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8 Easy & Creative Family Photo Ideas

Everybody loves to have family photos to display around the home and to save memories of their children as they grow. However, if you take a lot of photographs, you can end up feeling as though you’re running out of ideas, and are taking the same posed shots over and over again. Candids can help with this, but it’s hard to take good candid shots of the whole family. If you’re looking for some more creative ideas for posed family shots, try some of these ideas.    Before you start exp...
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How To Take Better Smartphone Pictures

Smartphone cameras have improved a lot in recent years, with higher photo resolution, more lenses, and better storage options for your pictures. A camera is one of the main features of any smartphone, whether you’re taking pictures of your cooking or your children.  If you have a smartphone with a decent camera and learn some cool editing tricks like double exposure photography, you can really up your photography game. Here are some of the top tips to take better pictures with your phon...
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Today’s Outfit: Relance Running Shoes from France

My daughter and I were just talking about signing up for Gourdy’s Pumpkin Run because Instagram and Facebook have been showering me with their ads. And let’s face it, that pumpkin hoodie and finisher medal looks really cool. If you carry a pumpkin for the run, you get the Tough Pumpkin finisher medal. I’m thinking that’s worth a shot! Every runner knows, the key to a good 5k is a great pair of RUNNING SHOES! That’s why French company, Relance, set out to make the most comfortable runnin...
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Met Gala 2021: stars explore ‘American independence’ theme – in pictures

Co-chair Billie Eilish (the youngest in the event’s history) was one of many stars to channel Grace Kelly at the pandemic-delayed Met Gala on Monday night. She was joined by a guest list of fashion designers, models, celebrities and – to some controversy – TikTok stars, on the steps at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This year’s theme of the Costume Institute fundraiser was ‘American independence’, leaving plenty of room for interpretation. Just ask Lil Nas X, who did a Lady Gaga-esque three-loo...
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Incredibly short summer shorts on the streets of urban Tokyo

If the sporting of short shorts was an Olympic event, then this previously photographed young fella would surely take gold each and every time. The shape and shortness of his attire carefully straddles the border between risqué and potential arrest, plus if that somehow wasn’t enough, there’s the added flourish of a perfectly placed butterfly tattoo. And yet that said, if medals were handed out for minimalist outfits as a whole, then the fabulously bold gentleman below would be a very worthy c...
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How to Ensure the Success of Your Engagement Photoshoot in Austin

You propose your loved one at Mount Bonnell, by far the most popular spot to get down on one knee in Austin. And with the atmosphere being perfectly romantic, you get an instant yes as the answer. A top engagement photographer in Austin can help you create and save those memories with your endless ideas, taking you a step closer to your dream wedding.  Once you are engaged, creative pre-wedding photography is one way to celebrate your lifelong journey together with your partner in th...
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9 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Maternity Photoshoot

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things that could happen to a woman. It’ll be months full of love and enriching experiences. As the life inside you grows, it’ll be a constant delight to feel their kicks and sudden movement. Given how this experience will soon pass once your little one comes out into the real world, you need to make every moment memorable.   Your pregnancy is nothing short of magical. While there are plenty of side effects, the joy that your unborn baby brings you...
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Do I look cheugy in this? What can a gen Z makeover teach me about life?

With a new generation fuelling fashion, protest and popular culture, is it time for millennials like me to move over? A panel of young trailblazers give me a glow up – and some lessons in activismI am sitting cross-legged on the floor, wearing a bucket hat, trying to be chill. I rest my chin in my hands and try to think chill thoughts, which is hard, because I am wearing mint flatform Crocs, studded with pineapples and watermelons, and a fluffy green knit that feels more like a pet than a cardig...
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Unlocking Creativity, Courage, and Success with Rebecca Minkoff

At 8 years old, Rebecca Minkoff’s mother refused to buy her the dress she wanted, offering instead to teach her to sew. At an early age, Rebecca learned the value of doing things on her own, and once she got started, she couldn’t stop. Rebecca is an entrepreneur in the fullest sense; a fashion designer, author, podcast host, wife, and mother. In this episode, Rebecca recounts her journey, and shares insight on how she’s able to juggle so many things while operating at such a high level. Some top...
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11 Celebrities Who Love Their Dogs

Celebrities are not different from us when it comes to showing unconditional love towards their dogs. Here is a list of a few celebrities who cannot imagine living without being surrounded by their loving pet. 1. Matthew Perry View this post on Instagram A post shared by Matthew Perry (@mattyperry4) In a recent post, this ‘Friends’ alumni shared the image of his newly adopted Goldendoodle...
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Great strides: how Annie Hall’s ‘dad pants’ conquered the world

