hidden Gems

Amazon is essentially an IRL version of Ariel's treasure trove, famously detailed in her The Little Mermaid number, "Part Of Your World." Only instead of a cavernous hole 1000 leagues under the sea, all that "neat" stuff is housed on digital shelves across the web. And, instead of useless, "whozits," "whatzits," and, "thingamabobs," Amazon's best booty is a collection of secret weapon stuff that we never knew we needed and now we that we have it, simply can't live without — a collection we've c...
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Week 13: Selfies, Art and Natural Beauty of LA

Once again on our morning of departure from LA we did a quick about face and change of plans. We wanted to go to Death Valley, but after a few phone calls to reserve an RV campsite we realized it was not the best decision. Everything was booked out as it’s peak season now. Death Valley is not an ideal summer destination. We also learned there are a few road closures thanks to weather destruction. So there is a fair bit of work going on AND gold mining, which meant the chances of us getting accom...
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Destroyer: An Under-the-Radar Restaurant Serving Food from the Future

Jordan Kahn, the enfant terrible of LA dining (in a past life, he visually outed an LA Times restaurant critic), has been quietly operating Destroyer, his tiny 16-seat Culver City breakfast and lunch spot, since September 2017. The inspiration for the interiors? “I wanted to create a minimalist space void of superfluousness, a neutral canvas for the food, ceramics, and people,” he says. “Often, the professional kitchen is a space associated with noise and chaos. I wanted to create a more tranqui...
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my life list, redux

Making a new friend in Kenya (number 61) (photograph by the amazing Morgana Wingard) Exactly nine years and three days ago, I sat down to create my Life List — a list of at least 100 things to do before I die. The idea was inspired by my friend Maggie Mason, who was passionate about having people create a dream list of things to try to accomplish and experience. I was recently t...
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Week 12 of our RV Road Trip: Learning to Love Los Angeles

Sometimes you have to visit a place a second or third time before you can appreciate it. I think it’s because we change so much. Through those changes we see the world through eyes that have different values and interests. My opinion of Los Angeles has always been that it’s overrated. If I HAVE to pass through here, I head straight for the South Bay Beaches of Manhattan Beach and Hemosa Beach as I have had a liking for the local feel down there. But the rest of LA, no thanks! Manhattan Beach, ...
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James Elizabeth ft. Snow Tha Product – “Over Now”

Meet new Bay Area sensation James Elizabeth. The talented singer/songwriter arrives with debut single, “Over Now”. The 1500 or Nothin’, Jeremih, Too Short, E-40-affiliate is ready to overcome heartbreak on the first impression. Produced by Theodore, Elizabeth enlists the “Goin’ Off” hitmaker for aggressive assistance verse, reiterating how their exes just lost the best thing they’ve ever had in them. James Elizabeth based “Over Now” on a true story. Elizabeth on the making of “Over Now”: “I...
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Mandy Moore Supports Phoebe Bridgers After Accusing Ryan Adams of Abuse

Days after Phoebe Bridgers and six other women came forward with claims of abuse against Ryan Adams in a New York Times exposé, the singer took to social media to share a message of gratitude for her supporters, and one of disdain toward those who let the music producer get away with his behavior for so long. Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams: A Timeline of Their Tumultuous Relationship “It’s been a weird week and I wanted to say a couple things,” the “Motion Sickness” songstress began a le...
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Week 11: Ryan Mountain and Desert Springs Healing

There’s one thing I know you can expect from your travels. You’ll soon arrive to a destination called “I’ve had Enough.” All roads in lead to the town square called a Melting Pot of Disasters and you’ll be sitting at the fountain crying and frantically searching for the highway back out to the simple life. One where you wake up each morning pretty much knowing what will happen. You can walk into your kitchen and prepare your breakfast exactly as you want it, you’ll be ready to walk out the door...
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