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Instagram shuts down major meme account over coronavirus scam

Don't fall for scams about U.S. stimulus payments
Tags: News, Instagram, Trends, Social Media, Scam, Don, COVID-19, Coronvavirus

Instagram shuts down meme account over coronavirus misinformation

Don't fall for scams about U.S. stimulus payments
Tags: News, Instagram, Trends, Social Media, Scam, Don, COVID-19, Coronvavirus

How To Strengthen Your Immunity During The Coronavirus Pandemic

(CNN) — As the coronavirus situation intensifies, you might be wondering: How can I keep myself healthy? The answer lies in following the latest guidelines on social distancing, proper handwashing and your local stay-at-home directives. But there are also ways to strengthen your own immune system. Diet is one of them, and we covered that here in part one of our immunity boosting series. Yet what you eat is just one factor. Being physically active, meditating and managing stress, and getting adeq...
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Frumpy Middle-aged Mom: How to make your hairdresser cry

Now, in the middle of this crazy time, I’m sure you are all worried about the same thing I am: What your hair is going to look like when it’s over. With all the beauty shops, salons and day spas shut down — even though they are clearly essential services — it’s just impossible to take care of any personal grooming. On the glorious day when we all emerge like grizzly bears from hibernation, I’m expecting us all to stumble out of our houses looking like Yetis. Hairy, unshaven, wild-eyed, blinking ...
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The Ladder of Freedom

I was walking home from the gym in NYC and I had to stop and take a video of this.  I call it HELLSCAPE ON EARTH. Watch the entire video here Looking at this building full of people working at 7pm, what do you feel? I feel TRAPPED. Ever since I was a kid, I never wanted to work in a cubicle with fluorescent lights. I certainly never wanted to have people walking outside in the fresh air, looking at me through the glass in my conference room window like a zoo animal. I know it’s irrational, bu...
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First Look: Leadership Books for March 2020

Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in March 2020. Don't miss out on other great new and future releases. The Catalyst: How to Change Anyone's Mind by Jonah Berger Everyone has something they want to change. Marketers want to change their customers’ minds and leaders want to change organizations. Start-ups want to change industries and nonprofits want to change the world. But change is hard. Often, we persuade and pressure and push, but nothing moves. Could there ...
Tags: Facebook, Books, Leadership, Instagram, Nasa, Jeremy, Don, Stewart, Friedman, Doug, Alyssa, Jonah Berger, New Heights, Dan Heath, Jeremy Gutsche, Stew Friedman

This Week in Photography: “Going South-Big Sur”

  I tracked Storm Dennis for a week. Chiara had hit the UK and Northern Europe hard, right before I left for Amsterdam, and I was concerned. Schiphol Airport had been interrupted, with many flights delayed, and there was flooding across England. So yeah, I was worried. Throw in the wall-to-wall scare coverage about the coronavirus outbreak, and I was more than worried. I was crap-my-pants-frightened as I left my house for the big trip. Fucking Storm Dennis was looming out there, a Bomb Cyclone. ...
Tags: Photography, Hbo, UK, England, California, New Jersey, Amsterdam, North, Donald Trump, Pacific Ocean, Northern Europe, Dennis, Photography Books, Don, Schiphol Airport, Jimmy

How to design your next album artwork

Outside of technical requirements, your coverart needs to be eye catching and consistent with the music connected. While the industry standard program to jump to is Photoshop, there are plenty of free tools online to help you design something unique that stands-out with no graphic design experience. Canva have many dedicated templates for album covers. This can be great for designing your cover or promotional material for your social pages. Another useful site to checkout is Unsplash. Unsp...
Tags: Photos, Art, Music, Design, Free, Photoshop, Social Media, Artwork, How To, Pixels, Graphic Design, Cover, Templates, Canva, Promo, JPG

You Should NOT Visit Syria Right Now

Posted: 2/27/2020 | February 27th, 2020 If you’re like me, you associate travel with positive emotions: the feeling of the sun on your shoulders halfway around the world, of breaking bread with people from cultures different than your own, and the inner joy of making your way across unknown lands safely. Travel improves our lives, broadens our horizons, and helps us understand the world we inhabit. Yet these are experiences few humans will ever have. As widespread as it has become in recent ye...
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What to Expect From a Pro Makeup Appointment, According to the Experts

Don't let Instagram fool you: some (aka most) of us haven't mastered the art of full glam yet. Swiping, blending, and contouring to perfection is an art form that can take years to master. If you're not quite there - or just don't need those skills for your everyday beauty looks - no worries. That's what the pros are for. Much like a refreshing facial or zen massage, booking a professional makeup appointment can be an amazing way to treat yourself for special occasions. (Or just because you feel...
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What Happens When You Reset Preferences?

