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The Proper Attitude Toward Tech (Frank's Lesson)

Michael Kenna, Stone Pine Tunnel, Pento, Abruzzo, Italy, 2016,silver gelatin print, 8 × 7 inches I learned this from Frank DiPerna, one of my teachers at the Corcoran. I must have been having difficulty with something one day, and with a wave of his hand and in a dismissive tone of voice he said, "Just master it. Just learn whatever you need to know to do your work. Don't worry about anything else. Just master what you need." Or maybe he said, "...don't worry about the rest of that crap." (I'm...
Tags: Photography, Nevada, Hasselblad, Leica, Photo-tech, Michael Johnston, Don, Michael C Johnston, Michael Kenna, Henry Wessel, Frank DiPerna, Pine Tunnel Pento Abruzzo Italy, Henry Wessel Jr Michael Kenna

All Synced Photographs

This special collection located in the Catalog panel of Lightroom Classic is very useful for helping us view and manage the photos synced with the cloud-based Lightroom ecosystem, but it can also be an opportunity for self-inflicted injury. Every photo that is synced with the cloud-based Lightroom, whether the photo originated in Lightroom Classic via a synced collection or originated in one of the cloud-based Lightroom apps, will show up in All Synced Photographs. Note, if you impo...
Tags: Photography, Featured, Lightroom, Lightroom Cc, Lightroom Mobile, Don, Lightroom Classic

A Week In San Diego, CA On A Joint $160,000 Income

Welcome to Money Diaries , where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last dollar.Calling all entrepreneurs: We want to hear from you! If you’re a freelancer or self-employed, we’d love to feature your Money Diary. Submit here.Travel Diaries: We're looking to get the inside scoop on when, where, and how our peers are using their vacation...
Tags: Amazon, Elsa, Frozen, Fashion, Music, Instagram, Etsy, California, La, Martha Stewart, New York City, America, San Francisco, San Diego, Queen, Starbucks

Coachella 2019: How the festival survived and thrived to reach its 20th year

As the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival marks its 20th anniversary this weekend, it’s easy to forget what a rare and unexpected surprise the very first fest was in 1999. First of all, most of you weren’t there – only 20,000 or so fans “filled” the Empire Polo Field to hear artists such as the Chemical Brothers and Beck, Rage Against the Machine and Tool. Second, those few who were there had never seen anything like it. Crisp green grass instead of asphalt or dirt. Reasonable prices at the ...
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Kodak Black (Sort of) Apologizes to Lauren London: “I’m Sorry if I Disrespected You, But I Didn’t”

Kodak Black doesn’t feel like he disrespected Lauren London by saying he would give her a year of “crying and sh*t” over her boyfriend Nipsey Hussle’s murder before hollering at her, but he’s apologizing anyway.Over the weekend, Kodak made a series of insensitive comments about London grieving Hussle on his Instagram Live.“Lauren London that baby, though. She about to be out here single,” Kodak said. “She’s finna be a whole widow out here. I’ll be the best man I can be for her. I’ll give her a w...
Tags: Celebs, London, Instagram, Kodak, Georgia, Hip Hop, Pop Culture, Jazz, Controversy, Backlash, Nipsey Hussle, Trending, Kodak Black, The Game, Don, Hussle

30 Instagram-Worthy Hairstyles To Try In April

Remember way back in January, when your optimism was at an all-time high. You were actually excited about going to the gym. You were downloading meditation apps and making a list of all the books you wanted to read. And when you were scrolling through Instagram and saw a hairstyle you loved, the reaction was, "I can totally do this."Yeah, that new year feeling is completely gone.We blame alarm clocks — oh, and breezy weather, which makes us just want to put on a hat. It's so easy to fall back i...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Gabrielle Union, Instagram, Kate Middleton, Don, Kristin Ess, Adir Abergel, Danai Gurira Like

No Best Time for Women Entrepreneurs to Start a Business, Infographic Shows

Don’t worry about the best age for you as a woman to start a business? Because the infographic from Missy Empire proves age has nothing to do with it. The willingness to go for it seems more important.  Women entrepreneurs can succeed whether they are in their teens or older. The “Top 30 Female Entrepreneurs” infographic below lists women who have succeeded in their respective fields. Sure, fashion and cosmetics make up 63% of the fields on the list. But the remaining 37% come from different in...
Tags: Instagram, US, Sales, Startup, Kylie Jenner, Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams, Ellen Degeneres, Don, Siddique, Kim Kardashian Kim, Sarah Blakely, Missy Empire, Business Infographic Shows, Missy Empire Ash Siddique, Oprah Kim

