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This gorgeous AC unit with a 30,000-person waitlist is finally back in stock

July's Instagram-ready window air conditioners (yes, we said Instagram-ready) come with a sleek modern profile and decorative panels — and now the unit is back in stock and ready to ship just in time for summer.
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This gorgeous AC unit with a 20,000-person waitlist is finally back in stock

July's Instagram-ready window air conditioners (yes, we said Instagram-ready) come with a sleek modern profile and decorative panels — and now the unit is back in stock and ready to ship just in time for summer.
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44 Attorneys General Urge Facebook To Stop Plans For An Instagram For Kids

(CNN/CBS13) – Facebook’s plans to launch a version of Instagram for children under the age of 13 continue to get backlash. On Monday, 44 attorneys general, including Rob Bonta in California, signed a letter addressed to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, urging him to scrap plans for an Instagram intended for younger users, citing mental health and privacy concerns. The letter comes less than a month after child safety groups and Congress expressed similar concerns. “Use of social media can be detrim...
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10 Things in Politics: The Instagram account behind DC's best gossip

Good morning, and May the Fourth be with you. Welcome back to 10 Things in Politics, your weekday look at the biggest stories in DC and beyond. Sign up here to receive this newsletter.Send tips to [email protected] or tweet me at @BrentGriffiths.Here's what we're talking about:A very DC diversion is this anonymous Instagram accountBill and Melinda Gates are ending their 27-year marriageRep. Liz Cheney is in hot water with some fellow Republicans, againOne thing to look out for today...
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A dietitian’s website and blog stir up more business

Like any savvy entrepreneur, Marisa Moore first launched a website to promote her brand and attract more business. “It was back in 2008,” recalls Marisa, an Atlanta-based registered dietitian and nutritionist. “I was making regular appearances on CNN and different media outlets. And I wanted a way for people to be able to easily find me. So, I put up and started sharing nutrition tips.”Since then, Marisa’s website has grown to become a key ingredient in her recipe for success — l...
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The trend making the internet wholesome again

Lately, there has been a deluge of crafting content on TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram, as crocheting and knitting shed the senior stereotype and emerge as fashion's newest fad among Gen Z.
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Crochet culture is the internet trend that's both soothing and sustainable

Lately, there has been a deluge of crafting content on TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram, as crocheting and knitting shed the senior stereotype and emerge as fashion's newest fad among Gen Z.
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The Instagram-famous Always Pan is $30 off right now

The Instagram-famous Always Pan from Our Place is meant to take care of all your cooking needs in just one piece of cookware. It promises to replace your fry pan, steamer, skillet, saucepan, spoon rest, saucier and spatula.
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National security advisor says Russia will face 'consequences' if Putin critic Alexei Navalny dies

Alexei Navalny appears in a video published by his team on January 18, 2021. Navalny Live/YouTube The US has threatened Russia with sanctions and other consequences if Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny dies in state prison. Last month, Navalny said he was going on a hunger strike in jail until he could see a doctor. Navalny is recovering after being poisoned with a Novichok nerve agent in Russia. See more stories on Insider's business page. Russia will face heavy consequences li...
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The Instagram-famous Always Pan just launched in a new, spring-ready color

Our Place is adding another colorway to its Always Pan lineup, and it's in one of spring's most stylish shades: a warm, go-with-anything terracotta.
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Britney Spears is 'flattered' people care so much

Britney Spears feels the love. The singer posted video Monday on her verified Instagram account she said was shot last year for the "Just a Touch of Rose" project.
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CNN journalist arrested outside of the Russian prison where Alexei Navalny is being held and was hospitalized

An employee of the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service stands with a service dog outside Penal Colony No 2 in the town of Pokrov, some 85 km east of Moscow, where convicted opposition activist Alexei Navalny is serving his sentence. Getty Images A CNN reporter was arrested outside the penal colony where Alexei Navalny is being held. A number of people were arrested amid protests demanding Navalny receive proper medical care. Navalny's lawyer said the Kremlin critic is "seriously ill....
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Navalny says he's continuing hunger strike despite a high temperature and bad cough

Jailed Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny is continuing his hunger strike despite having a high temperature and a bad cough, according to a post shared by his team on his official Instagram account.
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Read These Tips Before Getting Your COVID-19 Vaccine

