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Jeremih Taken Off Ventilator & Transferred Out of ICU After COVID-19 Health Scare

Jeremih is on the road to recovery after contracting COVID-19. The R&B singer’s family says he’s out of the ICU and has been transferred to a regular hospital room. “Jeremih has been transferred out of ICU,” his family said in a statement. “He will spend the rest of his recovery time in a regular hospital room. The true healing begins. Thank you all for your continued prayers and wishes.” The news comes after the 33-year-old’s agent revealed Thursday (Nov. 19) that he’d been taken off the ventil...
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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot knows there's 'COVID fatigue' in peoples' response to the virus. But letting your guard down now could be a matter of 'life and death,' she says.

Chicago's Mayor Lori Lightfoot arrives at a University of Chicago initiative event for the science in Chicago, Illinois, on July 23, 2020. REUTERS/Kamil Krzaczynski Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot spoke to Insider on Thursday about her city's response to COVID-19.  She admitted people have experienced "COVID fatigue" in recent weeks, but urged people not to gather on Thanksgiving.  She said the decision not to gather for the November holiday is a matter of "life and death." Visit Business...
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King Von’s Sister Blasts Atlanta Mortician Who Allegedly Leaked Rapper’s Autopsy Photos: “WE NEED HIM FIRED NOW!”

King Von’s sister Kayla B has called out the mortician who allegedly took photos of the slain rapper following his autopsy and is believed to have helped the images spread online, sparking outrage all over social media. On top of that, Kayla says that the man should be fired for his actions, but claims he’s being protected by his employer. King Von, whose real name was Dayvon Daquan Bennett, was shot outside an Atlanta nightclub just after 3 a.m. last Friday (Nov. 6). Investigators believe the s...
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CBS13 Investigates Virtual Classroom Sexual Misconduct: ‘It Can Feel So Innocent Until It’s Not’

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CBS13 Investigates Virtual Classroom Sexual Misconduct

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50 Cent Calls Out T.I. Over Alleged King Von Shooting Comments: “They Will Kill You For What You Just Said”

T.I. found himself on the receiving end of some serious backlash over comments he made following King Von’s murder in Atlanta. In an Instagram post Monday (Nov. 9), Tip addressed recent killings that have happened in his hometown. “Atlanta is a beautiful progressive city filled with Black excellence. We uplift each other & win together. Stop coming here to kill each other. That sh*t is played out,” he wrote. He added in the post’s caption: “Handle YOUR beefs in YOUR city. Thx in advance.” https:...
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The Iconic Photography of Gordon Parks: An Introduction to the Renaissance American Artist I felt the need for me to somehow or another, use humanity to get people to become aware of how people suffered. That was what drove me to it. Poet, novelist, jazz pianist, classical composer, co-founder of Essence magazine, and first Black director of a major Hollywood film, based on a book he himself wrote…. Oh, and he also directed Shaft, the high watermark of Blaxploitation film and a production, says Evan Puschak, the Nerdwriter, above, “t...
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Reformation internal investigation finds workplace culture and ex-CEO Yael Aflalo 'not racist' — despite rampant allegations of discrimination from current and former employees

  Reformation founder Yael Aflalo in 2017. Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images An internal investigation at Reformation published last week found the "workplace culture is not 'racist,'" and asserted it "did not find any evidence that [former CEO and founder Yael Aflalo's] conduct toward any Reformation employee was racially motivated." The report — conducted by the law firm Morgan, Lewis, and Bockius LLP and involving interviews with 47 employees — comes five months after a series of allegati...
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Tweets vs Blogposts

Hola! If you are a longtime reader of this blog (or blogs in general), you would know how blogging as a hobby has been sort of replaced by things like Instagram, tweets, and so on and so forth. Both in general and for me. And how blogging is now a lot more "content marketing" where companies pay peanuts to desk monkeys to churn out words that trap those search engine spiders logs. And how the "content" that is created does not really do anything good to any reader, even if they may want to read ...
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Remotion raises $13M to create a workplace video platform for short, spontaneous conversations

One of the broader trends of the pandemic has been the unbundling of Zoom with startups pulling out a feature or two and designing entire products centered around a specific vision of remote work. One of the more tempting product ideas has been the development of the omnipresent always-on video workspace where managers can always see their directs onscreen and team members are only a shout away from getting someone else’s attention. While it’s seemed like an exciting product for the founders bui...
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24 of the weirdest and most unique McDonald's restaurants in the world

This McDonald's restaurant in Australia is designed in the art deco style of the 1920s and '30s. Tim McRae/Getty Images McDonald's operates more than 34,000 restaurants worldwide in 118 countries, but some locations are more uniquely designed than others. Around the world, McDonald's restaurants can be found inside historic train stations, decommissioned planes, and even century-old colonial mansions. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. McDonald's restaurants are am...
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Apps are tracking WhatsApp users' online activity, including whom they're likely talking to and when they're sleeping

Hello everyone! Welcome to this weekly roundup of Business Insider stories from executive editor Matt Turner. Subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every Sunday.Read on for news about the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, WhatsApp-tracking apps that are letting people figure out when you're sleeping, how home-listing site Zumper weeded out thousands of Section 8 renters, and a toxic culture in Yelp's Phoenix office.  Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Drew Angerer/Getty Images ...
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NBA legend Michael Jordan owns several multimillion-dollar homes across the US. Take a look inside his impressive real estate portfolio and see which ones are for sale.

