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Get Inspired By The Community This Week At Light Stalking

As always, we want to say a big warm hello to all of the new members we got this week – yep all 210 of you! Wow, that really is a lot! A lot has been happening this week on the forum, we have seen so much activity from you all that it is just awesome. So we hope to see you around the “ Introduce Yourself “, “ General Chit Chat ” and, of course, “ Shark Tank ” forums.   This week we had a weekly challenge with the theme of Favourites . This was Tersha ‘s magnificent idea and ...
Tags: Photography, Dave, Graham, Ed, Kent, Shark Tank, Erik, Tom, Lenny, Antonio, Federico, Bhushan, John Thompson, Bruce Gordon, Bobbie, Cool Photos & Photographers

40 Photographs of Airplanes To Get Your Inspiration Soaring

At almost 115 years since the first successful flight made by the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, we've decided to make a collection of photographs that reflect the beautiful achievements of flying engineering. Here are 40 beautiful images from inside and outside of aircraft, and we hope you enjoy this as much as we've enjoyed collating these photographs! Photo by Nils Nedel Photo by Jeshoots Photo by Joel & Jasmin Førestbird Photo by Yiran Ding Photo by Dominik Scythe Photo b...
Tags: Photography, Wright Brothers, Kitty Hawk, Jon Robinson, Federico Alegria, Sarah Phillips, Patrick Tomasso, Cool Photos & Photographers, Tom Rogerson, Smit Patel, Lacie Slezak, Josue Isai Ramos Figueroa, Nils Nedel Photo, Joel Jasmin Førestbird Photo, Yiran Ding Photo, Ali Abdul Rahman

Relax With The Coolest Photography Links Of The Week

As we ring in a brand new year full of excitement for what lies ahead in the field of photography we find that Toad Hollow Photography has been looking all over the internet for links to share here with everyone. This weeks list is full of tutorials, special features and great photography representing some of the finest posts and photographs that artists and writers are posting today. We sincerely hope you are off to a great new year and will enjoy this list of links as much as the Toad did in b...
Tags: Photography, England, New York, United States, Belgium, Vancouver, Detroit, Kyoto, Michael, Tuscany, Noël, Honolulu, Fred, Jean, Len, Adnan

Old Meets New, Colorful Flowers, And The Stunning Annapurna Range Covers Just Some Of This Week In The Light Stalking Forums

Here we are again, bringing you the best of the best of what's happened in the past week in our beloved photography community. We are sure that this year we'll see some amazing stuff from not only our newest members but also our amazing regular forum attendees. We started this year with 100 new members, so we hope we can see them around some time, at least at the “ Introduce Yourself ” forum. First up was an interesting challenge thanks to Tersha on Favourites and you are stil...
Tags: Photography, Dave, Preston, Kent, Chris, Shark Tank, Erik, Tom, Ryan, Beth, Federico, Bobbie, Kallen, Dahlia Ambrose, Cool Photos & Photographers, Beth Beth

4 Tips For Archiving Your Digital Images

The beautiful old black and white portraits of generations past are a testament to the fact that while we do not live forever, our memories have every chance of outliving us by many decades. The problem is that in this modern throwaway society we live in, photographs can often be seen as disposable, short term memories.   We take pictures on phones, on tablets as well as on cameras. Images are often scattered across multiple destinations and in multiple formats. But how do we go about archiving...
Tags: Amazon, Photography, Don, Unsplash, Pietro De Grandi, Cool Photos & Photographers, Thomas Schweighofer, Alex Cheung, Dario Valenzuela, Matthew Kwong, Phil Hearing, NAS Network Drive

Here’s Our Year End Wrap Up From The Light Stalking Forums

This has been a fantastic year for all of us here at Light Stalking. We've met some really talented photographers, and we've shared a lot of laughs, beautiful images, and learnings together. Thank you so much for making Light Stalking what it is today. As we head into our 10th year of existence, we want to wish you a happy and joyous 2019. We took a little break over the Christmas/New Year Period so here is a bumper crop of things that have happened in the forums while you may have been awa...
Tags: Photography, David, Graham, John, Santa, Kent, Chris, Light Stalking, Robert, Ryan, Bruce, Tobie, Beth, Federico, Leanne, Beth Photo