Traveling to Denver for the Month of Photography 2019

  There was a time, years ago, when I wrote travel pieces in the column. I regaled with tales of cities near and far. I also reviewed photography exhibitions, and for years I interviewed photo industry types, transcribed them myself, (yes, it was laborious,) and shared lightly-edited-long-reads with you, our loyal audience. That this column has evolved into mostly book reviews, with a few portfolio review stories sprinkled in is mostly a function of habit, and the fact that I am a much busier pe...
Tags: Europe, Photography, Colorado, California, US, America, Chicago, Dave, New Jersey, Portland, Willie Nelson, New Mexico, Boulder, Air Force, Denver, Lowry

I deleted all the apps off my phone for a week — and it was harder than I could have imagined

I deleted all the apps off my phone for a week to see how it would affect my productivity and attention span. Surviving a week without apps was much more difficult than I expected, and the app that I missed the most was not the one I expected. But by the end of the week, I had become less distracted and more productive. I ended up redownloading my apps at the end of the experiment — but not all of them. For the past week, I lived with no apps on my phone. I launched this experime...
Tags: Google, Messenger, Spotify, Instagram, Samsung, America, Trends, Facebook Messenger, Amazon Kindle, Don, Samsung Health, Subliminal Vision Board

Podcast: How to Reduce the Stress of Social Media

 Social media sites have become a huge part of our lives, enabling us to easily stay in touch with countless friends and family members all over the world. But there’s a dark side to social media, as it also enables negative things like bullying to proliferate. Many people have found that social media creates a huge amount of anxiety in their lives, but don’t feel they can live without it. In this episode, learn some ways to reduce the anxieties associated with social media. ...
Tags: Psychology, Facebook, Technology, General, Instagram, Cdc, China, America, Social Media, Linkedin, Stress, Bbc, Britain, United States, Fox News, Green Party

14 Adorably Awkward Celebrities At Prom

Before they were posing on the red carpet, they were posing in front of limos. That’s right: Gwen Stefani, Tom Brady, and Matthew McConaughey all attended proms, formals, or homecomings, just like the rest of us plebeians. Don't believe us? Well, we have the photos to prove it.We've assembled a round-up of incredible prom photos of celebrities that are just as awkward as all of ours. Which means, no sweat if there was a bug in your hair or a weird run in your tights on prom night — you, too, co...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Instagram, Matthew Mcconaughey, Paris, Gwen Stefani, Tom Brady, Jaden Smith, Ellen, Jackson, John Stamos, Anna Faris, Lance Bass, Tbt, Amandla Stenberg, Grace Kelly

Week 16: Our first taste of Utah BLOWS our mind

BeaUTAHful. Bring out every superlative on the planet and you still won’t do this state justice. It’s why we’ve chosen to spend at least 5 weeks in Utah! I can’t get enough of the colors in God’s Art Studio. Not only that it’s full, and I mean, full of epic outdoor adventures and memory making opportunities. Snow Canyon State Park There’s Savannah and Kalyra yelling at me over the ATV engine as I screamed and drove up a steep sand dune, “You’ve got this Mum!” ‘Show them what you’re made of!”...
Tags: Travel, Facebook, Utah, Usa, Instagram, Australia, North Carolina, St George, Vegas, Craig, Destinations, Savannah, Don, George, Valley, Tucson

The 12 Easiest Ways to Keep Your Touchscreen Clean - Because It's Disgusting AF

Neglecting to clean your cell phone is a nasty tech habit that everyone should break. Cell phones have been proven to carry bacteria, germs, and even feces. Yes, feces. If there's one new routine to create for yourself this year, it should be keeping that smartphone shiny and clean (your health will thank you). Ahead, check out a few of our tech-friendly tips to clean that gadget. Related: ...
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This Week in Photography Books: Ingvar Kenne

  I’m going back to Jersey next month. (It’s been a while.) My cousin’s daughter is having a Bat Mitzvah in early April, and if I told you it took me two months to plan my trip, you’ll have to trust that I mean it. The amount of phone calls, texts, internet searches, Orbitz fuckovers, and general stress that went into it were enough to give me an ulcer. Well, that’s not true. I don’t have an ulcer. I don’t even really know what that means. It just sounded good. You could imagine me shaking my fi...
Tags: Google, Photography, NFL, Norway, Napa, Boulder, Journal, Jersey, Orbitz, Photography Books, Tim Winton, Don, Richard Pryor, Stefanie, Donald Trump Jr, Tri State

Followups and Updates: The Eloquence of Coincidence (OT)

