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James Gunn May Have Another DC Project After Suicide Squad & Peacemaker

BEGIN SLIDESHOW James Gunn Might Have Another DC Project in Works After The Suicide Squad & Peacemaker During a Q&A session on Instagram, director James Gunn was asked if he is currently working on other DC projects following Warner Bros.’ The Suicide Squad and HBO Max’s Peacemaker. Gunn seemingly confirmed his involvement in a potential new DC project by teasingly answering with “Maybe just a little. One toe dipped in.”  Understandably, he wasn’t able to give out further details about t...
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Superhero Bits: New Batman Game May Be Announced Soon, Spider-Man 3 May Shoot in September & More

Are you glad Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy will be staying together if there’s a third season of Harley Quinn? Will a new Batman video game be announced at DC FanDome in August? Will Spider-Man 3 be starting production in September? Which Marvel Comics movies will be part of Disney+’s summer movie nights? What kind of gadgets is Tony Stark working with in Iron Man VR? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Here are some of the funniest moments from various animated iterations o...
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James Gunn Says There Won’t Be a ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 4’, Calls Harley Quinn His Favorite Character He’s Written

James Gunn recently confirmed that both The Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 were still on track to meet their intended release dates. Of course, there’s always the chance that might change since there’s a lot of time between now and when those movies will get released. Thankfully, The Suicide Squad is being worked on remotely in post-production, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 isn’t slated to start shooting for a long time. Even so, Gunn took the time to tease both movies by...
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James Gunn Teases The Suicide Squad & Guardians Vol. 3

James Gunn Teases The Suicide Squad & Guardians Vol. 3 After James Gunn’s confirmation that The Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 are still on track for their respective 2021 and 2022 releases, the director took to Instagram to host another Q&A session with his fans where he went on to answer questions about his upcoming DC and MCU films. When asked about The Suicide Squad‘s timeline within the DCEU, Gunn has revealed that Warner Bros.’ highly-anticipated film will be taking p...
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Superhero Bits: Kang the Conqueror Maybe Coming to ‘Loki’, ‘Flashpoint’ Rumors Debunked & More

Want to see some classic Disney characters turned into X-Men? Why is Supergirl going back in time on the next episode of season five? Is Kang the Conqueror coming to the Loki series? Want to see some alternate roller skates Harley Quinn could have worn in Birds of Prey? Which script of James Gunn‘s is his favorite? Will Wonder Woman fight Aquaman in the Flashpoint movie? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Supergirl gets sent back to the past in the new promo for “It’s a S...
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Even Batman Would Admit These Joker Nail Art Looks Are Seriously Impressive

The Joker might be one of the comic book universe's most beloved (and feared) villains of all time, and mega-fans are using the Halloween season to share their enthusiasm for the character. Joker-inspired nail art is popping up all over Instagram and the manicures are anything but funny. Fans have painted portraits of the criminal on their tiny canvases, illustrated their manicures with "hahas," and included the villain's infamously scary smile across their nails. Some even added a few Harley Qu...
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Joel Kinnaman to Return as Rick Flag in The Suicide Squad!

Joel Kinnaman set to return as Rick Flag in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad Joel Kinnaman has let the world know that he will indeed return as Rick Flag for James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. The actor revealed the news via his Instagram account (via JoBlo), where he snapped a picture at a gun range where he will begin “easing into that squad preppppp …” Check out the full message below! RELATED: The New Gods Movie: Tom King to Co-Write Screenplay with Ava DuVernay PB ...
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Michael Rooker Denies Suicide Squad Casting Report

Michael Rooker denies Suicide Squad casting report Michael Rooker is not going to appear as King Shark (or any other character) in the upcoming Suicide Squad sequel, according to Michael Rooker. The Guardians of the Galaxy actor took to Instagram to post a screencap of last week’s report suggesting he would be in the film, which he replied in the caption “DA………..NOT!!!” He later added in the comments “This is not true news… I am not cast in this movie…….,” seemingly settling all doubt about h...
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Exclusive: The DC Universe Streaming Service is Not in Danger, Even as ‘Swamp Thing’ Ends Production Early

Earlier today, we reported that Swamp Thing wrapped production early due to “creative differences,” with a truncated 10-episode season set to debut on the DC Universe streaming at the end of May. However, with the reports of the show’s filming ending sooner than expected came rumors that this indicated trouble for DC Universe. /Film can confirm that this is not the case. /Film has exclusively learned that the potential issues with Swamp Thing‘s production do not reflect the health of the DC ...
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Birds of Prey Wraps Production

Birds of Prey Wraps Production Margot Robbie’s production company LuckyChap Entertainment took to Instagram to reveal that production has officially wrapped on Warner Bros’ forthcoming superhero film Birds of Prey. Featuring the film’s newest logo, you can check out the full photo below. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; googletag.cmd.push(function(...
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Full ‘Birds of Prey’ Movie Title Revealed By Margot Robbie

From the moment Margot Robbie‘s Harley Quinn appeared in the first trailer for 2016’s Suicide Squad, it was clear Robbie was a perfect fit for the character. She’s one of the few brights spots in that total mess of a movie, so it’s no surprise Warner Bros. is bringing her back in Birds of Prey, a female-centric spin-off movie that sees Harley Quinn team up with characters like Black Canary and Huntress. Now Robbie has taken to Instagram to reveal the full Birds of Prey movie title, and…well, it...
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The Coolest — & Creepiest — Ways To Wear The Pennywise Costume