These Photography Links Will Make You Smile

The folks at Toad Hollow Photography are back at it after a few weeks away with a fresh new list of tutorials, special features and great photography for everyone to enjoy. This weeks list is full of great pictures and articles from contemporary photographers and writers all over the world. We really hope you enjoy checking out this weeks list as much as the Toad did in bringing it to you. TUTORIALS How to Portray Motion in Your Photographs Using The Panning Technique – learning how to master pa...
Tags: Photography, England, Singapore, United States, Romania, Tokyo, Steve, Steve Mccurry, Toad, Tim Stanley, Coast Guard, ITG, Toad Hollow Photography, Michael Criswell, Frank King, Palouse

4 Tips On Understanding Your Camera That Will Make You A Better Photographer

Understanding your camera will make you a better photographer. Indeed our cameras are marvels of modern technology. They capture incredible images, seemingly nailing the exposure, colour and focus nearly every time. Interestingly though, if you compare virtually identical pictures from two different brands or even models of cameras, you will find striking differences.   Like in many walks of life, there is no right or wrong image, just differences in the way that camera has interpreted the scen...
Tags: Photography, Unsplash, Cool Photos & Photographers, William Bayreuther, Colour Science This, Alexandru Zdrobău, Alex Plesovskich, Cedric Brule

A Review Of The Year 2018 From Jason Row

As the shutter curtain slowly closes on 2018, we look back on this year as being the one when the shutter curtain became obsolete. The year 2018 will be remembered as a vintage one for mainly the right reasons.   Mirrorless came of age, phones got better and better, and the choice of lenses on all systems is now beyond compare. As the festive season approaches and we all slow down a little, let’s take a look back at some of the seminal moments of 2018 The Cameras There is going to be no doubt...
Tags: Google, Photography, Sony, Nikon, Huawei, Dslr, Canon, Mauritius, Fuji, Sigma, Hasselblad, Leica, Apple Samsung, Peter Lik, Jason Row, Samyang

Photo Assignment: How To Photograph A Dog Playing In The Water

Are you looking to learn or try something new this week or weekend? Here is a small assignment that you can try – learning to freeze actions or movements. For this task, in terms of brainstorming and discussion let us consider the image of this dog playing with water here. Marilou Burleson 1. Observe This Picture Look at what you need to do to capture a shot similar to this. You need to shoot from an angle to get the light shining on the splashing water and the dog. A time when the sun is l...
Tags: Photography, Cool Photos & Photographers, Marilou Burleson

11 Photographers Who Specialise In The Genre Known As The Youth Code

In photography, there has been a very strong interest in documenting and portraying the intriguing nature of the young human beings. There are some classical topics in creative fields these include death, happiness, depression, euphoria and love. And there are some photographers that have been working these topics around the wild and bold nature of teenagers and even kids, these photographers are the owners of The Youth Code. Photo by Julien Lanoy Children and teenagers are the main subjects o...
Tags: Photography, Russia, New York City, US, New Jersey, Serbia, Oklahoma, Jack Kerouac, Alice, Harlem, Magnum, Tulsa, Clark, Davidson, Velázquez, Bronzino

Grab A Coffee And A Doughnut And Get Comfy Here’s What The Community Has Been Up To This Week

Oh boy, another extremely fun week at Light Stalking! This has been one of the busiest weeks so far for our community, and we want to welcome the newest 200 Light Stalkers! We are sure you'll have a blast in our beloved forums , and don't forget to say hi over here ! Last week we had a pretty luminous weekend photography challenge with a lot of beautiful photographs posted by all of you. Sit back and relax, and enjoy everything that you shouldn't be missing from your community. ...
Tags: Photography, Mexico, Dave, Nikon, Kent, Chris, Shark Tank, Robert, Bruce, Tobie, Federico, Eugene Oregon, Army Corps Of Engineers, Bobbie, Fern Ridge, Cool Photos & Photographers

Do You Love Macro Photography? Here Are 25 Gorgeous Images Of Snowflakes To Inspire You