Michael Jordan has homes in Park City, Utah, Highland Park, Illinois, and Charlotte, North Carolina. Charles Rex Arbogast/AP/Google Maps Billionaire and NBA legend Michael Jordan owns five multimillion-dollar homes across the US. Jordan owns two homes in North Carolina where the NBA team he owns, the Charlotte Hornets, is based, and one in Jupiter, Florida. The other two are currently for sale in Illinois and Utah. Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players of all time, and he has in...
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Elliot O'Neal creates next-level infinity tables

Chicago-based artist Elliot O'Neal has been experimenting with infinity tables and cabinetry, and it is just remarkable. This Instagram post includes a video of what this one looks like in person: View this post on Instagram After years of lurking I've finally decided to start using Instagram as a platform to start showing my work. Lots more to come! . . . . #artistsoninstagram #artporn #infinitymirrors #fineart #ar...
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The Art of the Personal Project: Jasmin Shah

The Art of the Personal Project is a crucial element to let potential buyers see how you think creatively on your own.  I am drawn to personal projects that have an interesting vision or that show something I have never seen before.  In this thread, I’ll include a link to each personal project with the artist statement so you can see more of the project. Please note: This thread is not affiliated with any company; I’m just featuring projects that I find.  Please DO NOT send me your work.  I do n...
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SUCCESS INSIDER: How 4 Harvard grads built their fast food empires franchising with brands like Wendy's, Taco Bell, Burger King, and Popeyes

A customer walks into a Burger King restaurant on August 24, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. Scott Olson/Getty Images You don't always have to build something from scratch if there's a perfectly good solution already available. For example, owning a franchise is one way that many Ivy League grads put their business acumen to work. Franchise empires require time, research, and a healthy amount of cash up-front, but the model can be a sustainable source of income for entrepreneurs.We got the scoop...
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The coronavirus outbreak has triggered unprecedented mass layoffs and furloughs. Here are the major companies that have announced they are downsizing their workforces.

People gather at the entrance for the New York State Department of Labor offices on March 20, which closed to the public due to the coronavirus outbreak in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. Andrew Kelly/Reuters The spread of the coronavirus is projected to impact millions of jobs worldwide.In just 22 weeks, more than 57 million Americans have filed for unemployment insurance — that's more than the number of claims filed during the Great Recession.The travel and hospitality industries h...
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Inside the life of Natalie Mariduena, YouTube star David Dobrik's assistant and childhood best friend who has helped grow his business

Natalie Mariduena has over 4 million followers on Instagram and is known online as YouTube star David Dobrik's childhood best friend and assistant.  When she's not appearing in Dobrik's vlogs or TikToks, she is working beside him to help design items of merchandise or plan out content.  Her involvement in the business started a few years ago as an intern, when Dobrik asked her to come out to Los Angeles and help him out. Mariduena spoke with Business Insider about what it's like to work for Do...
Tags: Instagram, California, Youtube, La, Boston, US, Los Angeles, Trends, EA, Chicago, David, Hawaii, Miami, Wall Street Journal, Nickelodeon, LLC

Student-led group aims to make high school reading lists more diverse

Amid a new civil rights movement that has swept across the country, a group of high school students and recent grads struck on an idea earlier this year that might, in some small way, improve racial understanding. It was time, they said, to include more diverse authors in the curriculum for literature classes. About a half dozen Southern California young people recently formed Diversify Our Narrative, an organization dedicated to changing high school reading lists by petitioning individual distr...
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Nike's controversial Vaporfly shoes make runners faster — so runners sponsored by other brands are blacking them out to wear in secret

Nike's Vaporfly shoes have been involved in nearly every major running victory and milestone since 2016. Research suggests the Vaporfly soles give runners more energetic efficiency: at least a 4% boost over shoes from competing brands. Vaporflys are so advantageous that some runners sponsored by other brands have taken to wearing the shoes in secret. They black out the shoes with permanent marker so the Nike logo and neon colors aren't visible. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stor...
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Chicago 1968: glimpses of when the Democrats met amid a summer of unrest

The Democratic national convention took place amid protests about the Vietnam war, a police riot and a looming flu pandemicEvery four years in the US, political parties convene to nominate their respective candidates for November’s presidential election.The conventions are historically grandiose affairs with a circus-like atmosphere. Speeches are given, balloons are dropped and the party message of uniting behind their candidate is beamed to the nation. Continue reading...
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Can a book club help create societal change? Trini Rodriguez thinks so

