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The Daily Crunch: Tech stocks hammered after US Treasury Secretary speculates on hiking interest rates

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here. Are startup valuations about to fall? Hello, friends! Alex here to talk to you for a hot second about money. Then we’ll get into startups, venture capital, what Big Tech is up to and more. I promise. But hang with me for a moment. Tech stocks got hammered today: The tech-heavy Nasdaq fell by more than 2%. Cloud stocks endured twice the damage. What happened? The ...
Tags: TC, Twitter, London, Instagram, Microsoft, Tech, Tesla, Austin, Holland, Silicon Valley, US Treasury, EC, Persona, Alex, Firstmark, Sarah

Skied at Winter Park on March 9, 2019

Our first day back on the slopes since late January with so much great snow! Rachel looking out across Winter Park on March 9, 2019 It’s tough to write but it’s true: for various reasons, we weren’t able to ski at all in February. It had been way too long. That said, we woke up to 8 inches of new snow overnight at Winter Park giving it almost a 90-inch base. Wow! With our little one too little, we are still working to figure out the way best way for both Rachel and I to ski. We de...
Tags: Photography, Snow, Sport, Skiing, Panorama, Terrain, Rachel, Devin, Sunnyside, Winter Park, Mary Jane, Ski Log, Colorado Snow, Eagle Wind

Review: The 2018 Husqvarna Vitpilen and Svartpilen 401

Husqvarna set the interwebs ablaze when they announced their Vitpilen and Svartpilen 401 concepts over three years ago. Then the good news came: these bikes would actually go into production. But would the factory machines be as cool as the concepts? The answer came last year at EICMA, when Husqvarna revealed the production ready 401s (and 701). It made us very, very happy: never before have we seen production motorcycles stay so true to the original designs. Now, after literally years of ant...
Tags: Usa, Instagram, India, Austria, Motorcycles, Ducati, Cape Town, Duke, Exif, Husqvarna, Devin, Brembo, KTM, Kiska, Akrapovic, Motorcycle Reviews

Sad News — LFO's Devin Lima Diagnosed With Stage Four Adrenal Cancer

Such sad news. On Monday, LFO's Brad Fischetti announced that his bandmate Devin Lima has been diagnosed with stage four adrenal cancer. This news comes a week after Lima had doctors surgically remove a tumor from his adrenal gland. Related: Harry Connick Jr.'s Wife Opens Up About Breast Cancer Battle Brad made the announcement via YouTube as, understandably, Devin is "not feeling very well." The boy bander explained: "Devin asked me to give you this update without him because, frankly, he's no...
Tags: Celebs, Instagram, Lima, Harry Connick Jr, Brad, Devin, LFO, Devin Lima, Brad Fischetti, Fischetti, Brad Devin, Rich Cronin

Watchlist: The Best Motorcycle Photographers, Part II

We’re often asked what the ‘EXIF’ in Bike EXIF means. If you don’t know, it stands for ‘Exchangeable Image File format,’ referring to the data a digital camera saves when it takes a snap. Basically we care as much about photos as we do about motorcycles. Without good photos, Bike EXIF wouldn’t be half the site it is. So for the second time, we’re profiling three motorcycle photographers to watch. Last time we featured Aaron Brimhall, Jun Song and David Marvier; today we’re chatting to Anthony...
Tags: Europe, UK, London, Instagram, Wes, Motorcycles, Photographers, Portland, Cape Town, Latvia, Bmw, Portland Oregon, Nikon, Honda, Canon, Lightroom

Would You Risk Taking Your Camera Underwater (Much Less a RED)? Devin Graham Shows Us How

Taking your camera underwater seems like a very big risk to me – and maybe I'm just a very conservative guy (but then again, I've taken my DSLR on water rides at Six Flags and ruined a lens so maybe I should learn!), but our friend Devin Graham shows us the extreme risk by taking his expensive RED underwater. Especially if you watch the video and hear how Devin ruined TWO DSLRs within 2 days with bad underwater housings. But as with many things in life, he's learned by experience and found gear ...
Tags: Photography, Filmmaking, Other, Red, Dslr, Devin Graham, Dslr Video, Devin, Filming Underwater, Devinsupertramp, Canon Explorer of Light Bruce Dorn Mentors, Apple Store New Canon, Canon Eos 5d Mark Ii, Filmmaking Under Water, Underwater Filmmaking, Video Under Water

Can You Use A Cinema Lens on a CellPhone? Yes!

