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Dating apps face questions over age checks after report exposes child abuse

The UK government has said it could legislate to require age verification checks on users of dating apps, following an investigation into underage use of dating apps published by the Sunday Times yesterday. The newspaper found  more than 30 cases of child rape have been investigated by police related to use of dating apps including Grindr and Tinder since 2015.  It reports that one 13-year-old boy with a profile on the Grindr app was raped or abused by at least 21 men.  The Sunday Times also f...
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Um, Scruff just banned photos of jockstraps, swimsuits, and crotch shots

Scruff just banned photos of jockstraps, underwear, bikini style swimsuits, or crotch shots.
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Formal petition filed to oust city councilman from office after being “caught” on Grindr

Groves, Texas city councilman Cross Coburn refuses to resign.
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City councilman fights back after his raunchy Grindr pics were leaked to City Hall

Cross Coburn refuses to resign, and his attorney is investigating.
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Someone sent this city councilman’s private Grindr pics to City Hall

"That is my personal life and no one should know about it," Cross Coburn says.
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Hilarious Instagram account offers inspirational messages to guys fed up with Grindr

"Stop being someone else's tissue. Stop being disposable."
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Your Ultimate Guide to LGBT Gay Travel Resources

By Adam Groffman At lunch earlier in the day, over a bowl of guacamole, I’d sat with my friends looking through a copy of Echo Mag—one of Phoenix’s three (three!!!) print LGBT magazines. On the second to last page was a map of downtown Phoenix with short descriptions of each of the bars, shops and clubs. There were at least 20 different ones and we weren’t entirely sure which was for what crowds, but I pulled out the page from the magazine and stuffed it in my pocket. From a boozy lunch of marga...
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When Did Unsolicited Nudes Become The Appropriate Way To Say Hello?

What’s with guys who think sending a picture of their junk is an appropriate way to start a conversation? That’s what one university student wants to know. “Recently, I made a short-lived decision to give the dating apps another go,” Tim Mottishaw writes in a new op-ed titled Dick pics don’t make for a good first impression. “I’d forgotten about one of the big things that drove me away last time: dick pics as a greeting.” Related: Gay And Straight Dudes Trade Notes On Why They Send D*ck Pics Ap...
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Gay-For-Pay Soccer Studs, Jilted Wives, And Bathroom Hookups: Queerty’s Fall Reading Roundup

Fall is well underway. The leaves have changed colors. The temperatures have dropped. Summer flings have been deleted and forgotten about. It’s time to get serious, people. And what better way to prove that you’re a serious person than by reading a serious book? Related: Bro-Jobs, Beards, And Obama: 11 Great Fall Reading Recommendations For Book Nerds Whether you’re in the mood for a salacious look at a soccer star’s gay-for-pay porn past, the true tale of a jilted pastor’s wife whose husband l...
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Older Guys Discuss The First Time Someone Called Them “Daddy”

It’s started happening to us, and we’re not all too pleased: Younger bucks casually calling us “daddy.” Should we be faintly annoyed and more-than-faintly turned off by the whole thing? Related: This New Web Series Will Help You Indulge Your Daddy Issues At the very least, we’re far from alone in our torment. A Redditor named AskGayBros wonders, “Older gays, at what age did you start realizing guys were messaging you and seeing you as a daddy?” Well. First off, we’ll take “daddy” over “older ga...
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How Out Magazine's Milo Yiannopoulos Story Missed The Whole Story & Betrayed Readers

When he's not being admitted to White House press conferences to ask the President of the United States to intervene with his Twitter account, proclaiming feminism to be cancer, swaying votes for Donald Trump, or palling around with Ann Coulter, Milo Yiannopoulos baits the gays on Instagram with photos like this -- and gets the star treatment in glossy LGBT magazines. Two days ago, Out magazine caused a firestorm when it published a sprawling, nearly 5,500-word personality profile of alt-right...
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More #GrindrFails That Will Ensure You Don’t Get Laid This Pride

