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PHOTO: Orangutan Best Buddies – So Like Humans

Humans have long been fascinated by all members of the ape family. Orangutans, second largest of the apes after gorillas, rank extremely high on our fascination meter. There’s no mystery about this. We look at orangutans and see ourselves. I felt the same way when I visited the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre and watched the human like behavior of orangutans. This pair may have been mother and child, but to me their behavior screamed “best buddies.” Having successfully fended off the mac...
Tags: Travel, Daily Photo, Photography, Culture, Malaysia, Sabah, Apes, Borneo, Cultural Travel, Sandakan, Sepilok

“Robert Mapplethorpe: Choreography for an exhibition” at Museo Madre, Naples

Classic art juxtaposed with the iconic photographer's work in a show that explores human form Symmetry was one of beloved photographer Robert Mapplethorpe‘s obsessions. Now, 30 years after his death, Mapplethorpe is celebrated with a major retrospective at NYC’s Guggenheim Museum and also in a smaller, more precious exhibition at the Museo Madre in Naples. Robert Mapplethorpe. Choreography for an Exhibition (curated by Laura Valente and Andrea Viliani) is focused …
Tags: Art, Photography, Design, Exhibits, NYC, History, Dance, Culture, Italy, Nsfw, Exhibitions, Naples, Guggenheim Museum, Robert Mapplethorpe, MAPPLETHORPE, Choreography

Photographer Adrian Steirn’s “Pangolin Men” Series

Striking and tender portraits aimed at spreading awareness For Australia-born, South Africa-based Adrian Steirn, capturing the beauty of Africa is intrinsically linked to efforts at protecting the world’s only scaly mammal, the pangolin—of which two species live on the continent. The animal also happens to be among the world’s most trafficked. According to recent statistics, more than one million pangolins have been hunted and killed in …
Tags: Photography, Design, Australia, Animals, Africa, Culture, South Africa, Conservation, Zimbabwe, Animal Conservation, Pangolin, Adrian Steirn, Conservation Award

Interview: Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher, the Photographers Behind ‘African Twilight’

Two of the most accomplished photographers of African tribes capture the continent's disappearing ceremonies Renowned and respected photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher, (who have immense access and insight to the continent) began taking photos in Africa nearly 40 years ago. Their individual efforts, which culminated in more than a dozen books and many awards, led them to one another. A shared passion for the beauty and …
Tags: Photography, Design, Interviews, Africa, Photo Books, Culture, Tradition, Maasai, Angela Fisher, Carol Beckwith, Rizzoli Books

On board Zimbabwe's only commuter train – a photo essay

Chugging through townships, maize fields and scrubland as the sun rises, Zimbabwe’s only commuter train is cheap and reliable – two qualities its passengers cherish in a downwards-spiralling economyEach morning sleepy travellers walk to the tracks and clamber aboard Zimbabwe’s only commuter train as it prepares to leave the Cowdray Park settlement at 6am and embark on its 12-mile (20km) journey into Bulawayo, the country’s second city. Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, Africa, World news, Cities, Culture, Art and design, Global development, City transport, Rail transport, Zimbabwe, Bulawayo, Cowdray Park

Grammys 2019: Kacey Musgraves wins over Cardi B and Drake for best album – live

The awards show hosted by Alicia Keys was dominated by live performances by female musicians, including Lady Gaga and H.E.R., and included a landmark win for rap – for an absent Childish Gambino 5.19am GMT Cardi B has been celebrating her big win over on Instagram in exactly the way you would expect while also paying tribute to Mac Miller Thank you @yg @sza @21savage @chancetherapper @jbalvin @badbunnypr @migos @kehlani !!! 5.16am GMT In case you haven’t seen Jennifer Lopez’s Motown trib...
Tags: Music, Kacey Musgraves, Instagram, Culture, Awards and prizes, Alicia Keys, Kendrick Lamar, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Drake, Mac Miller, Cardi B, Cardi, Grammy awards 2019