Snowflakes are just so wonderful. If you're a macro photographer who's into shooting flowers and insects, the winter months probably sound like an offseason for you. However, there's one amazing thing you can shoot only in the wintertime – snowflakes! Macro photography shows you the world from a completely unique perspective, a world up close – really close. Particularly with macro photography, a proper understanding of photographic technique plays an important role in capturing these shots. The...
Tags: Photography, Flickr, Pixabay, Jason Little, Mike McGrath, Aaron Burden, Cool Photos & Photographers, David Dibert, Sydney Rae, Stefan Cosma, Nico Frey, Meve R, Marc Newberry, Short Guide to Macro Photography, Kalle Kortelainen, Kacper Szczechla

7 Snowy Destinations For Photographers

Wintertime might be the best part of the year for landscape photographers who want to hone their skills – it takes some practice in order capture truly magical images of a winter wonderland! Winter months look and feel a little bit different on each continent, so in case you have a chance to travel, you can surely enjoy versatile winter landscapes in Europe, Asia, America and Australia. Before I suggest 7 interesting snowy locations for landscape photographers, here are a few useful tips for any...
Tags: Europe, Photography, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Himalayas, Lapland, Milford Sound, Mongolia, Bhutan, Ulaanbaatar, Rovaniemi, Sapporo, Outdoor Photography, Rovaniemi Finland

Photo Of The Week, Community Discussions And Tips, AND WOMBATS!

December is here! And we are sure you'll be taking a lot of amazing photographs around the holidays. We want to give a special welcome to our newest 100 members, we are sure you'll have a great time in our beloved forums , please introduce yourselves here ! Last week we had a packed weekend photography challenge with a lot of participation – thank you so much, everyone, for posting your fantastic images – I encourage you to check them out.   So let's get into what you definitel...
Tags: Photography, United States, New Orleans, Kent, Chris, Shark Tank, Lightroom Cc, Robert, Tom, Bruce, Beth, Roanoke, Federico, Bruce Gordon, Bookbinder, Kent DuFault

37 Stunning Light Painting Images That Will Blow Your Mind

The magic of Light Painting is in the wow factor that it evokes. Capturing images that really blow people's minds, well, that is a goal for every photographer. You may already have some of the basics of photography down pat, but what about learning an art form that will truly surprise and excite your friends and family and even let you express your creativity with amazing flare (pun intended)! The biggest challenge in Light Painting lies in understanding the techniques involved in the set up of ...
Tags: Photography, Juliana, Pexels, Javier Garcia, Laura Ockel, Pexels Pixabay, Cool Photos & Photographers, Cassie Boca, Jeremy Perkins, Stephan Müller, Steve Halama, Ioannis Ritos, Pexels Mustafa, Pexels Kartik Gupta, Pexels Beata Dudová, Pexels Photo

Extreme Macro – Butterfly Wings By Chris Perani

Extreme macro photography is usually done in a studio with the help of artificial lighting techniques. It is fun to learn and can open us up to a whole new world of macro photography exposing intricate details that we would not be able to see otherwise. There are several techniques and different equipment that can be used to capture extreme macro photographs. Macro stacking is one of the techniques you can use and when it comes to equipment, it depends upon what you are looking to create. I...
Tags: Photography, Chris, Helicon, Butterfly Wings, Cool Photos & Photographers, Chris Perani, Chris Perani Chris Perani, San Francisco Academy of Science, Levon Biss Microsculpture

35 Amazing Photographs of Windmills

Windmills have a wonderful antiquity about them, especially those old brick windmills used for grinding grains. The earliest known wind-driven wheel used to power a machine was in the first century developed by Heron of Alexandria. These fantastic machines are still mesmerizing even to this day, so here we bring you 35 amazing photographs of old windmills – so sit back and relax!  Photo by Malcolm Lightbody Let's face it, looking at these amazing images can make the heart pound, but s...
Tags: Photography, Alexandria, James Sullivan, Jason Blackeye, Cool Photos & Photographers, Mathew Schwartz, Malcolm Lightbody, Jongsun Lee Photo, Cynthia De Luna Photo, Drew Collins Photo, Lorenzo Spoleti Photo, Massimiliano Donghi Photo, Michal Ševčík Photo, Chris Ouzounis, Melissa Askew, Sabrina Mazzeo

What You Need To Know About Taking Video And Stills On The Same Camera At The Same Time

