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Everything we know about what's going on inside of Facebook right now (FB)

Facebook has had a tumultuous few years.  There have been bright spots, like the growth of Instagram, and big new initiatives, like its pivot to privacy. There have also been plenty of challenges, with calls to break the company up, and investors at one stage wondering if COO Sheryl Sandberg might leave the company.  Business Insider has covered all of the drama, and has pulled together all of our recent reporting on what's going on inside of Facebook below. You can read it all by subscribing...
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Fascinating Predictions about Facebook Messenger Marketing That Can Help Your Business Grow

When it comes to Facebook Messenger chatbots, we as marketers are in the thick of it. We’re devising Messenger strategies, assembling chatbot sequences, and racking up wins for our companies and clients. But what’s the future of Facebook chatbot marketing? We have some predictions. Crystal balls not being readily available at the time of writing, I made these predictions based on data, trends, and history (the “repeats itself” bit). We’re not a rumor blog, so there’s none of that here. Faceboo...
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B2B Social Media Shakeup: 4 Developments That Have Caught Our Eye

Following scandal, criticism, and calls for more privacy and relevancy, social media giants are working hard to recapture their original allure as safe communities and conversation destinations. And while platforms are ardently focused on heightening the everyday user’s experience, the movements we’ve seen so far in 2019 signals that B2B brands will still have some things to look forward to. This is a teeny sampling of the social media headlines we saw in the first quarter of 2019 a...
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Digital Marketing Update for Solo PR Pros

Many of us use our clients’ digital channels to further their messages and grow their businesses. Here’s an update on what’s new in the digital marketing world. Facebook Facebook held their annual F8 Developer’s Conference April 30 – May 1, 2019. Here are a few key takeaways: FB5 / Focus on Communities Facebook has already rolled out a new look for the app and are “rewriting the Facebook website from scratch” to allow for, as long-suspected, an increased focus on use of Facebook Grou...
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Get Rid of Facebook Messenger Code Problems Once and for All

Facebook just killed off Messenger Codes, which means that your marketing needs to change. Here’s what you’ll get by reading this article: Realize precisely what just happened at 1 Hacker Way Understand why Facebook probably did it How to respond instantly without losing any marketing power While you’re getting the details on the Messenger Code brouhaha, you’ll also want to sign up for the Marketing Agency Growth Accelerator Summit (May 16). We’re handing out free tickets right now. The Bott...
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Daily News Roundup: Facebook’s Privacy Shift

Yesterday at the keynote for Facebook’s F8 developer conference, several key Facebook leaders took the stage to announce new additions to the product. But it was CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s statements that deserve the most attention. It’s been a rough couple of years for Facebook. Scandal after scandal, leak after leak, and breach after breach, there hasn’t been a lot going for the network that wasn’t, well, bad. Facebook has compromised user data and broken user trust time and time again—and Zuck sa...
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From Oculus Quest to a Facebook redesign: Everything announced at F8 2019

Facebook F8 is finally here, and Facebook has taken the wraps off of a number of new products and services -- including a major Facebook redesign, a Messenger desktop app, and more. Here's everything Facebook announced at Facebook F8 2019. The post From Oculus Quest to a Facebook redesign: Everything announced at F8 2019 appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Everything Facebook announced at F8 2019

Facebook F9 is finally here, and Facebook has taken the wraps off of a number of new products and services -- including a major Facebook redesign, a Messenger desktop app, and more. Here's everything Facebook announced at Facebook F8 2019. The post Everything Facebook announced at F8 2019 appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The state of digital in April 2019: all the numbers you need to know

It’s only been three months since we published our first round of Digital 2019 reports, but our new Q2 Global Digital Statshot shows that the connected world has already changed considerably during that time. Essential headlines   Global internet users grew by 8.6 per cent over the past twelve months, with 350 million new users contributing to an overall total of 4.437 billion by the start of April 2019. Social media user numbers have also registered solid growth, increasing b...
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We Are Social’s Tuesday Tweakup #37

Facebook Messenger ends peer-to-peer payments in the UK and France From the 15th June, Facebook Messenger users in the UK and France will no longer be able to make peer-to-peer payments on the platform. Users will still be able to make charitable donations via the messaging app and p2p payments will continue in the US. Commenting on the update, a Facebook spokesperson said, “we made the decision to focus our efforts on experiences that people find most useful.” Facebook makes Ads Manager updates...
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Skype now supports up to 50 group call participants, topping rivals

