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Two polar bears come sniffing in the Arctic night: Esther Horvath's best photograph

‘I heard from the ship that two bears were walking directly towards us. I told the scientists to pack up. When they said no, I showed no mercy’In the autumn of 2019, I joined an expedition to the Arctic. We set sail from Tromsø, Norway, on 20 September, on the Polarstern icebreaker. There were 100 people on board – 60 scientists and 40 crew – but the ship was big enough that it never felt crowded. There were people you didn’t see for days.The plan was to find the perfect ice floe to anchor to, t...
Tags: Art, Books, Photography, Climate Change, Animals, Environment, World news, Culture, Art and design, Arctic, Polar regions, Arctic Ocean, Tromsø Norway, Art and design books, Esther Horvath

Sacre bleu! France as you've never seen her before

They set out to capture the forgotten France, the everyday architecture of emptied towns and overlooked villages – before their uniqueness is lost for ever. Eric Tabuchi and Nelly Monnier talk us through their vast photographic atlasFrom the industrial north to the sun-baked south, Eric Tabuchi has spent two decades scouring the landscape of France with an obsessive eye. In 2008, the Danish-Japanese-French photographer created a beguiling series called Alphabet Truck by sneaking up on 26 differe...
Tags: Art, Europe, Photography, France, World news, Culture, Architecture, Art and design, Monnier, Tabuchi, Eric Tabuchi, Nelly Monnier

Portraits from the pandemic: Taylor Wessing prize winners – in pictures

This year’s Taylor Wessing photography prize focused on the way we’ve coped during Covid-19 – and featured an all-female winners list for the first timeAlys Tomlinson wins Taylor Wessing photography prize Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, Culture, Art and design, Awards and prizes, Exhibitions, National Portrait Gallery, Tomlinson, Taylor Wessing, Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize

Photographer Catherine Panebianco: ‘These are my family pictures, but they’re every family’s story’

Her father’s Christmas Day tradition of showing his old slides to the family inspired Panebianco’s award-winning series, which connects tender memories to the presentWhen US photographer Catherine Panebianco was a child, her family moved around North America a lot: by the time she entered high school she had had maybe 10 different homes – “in Pennsylvania, Georgia, a couple places in California, two places in New York…”. One constant, though, was a set of photographic slides. Her father, Glenn, ...
Tags: Family, Photography, New York, California, US, Toronto, Culture, Art and design, North America, Glenn, Pennsylvania Georgia, Catherine Panebianco, Panebianco

Magnus Carlsen: 'Chess has not been very kind to women over the years'

The world champion has praised Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit and thinks it would be close if he played the fictional Beth HarmonOn his Instagram feed, Magnus Carlsen imagined a photoshopped match against Beth Harmon, the fictional heroine of Netflix’s smash hit chess series The Queen’s Gambit. “I think it would be close,” he wrote.In reality, Carlsen stands alone at the top of the global game, the unrivalled great of his generation. But he says there is no reason a real world Harmon could no...
Tags: Instagram, Sport, Netflix, Culture, Television & radio, Chess, Magnus Carlsen, Carlsen, Harmon, Beth Harmon, Queen 's Gambit, Beth HarmonOn

20 photographs of the week

The aftermath of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, Rudy Giuliani at that press conference, the continuing conflict in Idlib and the enduring impact of Covid-19: the most striking images from around the world Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, World news, Culture, News photography, Art and design, Rudy Giuliani, Idlib, Nagorno Karabakh, Coronavirus

Tokyo past, present and continuous?

Tokyo is constantly, very visibly changing, and yet in many ways, it looks and remains exactly the same.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Culture, Tokyo

Neon nights: the living art of fireflies – in pictures

Photographer Kei Nomiyama captured dreamy, long-exposure images of fireflies in the mountains of Shikoku Island – the smallest of Japan’s four main islands Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, Japan, Culture, Asia Pacific, Art and design, Shikoku Island, Kei Nomiyama

From Che Guevara to lockdown: photo book tells story of Madrid

Work features images by some of the most famous photographers of the past centuryCapturing Madrid’s history – in photographsOne warm June weekend 61 years ago, a scruffily bearded Argentinian on his way from Cuba to Cairo stopped over in Madrid. With almost a day to kill between flights, he did what any tourist of the time would have done: explored the city, visited a bullring, had breakfast and did a little shopping.He was, however, no ordinary tourist. A photograph taken very early that Sunday...
Tags: Europe, Photography, Spain, Culture, Art and design, Cuba, Madrid, Che Guevara, Cairo

Publisher ends relationship with Pete Evans after chef posts neo-Nazi symbol on social media