Scott shared a couple of helpful tips yesterday that every Lightroom Classic user should know in case they experience odd behavior when using Lightroom Classic. One of those tips was to reset the preferences, and a question/comment came up about it being a pain to have to reconfigure your preferences after a reset. My perception is that most people don’t really change too many settings away from the defaults, but it got me wondering if my perception was accurate (#notsoaccurate). So I ...
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A Travel Guide to Bacalar, Mexico’s Lake of Seven Colors

If you’re looking to experience the brightest, clearest, most shimmering body of water of your life, I have some advice: travel to Bacalar, Mexico. I spent two months living in the city of Mérida, Mexico. Mérida is a great place to live for so many reasons, but perhaps the #1 reason is because there are so many cool places within a few hours’ drive. And so a big group of friends and I decided to plan a weekend trip to Bacalar. I knew we’d have a great time. But I had no idea just how spect...
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Winston encrypts your home wi-fi, preventing Facebook, Google, and Amazon from tracking you

Alexa, Google, and Siri. It took just three words to absolutely erode our freedom and privacy. Don’t worry, I’m just as much a part of this as you are. I have a Google Pixel smartphone and an iPad Pro, and flatmate in the room next door has an Amazon Echo. I also spend roughly 3-4 hours each day on Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp everyday. Ambient computing, voice assistants, and the ever-expanding realm of social networks have effectively undermined the private way of life.If you suddenly g...
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Boosie Goes Off on Dwyane Wade for Supporting 12-Year-Old Transgender Daughter: “You’ve Gone Too F**king Far, Don’t Cut His D**k Off!”

Boosie Badazz wants the world to know that he is NOT here for Dwyane Wade’s public support of his transgender daughter. Wade made headlines last week when he spoke out in support of his 12-year-old transgender daughter Zaya on Ellen. And while most celebrities have applauded the retired NBA star for showing the world what unconditional love for your children looks like, Boosie wants Wade to know that he is all the way on the other side of the fence. The Louisiana rapper took to Instagram Tuesday...
Tags: Celebs, Instagram, Sports, Transgender, Hip Hop, Nba, Pop Culture, Jazz, Lgbtq, Ellen, Louisiana, Boosie Badazz, Don, Wade, Dwyane Wade, Boosie

Saloma Link Bridge, All You Need To Know

And Kuala Lumpur gets another beautiful tourist attraction, which is the new Saloma Link Bridge, which is a futuristically designed bridge that connects Kampung Baharu to KLCC. Opened on the 5th of February 2020, this beautiful bridge has become the talk of the town, namely for social media and not forgetting the Instagram influencers. So, if you think you are one, then you need to head here.  But before heading here, I've come up with this article on everything you need to know about ...
Tags: Travel, Instagram, Samsung, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Walk, Malaysia New Tourism Attractions, Kl, Don, Petronas, Malaysia Asia, Tbilisi Georgia, KLCC, Public Bank, British Council, LRT

The New Nikon D6

Nikon just announced its new pro flagship, the D6. Although you probably won't see this mentioned much on the Web and in the forums, this brings to parity the number of top-end film F cameras and pro digital D cameras. There's a slight disparity in the time it took to get there: the original Nikon F was introduced in April 1959 and the F6 began shipping in 2004 and can still be purchased new (or rather, out of what's called "new old stock," NOS, with outflow regulated to a trickle by a high pri...
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#untitled - 160220. This too shall pass.

Its been a while since I wrote an untitled piece (the last one was in Nov last year). Thing is, there's way too much going on in my head and I don't know who to talk to and thus this post. Super ranty. Read at peril. Ignore if you can. And why am I writing? Clear my head. Archive my thoughts. Throw my intent in the universe. So, this is one of those days when I have a mile-long list of things to do and almost no energy to get any of those done. I mean I have all the energy of a child to move aro...
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27 easy ways to live sustainably in 2020 (and why you should)

It’s time to make a tiny sacrifice and live sustainably with the planet. Since she gives us everything we need to survive, it seems so stupid to actually say those words. Humans have come to that point. Yosemite Valley I get it. Life is crazy busy, and your comforts and conveniences help you to manage and get through your day. When you have immediate pressing issues like paying the bills, getting your kids to school on time, helping them solve an endless run of problems, and managing a house...
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The Day (Music Notes)

Song for the day...Transvision Vamp's "Bad Valentine." It's got a sort of louche, low-fi slow-drag vibe I've always liked. Don't know the band or any of their other music—pretty sure I bought this as a vinyl single and never listened to the other side! Mike Original contents copyright 2020 by Michael C. Johnston and/or the bylined author. All Rights Reserved. Links in this post may be to our affiliates; sales through affiliate links may benefit this site. Please help support The Online Photog...
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This Week in Photography: Reviewing “Next of Kin”

  Quick question. What’s the fastest way to make someone cry? Easy answer: encourage them to think about their loved-ones dying. Either in the present, (which is super-sad,) or deep into the indeterminate future, once they’ve grown old. Imagine saying goodbye to your life-partner, in your 80’s, after decades together, and then living your final days alone? Guaranteed waterworks. Do you doubt me? Consider the opening 2 minutes of “UP.” How quickly did you cry? Or what about that massive Google co...
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How to Make a Video Marketing Strategy With Twitter

by Robert Clough Every day on Twitter, more than 1.2 billion video views take place. If you want people to see your business's marketing videos but aren't sharing them on Twitter, you could be missing out on a lot of potential customers. Are you unsure how to create great Twitter videos? Do you feel confused about using Twitter as a marketing tool? If so, we're here to help. Read on to learn everything you need to know about how to make a video marketing strategy for Twitter. Benefits o...
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Fujifilm Cheerfully Marches On: The X100V