The digital era has allowed the convergence of the two main branches of imaging, stills, and video.   Pre-digital, to shoot both at the same time, you would need an SLR with several lenses and a large bulky camcorder. These days we can shoot both to a much higher quality in a camera smaller than film SLRs. It's an amazing time to be an image creator.   However, while video and stills share many common elements, in particular, lighting and composition, there are some aspects where they can be q...
Tags: Photography, ISO, Lee, Jakob Owens, Cool Photos & Photographers, William Bayreuther, Karsten Würth, Soroush Karimi, Unsplash ISO

Here’s What You May Have Missed This Week From The Light Stalking Community

First thing's first, we want to give a special shout out to our newest 150 members, we encourage each and one of you to share photographs, knowledge and any sort in inquiry in our forums. First up, if you don't do anything else this week, take a look at Chris Pook's short series of photographs on the forum – Reasons To Be Thankful – from Mosul. His image entitled “Hope” is our Photo of the Week And speaking of forums, we had a very interesting weekend photography challenge this week. Cont...
Tags: Photography, United States, Reds, Lightroom, Chris, Tom, Jim, Mosul, Tobie, Elaine, Beth, Beth Photo, Nick Ut, Federico Alegria, Kent DuFault, Black Water

36 Amazing Photographs Of Kingfishers

Kingfishers are just amazing birds.  They are extremely fast and difficult to capture with a camera. If you'd like to get into bird photography, here are three great quick guides from Photzy to get you started.  Even better, these three guides are by the wonderfully talented bird photographer Tobie Schalkwyk – oh and they are free! If you don't know Tobie, he is a South African bird and wildlife photographer, who is also regular here on the Light Stalking forums. He can often be found on t...
Tags: Photography, Tobie, Photzy, Sivakumar, Boris Smokrovic, Cool Photos & Photographers, Tobie Schalkwyk, Florian van Duyn, Boris Smokrovic Photo, Giuseppe Martini Photo, Vincent van Zalinge Photo, Hans Veth Photo, Stefan Mächler Photo, Monique Laats, Lobus Houska, Lukas Berri

Final Hours of This Remarkable Trick Photography Training

Trick photography is always among the most popular topics here at Light Stalking. The problem is… well… it’s tricky. There are a LOT of different methods to various trick photography setups and getting good at it can be tough. That being said, the results are awesome and the benefits of getting to know in intimate detail how a camera works and what you can push it to do have flow-on effects for your more traditional photography too. That is why Wow Factor Photography by the folks at Expert Photo...
Tags: Deals, Photography, Cool Photos & Photographers, Expert Photography

35 Colorful and Whimsical Photographs of Umbrellas

Umbrellas have something that makes them extremely photogenic. Colorful and whimsical, they are so beautiful to photograph that they might even be considered a cliché for some photographers. But, at Light Stalking, we embrace guilty pleasures, and umbrellas are one of them, so sit back and relax with this beautiful collection of umbrellas we've picked out for you! While you may be choosing a subject, like umbrellas, that is a bit of a cliché, sometimes we don't get the photo we want be...
Tags: Photography, Cool Photos & Photographers, Lisheng Chang, Ryoji Iwata, Boudewijn Huysmans, Craig Whitehead, Osman Rana Photo, Andre Benz Photo, Erik Witsoe Photo, Aline de Nadai Photo, Eunice Stahl, Thomas Young Photo, Antony Xia Photo, Kouji Tsuru, Clem Onojeghuo Photo, Samridhhi Sondhi Photo

Here’ What You Missed This Week From The Community

Composition is the soul of a photograph, and isolating a subject is the best way of simplifying things down in order to get effective and striking photographs. Last week we had a pretty crowded challenge based around isolation . Check the collection of photographs uploaded by our members. And speaking of members, we got bigger this last week, we want to give a special shout-out to the newest 100 members that joined our family! Feel free to roam everywhere in the main site and the ...
Tags: Photography, Dave, New Zealand, Rob, Kent, ANN, Shark Tank, Robert, Gary, Tom, Don, Laura, Pamela, Jim, Bruce, Tobie

Great Photography, Special Features And Insightful Tutorials – Here Are The Coolest Photography Links Of The Week

