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Instagram Is Testing a Latest Posts Feature

It's not quite the return of the chronological feed, but Instagram is internally testing an alternative. Blogger and developer Jane Manchun Wong discovered a Latest Posts feature in the code for the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network, sharing a screenshot in a tweet. Instagram is working on "Latest Posts" feed for catching up feed posts...
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Instagram is testing a way to display posts in chronological order

In 2016, Instagram began messing with users’ feeds, much to fans’ chagrin. The posts they would see from the accounts they followed weren’t in order of when they were posted, but in order of what the app’s algorithm determined to be worth looking at. Thankfully, there might be some respite. Reverse engineer extraordinaire, Jane Manchun Wong, tweeted about a feature currently being tested, that will allow you to see the latest posts you missed out on. Instagram is working on “Latest Posts” feed f...
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Instagram prototypes “Latest Posts” feature

Instagram users who miss the reverse chronological feed might get a new way to see the most recent pics and videos from who they follow. Instagram has been spotted internally prototyping a “Latest Posts” feature. It appears as a pop-up over the main feed and brings users to a special area showing the newest content from their network. Instagram Latest Posts For now, this doesn’t look like a full-fledged “Most Recent” reverse-chronological feed option like what Facebook has for the News Feed...
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Instagram tests IGTV ads that let creators monetize their vids

Instagram might finally be allowing its stars — its IGTV stars, that is — to make money directly from their content. It’s internally testing a Partner Program that lets IGTV creators run ads on their videos. If it works on Facebook, then why not give it a try on Instagram? It’s better than nothing, which is basically what creators have had up to this point. Instagram is working on IGTV Ads to let influencers monetize their content by running short ads on their IGTV Videos
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Instagram prototypes letting IGTV creators monetize with ads

Instagram may finally let IGTV video makers earn money 18 months after launching the longer-form content hub. Instagram confirms to TechCrunch that it has internally prototyped an Instagram Partner Program that would let creators earn money by showing advertisements along with their videos. By giving creators a sustainable and hands-off way to generate earnings from IGTV, they might be inspired to bring more and higher quality content to the destination. The program could potentially work sim...
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Instagram tests Direct Messaging on web where encryption fails

Instagram will finally let you chat from your web browser, but the launch contradicts Facebook’s plan for end-to-end encryption in all its messaging apps. Today Instagram began testing Direct Messages on the web for a small percentage of users around the globe, a year after TechCrunch reported it was testing web DMs. When fully rolled out, Instagram tells us its website users will be able to see when they’ve received new DMs, view their whole inbox, start new message threads or group chats, s...
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Instagram adds Boomerang effects as TikTok looms

TikTok has spawned countless memes formats from its creative effects, challenging Instagram for the filtered video crown. Now nearly five years after launching Boomerang, Instagram’s back-and-forth video loop maker is finally getting a big update to its own editing options. Users around the globe can now add SlowMo, “Echo” blurring, and “Duo” rapid rewind special effects to their Boomerangs, as well as trim their length. This is the biggest upgrade yet for one of mobile’s most popular video c...
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Facebook Is Working on Favorites, Its Version of Instagram’s Close Friends

The parent is borrowing from the child, as Facebook is testing Favorites, its version of Instagram's Close Friends feature. Developer and blogger Jane Manchun Wong discovered the feature last week and shared screenshots via Twitter. Facebook/Messenger is testing "Favorites" list for Stories It's like Instagram's Close Friends -- Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) November 21,...
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Facebook prototypes Favorites for close friends microsharing

Facebook is building its own version of Instagram Close Friends, the company confirms to TechCrunch. There’s a lot people that don’t share on Facebook because it can feel risky or awkward since its definition of “friends” has swelled to include family, work colleagues, and distant acquaintances. No one wants their boss or grandma seeing their weekend partying or edgy memes. There are whole types of sharing, like Snapchat’s Snap Map-style live location tracking, that feel creepy to expose to s...
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Instagram is testing a feature to clean up your pity follows

We’ve all been there: You meet someone who wants to stay in touch later, but you don’t want to share your number with them. So you turn to the next best thing — Instagram. These are people whom you follow out of courtesy, but don’t interact with much. Don’t worry, Instagram is testing a feature that might help you out unfollow some of them. According to app researcher Jane Manchun Wong,the social network is experimenting with a feature to let you group accounts — and it’ll even corral those cour...
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Instagram might soon let you post group stories

