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A cartoon before first communion: Susan Kandel’s best photograph

‘Left to her own devices, she’d be in a T-shirt and out in the dirt. But she’s been told to be good, stand still and not mess up her dress’This photo was easy because this is my niece, who’s getting ready for her first communion. Her normal state was to be very active, never stationary for more than a minute. Left to her own devices, she’d be wearing a T-shirt and probably out there in the dirt. What I see in this picture is that she’s been told to be good, stand still and not mess up her dress....
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Review: ‘Ikhaya Likamoya’ by Sethembiso Zulu — Ties that bind us all

Multimedia journalist and healer Sethembiso Zulu’s debut solo show embraces a fierce, raw and broken timelessness that encapsulates what it means to be human The post Review: ‘Ikhaya Likamoya’ by Sethembiso Zulu — Ties that bind us all appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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This morning at 5:54, a man erected a large cross on the empty plinth where the "Forward!" statue had stood until protesters tore it down last week.

We happened to be driving by: The shirt says "We want more" (front) and "SOULutions" (BACK). I'd gotten out of the car to take the second picture, and as I was getting back, a black man walked up to me and began, "I'm from Minnesota...." I said "Sorry" and got in the car. The man went up to the guy who was putting up the cross (and the woman who was there with him).I couldn't hear the conversation, but the man with the cross listened, handed the man what I assume was money, continued to talk ...
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Katie Waggett's best photograph: Sunday worship with Joy

‘Joy was dancing in church with her children in London. She was in her element – her dress speaks to her sense of cultural pride’Her name is Joy and I photographed her outside one of the many African churches in south-east London. I had just finished photographing a mosque on the same bland industrial estate when I found the blue wall, then spotted Joy dancing in the church with her children. I thought: “That’s a portrait I’ve got to get,” and asked if she’d come outside and have her photograph ...
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Russian comedian who dissed Putin flees country

Aleksandr Dolgopolov, a 25-year-old Russian comedian, made some jokes about Russian President Vladimir Putin and Christianity during a stand-up performance last year. Dolgopolov says he has now fled Russia over fears for his safety. In a show he did at amall bar in St Petersburg 12 months ago, Dolgopolov joked about Putin and his supporters: "Our population has split into two camps. On one hand there are those who support Putin; on the other, there are those who can read, write, and reach log...
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Thailand welcomes Pope Francis – in pictures

Pope Francis arrives in Bangkok to boost morale of tiny minority of Catholics and speak about human trafficking Continue reading...
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Secret life of nuns: a look behind convent walls – a photo essay

Photographer Valeria Luongo’s long-term project explores the daily life of nuns at the Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary convent in Rome. It was born out of a fascination with the women who choose to eschew conventional modes of living. What exactly does a nun’s life entail, and what happens in their tight-knit community? A nun during a quiet moment of prayer Continue reading...
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Russian Orthodox priest rebuked over Gucci Instagram posts

Vyacheslav Baskakov apologises after showing off luxury slippers, shoes and bagsA Russian Orthodox priest will be punished for his Instagram posts flaunting extravagant items from Gucci and Louis Vuitton, a senior church official has said.Vyacheslav Baskakov posted photographs featuring luxury slippers, silver-buckled shoes and Louis Vuitton handbags and luggage worth hundreds of pounds. The photos were taken offline after they began to draw attention last week. Continue reading...
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Laboring on the mural...

... at the rebuilt Catholic Church on Library Mall here in Madison, photographed today. The long view, with the Bible verse... ... and the closeup, with a view of the painter: ADDED: I’m told it’s not painting but mosaic. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Jesus Christ superstars: meet the modern-day messiahs

David Shayler worked for MI5, Vissarion was a traffic policeman… now both preach as the son of God. Jonas Bendiksen tells Paula Cocozza about his portraits of 21st-century messiahsJonas Bendiksen grew up in a “godless home” in Tønsberg, Norway, which makes him an unlikely candidate to photograph the messiah, let alone six of them. But this is what he has spent the past three years doing: chronicling the lives of men – and they are all men – who claim to be Jesus returned to Earth, from Siberia t...
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At the Stay-in-Love-with-God Café...

... do good and do no harm. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Marrie Bot's best photograph: bath-time on an ancient pilgrimage through Andalucía

‘We were out on the trail for three days with no shops and nothing to eat. And all I had with me was my camera, 20 rolls of film and a T-shirt’ I’ve been taking photographs on the El Rocío pilgrimage for 40 years, and it’s still just as intense an experience as it was the first time. Each year, more than 100 brotherhoods travel to the hermitage at El Rocío from all over Andalucía. I had heard that the Brotherhood of Triana was famous for its richness and its beauty, so in 1976 I decided to trave...
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Easter week around the world – in pictures

How Christians have commemorated the death of Christ during Holy Week, from Hyderabad to Berwick-upon-Tweed Continue reading...
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At the Strait Gate Café...