• Yesterday's post made me realize that I am not giving my current food experiment a decent chance. I am cheating too much, so I don't get to find out if the WFPB plan actually makes you feel better. Thanks to John Gillooly for asking the question. I really need to redouble my commitment so that I get good data on it, with my statistically insignificant but personally very significant experimental sample of one. One commenter said he eats nothing but meat and has never felt better. I should poin...
Tags: Photography, Followups, Boeing, Steven Pinker, Off-topic Posts, Michael Johnston, Don, Michael C Johnston, Pete, Keto, Kim Williams, WFPB, Boeing MAX, JOHN GILLOOLY, Blot, University of Sydney Original

Mural pays homage to Australian teen who egged Islamophobic politician

Not all heroes wear capes. But, some of them wield eggs as their weapon of choice.ICYMI, an Australian teenager was filmed egging senator Fraser Anning over his Islamophobic response to the mass shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand. The teen has since been dubbed EggBoy on social media.SEE ALSO: Teen eggs an Australian official after his racist reaction to the New Zealand shootingEggBoy has now had a mural painted in his honour to immortalise his moment of triumph. For those who missed it, Egg ...
Tags: News, Instagram, New Zealand, Melbourne, Solidarity, Don, Melbourne Australia, Anning, Christchurch New Zealand, Hosier Lane, Van T Rudd, Fraser Anning, Henry Belot

Skied at Winter Park on March 15, 2019

I was lucky enough to have a mid-day visit on Friday to Winter Park after a huge storm on Wednesday. It was a beautiful sunny day and around 1:00 PM I pulled into Winter Park’s free parking lot and was able to find an open parking spot. After walking past the Moffat Tunnel I was greeted by zero crowds and zero lines. My luck had just begun. View of Vasquez at Winter Park from the lift I made my way up the gondola and wandered towards the Vasquez territory. I enjoy the bumps and ...
Tags: Photography, Snow, Sport, Skiing, Terrain, Don, Winter Park, Mary Jane, Vasquez, Ski Log, Moffat Tunnel, Colorado Snow, Panoramic Express, View of Vasquez, Winter Park Overall

The Minimalist Guide To Chic — & Easy — Nail Art

Chalk it up to Instagram, or the jewelry designers creating the prettiest stackable gold signet rings that just beg to be paired with a perfect mani, but nail art is on the up and up. While the biggest breakout manicure trends ebb and flow with the seasons, there are a few designs that always look chic — and even better, they don't require a trip to the salon or a $50 hit to your credit card.As proof, we've rounded up the best of the best in terms of simple, straightforward nail art, for a step...
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8 do’s and don’ts of networking follow-up

There are networking opportunities everywhere, whether you’re at a trade show, conference or chatting with someone on your commute. You need to make the most of every opportunity because you never know who you might meet! Here are eight actionable do’s and don’ts for following up with someone in a professional way after you’ve connected. The Do’s 1. Send an invitation to connect on LinkedIn in a timely  manor  by including a personal note on where you met him or her and something you may have ...
Tags: Facebook, Business, Instagram, Entrepreneurship, Time, Linkedin, Don, Event Marketing, Small business marketing

Customizing Lightroom Photo Book Layouts

You guys know how big I am on Lightroom Photo Books (well, that and tethering, right?), and anyway, today we’ve got a new video from Adobe’s own Benjamin Warde on how to totally customize your layout. Best of all, he does it in just 60-seconds. Check it out: Thanks, Benjamin! Don’t forget to book your hotel for Photoshop World 2019 now ! Last year we completely sold out the Hyatt Regency in Orlando (our host hotel), and people were having to grab other hotels down the ...
Tags: Photography, Featured, Photo Books, Orlando, Lightroom Videos, Don, Hyatt Regency, Lightroom Coffee Break, Benjamin Warde, Rob Sylvan, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom Killer Tips, Benjamin Don

Index Prints

[...This follows on the previous post. —Ed.]   Here's a simple way to make sense of a sprawling, less-than-perfectly organized ongoing archive of photographs of the sort most of us have—and eventually help preserve your pictures at the same time. First, buy three boxes. You might need more than one set, but this will get the point across. You really don't need anything fancier than this archival drop-front metal-edge box. But if you want to spend more, naturally you can. Then, whenever you get ...
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Let’s Talk About the Self-Made Billionaire Kylie Jenner

Last week Forbes published what has become its second annual clickbait attempt. It was clearly success and I’m upset with myself for continuing to give them attention, even if it’s negative attention. Trust me though, there’s a good reason I’m writing about this. Of course, I’m talking about how Forbes is labeling Kylie Jenner as the youngest self-made billionaire. I think most people look at “self-made billionaire” and laugh for reasons that I hope are obvious. Her sister, Kim Kardashian, a...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Celebrities, Kim Kardashian, Instagram, Washington Post, Marketing, Kardashian, Kim, Kylie Jenner, People Magazine, Oprah Winfrey, Rupert Murdoch, Jenner, Zuckerberg