Instagram might finally let you make stories for your group. According to app researcher Jane Mancun Wong, the company is currently testing out this feature in one of the app’s test builds. Screenshots posted in Wong’s tweet indicates once you snap a photo from the stories camera option, it’ll let you post it to your stories, stories visible to only close friends, and stories for a group. Plus, you’ll be able to create a new group and post your story there too. Instagram is testing Group Story p...
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Instagram unlikable? A brief analysis of the impact of the proposed “unliking” of Instagram

Last month, digital hobbyist Jane Manchun Wong discovered some inactive lines of code in Instagram that would turn off the display of likes on Instagram posts. Initially, Instagram claimed no immediate plans to test the functionality, but about 2 weeks later at the F8 Conference on April 30th, Facebook announced that it would shortly begin a limited test in Canada. It’s a small but significant change. You’d still be able to like something, but the exchange would become a personal exchange betwe...
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Instagram experiments with hiding like counts from your newsfeed to create a 'less pressurized environment'

Instagram is testing hiding users' likes on the newsfeed. Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri told BuzzFeed the goal was to create a "less pressurized environment." Mosseri said the inspiration for the trial came from Instagram's popular Stories feature. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Instagram is testing hiding users' likes on the newsfeed in an effort to make the platform less of a drain on people's self-worth. Instagram announced the change at Facebook's annual developer's ...
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Instagram officially tests hiding Like counts

Would we feel less envious, shameful and competitive if Instagram didn’t tell us how many Likes a post received? That’s the idea behind Instagram now hiding Like counts from both a post’s viewers and its author as part of an experiment in Canada. A post’s creator can still open the Likers window to see the names of everyone who hearted their post, but they’d have to count them manually. Even though Like totals would still impact how the algorithm ranks a post in the feed, if rolled out, the c...
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Instagram is mulling a new feature that would hide from others how many likes you get on your posts (FB)

Instagram is testing a change to the app where the number of likes on your posts would be hidden to everyone besides yourself. Reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong discovered the unreleased feature, and posted screenshots to Twitter. An Instagram spokesperson says the feature isn't being tested "at the moment," but the company is always considering " ways to reduce pressure" on the app. Visit for more stories. Instagram may be considering a major change to the app tha...
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Instagram could hide the number of likes on photos

In a recent development, Facebook-owned Instagram is considering hiding the number of likes a post gets. This unreleased feature was first noted by social media researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who constantly discovers hidden changes within social media applications. According to Instagram, " We want your followers to focus on what you share, not how many likes you get. During this test, only the person who shared a post will see the total number of likes it gets." Instagram is testing hiding l...
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Instagram hides Like counts in leaked design prototype

“We want your followers to focus on what you share, not how many likes your posts get. During this test, only the person who share a post will see the total number of likes it gets.” That’s how Instagram describes a seemingly small design change test with massive potential impact on users’ well-being. Hiding Like counts could reduce herd mentality, where people just Like what’s already got tons of Likes. It could reduce the sense of competition on Instagram, since users won’t compare their...
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Facebook prototypes a swipeable hybrid carousel of feed posts & Stories

Feed and Stories unite! Facebook is so eager to preempt the shift to Stories that it might even let us use the same interface of horizontally swipeable cards to sift through News Feed posts. If users won’t scroll down any more, Facebook’s ad business could take a huge hit. But by allowing traditional feed posts and ads to appear amidst Stories in the same carousel you’re more prone to swipe through, it could squeeze more views and dollars out of that content. This would help Facebook graceful...
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Facebook appears to be considering putting Messenger back in its main app (FB)

Facebook is thinking about re-adding Messenger to its core app. The company split it out years ago, forcing users to download an additional app to message their friends. A researcher digging through Facebook's code has found suggestions that it is now considering bringing it back into the fold. Facebook appears to be considering re-adding Messenger to its core app, years after removing it and spinning it out into a separate app. Jane Manchun Wong, a tech researcher who digs into popular apps'...
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Foursnap? Snapchat tries ‘Status’ location check-ins

Today’s teens missed the Foursquare era, so Snapchat is giving them another shot with a new feature to aid in-person meetups. Snapchat is now testing Status, an option to share to the Snap Map a Bitmoji depicting what you’re up to at a certain place. You could show your little avatar playing video games, watching TV, asking friends to hit you up and more. And Snapchat will compile these into a private diary of what you’ve been doing, called Passport This fixes the biggest problem with Snap Map a...
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Instagram prototypes video co-watching