New X100V: The line between the top plate and the body isnow straight all the way across Oops! When you've updated your camera three times and you've already run through the X100, X100s[econd], X100t[hird], and X100f[ourth], what do you call the f ifth? Not F, because that's already taken. Roman numerals to the rescue! The latest—fifth—Fuji X100 is called the X100V (which makes it sound a lot like a Sony, but never mind). Unlike the X-Pro3, there's nothing controversial about the updates. An...
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Elon Musk took a victory lap after his weird EDM song broke the top 10 on SoundCloud

Elon Musk's song "Don't Doubt ur Vibe" made SoundCloud's top 10, joining the likes of Roddy Ricch and the late Juice WRLD. The song has 2.6 million streams after being released on the platform less than a week ago. In light of his new SoundCloud fame, the tech giant changed his Twitter bio to "SoundCloud Rock Star," then to emojis of a music note, a cloud, and a crown. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Tech billionaire Elon Musk is celebrating the success of his unusual EDM...
Tags: Spacex, Elon Musk, Instagram, US, Trends, Grimes, Jeff Bezos, Musk, Don, Roddy Ricch, SoundCloud Rock Star, Emo G Records Musk s Don t Doubt

Sunday Support Group: Super Bowl Self-Pity

Well, boo-hoo. My buddy Jerry is having a Super Bowl party tonight, and lots of my friends will be there. Darlynn is doing the cooking, and others are bringing desserts and hors d'oeuvre s, which means there will be tasty food aplenty. I bet it's going to be a good time. It was last year. And I can't go. No biggie—I'm just sick. There's this virus that's been going around that apparently ebbs and flows for between four and eight (!!) weeks. (That's two months...I've never been sick for two mont...
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First Look: Leadership Books for February 2020

Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in February 2020. Don't miss out on other great new and future releases. Life's Great Question: Discover How You Contribute To The World by Tom Rath Life is not what you get out of it . . . it's what you put back in. Yet our current means for summarizing life's work, from resumes to salaries, are devoid of what matters most. This is why the work we do is often bad for our wellbeing, when it should be making us happier and health...
Tags: Facebook, Books, Leadership, Instagram, New York Times, Russell Wilson, Don, Kirby Smart, Nick Saban, Shay, Steve Brown, Harvard Business School, Emily Balcetis, Patrick Lencioni, Tom Rath, Andy Staples

Open Mike: So You Say You Like Everything

["Open Mike" is the everything goes, often off-topic editorial page of TOP, wherein the hounds are released! It appears on Wednesdays. Note for this week: I'm just having a little fun here, so please don't take this personally. Gotta keep myself entertained too.] - RayC wrote: "Okay, I’ll play. I admit I was taken aback by the statement: 'It's a middlebrow conceit to say "I like everything!" in a chipper voice, which to real music aficionados means that music isn't very important to that perso...
Tags: Photography, Bob Dylan, Justin Bieber, Eminem, Kim, William, William Shatner, Kenny G, Dolby, Tom Jones, Gerard Depardieu, Edith Piaf, Music Notes, Off-topic Posts, Open Mike, Ray

5 Tips for the Perfect Family Portrait Session

Are you ready to have your first family portrait session? Either you’ve been planning this for your entire life, or your partner suggested the idea and you agreed to make them happy. Whatever the reason, you are now saddled with the task of planning this portrait session. How are you going to make it adorable and not cheesy? Here are some things to keep in mind before the session. With these tips, you’re setting yourself up for a memorable shoot that you’ll love to share with family and...
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Social Media Helped Juul Dominate the Vaping Market. Now, Teens Are Using It to Help Each Other Quit

Juul Labs , the e-cigarette company so popular its name became a verb, wouldn’t be where it is without social media. In the company’s early years, a steady stream of posts from users and influencers helped turn Juul from a smoking alternative to a cultural phenomenon. So many Juul users— many of them teenagers —voluntarily posted about vaping that it hardly made a difference when the company in 2018 silenced its own accounts to help stem its popularity among underage users. Now, in th...
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7-Step Influencer Marketing Strategy to Drive Sales

This article has been contributed by Vincent Sevilla. Anyone who has worked on their has heard of influencer marketing. It’s one of the most pervasive digital marketing techniques today, and for good reason. If you are looking for ways to boost brand awareness, then working with influencers is a strategy that will definitely pay off. In this post, we we discuss why you should consider influencer marketing and how to drive sales with a 7-step process. Why You Should Consider Influencer Marketi...
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28 ways companies and governments can collect your personal data and invade your privacy every day

In modern life, privacy is no longer a given — people are being tracked on their daily commute, at work, online, and when they're shopping. That's because data is valuable. In 2018, American companies spent an estimated $19 billion attaining and interpreting consumer data. Data is a commodity to be sold for advertising, used by government agencies to stop crimes, or for companies to increase workplace productivity. Almost nothing is private anymore. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more ...
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