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This Week in Photography Books: Peggy Levison Nolan

  Parenting isn’t glamourous. That’s for sure. I always knew I’d have kids, and given how much I relish being a Dad, I guess I had it right. (I used the word “relish” here, because I don’t know if “enjoy” is quite right.) I love my children more than anything, and would take a bullet for either of them, as I would for my wife. No question. And each of the kids, both 21st creatures through and through, are funny, thoughtful, sweet and smart. I enjoy them as people, no question. They’re awesome. J...
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Jessie James Decker Plans to Post a Nude of Eric Decker From the Back

Eric Decker and Jessie James Decker attend the 52nd Academy Of Country Music Awards at Toshiba Plaza on April 2, 2017 in Las Vegas. Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Jessie James Decker hopes to give fans more of what they’ve been asking for: another of hubby Eric Decker. “The amount of people that’ve asked about that is so funny,” the singer, 30, told Us Weekly about the infamous snapshot of her husband before opening her Kittenish store in Nashville on Friday, February 15. “I’ve heard from...
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This Week in Photography Books: Douglas Ljungkvist

  For whatever reason, I’ve never been to Sweden. (Though I’m sure it’s a lovely place.) I’ve been to Copenhagen, though, so the sum total of my knowledge of Scandinavia amounts to smoking insanely good hash in the commune of Christiania, watching my brother annihilate my friend Pappy in several games of backgammon. (Yes, he beat me too.) Something tells me, though, there’s more to Scandinavia than hippies and board games. I may not have been to Sweden, it’s true, but my neighbors down the stree...
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The Best Work I Saw at the Medium Festival of Photography: Part 1

  My kids are 6 and 11. Right in that sweet spot where all the older people you meet say, “Cherish this time. It goes by so quickly.” Seriously. I’ve heard that a lot. My wife and I are trying to appreciate it, but as my son told me the other day, (with respect to the natural beauty that surrounds him in Taos,) it’s hard not to take it for granted. One thing I’ve discovered, one trick to make it last, is to try to make more memories. To do it on purpose. As a photographer, I’ll be honest, I don’...
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Diddy’s Ex Misa Hylton-Brim & Their Son Justin Combs Share Beautiful Messages to Kim Porter on Instagram

Sean “Diddy” Combs has a HUGE family—a total of six children, including Kim Porter’s oldest son Quincy, who isn’t biologically his, but he helped raise him as if he were his own.Diddy has a strong bond with all three of the women who are his children’s mothers—the late Kim Porter, Misa Hylton-Brim and Sarah Chapman—and not only that, but the women also have strong bonds with each other. RELATED: Diddy, Quincy & Al B. Sure Pay Tribute to Kim Porter on Social Media Fans have admired and respected ...
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Kim Porter & Diddy’s Kids: Quick Facts You Need to Know & Photos of Their Family

Kim Porter left behind a large family when she passed away at the young age of 47.According to TMZ, Porter was found dead in her Los Angeles-area home on Thursday (Nov. 15). Although her cause of death was not immediately revealed, she was recently suffering from flu-like symptoms (and possibly pneumonia) and police received a call to her home about a patient in cardiac arrest. RELATED: Kim Porter’s Last Family Outing Was Her Son Quincy’s Movie Premiere (PHOTOS) Kim Porter’s untimely death has m...
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Kim Porter’s Kids: Quick Facts You Need to Know & Photos of Her Family

Kim Porter left behind a large family when she passed away at the young age of 47.According to TMZ, Porter was found dead in her Los Angeles-area home on Thursday (Nov. 15). Although her cause of death was not immediately revealed, she was recently suffering from flu-like symptoms (and possibly pneumonia) and police received a call to her home about a patient in cardiac arrest.Kim Porter’s untimely death has many wondering about her family—most notably her children with Hip-Hop mogul Sean “Diddy...
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This Week in Photography Books: Joshua Lutz

  Holy shit, has it been a crazy week. Sometimes, I feel like I can’t catch my breath, because no matter how hard I work, and how much positive energy I try to push out into the world, everything is just too big. Too wild. Too raw. I’m helpless. Most days, almost every day, honestly, I know who I am, where I’m going, what I’m doing, and what my goals are. Be a good husband and father. Make good art. Write smart, entertaining and beneficial things for you, my large (and largely faceless) global a...
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This Week in Photography Books: Ron Koeberer

  I almost cut off my thumb in 2001. It’s true. I was making dinner for my girlfriend, and almost sliced it off on the jagged-lid of a Muir Glen tomato can. (Sorry for putting that visual in your head.) After the blood spurted on the wall, and after I called my landlord who told me to go to the hospital, and after I almost got driven across the city by a couple of drunk-guys, luckily, Jessie got home and drove me the half-mile to the closest ER. It’s 2018 now, and I’m only just getting my range ...
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Jessie James Decker Sparks Debate On Drinking While Breastfeeding With Thirsty New Instagram Pic!

