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5 Basic Instagram Story Hacks You Probably Never Knew About

Posting photos to Instagram is pretty straightforward, but when it comes to using Instagram Stories, that's an entirely different ballgame. There are so many fun things you can do on your stories to customize your content and make your personality shine. More photos? Sure. Fun videos? All day long. In order to get the most out of your Instagram Stories, there are a handful of basic hacks every user should know about. From rainbow text to posting multiple photos in a single frame, read on for our...
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5 steps for getting more social media ‘likes’

Generally speaking, likes beget likes, and engagement encourages engagement. Here are five steps for getting more social media “likes” on your real estate content. It’s not as hard as you think.
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Spotify 'Storyline' Let's Artists Tell Stories Behind Their Songs Instagram Style

Spotify is widely testing its own version of Instagram Stories for musicians and songwriters. "Storyline" provides curated commentary about each song running slideshow-style as the song plays    Spotify Tests ‘Storyline’ – a Snapchat-Style Stories Feature Offering Additional Artist Content by @waxeditorial — (@MacRumors) May 14, 2019 Currently available to a limited group artists, Spotify's Storyline borrows from...
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Take Advantage of Instagram Stories – Read These 11 Tips

As new content delivery methods become available and catch audience attention, small businesses need to pivot and adapt. Instagram Stories is one option that has been gaining a good amount of attention. To find out more about what kinds of approaches work, we asked entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) the following: “What is the best way for small businesses to use Instagram Stories?” Instagram Stories Tips Here’s what YEC community members had to say: 1. Show Your Human Side ...
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Strategy Note: Facebook F8 2019

This week, Facebook held its annual developers conference to announce the road map for their suite of products and platforms. The predominant message from Mark Zuckerberg’s opening keynote: “the future is private.” The focus of the F8 announcements supported this statement and how Facebook is building a more privacy-focused social platform. With this direction, there was an emphasis on Groups, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Additionally, Facebook is rebuilding their infrastructure to support their pri...
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Instagram's New Feature Lets You Add a Donation Sticker to Your Story

Instagram is now helping you raise money for your favorite nonprofit organizations - the app just rolled out a brand-new feature allowing users to add donation stickers to their Stories. The update is pretty similar to the Facebook feature that lets users collect donations from friends to give to specific groups, though Instagram's version is only available to U.S.-based users at the moment. The feature was announced (among other exciting updates) at Facebook's annual F8 conference, and Instagra...
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Samsung announces a $1,600 43-inch vertical TV for the smartphone generation

So, Samsung has gone and done it. They’ve singlehandedly destroyed the “You don’t watch TV vertically do you? So, why do you shoot video vertically?” argument. Yes, they’ve announced a vertical TV. And it costs $1,600 (not $16,000 as some sources are reporting). The Samsung Sero is a 43″ vertical TV allowing users to watch […] The post Samsung announces a $1,600 43-inch vertical TV for the smartphone generation appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Instagram officially tests hiding Like counts

Would we feel less envious, shameful and competitive if Instagram didn’t tell us how many Likes a post received? That’s the idea behind Instagram now hiding Like counts from both a post’s viewers and its author as part of an experiment in Canada. A post’s creator can still open the Likers window to see the names of everyone who hearted their post, but they’d have to count them manually. Even though Like totals would still impact how the algorithm ranks a post in the feed, if rolled out, the c...
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Facebook's 2019 first-quarter earnings call (FB)

Editor's note: The following is a transcript from Facebook's first-quarter earnings call. The translation was provided by Facebook.   Operator Good afternoon. My name is Mike and I will be your conference operator today. At this time I would like to welcome everyone to the Facebook first quarter 2019 Earnings Call. All lines have been placed on mute to prevent any background noise. After the speakers' remarks, there will be a question and answer session. If you would like to ask a question dur...
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Marketers want more details about how Facebook’s move to encryption will impact ads

Facebook's annual F8 developer conference will kick off this week in San Jose, California, and is likely to focus on the social network's plan to move towards privacy and encryption. Marketers said it's unclear how the model will work with Facebook's ad business. Facebook is expected to play up WhatsApp and Messenger, but advertisers have concerns about running ads in private messaging apps. They're also looking for more details about Instagram and its success with Stories. Visit BusinessInsid...
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‘There’s almost a hedging against advertising’: Marketers want more details about how Facebook’s move to encryption will impact ads