Pan Macmillan says it is ‘finalising its contractual relationship’ with Evans and retailers can return his booksThe publisher of Pete Evans’ books has said it is “finalising” its relationship with the celebrity chef after he posted a cartoon on his social media accounts which included a neo-Nazi symbol used by the Christchurch terrorist.The former My Kitchen Rules host on Sunday posted a cartoon on Facebook and Instagram to his over 1.5m followers of a caterpillar wearing a Make America Great Ag...
Tags: Facebook, Books, Instagram, Australia news, Culture, Evans, Christchurch, Far Right, Pete Evans, Make America Great Again, My Kitchen Rules, Pan Macmillan, QAnon

Dougie Wallace's Bus Response – in pictures

Dougie Wallace’s depictions of London through snapshots of its iconic red buses reveal how the city has coped with the Covid-19 lockdowns, and how it is struggling to get back on its feetDougie Wallace on the Guardian’s Printshop Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, London, UK News, Culture, Art and design, Transport, Road transport, Tfl, Wallace, Dougie Wallace, Coronavirus

2021 Lavazza calendar: the new humanity – in pictures

With the world feeling more distant than ever, photographers were this year called on to translate their vision of the new humanity into images seen through their own eyes. David LaChapelle and Steve McCurry are among those who contributed Continue reading...
Tags: Coffee, Photography, World news, Culture, Art and design, Steve Mccurry, David LaChapelle

20 photographs of the week

The US election, lockdown in London, flooding in the Philippines, and rising cases of Covid-19: the most striking images from around the world Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, London, US, World news, Culture, Philippines, News photography, Art and design, Coronavirus

Real-life Giacomettis take a rainy riverside stroll: Alan Schaller's best photograph

‘I’d just been to a Giacometti show and was feeling inspired. I went out on to Tate Modern’s balcony – and everything aligned’It is often said that the hardest place for a street photographer to shoot is the place they are from. I’ve lived in London my whole life and fortunately haven’t found that to be true. The city is a bit of a blessing for a photographer like me, as there is so much to play with: iconic backdrops, architecture from many different centuries, a wide variety of cultures and de...
Tags: Art, Photography, London, Culture, Art and design, Tate Modern, Alberto Giacometti, Giacometti, Alan Schaller

An intense looking Shinto priest in Tokyo

Old and decaying Shinto torii gates are incredibly striking, but in their own way, so are the religion’s priests.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Religion, Culture, Tokyo

'We have lost a limb': Azu Nwagbogu, the visionary curator bringing African art home

From helping photographers capture the Nigerian protests to exhibiting during a pandemic, the director of LagosPhoto festival has had his work cut out. Now he wants to fight ‘afro-pessimism’ and the posturing around Black Lives MatterWhen I first spoke to Azu Nwagbogu, the recent protests against police brutality in his native Nigeria had just entered their second week. The curator was upbeat, describing them as “an incredible awakening”. A week later, when we made contact again, he sounded more...
Tags: Art, Photography, Nigeria, Africa, Race, Society, World news, Culture, Art and design, Heritage, Festivals, Identity politics, Exhibitions, Lagos, Lekki, Azu Nwagbogu

Tokyo kimonos, colours and comedy masks

They were surprised to see me, but nowhere near as surprised as I was to see them.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Culture, Tokyo

Small things worth preserving – LagosPhoto20's Home Museum

This year the Lagos photo festival examines the ramifications of restitution through the Home Museum. An open call in May asked people to submit images of objects important to them and their home, resulting in more than 200 submissions Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, Nigeria, Africa, World news, Culture, Art and design, Lagos

Shakespeare and Company bookshop in Paris appeals for help – in pictures

English-language bookshop asks customers for support as France enters new lockdownCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverage Continue reading...
Tags: Europe, Books, Photography, France, World news, Culture, Art and design, Paris, Shakespeare, Coronavirus

Come together: images of unity at Photo Vogue festival 2020 – in pictures

From mothers and brothers to imagined lives both past and future, this year’s edition of the Italian festival explores the theme All In This Together Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Europe, Photography, Society, Culture, Art and design, Italy, Exhibitions, Photo Vogue

Strap-ons, style and self-invention: Zanele Muholi – review

Tate Modern, London With provocative images of lesbian empowerment and gender play, the photographer celebrates the resilience, style and creativity of South Africa’s queer communityA woman clasping her hands over her jockey shorts, protecting her privacy in the aftermath of rape. The long scar running down her leg is evidence of an even earlier assault. In another image, hospital bracelets tether their wearer to the hate crime that led them here – rape, assault, GBH. These jolts, from Zanele Mu...
Tags: Art, Photography, Gender, Activism, Africa, Society, Culture, South Africa, Art and design, Sexuality, Exhibitions, Tate Modern, Zanele Muholi, Tate Modern London With

