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Instagram adds a captions option for Stories and soon, Reels

Instagram is making its video Stories and Reels more accessible with the launch of a new “captions sticker” that will allow users to watch without having the sound on. The addition will not only make it easier for users who are hard of hearing or deaf to engage with video content, it also offers a way for users to watch videos when they’re somewhere they don’t want to have their sound on — and either don’t want to wear or don’t have access to headphones or earbuds. To use the feature, creators w...
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TikTok adds auto captions to make videos accessible to hard of hearing and deaf

TikTok this morning announced the launch of a new feature designed to make its app accessible to people who are hard of hearing or deaf. The company is today debuting auto captions — a feature that, when enabled, will automatically transcribe the speech from a video so viewers can read what’s being said in the video as an alternative to listening. Initially, auto captions will support American English and Japanese, with additional languages coming in the months ahead, TikTok says. To use auto ca...
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Facebook and Instagram’s AI-generated image captions now offer far more details

Every picture posted to Facebook and Instagram gets a caption generated by an image analysis AI, and that AI just got a lot smarter. The improved system should be a treat for visually impaired users, and may help you find your photos faster in the future. Alt text is a field in an image’s metadata that describes its contents: “A person standing in a field with a horse,” or “a dog on a boat.” This lets the image be understood by people who can’t see it. These descriptions are often added manually...
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Instagram Officially Rolling Out Save Draft Feature

The Save Draft feature Instagram began testing last month is officially being rolled out to iOS and Android users. The Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network announced the update via tweet, with a link to this Help Center page: Trying to create a post that's just right? With the latest update, you can save as a draft & come back to it later. — Instagram (@instagram) September 20, 2016 The Help Center page offered the following instructions for using the ne...
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Snapchat Makes On-Demand Geofilters More Accessible With Templates, New Features

Creating on-demand geofilters on Snapchat just got a lot easier, and with a host of new features, too. Snapchat rolled out customizable templates for users looking to purchase and create on-demand geofilters, eliminating the need for the use of image-editing software. Text and colors in the geofilters can be customized, and Snapchat also introduced the following new options: New caption options. The ability to highlight caption text for italic, bold and underlined styles The ability to anima...
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The Impact of Instagram Stories on Influencer Marketing

Early this month, Instagram launched Stories, a “‘new” feature that enables users to create stories–a feed of photos and videos complete with your own doodles, captions and stickers, and displayed for 24 hours only. Sound familiar? That’s because it is. In what can only be seen as a fairly shameless copy, Instagram Stories replicates pretty much everything people love about Snapchat’s feature of the same name. When confronted with claims of copying, management teams are usually vague and evasive...
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Instagram is getting instantaneous text translations in its apps

Instagram has announced that users will soon be able to instantaneously translate captions, comments, bios and more within its applications with a tap of a button. The feature is set to be released in July 2016. The post Instagram is getting instantaneous text translations in its apps appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Instagram Finally Adds iOS Share Extensions

Instagram finally enabled  in version 8.2 of its application for that platform. iOS share extensions debuted along with iOS 8 in September 2014, and Instagram parent Facebook immediately integrated with iOS share extensions, allowing users to share photos and videos from other iOS applications directly to Facebook without opening the flagship app. Now, according to , Instagram users who have upgraded to version 8.2 have the same capabilities. 9to5Mac reported that users will be able to add cap...
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