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Five Art Accounts to Follow on Instagram Now

Tracking contentious statues, a journal devoted to Pan-African culture, fashion designers who geek out on art and politics: Here are the Instagram accounts that brighten our art critic’s daily feed.
Tags: Art, News, Instagram, Social Media, PA, Black People, Black Lives Matter Movement, Ken, Willy, Lum, Farber, Lynette, Instagram Now, Philadelphia (Pa, Monuments and Memorials (Structures, Instagram Inc

Five Artists to Follow on Instagram Now

Simone Leigh’s sculptures, Sara Cwynar’s otherworldly color and Rachel Stern’s photography balm in black and white: Here are some of the accounts recommended by our critic.
Tags: Art, Photography, News, Social Media, Cameras, Sculpture, Richard, Carter, Sara, Stern, Leigh, Simone Leigh, Instagram Now, Instagram Inc, Simone (1968-, Micaiah

Five Art Accounts to Follow on Instagram Now

Cauleen Smith’s experimental films about black life, Kyle Marshall’s dance improvisation dedicated to victims of police brutality: Here are some of the Instagram accounts brightening our art critic’s daily feed.
Tags: Art, Photography, News, Instagram, Dancing, Davis, Black People, Police Brutality, Smith, Demonstrations, Marshall, Black Lives Matter Movement, Kyle Marshall, Damon, Renata, Protests and Riots

Five Art Accounts to Follow on Instagram Now

Get up close to the finest mosaics in Western Europe, 19th-century busts (an earlier form of self-promotion), the archaeology of Turkey, the Met’s conservation projects and stately European homes.
Tags: Art, Photography, News, Social Media, Turkey, Museums, Netherlands, Western Europe, Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Mark, Hakan, Broch, Instagram Now, Travel and Vacations, Restoration and Renovation, Archaeology and Anthropology

Five Artists to Follow on Instagram Now

Photographs that capture our image-saturated times, biting cartoons and unusual regional architecture: Here are some of the Instagram accounts brightening our art critic’s daily feed.
Tags: Art, Photography, News, Instagram, Social Media, Mitchell, Freeman, Instagram Now, Cartoons and Cartoonists, Morgan Bassichis, Bedwyr Williams, Al (Artist, Algus, Qasimi, Farah al

Five Artists to Follow on Instagram Now

Sketches from Kara Walker, wild designs from a hot architect-turned-artist, and a photo diary from Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.
Tags: Art, Photography, News, Architecture, Ny, Walker, Kara, Kara Walker, Instagram Now, Instagram Inc, Bedford-Stuyvesant (Brooklyn, Barrayn, Laylah Amatullah, Jeyifous, Olalekan

5 Artists to Follow on Instagram Now

Avant-garde architecture, South African self-portraits and Neapolitan thirst traps: Here are the Instagram accounts that brighten our art critic’s daily feed.
Tags: Art, Photography, News, Social Media, Instagram Now, Instagram Inc, Torbjorn Rodland, Phumzile Khanyile, Nkosinathi Khumalo

Instagram's Following Activity Tab Is Going Away

Instagram is removing the "Following" tab -- a feed that shows the likes, comments, follows of your friends. "Beginning this week, the heart tab will display only your own activity," reports BuzzFeed News. From the report: Instagram launched its "Following" tab as an early feature back in 2011, long before its Explore tab debuted. At the time, Following was the best way to discover new content, since it would show you things your friends were liking. But that's no longer true now that Explore ha...
Tags: Instagram, Tech, Shah, BuzzFeed News, Instagram Now, Vishal Shah Instagram

New Research Shows Instagram Stories Impact How You Remember Your Everyday Life

It’s no mystery that photography and memories are part and parcel with one another, but new research from a team at Princeton University in the United States says that your social media recollections, specifically citing Instagram Stories, have a real effect on how you remember the events recorded. As photography has become increasingly accessible to the consumer market it has become easier for people to capture everyday life via film. This process was amplified by massive magnitudes with the ad...
Tags: Photography, Instagram, United States, Princeton, Princeton University, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Pixabay, Pexels, Instagram Now, News & Opinion, Resource Magazine Online

How to Promote a Presentation on Instagram

There’s a neat new feature on Instagram that’s targeted to help businesses generate new leads. If you are looking to boost your social media posts and interact with a wider audience, the app is now working to help you reach those goals. The feature is called Business Profile. All you have to do is link your business Facebook page to Instagram. Now you can promote a presentation for your next product launch, conference speeches and more. Make sure you are staying ahead of the competition by utili...
Tags: Facebook, Instagram, Social Media, App, Snapchat, Event, Presentation, Promotion, Speaking, Presentation Hacks, Instagram Now

Ruby Rose & Jessica Origliasso's Bath Bomb Fail Is All Of Us

Bath bombs are so much more than a flashy way to soak. The dreamy swirls of unicorn colors, effervescent fizz, and therapeutic scents have an unforeseen magical prowess known to induce pure and utter bliss — all distinctly part of the experience. Imagine, then, how you would feel having that happiness stripped away with a single drop of one less-than-stellar sphere. The horror! And that is exactly what happened to Ruby Rose and her girlfriend, Jessica Origliasso.Last night, the couple had plann...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Instagram, New York City, Ruby Rose, Rose, Instagram Now, Jessica Origliasso, Origliasso

I, For One, Welcome Our Algorithm Overlords

Are you done with Instagram? Earlier this week, Instagram (owned by Facebook) announced that it would be testing a new algorithm in the feed. What does that mean, in plain non-Silicon Valley English? It means that instead of getting the organic flow of pictures that you now see on Instagram (which is, essentially, the people that you follow, and their most recent pictures and videos), Instagram (or rather a computer program that Instagram built) will decide what you will be seeing in your feed. ...
Tags: Images, Facebook, Europe, Video, Media, Instagram, Marketing, Brand, Organic, Pictures, Silicon Valley, Newsfeed, Algorithm, Content, Robot, WPP

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