Zanele Muholi's queer South Africa: 'I do not dare shoot at night. It is not safe'

The non-binary photographer chronicles the harsh realities of life for LGBTQ+ people in a hostile country. Ahead of a major Tate show, the artist reveals why ‘just existing is political’Amid the plethora of essays in the catalogue for Zanele Muholi’s forthcoming retrospective at Tate Modern, there is a moving testimony by Lungile Dladla, a South African lesbian. Entitled I Am Not a Victim but a Victor, it recounts how, on an evening in February 2010, she and a friend were accosted by an armed st...
Tags: Art, Photography, Gender, Activism, Protest, Africa, Race, Women, Life and style, Society, World news, Culture, South Africa, Art and design, Sexuality, LGBT rights

Japan’s taboo-breaking tattoo fans – in pictures

A growing tribe in Japan are defying deeply held prejudices linking tattoos with crime, turning their bodies into palettes of colour with elaborate designs, often featuring characters from traditional fables Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, Fashion, Japan, World news, Culture, Asia Pacific, Art and design, Tattoos

The Portfolio: George Tatakis

The Greek photographer is on a quest to document traditional costumes around the country The post The Portfolio: George Tatakis appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
Tags: Photography, Turkey, Culture, Migration, Heritage, Friday, Traditions, Thrace, Dionysus, VYSSA, Caryatis, George Tatakis, New Vyssa, Traditional Costumes

Top Gun's jacket to Pretty Woman's boots: film memorabilia auction highlights – in pictures

Hundreds of rare props and costumes from more than 350 films, including Alien, Batman and Gladiator, will be going up for auction in early December Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, Television, Film, UK News, Culture, Television & radio

Image of tiger hugging tree wins 2020 wildlife photographer award

Sergey Gorshkov left a hidden camera in a Russian forest for 11 months to capture the big catAn image of a clearly ecstatic tigress hugging an ancient Manchurian fir tree in a remote Siberian forest has won one of the world’s most prestigious photography prizes.It took Russian photographer Sergey Gorshkov 11 months to capture the moment using hidden cameras. His patience led to him being named 2020 wildlife photographer of the year by the Duchess of Cambridge at a ceremony at London’s Natural Hi...
Tags: Photography, London, Animals, Environment, UK News, Culture, Wildlife, Art and design, Cambridge, Natural History Museum, Wildlife photographer of the year, Sergey Gorshkov, Natural History Museum Continue

Cleaning up: the social media stars making housework cool

Donning the Marigolds need not be a chore, according to a new breed of influencers who say cleaning is fun and aspirationalThere were fears that this autumn’s bumper crop of books would see some titles overlooked – but one volume definitely didn’t get brushed under the carpet. This Is Me by Sophie Hinchliffe, better known as the Instagram cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, was the runaway hit of Super Thursday on 1 October, fighting stiff competition from almost 800 other hardbacks published that day...
Tags: Health, Books, UK, Technology, Instagram, Women, Life and style, Society, Culture, Mrs Hinch, Sophie Hinchliffe, Hinch Army

‘Influencers are being taken advantage of’: the social media stars turning to unions

The influencer industry is worth billions – but Instagram and YouTube content creators are often exploited. What happens when a personal brand joins a union?Amy Hart earned her 1.2 million Instagram and 99,000 Twitter followers by appearing on 2019’s Love Island, where she had her heart broken while wearing a denim minidress. Like many of the show’s former stars, she is now an influencer: she tells fans where to buy clothes, makeup, even teeth like hers. But on 12 May this year, Hart influenced ...
Tags: Technology, Media, Instagram, Unions, Youtube, Social Media, Culture, Digital Media, Television & radio, Trade unions, Karl Marx, Ba, British Airways, Hart, Love Island

Purrfect match: cats and their human doubles

We all know someone who looks like their dog, but what about our feline friends? Photographer Gerrard Gethings set out to match moggies with their lookalikes – with uncanny results. By Kathryn BromwichIf you’ve spent much time on the internet over the past decade, chances are you’ve seen some cats on there. Cats chasing their own tails. Cats attempting ill-judged jumps from one piece of furniture to another. Or, in the case of Gerrard Gethings, a cat who looked exactly like the actor David Schwi...
Tags: Art, Photography, Toys, London, Cats, Animals, Pets, Life and style, Culture, Art and design, David Schwimmer, Schwimmer, Gerrard Gethings, Kathryn BromwichIf

Fashion designer Kenzo Takada's catwalk – in pictures

The late fashion designer was the first from Japan to break into Paris’s exclusive fashion milieu in the 1970s. His colours and prints were a far cry from the traditional Parisian style of the time Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, Fashion, Japan, Life and style, World news, Culture, Asia Pacific, Art and design, Paris, Kenzo Takada

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