Mauni Amavasya at the Kumbh Mela – in pictures

Monday was Mauni Amavasya, the new moon day and most significant bathing day, particularly if it falls on a Monday. At the Hindu festival pilgrims bathe in the confluence of three sacred rivers to cleanse them of sin and liberate them from the cycle of life, death and rebirth Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, India, Religion, World news, Culture, South and Central Asia, Art and design, Festivals, Hinduism, Kumbh Mela, Mauni Amavasya

New York state security: Manhattan's KGB Spy Museum – in pictures

A museum in New York claims to be the only collection focusing on the KGB’s espionage operations in the world. The newly opened exhibition hall, housed in a former warehouse on 14th Street, is home to 3,500 original period objects, which the designer of the museum, Julius Urbaitis, has gathered after 30 years of research around the world Continue reading...
Tags: Europe, Photography, New York, Russia, Cold War, World news, US news, Culture, Art and design, Manhattan, Espionage, KGB, Julius Urbaitis, KGB Spy Museum

TED Announces 2019 Fellows

Inventive, creative and inspirational people chosen for this year's program Celebrating its 10th class, the 2019 TED Fellows program welcomes a fleet of artists, inventors and entrepreneurs from a dozen countries and four continents. The honorees work across several industries and mediums, ranging from documentary photography and investigative journalism to urban astrophysics and space environmentalism—they come in to the program with work in progress and unanswered …
Tags: Art, Photography, Gender, Music, Design, Ted, Culture, Musicians, Ai, Performance, TED Fellows, TED 2019

PHOTO: Historic Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, Grande Dame of Malaysia’s Capital City

I rounded a corner and stopped in my tracks. The old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station stretched before me in all her glory. Her lacy white skirts were tatted with horseshoe, ogee, and keyhole arches, while her chhatri-topped towers were held aloft like frilly parasols, providing protection from the brutal Malaysian sun. This spectacular example of British Raj style and opulence is undoubtedly the grand dame of Malaysia’s capital city. During the early years of British rule, Kuala Lumpur (KL) had bee...
Tags: Travel, Daily Photo, Photography, Culture, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Cultural Travel, Capital City, Raj, Kuala Lumpur KL, Railway Stations, Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, Kuala Lumpur Railway Station Grande Dame

Hong Kong from the skies – in pictures

An urban photo essay of the Chinese territory made between October and December 2018 Continue reading...
Tags: Hong Kong, Photography, World news, Culture, Asia Pacific, Art and design

PHOTO: National Mosque of Malaysia (Masjid Negara) in Kuala Lumpur

I was hot, tired, and sweaty after a day of exploring the Colonial Walk along the Gombak River in central Kuala Lumpur. I could have hopped on the Metro, but the city’s historic Railway Station, with its lacy onion domes and turrets, was on the way to my hotel, so I set off on foot. The main road I was following, Jalan Kinabalu, suddenly became flooded with hundreds of men walking in the opposite direction. I dodged and wove through the oncoming masses, wondering what on earth was... The post PH...
Tags: Travel, Daily Photo, Photography, Culture, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Cultural Travel, Metro, Railway Station, National Mosque of Malaysia Masjid Negara, Gombak River

Bruce Davidson photographs donated to Telfair Museums – in pictures

An anonymous donor has given hundreds of photographs by the Magnum photographer Bruce Davidson to the Telfair Museums in Savannah, Georgia. The collection spans his career from 1956 to 2008, and includes images from his most famous works including Brooklyn Gang and Circus. Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, US news, Culture, Magnum, Savannah Georgia, Telfair Museums, Bruce Davidson, Brooklyn Gang