Perhaps the best thing about Pride season, aside from the endless parades and raging circuit parties, is all the fresh meat out-of-towners on Grindr. Related: These Unfortunate #ScruffFails Will Ensure You Don’t Get Any Tail This Holiday Weekend Of course, if you actually want to reap the benefits of this special time of year, you’ll want to make sure you don’t make a fool of yourself over text. Remember, when it comes to hooking up, first impressions are, well, kind of the only thing that matt...
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Watch This Innocent Straight Guy Read His Gay BFF’s Grindr Messages

When gay vlogger Jason Frazier learned his straight BFF Jonty Warner had no idea what Grindr was, he took it upon himself to teach the innocent fella. Related: Ladies Reading Filthy Grindr/Scruff Messages Have Us LOLing He explained that it was sort of like “a gay version of Tinder,” but different. Then he had Jonty read aloud some of the conversations he’s had with guys on the app. Jonty’s reactions ranged from completely shocked to totally confused to grossed out, amused and even turned on. R...
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Colby Keller Explains His Role In Grindr’s Shakespeare-Inspired Film

  I play each of those ‘Seven Ages,’ and there’s one other person who plays a soldier I carry off the battlefield — this beautiful man with a crazy body. But all the other stages of man are played by me. It was a lot of fun and I think it will be really beautiful. The project really was Landis Smithers’ creative idea and he has, from what I’ve seen, really nailed everything. It sort of looks like a classic ’80s perfume ad… Grindr has a big audience and they use it specifically for one thing, wh...
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Watch What Happens During A Day Without Grindr

For many gays, a Grindr outage is a catastrophe on par with a tsunami or Paris Is Burning being removed from Netflix streaming, but it may not be all bad to go without Grindr for a little while. L.A.-based sketch comedy duo and YouTubers Cool Kid Adjacent have come up with a clever, effective, and non-preachy vid that encourages gays to look up from their phones and get into the variety of hot guys that ripe for the picking in the real world. And hot guys abound in the video, from our three gay...
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These Terrible Grindr Tips Are Guaranteed To Get You Laid

There’s something about comedian Mano Agapion’s tips on how to succeed on Grindr that have us in mildly uncomfortable stitches. Clearly tongue-in-cheeck, his “advice” is so brutally on the nose that if you followed it, it might actually get you laid — for the worst possible reasons. “You need a hot pic of your torso that says ‘I move fast and I don’t respect myself.'” Check. “Be curt, be dismissive, and by all means, be abusive. It’s important to come off ‘masc,’ and nothing is more masculine t...
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If You Think You’ve Acted A Bit Too Gay After Sex, This Is For You

How comfortable is too comfortable with a hookup? Letting him in on the fact that you do drag? Or maybe that you are just outraged at how Delta Burke was treated on her way out of Designing Women. YouTuber Michael Henry is back with a video that answers that age-old question of exactly how long one needs to butch it up after completing an act of gay sex. It’s alternately sad and funny how real these questions are, but in the age of “masc,” “gay-for-pay” porn and the cringeworthy phrase “straigh...
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PHOTOS: 27 Vintage Gay Couples Swooning For Their Valentines

Marriage equality wasn’t even a pipe dream, homosexuality was a punishable crime and Grindr was something a wheat farmer probably used, and still these same-sex couples managed to find moments of affection and love. What’s our excuse? Well, those seven seasons of 30 Rock aren’t going to Netflix themselves, now are they? But you we’ll take a break to marvel at these sweetheart scenes of days gone by:
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First Dates On Grindr Vs. Tinder Lead To Wildly Different Outcomes

For comedy’s sake, sure — Grindr is two clicks left of a bathhouse and Tinder is built for modern day puritans. But in reality, we’ve heard some Tinder stories that would make the most forward among us blush three shades redder than a cherry tomato. And that’s coming from some of our straight friends. Still, the stereotypes the gang from Logo’s upcoming show Gay Skit Happens hit on are hilarious nonetheless. The show premieres February  10 on Logo. Watch below: Logo TV
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