Skype is capitalizing on Apple’s struggles with Group FaceTime to attract attention to its own group calling features. Today, the company announced it’s doubling the number of people who can simultaneously participate in a group audio or video call. It now supports as many as 50 people at once, up from 25, previously. With the expanded support for more participants, Skype tops the abilities of other popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Google Hangouts and Instagram, and instead competes more di...
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A Minute on the Internet in 2019

A lot can happen in a minute. Sixty seconds can pass in the blink of an eye for someone mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or checking their email. Combine all those actions together and we have an extraordinary view of the life of the internet in a minute.  According to data compiled by Lori Lewis and Officially Chadd on Visual Capitalist, a single internet minute holds 1 million Facebook logins, 4.5 million videos watched on YouTube, 1.4 million swipes on Tinder (right or left, we can’t ...
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I deleted all the apps off my phone for a week — and it was harder than I could have imagined

I deleted all the apps off my phone for a week to see how it would affect my productivity and attention span. Surviving a week without apps was much more difficult than I expected, and the app that I missed the most was not the one I expected. But by the end of the week, I had become less distracted and more productive. I ended up redownloading my apps at the end of the experiment — but not all of them. For the past week, I lived with no apps on my phone. I launched this experime...
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Digital Marketing 101: What Small Businesses Need to Know

Small business owners know digital marketing is no longer secondary to traditional print marketing and advertising and is a great way for them to get more bang for their marketing bucks. (In fact, 95% of small businesses plan to increase spending on digital marketing this year.) But to get the best results, it’s important to understand digital marketing and keep up with digital marketing trends. Digital Marketing 101 What is digital marketing? It’s often thought of as “online marketing,” but ...
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Facebook agrees to remove multiple targeting options for housing, employment, and credit card ads in the US

Facebook will now remove ad targeting via age, gender and zip code for housing, employment, and credit card ads (HEC ads) as part of its settlement with American civil rights groups. ‘Multicultural affinity’ targeting and any other targeting option relating to protected groups will be... ...
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My Top 5: Time for Tiktok, Dark Mode, and…Influencers?

Time for TikTok? Image Credit: Ben Ostrowsky I don’t typically get over-excited about new social platforms, but I do check them out when I can. Thanks to a prod from Shel Holtz of the “For Immediate Release” podcast, I took a closer look at TikTok then I might have this early on? Below I expand on some thoughts I shared with Shel in the podcast: FIR #180: TikTok, TikTok , TikTok What did I already know? They were in trouble for mishandling privacy data for mi...
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Facebook loses head of product Chris Cox and WhatsApp chief Chris Daniels

Two of Facebook’s top executives – head of product Chrix Co and WhatsApp chief Chris Daniels are leaving the company after disagreements with Mark Zuckerberg over the company’s future direction. Differences over new single integrated privacy focused platform: The departures... ...
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Around the World in 50 Captivating Digital Marketing Statistics

Sit back and join us for a journey through 50 recent digital marketing statistics that combine to tell a captivating tale of change, innovation, and generational preferences in an industry that changes faster than Jules Verne’s Phileas Fogg could ever have envisioned in “Around The World in 80 Days.” via GIPHY Statistics exploring each of the B2B, influencer, content, and social media flavors of marketing combine to tell a captivating and unique story of how digital marketing has evolved...
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Week 14: Relaxing at Stunning Lake Mead, Nevada

This week was all about taking it slow and enjoying the stunning lakeside views and desert landscape from our campsite. I was happy to hear the coyotes howl at night as we sat around the campfire – finally a place we can have one again. Lake Mead RV Village I had time to set up a new homeschooling routine for the girls, catch up on work and exercise. We were able to use this time also to run a few errands – put Kalyra’s broken camera into Best Buy for repair. Thankfully I bought the protecti...
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Millions of Americans have left Facebook, led by young people aged 12-34

A new report from Edison Research finds Facebook's American user-base contracted for the second consecutive year in 2018, shrinking by 15,000,000, and that the biggest declines have come from the coveted 12-34 year old group. However -- cue sad trombone -- is that large numbers of these people have shifted to using Instagram, which Facebook owns. Facebook recently announced that it would be merging the back-ends of Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, facilitating unified tracking ...
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Instagram prototypes video co-watching