There are few things in this world that scared us more than seeing Bill Skarsgård transform into Pennywise in 2017's It. But, while some people went to see the new iteration of the classic Stephen King novel just to judge it against the 1990 film, we went for a completely different reason: the Halloween beauty inspiration.With the big night only a month away, we're eager to lock down a killer costume ASAP, and let's face it: Pennywise is (still) this year's Harley Quinn. There's something so cr...
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This is why there are so many kids at Comic-Con 2018 on Sunday

Sunday at Comic-Con International is typically a much slower and less frantic day, but then why is the badge-pick up and registration line so long on the last day of the four-day event? Kids! Many families with children choose Sunday to attend because of the kid-friendly programming usually packed into Sunday’s program including a DC Kids Sunday Art School, Manga Tutorials for Kids, Publishing Comics for Kids and the world premiere of “DC Super Hero Girls: Legends of Atlantis.” Photos from C...
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5 cool things we saw on Comic-Con 2018’s first day

There was something different at the San Diego Convention Center when Comic-Con 2018 opened on Thursday. But what it was wasn’t immediately clear. All the familiar faces were represented by cosplayers in costumes as Harley Quinn or Batman, Spider-Man or Wonder Woman, and judging from the massive bags being hauled away by early shoppers, the vendors from Hasbro and Lego to Funko and Giant Robot are doing business as usual, too. The first day of Comic-Con 2018 in San Diego on Thursday, July 19, ...
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‘Suicide Squad 2’ Might Introduce Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam

Suicide Squad 2 is going to happen whether you like it or not. But here’s some potentially interesting news: rumors abound that Dwayne Johnson‘s Black Adam will make his first DCEU appearance in the film, setting the character up for his future solo adventure. Black Adam is one of DC’s supervillains and sometimes anti-hero, primarily known for being the enemy of superhero Shazam. While reaction to the DCEU as a whole has been mixed, it’s safe to assume almost everyone disliked the weird mess...
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The Coolest — & Creepiest — Ways To Wear The Pennywise Costume

There are few things in this world that scare us more than seeing Bill Skarsgård transform into Pennywise for the new film It. But, while some people went to see the new iteration of the classic Stephen King novel just to judge it against the 1990 film, we went for a completely different reason: the Halloween beauty inspiration.With the big night only a month away, we're eager to lock down a killer costume ASAP, and let's face it: Pennywise is this year's Harley Quinn. There's something so cree...
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Liev Schreiber Is The #1 Dad In Hollywood Right Now Thanks To This Photo

While you're all endlessly debating who the Best Chris in Hollywood is, I'm too occupied with crowing the Best Dad. And as of now, it's Liev Schreiber, the coolest man in Hollywood. He's got the cool show ( Ray Donovan, a favorite of my dad's and probably yours, too), he's got a cool five o'clock shadow, and he's got cool kids. Like, really, really cool kids with Naomi Watts, his ex.Their two sons, Alexander 'Sasha', 10, and Samuel 'Kai', 8, are taking after their both of their parents in the s...
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Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick Are All Smiles While Stepping Out For Coffee Amid Rumors They've Gotten Back Together!

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick continue to be in a good place amid all those rumors they've officially gotten back together! On Monday, the parents of Mason, Penelope, and Reign stepped out for some coffee in Malibu (above) -- and would you just look at those smiles?! Maybe they finally had sex??? LOLz, we kid! Related: Kim K. Throws Saint West A 'Low-Key' 1st Birthday Although the troubled reality star stayed close to the KUWTK family during his split from the 37-year-old over the past y...
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Your Horoscope This Week

Illustrated by John Lisle.Photographed by Christine Hahn. With the sun, moon, and Mercury in Scorpio this Monday, Halloween promises to live up to its spooky and seductive reputation. Although the festivities fall on a work night (bummer!), they are not to be missed. Not in the mood for a wild party? Intimate celebrations are perfectly acceptable, whether you're slipping off to snog a Cullen-lookalike vampire or hosting an American Horror Story marathon for close friends. Heads up: The sneak...
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this was a good week

Oh, friends.  Can you believe it's been six weeks since I last shared a good week with you?  I just checked the calendar, and I was so surprised at how much time had passed.  I do hope that during that time, you noted the good moments of your own days and lives.  No matter what, they were there. I promise.And so, to this week.  This was a good week, friends.  Here's why:•  After a crazy-relaxing weekend, Alex is getting her rhythm back in school, and Marcus and I each had...
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Kevin Smith And Daughter Harley Quinn Have Some Life Advice For Hateful Internet Troll

Kevin Smith and his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, have some words of advice for the internet trolls of the world.  Over the weekend, Harley posted a photo of herself on Instagram and was met with some serious hate from one troll who clearly has too much time on his or her hands.  “You’re ugly as shit,” the commenter wrote. “And that steaming horse shit of a movie, yoga hosers, should be banned. Fuck your talentless cunt of a father for trying to compare it with the matrix. You’re cancer and I s...
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New ‘Suicide Squad’ Footage Highlights Jared Leto’s Take on the Joker

When Jared Leto‘s take on the Joker was initially revealed, it resulted in the loudest, angriest fanboy temper tantrum to hit the internet since, well, Heath Ledger’s take on the Joker was initially revealed in the early days of marketing for The Dark Knight. Since then, most everyone has seemingly come to terms with the fact that the new Clown Prince of Crime is a heavily tattooed maniac from the streets who looks nothing like any previous version of the character. At least everyone has stoppe...
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