After a year of loungewear and dressing from the waist up, these tailored but informal trousers have won over everyone from Kendall Jenner to the Duchess of CambridgeScrolling through the Instagram page of model and Kardashian scion Kendall Jenner, one photo, posted on 28 April, stands out. In this one, she’s not on a Vogue cover or the deck of a yacht, but crossing a New York street. And instead of a bikini or cycling shorts and a crop top, she’s wearing a pair of tailored beige trousers, cinch...
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10 Pointers to Help You Improve Your Photos by Utilizing Photography Backdrops

Finding the ideal photography backdrop is one of the most challenging tasks any photographer faces. Photography backdrops, technically speaking, could be utilized to enhance the appearance of a photograph. The background of a photograph can be just as, if not more, important than the subject itself. When an image’s background complements its subject, magic occurs. Placement, angle, subject, lighting, and depth all contribute to creating an appealing image when combined with the backgrou...
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Little Black Door launches app on iOS/Android allowing women to share wardrobes, online and off

Our relationship with fashion has changed, not just because of the pandemic. Months in lockdown means people are probably more aware of their fashion purchases and how they consume, given its been such a long time without socialising. But the oft-talked about ‘Clueless wardrobe’ which would allow women to both see into their collections, as well as share and potentially borrow from friends, has yet to go mainstream. Now a UK startup aims to change this. The Little Black door app, previously in c...
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5 Celebrity Hairstylists to Follow on Instagram

Are you searching for a new hairstyle or inspiration for your next haircut? Instagram provides the best inspiration and helps you find the perfect style. However, you should not jump at the next exciting style you encounter when you can find popular styles that have graced the red carpet. If you do not want to miss the latest hairstyles, you should follow celebrity stylists on Instagram. They give you behind-the-scenes snaps when they are styling famous clients. Some provide a step-by-step...
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‘It’s cooler to hang Lennon’s guitar than a Picasso’: pop culture wins out at auctions

Sales of items from celebrities such as Janet Jackson and K-poppers BTS are trending – and reframing what goes under the hammerIs celebrity merchandise the new Monet? Auction houses are in flux, with more and more pop culture items being sold under the hammer for six and seven-figure sums.Last month, Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills hosted a three-day auction of Janet Jackson’s personal belongings, including some of her most iconic stage outfits. Buyers included Kim Kardashian, who snagged Jac...
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Diese Fotos zeigen die intimen Momente zwischen neuen Vätern und ihren Babys

Wenn wir über das Leben frischgebackener Eltern reden, sprechen wir dabei meistens über die Erfahrungen neuer Mütter. Für Frauen gibt es während und nach der Schwangerschaft ein strukturelles Supportnetzwerk, und wir haben uns als Gesellschaft quasi ganz von Natur aus darauf geeinigt, dass die Mutter-Baby-Beziehung im Zentrum dieser aufregenden Zeit steht. All das ist natürlich unendlich wichtig – aber weil sich ein großer Teil der öffentlichen Debatte rund ums Elterndasein um die Mütter dreht, ...
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Model Tess Holliday reveals she’s recovering from anorexia

Holliday says she hopes her announcement helps to stop the idea that ‘only very underweight people can have anorexia’ Eating disorder campaigners have hailed a decision by the American plus-size model Tess Holliday to announce she is receiving treatment for anorexia, saying that it is helping to stop the idea that “only very underweight people can have anorexia”.Holliday, who has 2.1 million followers on Instagram and has been featured on the pages of Vogue, recently wrote on Twitter: “I’m anore...
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"Alex Lugger, 32, a boat marketer in Springfield, Mo., said that she self identifies as a bit cheugy.... 'We were basic in our 20s and now we’re cheugy in our 30s'...."

"Cheugy is just the latest in a long line of niche identifiers that have gained traction on the internet, where people relentlessly categorize highly specific archetypes in starter pack memes and videos. It’s no coincidence that cheugy gained traction on TikTok, a platform that has functioned as an escape from Instagram’s once dominant aesthetic, which is the pinnacle of cheugy.... [W]hat is and isn’t cheugy is highly subjective and changing quickly. 'It’s really easy to identify cheugy things o...
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Hipster ‘Gramps’ is now an Instagram fashion icon with 1M followers

Alojz "Gramps" Abram, 75, has amassed a staggering 1 million Instagram followers after rocking his grandson's colorful streetwear in a series of fashion portraits.
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Ich zog wegen Corona zurück zu meinen Eltern & hinterfrage jetzt mein ganzes Leben

