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Emergency in Mauritius after oil spill – in pictures

A tanker leaking tonnes of oil off the coast of the Indian Ocean island is breaking up, threatening ecological disaster Continue reading...
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Swim on sharks, nothing to see here: could fake kelp prevent attacks?

As the brutality of drumlines and culling is exposed, ingenious new ideas are being trialled to protect humans from sharks – and vice versa In 2017, surf champion Kelly Slater responded on Instagram to the death of Alexandre Naussac, a bodyboarder who died after a shark attack: “Honestly, I won’t be popular for saying this but there needs to be a serious cull,” Slater wrote. “There is a clear imbalance happening in the ocean there … 20 attacks since 2011!?”Réunion Island, the French overseas dep...
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Swarms of up to 80 Million Locusts Decimating Crops In East Africa, Threatening Food Security For 13 Million People

The United Nations (UN) has called on the international community to provide nearly $76 million to finance aerial spraying of pesticides in East Africa, where swarms of locusts continue to decimate crops and threaten food security in the region. In a tweet published Thursday, the Executive Director for the UN World Food Programme warned that if countries “do nothing” now, they will be forced to spend 15 times more money to feed the 13 million people “devastated by the loss of their crops a...
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Swarms of up to 80 Million Locusts Decimating Crops In East Africa, Threatening Food Security of 13 Million People

The United Nations (UN) has called on the international community to provide nearly $76 million to finance aerial spraying of pesticides in East Africa, where swarms of locusts continue to decimate crops and threaten food security in the region. In a tweet published yesterday, the Executive Director for the UN World Food Programme warned that if countries “do nothing” now, they will be forced to spend 15 times more money to feed the 13 million people “devastated by the loss of their crops ...
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Where to travel by zodiac sign

Maybe you think astrology is stupid. Maybe you think it’s a bunch of hippie-dippy junk science people use to excuse bad behavior. “Well you should have known I was going to was going to cheat on you, Janet. I’m a Scorpio!” Ok, well put that aside for a second. Because if you buy into astrology — if only for the time it takes to read your horoscope — it can be pretty entertaining. And sometimes, surprisingly accurate. Besides, even if you’re not into astrology, there’s a good chance someone yo...
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Indonesia tsunami: At least 222 dead and 843 injured after Krakatoa erupts - latest updates

At least 222 people died, with 843 others injured and 28 missing, when a tsunami apparently triggered by an erupting Mount Krakatoa hit beaches around Sunda Strait in Indonesia on Saturday night. The waves were apparently triggered by a combination of underwater landslides caused by the eruption of Mount Krakatoa and an abnormal tidal surge due to a new moon, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, the national disaster agency spokesman, said. Mr Nugroho said on Sunday those numbers may still rise. He said dozens...
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16 views to inspire travel

P aris, London, Barcelona, San Francisco — most of us are familiar with what these cities and their most famous monuments “look like.” In fact, with the internet nearly fused to our fingertips, it’s tempting to assume we know all the world’s places and panoramas. But what does Earth look like from the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town? From the bright-as-day nighttime streets of Tokyo? From a patch of grass near a herd of zebras outside of Nairobi? There’s always more of the world to explore,...
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How To Photograph A Total Lunar Eclipse

The total lunar eclipse of January 2018 only seems like it happened a few weeks ago and we're are already looking forward to the next eclipse. This is a great eclipse as the totality will last for about 1 hour and 43 minutes making it the longest eclipse of the 21st century. On the 27th of July 2018, the full moon will rise in the evening skies accompanied by an eclipse that will be visible in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the Indian Ocean area, Australia and Eastern parts of South Amer...
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Destinations out of cell phone range

Over a decade ago , two Steves — Jobs and Wozniak, that is — blew the collective mind of our generation by democratizing the smartphone. Today, we consider it normal to walk around with some of the most advanced technology available tucked into our back pockets, constantly connected to our friends, family, and complete strangers (AKA “followers”). While most of us can agree that putting down our phones every once in a while is beneficial, it’s hard to ignore the allure of dinging messages and ...
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5 ways to do Mauritius on a budget

Long-favored by newlyweds and resort-lovers, the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius isn’t known for being the most wallet-friendly destination. Being smack bang in the middle of the ocean doesn’t help keep flight costs down either — but once you’re there, the best things about Mauritius are free. It doesn’t cost a single rupee to stretch out on a white sand beach or to go waterfall hunting in one of the island’s deliciously green national parks. So, if you’re ready to do paradise for a pittance,...
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Madagascar – A Treasured Island

In times past an anarchist community of pirates called Madagascar home. It was an island beyond the law and off the map, a place of rogues, booty and bounties. These were outlaws moored on a marooned ecosystem. Set adrift 88 million years ago, the island is a castaway in the Indian Ocean, inhabited by a band of ecological stowaways. In this splendid isolation it has evolved into an unparalleled wonderland of the weird and unique, diverse and unbelievable. A political coup in 2009 left the cou...
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17 Epic Places You Never Thought To Travel, But Should