The next phase of social media is about hanging out together while apart. Rather than performing on a live stream or engaging with a video chat, Instagram may allow you to chill and watch videos together with a friend. Facebook already has Watch Party for group co-viewing and in November we broke the news that Facebook Messenger’s code contains an unreleased “Watch Videos Together” feature. Now Instagram’s code reveals a “co-watch content” feature hidden inside Instagram Direct Messaging. It’...
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Facebook wants up to 30% of fan subscriptions vs Patreon’s 5%

Facebook will drive a hard bargain with influencers and artists judging by the terms of service for the social network’s Patreon-like Fan Subscriptions feature that lets people pay a monthly fee for access to a creator’s exclusive content. The policy document attained by TechCrunch shows Facebook plans to take up to a 30 percent cut of subscription revenue minus fees, compared to 5 percent by Patreon, 30 percent by YouTube which covers fees, and 50 percent by Twitch. Facebook also reserves...
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Instagram Code Reveals Public 'Collections' Feature To Take On Pinterest

An anonymous reader quotes a report from TechCrunch: Instagram is threatening to attack Pinterest just as it files to go public the same way the Facebook-owned app did to Snapchat. Code buried in Instagram for Android shows the company has prototyped an option to create public "Collections" to which multiple users can contribute. Instagram launched private Collections two years ago to let you Save and organize your favorite feed posts. But by allowing users to make Collections public, Instagram ...
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Instagram’s fundraiser stickers could lure credit card numbers

Mark Zuckerberg recently revealed that commerce is a huge part of the 2019 roadmap for Facebook’s family of apps. But before people can easily buy things from Instagram etc, Facebook needs their credit card info on file. That’s a potentially lucrative side effect of Instagram’s plan to launch a Fundraiser sticker in 2019. Facebook’s own Donate buttons have raised $1 billion, and bringing them to Instagram’s 1 billion users could do a lot of good while furthering Facebook’s commerce strategy. ...
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We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #434

UK reports examine Facebook’s practices The results are in from the UK Government’s Cairncross Review, a report examining the health of U.K. news media and digital advertising. It recommends the creation of new official “codes of conduct” for news publishers that deal with Facebook and Google. It also called for the creation of a regulatory body to make sure the platforms were actually delivering on promises to clamp down on the spread of fake news. This was followed by another report from the U...
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First look at Twitter’s Snapchatty new Camera feature

Twitter has been secretly developing an enhanced camera feature that’s accessible with a swipe from the home screen and allows you to overlay captions on photos, videos, and Live broadcasts before sharing them to the timeline. Twitter is already used by people to post pictures and videos, but as it builds up its profile as a media company, and in the age of Snapchat and Instagram, it is working on the feature in hopes it will get people doing that even more. Described in Twitter’s code as the “N...
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Instagram is now testing a web version of Direct messages

Insta-chat addicts, rejoice. You could soon be trading memes and emojis from your computer. Instagram is internally testing a web version of Instagram Direct messaging that lets people chat without the app. If, or more likely, when this rolls out publicly, users on a desktop or laptop PC or Mac, a non-Android or iPhone, or that access Instagram via a mobile web browser will be able to privately message other Instagrammers. Instagram web DMs was one of the features I called for in a product wi...
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Instagram now lets you regram your posts to multiple accounts

Instagram is swaying the balance towards simplicity but away from originality. It’s adding the ability to publish feed posts to different accounts you control at the same time by toggling them on within the composer screen. An Instagram spokesperson confirms this option is becoming available to all iOS users, telling TechCrunch “We are rolling out this feature to provide a better experience for people who often post to multiple accounts.” This “self regram” could make it easier for businesses...
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Snapchat is testing new features (that Instagram has had for months)

Snapchat has clearly fallen behind Instagram when it comes to user growth. In order to catch up, the app is testing a bunch of features like a timer, camera grid, and portrait mode. The finding comes from app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who took to Twitter to share screenshots of the new features. Portrait photos are in vogue, and Snapchat users will surely want to have this feature in the app as soon as possible. Wong posted a tweet that shows Snapchat’s redesign camera UI to place these func...
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Facebook Messenger is building a “Watch Videos Together” feature

Netflix and chill from afar? Facebook Messenger is now internally testing simultaneous co-viewing of videos. That means you and your favorite people could watch a synchronized video over group chat on your respective devices while discussing or joking about it. This “Watch Videos Together” feature could make you spend more time on Facebook Messenger while creating shared experiences that are more meaningful and positive for well-being than passively zombie-viewing videos solo. This new approa...
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