Facebook's annual F8 developer conference will kick off this week in San Jose, California, and is likely to focus on the social network's plan to move towards privacy and encryption. Marketers said it's unclear how the model will work with Facebook's ad business. Facebook is expected to play up WhatsApp and Messenger, but advertisers have concerns about running ads in private messaging apps. They're also looking for more details about Instagram and its success with Stories. Visit BusinessInsid...
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Stagecoach 2019: How to see the festival on Instagram and Instagram Stories

The 2019 Stagecoach Country Music Festival is back this weekend and we’re ready to put on our cowboy boots on and listen to Sam Hunt at the Empire Polo Club. Sign up for our Festival Pass newsletter. Whether you are a Coachella lifer or prefer to watch from afar, get weekly dispatches during the Southern California music festival season. Subscribe here. Related Articles Stagecoach 2019: Female country artists are ready to kick up a little dust in the desert ...
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How to Use Instagram’s New Quiz Stickers in Stories

It’s no secret that Instagram Stories are all the rage these days. In fact, there are now over 500 million active daily users on Stories alone and that number is expected to continue increasing. Stories are a fun and quick way to share content on Instagram without having all the pressure of creating that perfect Instagram aesthetic the content you post to your page demands. For brands, one of the most beneficial parts of Instagram Stories is the ability to interact and engage with your audience ...
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You might hate it, but Facebook Stories now has 500M users

You might think it’s redundant with Instagram Stories, or just don’t want to see high school friends’ boring lives, but ephemeral Snapchat-style Stories now have 500 million daily users across Facebook and Messenger. WhatsApp’s Stories feature Status has 500 million dailies too, and Instagram hit that milestone three months ago. That’s impressive because it means one-third of Facebook’s 1.56 billion daily users are posting or watching Stories each day, up from zero when Facebook launched t...
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Facebook prototypes a swipeable hybrid carousel of feed posts & Stories

Feed and Stories unite! Facebook is so eager to preempt the shift to Stories that it might even let us use the same interface of horizontally swipeable cards to sift through News Feed posts. If users won’t scroll down any more, Facebook’s ad business could take a huge hit. But by allowing traditional feed posts and ads to appear amidst Stories in the same carousel you’re more prone to swipe through, it could squeeze more views and dollars out of that content. This would help Facebook graceful...
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Instagram bug showed Stories to the wrong people

Today in “Facebook apps are too big to manage”, a glitch caused some users’ Instagram Stories trays to show Stories from people they don’t follow. TechCrunch first received word of the problem from Twitter user InternetRyan who was confused about seeing strangers in his Stories Tray and tagged me in to investigate. The screenshots below show people in his Stories tray who he doesn’t follow, as proven by the active Follow buttons on their profiles. TechCrunch inquired about the issue, and t...
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Coachella 2019: Catch up with the festival on Instagram and Instagram Stories

The 2019 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is back this weekend and even though Solange said thank you, next, with a last-minute cancellation, there are still plenty of things to look forward to both on and off the stage. Whether you’re experiencing FOMO or planning for weekend 2, we’ll post about trending fashions, crazy new art and tips for surviving the desert wind gusts. Oh, and we’ll give you some Blackpink and updates on all the Arichella madness. Related Articles ...
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The 3 Most Important Social Media Milestones to Track

On some level, social media analytics and stats can be viewed partly as vanity metrics. It just feels good when you hit major milestones, like when you get 1,000 followers on Instagram or 10,000 followers on Twitter. But these milestones don’t really mean that much of a different from a practical standpoint, because there is no measurable benefit from having 1,000 followers compared to having 999… other than the psychological, of course. And while there are no explicit, quantitative requirements...
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Instagram copied Snapchat's Stories format with posts that disappear in 24 hours. Now, Snapchat is upping the ante by taking Stories everywhere. (SNAP, FB)

Snapchat is extending Stories, the ephemeral posts that disappear within 24 hours, beyond its own app. Starting today, users will be able to create and share Stories directly on third-party partner apps including Tinder, Houseparty and Adventure Aide. Snapchat is also extending Bitmoji to other third-party apps, including Venmo and Fitbit.  This is a bid by the company to extend Stories beyond its own app, and thus make its camera more ubiquitous. LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Snapchat pioneered Stor...
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Snapchat launches Scan, its AR utility platform