(CNN/CBS13) — If you are not eligible to be vaccinated against Covid-19, you will be soon if you live in the United States. All Californians 16 and older will be eligible to be vaccinated against Covid-19 starting April 15. Some counties have started early and already are vaccinating all adults. Some whole states have already started opening vaccine eligibility to everyone 16 and older, including Alaska, Mississippi and Georgia. According to President Joe Biden, 90% of all adult Americans will b...
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Rachel Bilson was 'super bummed' that Rami Malek made her take down a photo of them both from Instagram

Rachel Bilson had what she thought was a cool throwback photo of her and Rami Malek, but according to her, Malek didn't think so.
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Reese Witherspoon takes to Instagram to celebrate her 'sweet hubby' of 10 years

Witherspoon celebrated her anniversary with husband, Jim Toth, in a heartfelt post on Instagram this week.
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Away's Instagram-famous luggage, including our favorite carry-on, is 30% off for a limited time

We might not be traveling much right now, but that's not to say we shouldn't be prepared for when we can. Away is currently hosting a Surprise 30% Off Sale, featuring savings on its collection of Instagram-worthy, built-to-last carry-ons and more.
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Social media platforms are going to war for online talent

When Katerina Horwitz started out as a social media influencer in 2016, she didn't earn much money beyond a handful of sponsored posts. A few years later, Horwitz and her husband Yinon quit their day jobs, started a joint Instagram account and got creative with monetizing their 400,000 followers, including selling their own photo filters and building an app that offers editing templates for Instagram Stories.
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App Privacy Study Looks at Most 'Invasive' Apps Collecting User Data

With App Privacy labels now available for many of the top apps in the App Store, pCloud earlier this month took a look at the most "invasive" apps that collect the most data from users. It will come as no surprise to many that Instagram and Facebook share the most data with third-party advertisers, collecting info on purchases, location, contact details, user content, search history, browsing history, and more. Instagram collects 79 percent of personal data, while Facebook collects 57 percen...
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Instagram accidentally removed 'likes' for some users - here's what your posts will look like without them

happydancing/Shutterstock Instagram temporarily hid the likes counter for some users on Tuesday due to a bug. Adam Mosseri of Instagram announced the company would start hiding the number of likes on some US posts in 2019. Instagram had already experimented with removing likes in seven countries before that. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Some Instagram users were surprised to find like counts missing from the app on Tuesday due to a bug. The company has been test...
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Jonah Hill takes to Instagram to sound off about body image after Daily Mail publishes surfing pictures

Jonah Hill has opened up about body image insecurities after the Daily Mail newspaper published photographs of the actor surfing in Malibu, California.
Tags: Instagram, Cnn, Daily Mail, Jonah Hill

We tried Instagram's favorite olive oil, and this is what we thought

Known for its ultra-gorgeous colorful bottles, Brightland specializes in unique olive oils, but do they taste good? We found out.
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Ne-Yo 'overjoyed' as he and wife Crystal Smith prepare to welcome baby number 3

Singer Ne-Yo announced that his wife, Crystal Smith, is pregnant with their third child in a touching Instagram post on Sunday.
Tags: Instagram, Cnn, Ne Yo, Crystal Smith

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been banned from Instagram

Instagram on Wednesday took down the account of controversial anti-vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
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This former teacher is using Instagram to combat misinformation online

Former government teacher Sharon McMahon posts what she calls "nonpartisan" videos combating misinformation online. She tells CNN about the responses she's getting.
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Meet the Minnesota mom fighting QAnon conspiracies one Instagram story at a time

Armed with a passion for constitutional law, along with over a decade of government and law classroom teaching experience, Sharon McMahon combats mistruths with education.
Tags: Instagram, Minnesota, Cnn, Sharon McMahon

Facebook vowed to crack down on Covid-19 vaccine misinformation but misleading posts remain easy to find

Nearly two months into the largest vaccine rollout in US history, Instagram continued to prominently feature anti-vaccination accounts in its search results, while Facebook groups railing against vaccines remained easy to find.
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Myanmar blocks Twitter and Instagram

Myanmar further expanded its internet crackdown, ordering a block of Twitter and Instagram days after the country's military seized power in a coup.
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Instagram is realizing it's not so easy to knock off TikTok

It took less than six months for Instagram's Snapchat clone to catch up to its rival's audience size and be credited with stunting Snapchat's user growth just as the company prepared to make its Wall Street debut in 2017.
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Halsey reveals she's pregnant

Surprise! Halsey is pregnant. The singer, who is active on social media, took to her verified Instagram account Wednesday to share the news that she is expecting her first child.
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