Yes you can put a cinema lens on a cellphone if you are like Devin Graham (DevinSupertramp) and get one custom made LOL. Yesterday I posted a story about the tutorial from Richard Lackey on shooting Cinematic iPhone video, and I know there are plenty of folks using the iPhone (or other smart devices) to shoot video either as the main cam or b-cam. It isn't always the perfect tool, but sometimes it works just as well. Heck, in this episode, Devin and team put this in a MōVI rig as well as fly it ...
Tags: Photography, Video, Cinema, Other, Devin Graham, Don, Devin, Devin Supertramp, Devinsupertramp, Richard Lackey, Cinema Video, Cinematic Smartphone Video, Smartphone Cinema, Devin Graham DevinSupertramp

Unboxing a $50,000 8K Video Camera! Most People Don’t Shoot 4k, Do You Need 8k?

My friend Devin ‘SuperTramp' Graham published this unboxing of his new 8k video RED camera the other day and I had to laugh… 8k Video? Really? I know all about gear lust and suffer from it too… but 8k? Is there a business case for a $50,000 camera? For shooting youtube videos? I know a lot of you are major filmmakers and I understand the idea that filming in 8k will give you the flexibility to post cropped video at 4k, but I think for 99% of the public (which includes Devin), 8k is just pixelPee...
Tags: Photography, Video, Red, Devin Graham, Devin, Devin Supertramp, Unboxing, 8k Video, 8k Helium, 8k Red, Devinsupertramp, Devin SuperTramp Graham

Real families feel threatened by a Trump presidency

Frankie, Kelly & Nathan The adopted son of gay dads took to Instagram recently to voice the fear and concern that he feels with a Trump presidency. Nathan Price is the 3rd oldest of the kids in his family. His dads, Frankie & Kelly, have adopted 8 children to date. They are also already grandfathers through their oldest son Devin and his wife! In his Instagram post, 23-year-old Nathan speaks with pride and great affection for his family and especially his fathers whom he feels he and his brothe...
Tags: Instagram, Religion, Gay Dads, Trump, Gay Parenting, Kelly, Frankie, Devin, Nathan, David Allen, The Lead, Gays With Kids

Skied at Winter Park on January 1, 2017

Happy New Year! We had a beautiful blue-sky Sunday at Winter Park and it felt like we had it all to ourselves. We started the New Year’s morning leaving Denver around 6:45 AM and saw no snow on the road nor traffic in front of us. The drive was smooth and we were up and over Berthoud Pass by 8 AM. Sunrise over Mary Jane at Winter Park And we made it onto the Zephyr lift with no line just a few minutes after opening at 8:45 AM. Rachel and Devin on the lift at Winter Park...
Tags: Photography, Sport, Skiing, Denver, Rachel, Devin, Winter Park, Mary Jane, Ski Log

Watch This Super Cool Star Wars Speeder Bike Jetovator Battle in Real Life

Devin Graham has been featured over and over here on planet5D and that’s because he’s doing some amazing things! He’s built a video business by working his butt off for years to get to where he is now. I’ve always been impressed and when I’ve had the chance to talk to him he’s a genuinely interesting guy! He publishes a new video every week. EVERY WEEK! And we could probably feature every video, but then y’all would stop reading those posts. But this one I thought was significant because of the ...
Tags: Star Wars, Photography, Video, Filmmaking, Cgi, Framing, Devin Graham, Dslr Video, Devin

Film Critic Devin Faraci Slams Donald Trump's Lewd Comments — Then Gets Accused Of Grabbing A Woman's P*ssy!

We give this reviewer two thumbs WAY down! Movie fanatics are probably pretty familiar with the site Birth.Movies.Death. and the site's now former editor-in-chief, Devin Faraci -- but you may not know about his DISGUSTING past! Video: Samantha Bee DESTROYS Donald Trump And The Media With NSFW 'P*ssy' Rant! Recently, Faraci took to Twitter, as many have, to Donald Trump's recent comments about sexually harassing and abusing women. But he was in for a rude reminder when one online user called out ...
Tags: Twitter, Celebs, Instagram, Glenn Beck, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Samantha Bee, Trump, Donald, Devin, Devin Faraci

New Zealand: The Ultimate Road Trip – More Importantly, What’s Behind-The-Scenes To Accomplish 14 videos in 14 Days?

We’ve featured Devin Supertramp many times and I keep coming back because he posts some fun stuff.  But more importantly, he also shows what goes on behind-the-scenes. Sure, some of the behind-the-scenes is just more craziness, but this time he’s gone deeply into one set of videos and what it took to produce them. TeamSupertramp has become more than just Devin sleeping in his car – he’s developed into an entire team of full and part-time teammates. It has been amazing to see what a ton of dedica...
Tags: Photography, Video, New Zealand, Red Dragon, Devin Graham, 6k, Canon EOS, Devin, Devin Supertramp

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