Point and shoot? No, point and interact. Snapchat can now help with your homework. The app’s camera is becoming the foundation of an augmented reality developer platform known as “Scan”. Snap today announced partnerships with Photomath to add the ability to solve math problems, and Giphy for detecting objects which then spawn related GIFs on screen. Scan will roll out to all Snapchat users soon, and developers interested in joining the platform can contact Snap. Snapchat Scan spawns Giphy ...
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What Kim Kardashian can teach you about social media

With 60 million-plus Twitter followers and 132 million Instagram followers, every move Kim Kardashian makes is captured, catalogued and commented on by her fans. What can you learn from this social media queen to improve your own feed? Find out here.
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Technology, Kim Kardashian, Instagram, Marketing, Social Media, Snapchat, Radio, Agent, Kardashian, Jenner, Lead Generation, Select, Instagram Stories, Christy Murdock Edgar

How to leverage the one thing every listing has — the address

Think about it: If you are the listing agent for a property or you are simply executing an open house for another agent, there is only one thing that you possess that the general public doesn’t — the address. Here's how to leverage that to your advantage.
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The new Samsung Galaxy S10 has an 'Instagram mode' to more easily post to your Stories — here's how it works

Instagram Stories have become wildly popular for users to share Snapchat-like updates with their friends and followers. Samsung's Galaxy S10 phones, released earlier this month, are equipped with an "Instagram mode" that lets phone users seamlessly post to their Stories from the phone's camera. Here's how the Galaxy's "Instagram mode" works. If you didn't know popular Instagram Stories are, here's an eye-opening statistic — roughly half of Instagram's 1 billion users take advantage of the Sto...
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Yep, There's a Limit to How Many Instagram Stories You Can Post in 1 Day

Who doesn't love a good Instagram Story? Rather than posting one picture, you can literally document your entire day. Plus, you can see who's checking you out (and vice-versa, unfortunately). Like Snapchat, Instagram Stories now come complete with filters, GIFs, stickers, backgrounds, fonts, and more, and are a less permanent way of keeping your followers up to date on your daily activities. While posting a few here and there is great, have you ever gotten annoyed or overwhelmed when someo...
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New to real estate? Make these 8 things your first-year’s mission

What does a new agent need to do regularly to succeed, grow and be profitable in their business and beyond? Here’s a list of the major things that new agents must do to prosper and succeed in their first year.
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Making the Most out of Your Instagram Stories

Stories have become a major part of Instagram, receiving millions of views daily. If your brand is active on the platform it’s important to take advantage of this space, since it presents a huge opportunity to be discovered by audiences both new and old. With so many eyeballs on this content, it’s important to use Instagram best practices in this area of the platform along with the posts you add to your page. If you need help figuring out what works best, these 9 tips will lead you in the right ...
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Social Media Marketing World 2019: 5 Sessions We Can’t Wait to Attend

Social Media Marketing World. It’s an event, an experience. Something you have to witness to fully appreciate. The speakers are world-renowned. The topics are cutting edge. And the opportunities to meet fellow marketers are invaluable. Last year was my first time attending. And it blew me away. I’d listened to the Social Media Examiner podcast for a while and was familiar with many of the speakers and topics. But I wasn’t prepared for the depth of the conversation and the inspiration the confer...
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Instagram is losing two of its top marketing execs, and one has landed at Uber

Clifford Hopkins, Instagram's head of marketing, is leaving the company in early June. To fill that role, Instagram is hiring a global VP of marketing who will report to Facebook's chief marketing officer, Antonio Lucio. Taj Alavi, formerly one of Hopkins' direct reports, left Instagram in December and joined Uber as senior director and global head of marketing solutions last week. Both were involved in some of the Facebook-owned app's big campaigns, to launch Instagram Stories and IGTV. In s...
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Homesnap has created the Instagram Stories of real estate

Homesnap has launched a new feature that lets agents create short, Instagram-esque posts about their listings, which can be then shared on social media.
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Uber hired a former top marketing exec at Instagram who helped launch Stories

Marketing exec Taj Alavi has joined Uber as senior director and global head of marketing solutions. Alavi most recently was Instagram's head of global brand marketing and led the Facebook-owned app's big recent campaigns that launched Instagram Stories and IGTV. Instagram is currently hiring a global VP of marketing that will report to Facebook CMO Antonio Lucio. As Uber tries to rebuild its damaged reputation, it hired former marketing exec from Instagram who spearheaded several of the Faceb...
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