Print to Save

Don't press like. Don't press save. Press print. Print to save. Someone named Missy Mwac is being discussed recently (although, as a recovering alcoholic and a confessed WFPB fanatic, I can't see how someone who eats bacon and loves vodka could be your guide to anything, much less the murky waters. That's murky living if you ask me). But I digress, as I do. Suffice it to say that I love her recent article "The Lesson from Costco's Photo Lab," discovered via reader robert e via PetaPixel. A quote...
Tags: Photography, Costco, Missy Mwac, Michael Johnston, Don, Michael C Johnston, Missy, Printers and Printing, John D Collett

The Beauty of Physical Prints

...Or, why I chose the Ctein prints I chose for the current print sale. Printmaking—a word that encompasses making photographic prints, and the prints themselves—has always been an exceedingly important part of my enjoyment of photography. I'm both a part of the audience and a maker. I like objects. I like pictures of all sorts. But I especially enjoy well-made photographic prints. Having done it professionally for a spell in the '80s and '90s, I'm aware of some of the problems and pitfalls. Wit...
Tags: Photography, Print Offers, Ctein, Michael Johnston, Don, Mike, Michael C Johnston, Yellowknife, Blackburn Lancashire, Printers and Printing, David Dyer Bennet, Northwest Territories Primarily

A Week In Phoenix, AZ, On A $57,000 Salary

Welcome toMoney Diaries , where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last dollar.Today: a researcher working in engineering/higher education who makes $57,000 per year and spends some of her money this week on ravioli.Ed. note: This OP mentions that she lost a family member to suicide. If you are thinking about suicide, please call the N...
Tags: Facebook, Fashion, Music, Instagram, Washington, America, Starbucks, Click, Grey, Petsmart, Phoenix, Don, Safeway, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, Netflix Hulu Amazon, Money Diaries

18 Amazing Things to do in Tucson, Arizona with kids or without!

Tucson, Arizona is a big little city. Although it’s spread out with over 1 million people, it still has that feel of a small town with a laid-back atmosphere. Tucson is a college town, being the home to The University of Arizona, and a snowbird destination in the winter months due to its legendary year-round sunshine. But it’s stunning natural landscapes, foodie scene, and arts and culture attracts travelers from all walks of life, even families like us! Tucson AZ is famous for its dramatic bea...
Tags: Travel, Verizon, Usa, Texas, Instagram, Congress, Australia, West, National Parks, Arizona, University Of Arizona, Grand Canyon, Villa, Destinations, Don, Sedona

How To Marie Kondo Your Instagram

If you've been holding out for a reason to Marie Kondo your life, you're in luck — it's almost time for good ol' spring cleaning. And with an extra hour of daylight (not to mention your seasonal allergies back in full swing), there's no better time to dust off your Swiffer and go to town on your apartment.But this time around, there's more to clean than just your living space. If the KonMari method has taught us anything, it's that you can give the Marie Kondo treatment to just about every aspe...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Instagram, Don, Marie Kondo

31 Instagram-Worthy Hairstyles To Try In March

Remember way back in January, when your optimism was at an all-time high. You were actually excited about going to the gym. You were downloading meditation apps and making a list of all the books you wanted to read. And when you were scrolling through Instagram and saw a hairstyle you loved, the reaction was, "I can totally do this."Yeah, that new year feeling has worn off.We blame alarm clocks — oh, and the cold weather that makes us just want to put on a hat. It's so easy to fall back into la...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Instagram, Miley Cyrus, Mila Kunis, Emilia Clarke, Sephora, Michael, Don, Lupita, Fulani, Gregory Russell, Vanity Fair Oscars, Daenerys, Vernon François, Elaine Welteroth

Solo Female Travel in Paris — Is it Safe?

Is it safe for a woman to travel alone to Paris? Absolutely. Under most circumstances, with the right preparation and precautions, visiting Paris can be as safe as staying in your hometown. Paris is a place where I’ve been traveling alone for years! I first fell in love with Paris when I was 16 years old and on a school trip, and I’ve returned more than a dozen times since, often solo. It’s a city that I love dearly, a city where I frequently play tour guide for my friends and family. However, ...
Tags: Europe, New York, Milan, London, Featured, Instagram, France, Germany, America, Blog, Eu, Spain, Barcelona, Paris, Italy, Netherlands

How to contact Facebook for problems with your account and other issues

Contacting Facebook directly can be difficult, as the company does not accept phone calls for customer support. There are a number of email addresses to which you can send questions or issues, but the responses can be slow and aren't assured, either. Using the platform's own Help Center to send messages to Facebook can be the most reliable way to connect with the company to report an issue. Don't bother trying to call Facebook. If you dial either of the Palo Alto-area phone numbers you'll...
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