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This is the story of Robert Capa, “the greatest war photographer in the world”

Whether or not you are into documentary and war photography, I believe that you’ve heard of Robert Capa. But even if not, here’s a beautiful video by Martin Kaninsky of YFM Street Photography. He’ll tell you about the man who was described as “the greatest war photographer in the world,” sharing plenty of amazing photos […] The post This is the story of Robert Capa, “the greatest war photographer in the world” appeared first on DIY Photography.
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It Takes Two: The Big Business Of Twinning On YouTube

At VidCon, the annual conference that celebrates all things Internet #content, it isn’t uncommon to see screaming middle school-aged girls flocking towards their favorite creator with the same fervor as a Black Friday shopper sprinting towards Best Buy’s TV section. If the latter is a crowd comprised of sleep-deprived deal hunters with a death-grip on their coffee thermoses, the former is an overwhelming wave of glitter-covered braids, sling backpacks, and t-shirts bearing slogans such as “Don’...
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What is Capa’s Most Famous Quote Really About?

“If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough”. Robert Capa For some time now, the theory saying that Gerda Taro was the main figure responsible for the legendary photographer Robert Capa, has taken on considerable strength. One of the most-used criteria for determining the authorship of Capa’s scattered images is their format. If the photograph is 35mm, it was taken by Endre Friedman (Robert Capa); if the photograph is in 120 format, it’s credited to Gerta Pohorylle (Gerda Taro...
Tags: Photography, Taylor Kitsch, Capa, Robert Capa, Henri Cartier Bresson, International Center of Photography, Kevin Carter, Josef Koudelka, David Seymour, Alex Wong, Gerda Taro, Cool Photos & Photographers, Bang Bang Club, Luca Bravo, Endre Friedman Robert Capa, Gerta Pohorylle Gerda Taro

7 Great Photographers Born During The Austro-Hungarian Empire

Some may quarrel with me, but I believe that Hungary – especially during the Austro-Hungarian Empire – gave us many of photography’s most titanic figures. I like to write articles in which I speak of photographers from a certain country. I have a hypothesis that somehow, countries visually influence photographers born inside their borders. The Austro-Hungarian Empire gave us so many photographic giants that discussing only 5 was a real challenge – I had to omit a few photographers who were of ut...
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The Cameras Used for These 10 Famous Photographs

Forget the camera, forget the lens, forget all of that. With any four-dollar camera, you can capture the best picture. Alberto Korda The intention of speaking about the cameras behind great iconic pictures is not simply to talk about gear. It’s about recognition. The tool itself, in different brands and formats, fades when the product it renders comes alive. Many of the following pictures have had huge global audiences and transcended generations. The specific types of camera were inseparable fr...
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World War Two Pictures – The Mexican Suitcase

The Historic And Remarkable Story Of How These World War Two Pictures Were Found The Mexican Suitcase A leap back in time, folks! There is much discussion circulating around the mythic object known as The Mexican Suitcase. Just to be clear, it isn’t a suitcase, but more of an archival box that was recently discovered (and unveiled to the public) thanks to a serendipitous event. Image by ARJMK FREE BONUS : Get your headshots looking wow by downloading our free  Sharp Eyes Cheat She...
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