Ich zog mit 19 von zu Hause aus. 2020 – mit 29 Jahren und ein ganzes Jahrzehnt später – fühlte ich mich demnach komplett unabhängig. Ich war die Erste in meiner Familie, die studierte, und ich war stolz darauf, mir meinen eigenen Weg gebahnt zu haben. Seit ich 12 war, hatte ich dafür gearbeitet, irgendwann mal in die Stadt meiner Träume ziehen zu können: London.  Dieser Traum war Realität geworden. Klar, ich war immer noch nicht ganz da gelandet, wo ich auf der Karriereleiter hinwollte; ich w...
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Model’s ‘hands off my hijab’ post sparks protest over France’s proposed ban

Rawdah Mohamed, whose Instagram selfie went viral, says she wants to fight ‘deeply rooted stereotypes’A Somali-Norwegian model whose Instagram post criticising a proposed ban on the hijab in France went viral has said she wants to fight “deeply rooted stereotypes” against Muslim women.Rawdah Mohamed posted a selfie on Instagram with “hands off my hijab” written on her hand, starting a campaign that has been trending on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. Continue reading...
Tags: Europe, Fashion, Media, Instagram, France, Religion, Women, Advertising, Life and style, World news, Feminism, Islam, Twitter Instagram, Rawdah Mohamed

Rise of 'granfluencers': viral stars model grandson's punk styles

Marie-Louise and René Glémarec, 86 and 87, caused storm at Paris fashion week in gender-neutral clothesLast month Jane Fonda set the internet ablaze with her Harper’s Bazaar cover in a sequined body-con Ralph Lauren dress, Dolly Parton inspired a cold-shoulder fashion trend with her vaccination video, and Joan Collins’s Instagram has been instructional on how to do lockdown in fabulous style.The latest “granfluencers” are Marie-Louise and René Glémarec, 86 and 87 respectively, who went viral aft...
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Vintage photos of women in wonderfully odd hats

Intrepid vernacular photography collector Robert E. Jackson curated a delightful collection of vintage snapshots of women making fashion statements with their hats. My favorites are, naturally, the nutty ones. See them all: "Wild-Wacky-Stylish: Vintage Photos of Women's Hats Through the Ages" (Flashbak)
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‘Virtual meetings aren’t going anywhere soon’: how to put your best Zoom face forward

Has a year of video calls made you self-conscious? Don’t turn your camera off: just relax and deploy a few of these beauty tipsThought we were a nation of narcissists pre-Covid? Well, a global pandemic has taken things to a whole new level. It’s safe to say nobody planned to spend quite so much of the past year staring at their own grainy reflection, but with everything from weddings to work meetings forced online, our bid to stay connected with others has meant being constantly confronted with ...
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'To convey black beauty is an act of justice': Tasweer photo festival – in pictures

Image-makers of African heritage from the worlds of fashion, design and photography – including Tyler Mitchell, Namsa Leuba and Nadine Ijewere – are celebrated in a new show for Qatar’s festival of visual culture Continue reading...
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'The fakery is all part of the fun' – the hoax of the mirror selfie

An influencer has claimed that the popular social media pose is a form of visual trickery. But why would you bother, when it’s so easy to do by yourself? And does it matter if it’s fake or not?Even if the phrase “mirror selfies” isn’t in your daily lexicon, you likely know what it means: a selfie which, rather than being taken directly – camera-phone to face – is taken using a mirror, giving you a photograph of your own reflection.Last week the internet trope - a mainstay of influencers such a K...
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New Marais Fashion Boutique: Paradoxe Paris

Before I get to today’s post, I want to thank everyone for watching my live Montmartre Tour yesterday and also for your generous tips to my PayPal account. I know some of you had trouble viewing the event, and also, if you watched it on YouTube, you couldn’t comment, so I apologize for that. CLICK HERE to watch the video and CLICK HERE if you would like to leave a tip in my PayPal account (you don’t have to have a PayPal account), which I would greatly appreciate. Enjoy!   Walking ...
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An old Tokyo men’s shop and an old Tokyo man

Some awnings are definitely more impressive than other awnings.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Fashion, Tokyo

1920s Tokyo in 2020s Tokyo?

The best of the past and the worst of the present?
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'It's sheer! It's queer!': redesigning and diversifying beauty ads of the past

A new photo project revives 70s advertisements for beauty products yet recasts them with racially diverse and LGBTQ modelsLong before makeup moguls like Jeffree Star and Kylie Jenner were selling lip kits and mystery boxes on Instagram, there was the old-fashioned way of selling beauty products – in the pages of women’s magazines.Thin white women posed alongside phrases like “Lashes” or “Great look, great body, great mascara!” while donning blue eyeshadow and bright bursts of pink blush.
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