Jessie James Decker is toasting to all her mommy shamers. The singer sparked a breastfeeding debate on Instagram Thursday after she shared a photo of herself nursing her 4-month-old son Forrest with what appeared to be a glass of rosé in her hand. To top it all off, the 30-year-old reality star wrote in the caption: "Cheers bitches." Obviously, the visual prompted buzz from Jessie's followers over whether or not it was fair game to drink alcohol while breastfeeding. Plenty of users blasted he...
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Meet The Young Women Redefining What It Means To Go Gray

I still remember that excruciating moment when a colleague stood over my chair, squinted at the top of my head, and said loudly: "Are you going gray?" Thanks. I was 25 and really had no desire to draw attention to the silvers starting to poke through my naturally dark hair. Not long after that, I started getting my hair colored to cover those stubborn strands. But over the years it's left me wondering: Why do we have such an issue with gray hair?"People usually notice their first grays in their...
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These 3 Images Are Good Examples Of Some Fundamental Photographic Composition Principles

One of the best ways to learn photography is by looking at examples that clearly demonstrate concepts. That is what we have tried to do in selecting these images that clearly deomstrate certain composition principles that you will become familiar with as you progress through your photography journey. The criteria for selecting the images were simple: they all had to illustrate three solid principles of photography, especially in terms composition. “If you encounter a monkey in an absurd context,...
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This Week in Photography Books: Rebecca Memoli

  I’m a little distracted at the moment. Antidote starts tomorrow, and somehow I find myself playing roles of caterer, landscaper, teacher, entrepreneur, tour guide, and raconteur, simultaneously. Be careful what you wish for… Truth be told, I’m very excited. I promised you guys earlier this summer that I wouldn’t promote the retreat here, but technically I’m not, as it’s already good to go. Following the advice I dispensed in the column a few months ago, (Build it and they will come,) once I de...
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This Week In Photography Books: John MacLean

by Jonathan Blaustein It’s Monday morning, and the sky is gray. (It can be confusing, I know, as you’re likely reading on a Friday, when the weekend is at hand.) Everybody loves the weekend, but gray Mondays are about as fun as being the guy who has to wash Donald Trump’s underwear. Think about that guy the next time you get a case of the Mondays. (Uh, Mr. President, it’s kind of hard for me to say this, but there was a strange stain on your boxers that I just couldn’t get out. I’m really, reall...
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The Daily Edit – Bicycling Magazine : Gruber Images

    Bicycling Magazine Design Director: Jesse Southerland Art Director: Colin McSherry Photographers: Jered and Ashley Gruber / Gruber Images Heidi: How did you get started? Jessie: I raced bikes in the US for some years and even managed to race professionally for two seasons. I met my wife, Ashley, as she walked home from school one day in 2008. I was riding with a couple of friends, she was on foot, crossing the street – we exchanged hellos, then continued on in our sep...
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Month 56: Travel Summary and Statistics

Sometimes you need a laidback, slow four weeks for once, and that’s exactly what month 56 was for me! I’d just finished up an intense island-hopping adventure around the South Pacific, and was exhausted, stressed, and ready to hit pause on my travels for a while. Luckily, I found the perfect two places to do exactly that. I’d originally planned to spend time in Oaxaca back in 2014, when I spent a full six months travelling around Mexico. With an unusually cold snap in the air that winter, thoug...
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This Week In Photography Books: Dana Lixenberg

by Jonathan Blaustein In the early days of the Great Recession, Barack Obama signed a stimulus bill injecting hundreds of millions of dollars into the American economy. Little ol’ Kit Carson Electric Cooperative here in Taos was given 64 MILLION DOLLARS! The goal was to wire up homes in our rural area, providing fiber-optic cable directly to every house that requested it. The program put people to work, laying cable and digging trenches, but also provided much needed affordable high-speed intern...
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This Week In Photography Books: Wagstaff Collection

by Jonathan Blaustein Time is a strange beast. We tend to think of it as fixed and finite, when clearly it is neither. As I understand it, according to Einstein, the closer you approach the speed of light, the slower time will affect you. Essentially, time’s innate duration grows. Before “Interstellar,” most people would have found that confusing. But then that Great Wave! And Anne Hathaway’s big brown eyes! That’s just the theoretical level. If you think about your daily life, doesn’t the same ...
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Emmet M. Mann

Emmet Mann as child and adult Well this is one post I hate like hell to have to write. We are terribly saddened to learn of the death of Emmet Mann, most famous to the world as one of the luminous subjects of one of the great American photobooks of the 20th century, his mother Sally's Immediate Family. As an adult he suffered from schizophrenia, and worked as a landscaper. Named for his mother's mentor, fellow Virginia photographer Emmet Gowin, he had many interests and causes; he was a musici...
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Diggins Partners with Swix Sport USA

Swix Sport USA Inc. is pleased to welcome 2016 World Cup Champion Jessie Diggins as a Swix sponsored athlete. A steadfast competitor, Diggins has rocketed up the ranks of the International WC results pages since her debut at the 2011 World Championships in Holmenkollen. “Swix Sport prides itself on being the preferred equipment for the world’s best athletes and nothing excites me more than seeing an amazing, home grown American athlete join our ranks.” Stated Steve Poulin CEO of Swix Sport USA. ...
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