Trini (Tlazohteotl) Rodriguez is a soft-spoken woman of Mexican indigenous Huichol ancestry, whose voice you sometimes have to lean in to hear. But behind her quiet ways is the force of a lifelong fighter for social change: She has been a bilingual-bicultural teacher, editor for a national bilingual newspaper in defense of undocumented workers and for 17 years served as executive director of Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural & Bookstore in Sylmar, an organization she and husband Luis J. Rodriguez, a ...
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Geotagged Social Media Posts Didn’t Support Personal Jurisdiction–Court of Master Sommeliers v. Pilkey

The plaintiff runs certification programs for beverage experts. The highest certification is “master sommelier,” earned normally only by less than 10 people a year. In Sept. 2018, a record 24 candidates earned the certification. It turns out an insider leaked confidential information about the coming exam. The plaintiff canceled the test results, including the defendant’s. As you can imagine, this event roiled the clubby wine world. The defendant kept holding himself out as a master sommelier, ...
Tags: Instagram, Law, California, Court, Chicago, United States, Trademark, Napa Valley, Crane, Pinot, Napa California, Court of Master Sommeliers, Linkedin Twitter, Instagram LinkedIn, Nebel, Pilkey

This Week in Photography: Spoiling for a Fight

  Part 1: The Intro   Donald Trump has unleashed secret police upon America. For all my repeated criticism of the man, over many years, that is not a sentence I ever thought I’d write. But here we are. They are secret, because their uniforms are unmarked, and they have apparently been pulling people off the street into unmarked vans in Portland. Now, he’s sending them to cities like Chicago and Albuquerque, because he sees his best shot at re-election dependent upon an uprising of Red State vote...
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The Daily Edit – The Authority Collective

Aalisha Vasude: Gilbert Hill in Mumbai, India is one of three unique geological structures in the world. Nickey Quamina Woo: Babacar Diallo swims in the ocean in Saly, Senegal on July 8, 2018. Vatsala Goel: San Francisco Women’s March attendees gathered despite rain and cold weather outside the city hall in a historic event to mark their dissent against Donald Trumps inauguration as the 45th President of United States. 21st january 2017. Danielle Villasana: A portrait of a couple that l...
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Mariska Hargitay Teases Law & Order: SVU Reunion With Stabler!

Mariska Hargitay teases Law & Order: SVU reunion with Stabler! After announcing earlier this year that Christopher Meloni (Happy!) would be reprising his iconic Law & Order: Special Victims Unit role of Elliot Stabler in a new spin-off series, co-star Mariska Hargitay took to Instagram to confirm a reunion between the two stars is happening! Check out the post below! RELATED: Christopher Meloni to Reprise Elliot Stabler in SVU Spin-Off! PB = PB || {}; PB....
Tags: TV, New York, Movies, Instagram, Syfy, Chicago, TV News, Mariska Hargitay, Nypd, Hulu, Christopher Meloni, Stabler, Elliot Stabler, Meloni, Hargitay, TV Premiere

Sign-language interpreters volunteer at protests: ‘This revolution has to be accessible’

When Michael Agyin saw a flash of red and blue lights behind his car, his body grew tense with fear. He was heading home from a friend’s house that night 13 years ago, driving along the 110 Freeway in South Los Angeles. A California Highway Patrol cruiser following close behind, he left the 110 and made sure to drive to a spot where streetlights cut through the darkness. After parking, Agyin, who is Black and deaf, turned to what he calls “survival tactics”: Don’t try and sign to the officer, be...
Tags: Facebook, New York, Hollywood, News, Instagram, Minneapolis, California, Los Angeles, Sport, Chicago, Soccer, Long Beach, California Highway Patrol, CHP, Local News, Lapd

Traveling in Serbia — Takeaways from an Unexpected Trip

The Balkans have always been my favorite place to travel, but until recently, I hadn’t done much traveling in Serbia. For years, it was the Balkan country I had explored the least, only spending a few days in Belgrade before flying on to Latvia. You can read about that trip here. That changed this year. I ended up in Serbia unexpectedly as the first part of my move to Prague, where my UK-born boyfriend has lived for 18 years, and where I was supposed to move in May. We have been banned from ea...
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Brand Moves for Tuesday July 14

Twenty weeks ago, when the gravity of the situation became clear, we started daily reporting on how brands were dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. What’s now becoming clear is that the current climate is one of near-perpetual disruption. So we made the decision to keep on telling the stories of inspiring brand leadership and strategy amid the latest crises in an anxious world. Our goal remains the same: to provide an up-to-the-minute source of information, inspiration and insight on brand moves ...
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Dating app S’More adds blurred video calling and launches in LA

The pandemic hasn’t slowed down dating app S’More — at least according to CEO Adam Cohen-Aslatei, who said that the app’s daily active user count doubled in March and hasn’t gone down since. “When people are working form home, they have much more time to dedicate to their relationships,” Cohen-Aslatei told me. The app (whose name is short for “something more”) launched last fall and has supposedly attracted nearly 50,000 users. The goal is to move beyond the superficiality of most dating apps, w...
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