Maud Veith's best photograph: a migrant dinghy fleeing Libya

‘The rubber boats are always overloaded and fragile. But at sea, if you don’t take photographs, there will be no evidence’I’m employed by SOS Méditerranée and Médecins Sans Frontières to document humanitarian rescue missions in the Mediterranean. But I’m also part of the team of sailor-rescuers – I received the same training, and learned the same drills and first aid techniques. As a photographer I’m a witness, but there’s always the possibility that I’ll need to put down the camera and be hands...
Tags: Art, Europe, Photography, Activism, World news, Culture, Art and design, Migration, Refugees, Libya, Exhibitions, Mediterranean, Médecins Sans Frontières, Sos Mediterranee, Maud Veith

Concrete city: the beauty of Los Angeles' most popular material – in pictures

LA is a city of concrete. From Frank Lloyd Wright’s modernist mansions to Rudolph Schindler’s tilted houses, architects working there have embraced the material. A new map by Blue Crow Media shows some lesser-known structures are just as striking Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, La, Los Angeles, World news, US news, Cities, Culture, Architecture, Art and design, Frank Lloyd Wright, Rudolph Schindler, Blue Crow Media

Stockholm’s Artistically Accessible Photography Destination, Fotografiska

We speak with founder Jan Broman about the brand's DNA, an NYC expansion and more Rising from the northern edge of Södermalm Island in Stockholm harbor, an Art Nouveau building bustles with Swedish cognoscenti. It’s early evening and the former customhouse, built at the turn of the 20th century, crackles with the sort of anticipation a marquee exhibit opening promises. The nearby quay overflows with well-dressed …
Tags: Photography, Design, Sweden, Interviews, NYC, Culture, Museums, Photographers, Galleries, Stockholm, Kirsty Mitchell, Fotografiska, Jan Broman, Södermalm Island

Kacper Kowalski: aerial abstraction – in pictures

A trained architect and pilot, the Polish photographer Kacper Kowalski frames the landscape in terms of human impact and formal patterns within nature, from views of autumn forests and spring fields in bloom, to the alien abstraction of industrial landscapesOVER/Side Effects at Galerie XII Los Angeles, 1 December – 12 January Continue reading...
Tags: Europe, Photography, World news, Culture, Art and design, Poland, Kacper Kowalski, Galerie XII Los Angeles

Cold snaps: the Siberian city of Yakutsk – in pictures

Yakutsk, in eastern Siberia, is one of the world’s coldest cities; temperatures in January average -40C. Alex Vasyliev started photographing his cold and isolated home town to stave off tedium. “I did not always want to shoot here. Yakutsk seemed unbearably boring and ugly to me. But in this boredom and unattractiveness, I find charm,” he says. “I like to shoot things that others criticise – ugly streets, parking lots, gas stations, old playgrounds, ordinary people.” The region’s icy conditions ...
Tags: Europe, Photography, Winter, Russia, Snow, World news, Culture, Art and design, Siberia, Yakutsk, Alex Vasyliev

Love letters to Europe light up Edinburgh – in pictures

Love letters to Europe, an installation by Message from the Skies, is part of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay festival. The words of six writers – Billy Letford, Chitra Ramaswamy, Kapka Kassabova, Louise Welsh, Stef Smith and William Dalrymple – appear with accompanying tracks nightly until 25 January Continue reading...
Tags: Europe, Photography, Scotland, UK News, Culture, Edinburgh, New Year, Brexit, William Dalrymple

Colombia's full-colour Blacks and Whites' carnival – in pictures

More than 10,000 artists, crafts people and revellers take part in the carnival, a fusion of different cultural celebrations. It takes place every year from 2 to 6 January in the city of Pasto and is on Unesco’s intangible heritage list Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, Americas, World news, Colombia, Culture, Unesco, Festivals, Pasto

Jair Bolsonaro takes office as Brazil’s president – in pictures

The inauguration of the Brazilian president took place in Brasilia Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, Media, Americas, World news, Culture, News photography, Art and design, Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, Brasilia Continue

