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Three Weeks in April: An E.M.T. Crew Faces Exhaustion, Isolation and Death

A photojournalist switched careers and became an E.M.T. just months before the coronavirus pandemic hit. Recently, he brought his camera along to document what he and his crew are seeing.
Tags: Photography, News, Epidemics, Deaths (Fatalities, Emergency Medical Treatment, Westchester County (NY, Coronavirus (2019-nCoV, Empress Ambulance Service

How Dresden Looked After a World War II Firestorm 75 Years Ago

Germany commemorated 75 years since the Allied bombing devastated the city. But the milestone has taken on new meaning with the rise of the far right.
Tags: Photography, News, Germany, Great Britain, Steinmeier, Alternative For Germany, World War II (1939-45, Bombs and Explosives, Frank-Walter, Holocaust and the Nazi Era, Deaths (Fatalities, Dresden (Germany

75 Years On, Dresden Recalls the Images of War and the Echoes of History

Universal mourning and atonement have been central themes in the nation’s commemoration. But the far right has sought to use the attack to promote a revisionist history of the Nazi state.
Tags: Photography, News, Germany, Dresden, Great Britain, Steinmeier, Alternative For Germany, World War II (1939-45, Bombs and Explosives, Frank-Walter, Holocaust and the Nazi Era, Deaths (Fatalities, Dresden (Germany

Photos of the Tiananmen Square Protests Through the Lens of a Student Witness

After three decades, Jian Liu decided to reveal images he took of the hopeful 1989 student movement and its bloody aftermath.
Tags: Photography, News, China, Demonstrations, Communist Party of China, Jian Liu, Protests and Riots, Deaths (Fatalities, People's Liberation Army (China, Tiananmen Square (Beijing

U.K. Police Investigate Photo Said to Be of Soccer Striker Emiliano Sala’s Body

A picture said to be of the Argentine player, who died in a plane crash in January in the English Channel, was shared on social media.
Tags: Photography, News, Social Media, David, Soccer, Great Britain, English Premier League, Sala, English Channel, Ibbotson, Airlines and Airplanes, Aviation Accidents, Safety and Disasters, Deaths (Fatalities, Emiliano, Dorset (England

Adventurous. Alone. Attacked.

The number of female solo travelers has skyrocketed, but amid Instagram-worthy escapades are tales of violence and death, raising questions about how the world is greeting women who travel alone.
Tags: Gender, News, Instagram, Thailand, Costa Rica, Women's Rights, Bolivia, Women and Girls, Travel and Vacations, Deaths (Fatalities

Lens: These Women Are Saving Lives, One Pregnancy at a Time

Valeria Scrilatti traveled to three African nations to explore the risks pregnancy poses for soon-to-be mothers, and the women who are working to help them.
Tags: Photography, News, Africa, Maternal mortality, Women and Girls, Third World and Developing Countries, Deaths (Fatalities, Valeria Scrilatti

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