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How Dresden Looked After a World War II Firestorm 75 Years Ago

Germany commemorated 75 years since the Allied bombing devastated the city. But the milestone has taken on new meaning with the rise of the far right.
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75 Years On, Dresden Recalls the Images of War and the Echoes of History

Universal mourning and atonement have been central themes in the nation’s commemoration. But the far right has sought to use the attack to promote a revisionist history of the Nazi state.
Tags: Photography, News, Germany, Dresden, Great Britain, Steinmeier, Alternative For Germany, World War II (1939-45, Bombs and Explosives, Frank-Walter, Holocaust and the Nazi Era, Deaths (Fatalities, Dresden (Germany

Saturday Rundown: Dresden, Ruhpolding, Kaiser Maximilian Lauf

The women’s freestyle sprint podium on Saturday at the World Cup in Dresden, Germany, with Sweden’s Hanna Falk (c) and Maja Dahlqvist (l) in first and second, and American Sophie Caldwell (r) in third. (Photo: FIS Cross Country/Twitter) FIS Cross Country World Cup (Dresden, Germany): Freestyle sprints For her second-straight World Cup sprint, Sophie Caldwell of the U.S. Ski Team reached the podium in the women’s 1.2-kilometer freestyle sprint on Saturday in Dresden, Germany. Caldwell placed t...
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This Project Wants to Bring Back East Germany’s Ihagee ELBAFLEX Film Cameras in Nikon F-Mount

A new Kickstarter project has an interesting take on the retro-is-new craze sweeping everything, cameras included. This time it's capturing photos like you're back in the USSR, in a way. Ihagee was a camera and optics manufacturer based in Dresden, Germany that was founded by Dutchman Johan Steenbergen in 1912 as the Industrie- und Handelsgesellschaft or IHG, the acronym's pronunciation being Ihagee in German, hence the company's name. The company is best known for its Exata line of cameras, mad...
Tags: Photography, Kickstarter, Ussr, Nikon, Dresden, West Germany, Dresden Germany, Industrie, Ihagee, News & Opinion, Bring Back East Germany, Ihagee ELBAFLEX Film Cameras, Johan Steenbergen, Exata, Federal German Republic

Unboxing II

By now you remember my little "unboxing" joke when I got the old Mamiya 7II out of the camera closet one dreary day last February. One thing led to another, and I ended up "trading in" the Mamiya (by selling the one and buying the other) for an old medium-format camera much closer to my heart.... ...And look what came! All the way from Japan in a mere three days. This camera is world-traveled—it was born in Germany. A bit closer... Be still, my beating heart! (By the way, that phrase was firs...
Tags: Photography, Japan, Washington, Germany, Old, Cameras, Kiev, Pentax, Mamiya, Michael Johnston, Michael C Johnston, Schneider, Robbie Burns, Potomac River, Dresden Germany, Roosevelt Island

The Ultimate Photographer’s Guide To Dresden, Germany

Image by Sharon Ang DOWNLOAD FREE CONTENT BONUS : Ensure your skies are truly Beautiful! Download our free  Beautify Skies Photography Cheat Sheet. Print it out and take it with you on location, that way you’ll always have the basics on hand!  Download it here . Recently I wrote a photographer’s guide to Prague, based on my own experiences visiting there this summer. On my itinerary during that trip was another city, Dresden, a two-hour train ride north. Perhaps less known than ...
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