Best of CH 2018: Instagram

From our favorite social platform, captivating imagery we snagged from the world over Without a doubt, iPhone, Pixel and Samsung cameras continue to get better. We’ve observed this ourselves in the process of sharing instant, inspiring moments on the COOL HUNTING Instagram. Now, light carries nuanced impact. Color rings with truth. Speed, well—it might finally be catching up to our wants and wishes. So with …
Tags: Travel, Art, Japan, Design, Instagram, Mexico, Samsung, Social Media, Culture, Honda, Automobiles, Audi, Seoul, Public Art, Pixel, Greenport

A new start: the best photographs to usher in 2019

Tomorrow is a new year, but fresh starts don’t obey the calendar. Here, six photographers reflect on a time when life shifted on its axis Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, Life and style, Culture, Art and design

The best photographs of 2018 – and the stories behind them

From California wildfires and an erupting volcano to a close-up crocodile snap – photographers recall how they captured some of the defining images of the year. Selected by Sarah GilbertIndia decriminalises homosexualityAbhishek Chinnappa/Reuters Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, Media, California, Culture, News photography, Art and design, Sarah GilbertIndia, Chinnappa Reuters Continue

Earthrise: the story behind our planet's most famous photo

When Bill Anders took this photograph from the Apollo spacecraft on Christmas Eve in 1968, our relationship with the world changed foreverThis photograph is now half a century old. It was taken by the astronaut Bill Anders on Christmas Eve 1968 as the Apollo 8 spacecraft rounded the dark side of the moon for a fourth time. When Earth came up over the horizon, Anders scrabbled for his Hasselblad camera and started clicking.In that pre-digital age, five days passed. The astronauts returned to Eart...
Tags: Books, Photography, Space, US, Nasa, Earth, Culture, Art and design, Hasselblad, Yuri Gagarin, Life Magazine, Anders, James Lovelock, Bill Anders, James Dickey

Trump portrait: you couldn’t create a creepier Yuletide scene if you tried

The formal smartness of the US president and the first lady adds to the emotional numbness of the scene.The absence of intimacy in the Trumps’ official Christmas portrait freezes the heart. Can it be that hard to create a cosy image of the presidential couple, perhaps in front of a roaring hearth, maybe in seasonal knitwear? Or is this quasi-dictatorial image exactly what the president wants to project? Look on my Christmas trees, ye mighty, and despair! If so, it fuels suspicions that it is onl...
Tags: Art, Photography, White House, US, America, US news, Culture, US politics, Art and design, Donald Trump, Trump, Melania Trump, Albert Speer, Cross Hall

Fowl play: Turkey's national poultry show – in pictures

With feathers preened and claws trimmed, birds vie for top spot in the pecking order at an annual contest in İzmir Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, Animals, Environment, World news, Turkey, Birds, Culture, Wildlife, Art and design, Farm Animals, İzmir Continue

Festive fun in a Brazilian prison – in pictures

Female inmates at Nelson Hungria prison in Rio de Janeiro have been getting in the festive spirit as they prepare to spend Christmas away from their families Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, Women, Americas, Life and style, World news, Culture, News photography, Art and design, Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, Nelson Hungria

Vogue shoots and bike cemeteries: Lianzhou Foto festival 2018

The theme of this year’s festival is ‘the wind of time’ and it features visionary work from some of the world’s most renowned photographers. The striking images, from fashion shoots to food factories, can be seen at the Lianzhou Museum of Photography in southern China until 3 January 2019Tucked away in a remote corner of southern China lies the small city of Lianzhou, the unlikely but charming host of a critically acclaimed annual celebration of photography. Now in its 10th year, the Lianzhou Fo...
Tags: Photography, China, World news, Culture, Asia Pacific, Art and design, Lianzhou, Lianzhou Foto, Erwin Blumenfeld, Lianzhou Museum of Photography, Duan Yuting, François Cheval, Lianzhou Museum of Photography China

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