... squeeze in whatever you can. Photograph, like the 2 shown last night in the Narrow Gate Café, is from Arches National Park, March 10th. No little person in this one to show the scale. Post title confirms jaed's suspicion that I intended to refer to the Bible verse. Here's a more explicit depiction of the verse:Click to enlarge.And this sounds a tad inappropriate now, but remember The Althouse Amazon Portal when you're doing your shopping.  [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Open Mike: Your Belief System (OT)

(for K.M.) Everybody has a belief system. It's just sometimes difficult to make out what it is. The simplest and plainest choice is religion. I don't say that in a denigrating way; it's just that religion offers itself up specifically as a belief system, so it's not surprising when many people use it that way. Of course "religion" is a sprawling category. We've recently been having a bit of a flareup in the fracas between Christianity and its younger sibling Islam (which has been going on more...
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What Happened To Craig Mack? (And Why Do So Many Ex-Bad Boy Artists Become Religious Fanatics?)

After a generally well received and meme-worthy Bad Boy reunion performance at the 2015 BET awards, the soon to be retired mogul Diddy took to Instagram to praise Lil Kim’s showmanship, and informally announce the coming of a Bad Boy Reunion tour. Earlier this year, he shared more details with DJ Khaled — the Dale Carnegie of rap — on his  “We The Best Radio” segment. Diddy gushed: “For the first time every hit record I ever did and every guest you could imagine is going to kick this tour o...
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Megachurches: photographing America's drab new cathedrals

Lisa Anne Auerbach created a ‘megazine’ of structures reminiscent of shopping malls or warehouses, hidden away from the centre of cities, where thousands of people go to worship every week“I started photographing megachurches as an oppositional idea,” explains Lisa Anne Auerbach, a California photographer and artist. “I had been doing a series about small free-standing businesses [encapsulating] this idea of America: you’re an individual, you hang up your shingle, you pick yourself up by your bo...
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A moment that changed me: how my camera helped me re-focus on my faith | Jim Grover

It started as a photograpy project, shadowing an Anglican minister. But it led me to a way of being marked by kindness, generosity and community spiritOne Friday afternoon in late summer of 2014, I walked into a church that I had never entered, even though it is just around the corner from my home of 17 years, in Clapham, south London. I approached a man I had met just once and asked if I could shadow him with my camera for the next year.Quite some ask. He was about to go on holiday and, not unr...
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Pope Francis launches Franciscus Instagram account

To mark his third anniversary as pope, Francis extends social media reach on Instagram with caption ‘pray for me’Despite once claiming to be a technological dinosaur, Pope Francis has expanded his social media presence by joining Instagram, launching the new account with a picture of himself knelt in worship alongside the caption “pray for me”.Using the moniker Franciscus, the pope has joined the photo-sharing app to mark the third anniversary of his inauguration as the leader of the world’s 1.2...
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Pope Francis to join Instagram on third anniversary of election

Pontiff to use the handle Franciscus in attempt to use social medium to spread Catholic message to younger generationPope Francis will make his Instagram debut this week, joining the likes of Justin Bieber and Cristiano Ronaldo on the image-sharing forum, under the handle Franciscus, the Vatican has confirmed.The pontiff chose Saturday as the date for his debut on the celebrity-dominated social medium as it marks the third anniversary of his inauguration as the leader of the world’s 1.2 billion ...
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Tending the flock: a year in the life of London priest – in pictures

Photographer Jim Grover shadowed south London vicar Kit Gunasekera as he went about uniting his diverse congregation with prayer, sermons – and fish suppers Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, London, Religion, Culture, Art and design, Christianity, Jim Grover, Kit Gunasekera

There Are More LGBT People Of Faith Out There Than You Think

Photographer Eliel Cruz was looking to put a face to LGBT communities of faith and humanize them. Though you certainly wouldn’t know it by reading Queerty, the last pew religion report shows there are more LGBT people of faith than none believers. His first batch of shots features Christians, mostly in the millennial range, drawing from across gender and race spectrums. Take a look below as each shares a bit of their story: 
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Watch Two Antigay Televangelists Defend Their Private Jets

While recently flying home on his sleek private jet from a religious convention, antigay televangelist Jesse Duplantis was asked by God himself, “Do you like your plane? Do you really like it?” This prompted Duplantis to have a long, hard think about his use of private jets. Afterwards, he determined that, yes, he does like his plane. Not only that, but he needs it. Because without his private jet, he would have to fly commercial, and that’s simply not conducive to spreading the word of Jesus. ...
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Wet, Hot, Shirtless Jogger Has Been Praying Outside Of Gay Bars For Years

It turns out that hot, shirtless jogger who invaded the internet via a local Chicago news report this week is no stranger to standing out in the cold soliciting attention. Ethan Renoe, who made everyone watching parched when he announced he was single, founded a ministry that in part targets gay bar goers to engage in some good old fashioned Christian prayer. Related: Wet, Hot, Shirtless Jogger Interviewed By Local News Station Breaks The Internet The former Moody Bible Institute student’s mini...
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The 20 photographs of the week

The intensifying violence in Jerusalem and the West Bank, Europe’s refugee crisis, fashion week in Paris, England crashing out of the Rugby World Cup – the best photography in news, culture and sport from around the world this week Continue reading...
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The 20 photographs of the week

Europe’s refugee crisis, the pope in the US, the Rugby World Cup – the best photography in news, culture and sport from around the world this week Continue reading...
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