Paris? Been there. London? Done that. No offense to those storied standbys, but 2017 is a time to break out of your travel bubble and try someplace you’ve never thought to visit before.  Travel teaches us invaluable lessons we can’t learn in school. It expands our worldview. It pushes us to be better, stronger, more empathetic human beings. And these 17 places, in no particular order, are where that magic is going to happen this year. Some of them can be experienced in the lap of luxury, while ...
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26 Epic Adventures by Travel Bloggers in 2016

26 Epic Adventures by Travel Bloggers in 2016 Well, it’s about that time again. Time to look back on the year that was and look forward to the year that has just begun. For the past 6 years we’ve put together a year end round-up that highlights some of the adventures fellow travel bloggers have experienced throughout the year. It’s so awesome to see so many people fulfilling their longtime dreams! Looking for travel inspiration? Check out these epic adventures from years past. 25 Epic Adven...
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Guardian Readers’ Travel Photography Competition 2016: Winners

Kevin Pogorzelski, November winner. “On safari in Kenya, we were forced to stop our jeep for this family of ostriches to cross the dirt track. What made it so engaging was the mother attentively waiting for the chicks to cross while, out of shot, the father was leading the way”. MICK RYAN, JUDGE: Funny-looking flightless birds and their offspring give us comedy and cuteness – and an immediate emotional response. A clear monthly winner by anyone’s standards – and what lovely colour. (Photo by Ke...
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Places to see before they're gone

Photo: Göran Ingman The views and opinions expressed in this article are hers and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Matador Network. With the surprise news that Donald Trump will be the next president of the USA, it would be easy to overlook that with the news comes one of the biggest threats to the historic agreement on climate made in Paris earlier this year. Trump has previously described climate change as “fictional” and “created by the Chinese”, and has promised to “cance...
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Wednesday Open Mike: Prance Master (And: Food Book List)

There's a nice article in last week's New Yorker by Sam Knight called "Prance Master," about Olympic dressage. As usual for the magazine, the article has a different title online. Sam—who also wrote the epochal recent profile of the scintillating Ronnie O'Sullivan, the Michael Jordan of snooker—limns some of the mystery and majesty of this very ancient sport. The first dressage coach was the Athenian cavalryman and scholar Xenophon, a student of Socrates. The article quotes Xenophon's "On Horse...
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people and culture of the Transkei

The people in the photographs below are from a remote region known as the Transkei, in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province. This region and its people have become ingrained in my memory. Philip Nix is landscape photographer born in Savannah. Now based in New York City, Nix has shot in Iceland, Asia, and South Africa. Find more of Nix’s work @thenaturistman. 1 The Transkei region, formerly a semi-autonomous republic under South Africa’s apartheid, is home...
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White sands of Mauritius

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube MAURITIUS IS A VOLCANIC ISLAND in the Indian Ocean best known for its beaches, waterfalls, lagoons, and reefs. Filmmaker Raphael Pöham spent two weeks with his toes in the sand shooting this awesome video.
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No vacancies: life in Mozambique's abandoned Grande Hotel – in pictures

When it opened in 1955, the Grande Hotel in the Indian Ocean city of Beira was one of the most luxurious in Africa. Photojournalist Fellipe Abreu documents the lives of the 3,500 people who now fill this long-closed hotel to capacity Continue reading...
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Instagram snapshots: Yolan Post in the Maldives

Dutch blogger Yolan Post set off for the coral atolls and islands of the Indian Ocean to see if he could enjoy a taste of paradise on a budget Continue reading...
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Incredible Images Capture The Raw Beauty Of Waves Breaking Off The Coast Of South Africa

Beautiful seascapes capture the “raw power” of waves rising and crashing in the Indian Ocean. The stunning photos were taken off the coast of Durban in South Africa, and show formations from above and below the surface. Surfer and photographer Marck Botha took the images between April and July, and has always had a passion for the ocean. Here: A wave begins to collapse on the shore on July, 15, 2015, in Durban, South Africa. (Photo by Marck Botha/Barcroft Media) Buildings seen lined up on t...
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National Geographic: Best Travel Photos Of 2015

National Geographic just published its 2015 Best Daily Travel Photo roundup, picked indirectly by users like you! Yellowstone National Park Frost paints Yellowstone’s Lower Geyser Basin white early one January morning. The world’s first national park doesn’t shut down during the long winter—cross-country skiing and snowmobiling are popular snowy activities. (Photograph by Jeff Vanuga, Corbis) Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain Space is tight for onlookers during opening day of the San ...
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The diversity of the Indian Ocean islands

The Indian Ocean is home to some of the most spectacular islands in the world. From the Maldives archipelago just off the Indian sub-continent to the large island of Madagascar off the coast of Eastern Africa and the islands of Mauritius, Seychelles and La Réunion in between, these islands are... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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