The next phase of social media is about hanging out together while apart. Rather than performing on a live stream or engaging with a video chat, Instagram may allow you to chill and watch videos together with a friend. Facebook already has Watch Party for group co-viewing and in November we broke the news that Facebook Messenger’s code contains an unreleased “Watch Videos Together” feature. Now Instagram’s code reveals a “co-watch content” feature hidden inside Instagram Direct Messaging. It’...
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9 Key Discoveries in 2019 Social Media Research

2019 social media research demonstrates that social media usage in the United States has changed A LOT in just a short time. Released hours ago, a new report from my friends at Edison Research and Triton Digital uncovered many statistically significant social media usage patterns that showcase the next wave of shifts in how and why Americans use social media in 2019 (or don’t). The Infinite Dial 2019 report continues the annual research series that consistently produces important findings that ...
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Zuckerberg wants messages to auto-expire to make Facebook a “living room”

On feed-based “broader social networks, where people can accumulate friends or followers until the services feel more public . . . it feels more like a town square than a more intimate space like a living room” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained in a blog post today. With messaging, groups, and ephemeral stories as the fastest growing social features, Zuckerberg laid out why he’s rethinking Facebook as a private living room where people can be comfortable being themselves without fear ...
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The Future Predictions of Social Media for Business

By Rilind Elezaj Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat attract almost 33 percent of the global population today. This is a too big an audience for any serious marketer to ignore. In order to remain competitive and to satisfy their diverse user-base, these social platforms have been evolving each passing day. New features, new algorithms, and new strategies are being introduced daily. But which changes are more likely to impact on business in the coming years? In this article, we look at six...
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ShopTalk 2019: Nordstrom, Facebook and Macy’s Present

The opening remarks of the ShopTalk Day 1 Keynote set the stage for the rest of the conference: the systems and strategies that today’s retailers and brands are implementing are designed to connect people and personalize interactions and experiences. Courtney Reagan, retail reporter for CNBC, kicked off the keynote with the co-president of arguably one of the top brands in retail, Nordstrom. Reagan interviewed Erik Nordstrom. Nordstrom’s Co-President on Blended Retail Nordstrom is continuing t...
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The Story Behind Social Media Stories

By Jeff Jones Social media stories…They were introduced into the social media space by Snapchat, Instagram jumped on board, and then other major social channels- Facebook, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger- followed suit. They enable social media users to share short, fun, and cool pictures and videos of them with their social media friends and followers, with the video disappearing automatically after 24 hours. This new trend bottom lines the importance of visual content on social media. Statist...
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6 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 and How to Adopt Them

While the way that businesses have used marketing campaigns over the years has changed, the reasons have not. Every business wants to reach its ideal customer just when that customer needs it. With the constant flux of new technologies, the way that companies need to reach these customers has to evolve to make up the difference. Here are 6 digital marketing trends to consider for your 2019 marketing strategy. Digital Marketing Trend #1: Omnichannel Marketing Today’s consumer uses multiple ch...
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What Works on Shark Tank, Take Advantage of Mobile Marketing, Rank Higher on Amazon, Social Media Fuels SMB Growth and Other Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know

20 Things Small Business Owners Need to Know By Rieva Lesonsky   1—The Truth About Shark Tank Are you a fan of Shark Tank? Here’s some scoop from Digital Exits about what works when pitching the sharks. For instance, did you know 85% of successful pitches are primarily product based? Check out the infographic below for more information.   2—Small Business Outlook 2019 Visa has just released its Small Business Outlook for winter 2019. Visa says the Small Business Outlook shows “robust econom...
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Facebook’s Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp Integration Isn’t Complicated, 8 Things to Know

If you haven’t heard, Facebook announced that it’s working to integrate three major chat platforms — Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp — in order to allow cross-communication for users. This is a huge development. Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 and WhatsApp in 2014, making this power move possible. The new infrastructure would keep the three applications distinct while simultaneously allowing users to chat with each other, regardless of their platform. The project is under development and ...
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The implications of Facebook’s messaging app integration

PRWeek recently published this article by our Strategy Director, Caroline Lucas-Garner looking at the criticism surrounding Facebook’s plans to integrate its three messaging platforms – Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp; and what the move could mean for users and brands. They’ve been kind enough to let us reproduce it below. Last month’s NYTimes article on the planned integration of Facebook’s three key messaging services created a flurry of interest, from trade and mainstream press. Facebook’s ...
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