As another terrific week ticks on by, we find that our friends at Toad Hollow Photography have been searching in all known corners of the internet for links to tutorials, special features and great photography to share here with everyone. This weeks list is full of great content and photographs created by some of the best working in the field today. We really hope you enjoy checking all these links out as much as the Toad did in bringing this list to you. TUTORIALS The 7 Secrets Of Getting Bet...
Tags: Photography, France, Germany, Singapore, United States, Italy, Netherlands, Arizona, Antarctica, Dubai, Belgium, Ansel Adams, Iceland, Dslr, Michael, Hasselblad

3 Tips To Releasing The Power Of Your Camera Phone

Smartphone photography. A term that inspires derision by some yet has become a mainstream aspect of modern photography. Every year the likes of Apple, Samsung, Google, Huawei, and others release new phones. Every year, improvements to their cameras are touted as major selling points.   They would be right, the ubiquitous smartphone has become a powerful tool in photography, a multi-megapixel camera squeezed into our back pockets. However, like photography with DSLRs or Mirrorless cameras, you n...
Tags: Photography, Dslr, Lightroom Mobile, Kaique Rocha, Cool Photos & Photographers, Power Of Your Camera Phone, Apple Samsung Google Huawei, Zhang Kaiyv, Burak K, Burak K There

Where Are They Now? The Medium Format Heavyweights of the Film Era.

Today we are continuing our recent theme of looking back at where the big players of the film era stand today. In this article, we are going to look at the big players of medium format and how they faired with the transition to digital. Some were lost, some incorporated, but others are still going strong. Medium format film photography was perhaps a bigger segment of the professional market than today’s “medium format digital”. Although relatively expensive compared to 35mm film, the cost ratio ...
Tags: Photography, Kodak, Dslr, Jason, Fuji, Tamron, Pentax, Hasselblad, Mamiya, Minolta, Bronica, GFX, Sony Cameras, Cool Photos & Photographers, Bronica Bronica, Mamiya Press

25 Action Packed Photographs of Sports To Inspire You

Sports are great to photograph even if you aren't particularly a sporty person yourself. They are filled with passion and some really impressive action that is only possible to see to the fullest thanks to photography. One of the greatest photographers of all times Martin Munkácsi (he even inspired Cartier-Bresson into taking photographs seriously) used a 4×5 large format camera to capture action and sports. If that wasn't enough trouble, he was even able to … Today we have beautiful and extr...
Tags: Photography, Cartier Bresson, Martin Munkacsi, Joe Hernandez, Cool Photos & Photographers, Brandon Mowinkel, Guy Kawasaki Photo, Steven Lelham Photo, Goh Rhy Yan Photo, Mark Jefferson, Dimon Blr Photo, Pablo Rebolledo, Dylan Nolte, Zac Ong Photo, Johannes Waibel, Jerry Yu Photo

High And Low Key Photography, Kingfishers, And Beautiful Landscapes – Here’s What You Missed This Week On The Forums

Last week we had a lot of very interesting Low-Key/Hi-Key photographs thanks to the weekend challenge. We also want to welcome more than 100 new Light Stalkers that joined our beloved family this past week. We are sure you'll find a warming place to learn about photography. Don't be afraid to ask any photography related questions you have at our forums . There are a ton of posts created in our forums, so you can also use the search box to find good information too! Photo Of The We...
Tags: Photography, Ted, Kent, Kingfisher, Chris, Robert, Tom, Don, Jim, Tobie, Lenny, Andre, Daguerre, Federico Alegria, Cool Photos & Photographers, Chris Pook

35 Beautiful Photographs of Books To Get You Thinking Creatively

Books as physical objects are a delight, and many people feel the same way as we do. If not, how can you explain that so many people are drawn to take photos of books? Even though Light Stalking thrives in the virtual world, we also hope the printed page never disappears. Books are an amazing subject, but you need to be inventive with your composition to really make your photographs of books pop. I mean, books are really just a rectangle so the creativity comes with composing in an interest...
Tags: Photography, Drew Coffman, Jason Wong, Kent DuFault, Annie Spratt, Clem Onojeghuo, Patrick Tomasso, Cool Photos & Photographers, Jon Tyson, Jonathan Simcoe, Christin Hume, Giammarco Boscaro, Sharon McCutcheon, Tom Hermans, Susan Yin Photo, Ksenia Makagonova Photo

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