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With her new leg, 4-year-old Radhika is up and walking

Back in India, Radhika Ennis was badly burned on both her legs before she turned 2. It left her unable to walk. Now with the love of her new parents and the help of experts at Seattle Children's, she has the confidence to take off running.
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This North Hollywood woman beat the odds to walk the runway at London Fashion Week

As far back as Sayda Hartoonian can remember, she has always wanted to be runway fashion model. The North Hollywood woman is getting that chance on Friday when she makes her international debut at London Fashion Week in England. Hartoonian, whose professional name is Sayda Word, isn’t any ordinary fashion model. She doesn’t meet “industry standards” and is quite possibly the shortest model to walk the London runway. First of all, she’s only 5’ 3,” and even though she’s only 25 years old, it coul...
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Women in Black honor 12 lost to homelessness, violence

The silent vigil was for 12 women and men who had died outside or by violence while experiencing homelessness in King County.
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Reader’s Lens | Scenes from a snowy Seattle

Readers captured snowy scenes from Seattle to the Hood Canal.
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Seattle’s under a snowy mantle on Monday

Seattle is now in its snowiest February on record, and more is in the forecast.
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Photos | Sunday’s Snow

Tags: Photography, News, Local News

Photos | Saturday’s snow

Tags: Photography, News, Local News

Photo gallery: Seattle area stocks up at grocers before the snowstorm

Scenes from around the Puget Sound area as residents prepare for the predicted snowstorms. Grocery shopping has been a priority.
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Shining a light on a dark time in Jewish history

A new exhibition called “Finding Light In The Darkness” is on display at the Holocaust Center for Humanity in Seattle.  The exhibition features stories and artifacts of Washington State Holocaust survivors.
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Snow in Seattle, Day 2: Views from around a slippery city

Tags: Photography, News, Seattle, Local News

Fitness, self-defense and life lessons in White Center gym

'You learn a lot by getting punched in the face': Pacific Muay Thai gym in White Center, south of West Seattle, opened about two years ago. One man who trains there says it has taught him to fight complacency and to push through walls in his training and everyday life.
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Animation jobs are booming in Southern California. Here’s what it takes to get them

It used to be something of a Mickey Mouse business. But an exploding desire for animated entertainment content – supercharged but not entirely due to the expanding new medium of streaming services’ constant need for product – is turning cartooning into a rewarding career for, perhaps, more than ever before. “It seems like a lot of studios are eager to capitalize on streaming and technology in general to present things in totally different formats than we used to,” observed Danny Ducker, who’s be...
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FBI arrests Santa Ana man accused of sending threatening messages to Parkland shooting victims

SANTA ANA — A Santa Ana man is facing charges of using Instagram to send threatening messages to victims of the Parkland, Fla., mass killing. Brandon Fleury was arrested Friday by the FBI and made an appearance in court in Santa Ana when he was granted bail. He is due in court again in Miami on Monday, said Laura Eimiller of the FBI. Fleury is accused of cyberstalking and threats in interstate communications, according to the FBI affidavit in the case. The alleged threatening social media posts ...
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Seattle Women’s Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women March

Marchers drew attention to the large number of missing or murdered Indigenous women of Washington. 
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Seattle marchers call for justice for missing and murdered indigenous women

The number of Native American women and girls who go missing or are murdered was the focus of a recent study released by the Seattle-based Urban Indian Health Institute. They identified 45 cases in Seattle, the most of any city in the study.
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Oprah Winfrey surprises guests at Pasadena restaurant

They thought it was just going to be a winter harvest community dinner hosted by True Food Kitchen in Pasadena, featuring produce from investor Oprah Winfrey’s farm. Before they could sit down for the four-course meal, the 45 guests who had signed up for the event quickly learned the real treat of the night as Winfrey herself walked in from an adjoining room. “Special investor,” Winfrey said in her iconic tone, “having dinner with you.” Oprah Winfrey speaks during the Winter Harvest Communit...
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Stroll among friends

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Site of triple slaying near Port Angeles was known as ‘crash pad’ and trouble spot, police say

The calls to authorities involved a range of disturbances from found property to lost animals, runaway teens to violations of court orders.
Tags: Photography, Crime, News, Local News, Northwest, Puget Sound, Port Angeles

Wintry holiday scenes around Seattle

Seattle Times photographers Bettina Hansen and Ken Lambert show the many faces of our city as night fell on Christmas Eve.
Tags: Photography, News, Seattle, Local News, Seattle Times, Ken Lambert, Bettina Hansen

Parolee charged in road-rage death of 70-year-old San Bernardino County deputy enters plea

A man initially charged with murder in the road-rage death of an off-duty 70-year-old sheriff’s deputy last New Year’s Eve has accepted a plea bargain to lesser charges in San Bernardino Superior Court. Alonzo Leron Smith, 31, pleaded no contest Friday, Dec. 21, to voluntary manslaughter, three counts of assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury, and one count of threatening a crime — all felonies — in the death of San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputy Larry Falce. Smith, ...
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True magic of Christmas is no mystery to families adopting Secret Santas tradition of anonymous giving

Finley Smallwood is eager to get the first batch of snickerdoodle cookies baking in the oven. “I want to push the button,” she tells her mom. These aren’t just any ordinary cookies. They are destined to be left anonymously at the homes of neighbors in their Eastvale housing tract as Finley, 5, and her parents, Josh and Christina Smallwood, once again pick up on the joy of charitable giving as secret Santas. But they won’t be just any ordinary secret Santas. The Smallwoods are part of the #Secret...
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Love is in the air (maybe) over Seattle’s Union Bay

Are these two bald eagles fighting or making a love match? After viewing four photos of these potential love birds, Mark Myers, curator of birds at the Woodland Park Zoo, believes this was more likely an “in-flight courtship” ritual of interlocking talons.
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Leader of the pack

When you're a dog walker, every day is a walk in the park.
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Santas bring holiday cheer on the slopes at Mountain High

It can’t be all work and no play for the big jolly man in the red suit. A number of Santas hit the snowy slopes at Mountain High on Sunday, a fun sight for visitors of the Wrightwood resort. Dozens of snowboarders and skiers decked out in costumes joined the fourth annual Santa Sunday, a way to celebrate the holiday season and also give back to charity. Daniel Murincsak, of Lake Forest, had not been snowboarding in 15 years and it was only his second time ever hitting the slopes. When some co...
Tags: News, Instagram, Holidays, Environment, Sport, Soccer, Community, Santa Claus, Santa, Local News, Claus, Northridge, Lake Forest, Woodland Hills, WRIGHTWOOD, San Bernardino National Forest

Cuddling up for a good cause

The Teddy Bear Suite at Seattle's Fairmont Olympic Hotel is an annual fundraiser for Seattle Children's hospital. The suite is on the second floor of the hotel and has dozens of teddy bears. It is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. through December 26th.
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Hitting the slopes at Snoqualmie

With dry conditions, the lifts were crowded at Summit West at Snoqualmie on Saturday. No ski lift is needed as Will Corall gives his fiancee Kiana Takaki a boost up the bunny slope, as well as a lesson in snowboarding, at Summit West at Snoqualmie. It’s Takaki’s first day on a snowboard. Marin Winder, 5, […]
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Sherman Oaks residents raise questions as electric scooters prepare to make San Fernando Valley debut

Are Valley streets ready for a fleet of electric scooters? Sherman Oaks residents shared their skepticism and concern Monday night about the arrival of Lime and other electric scooters as a representative of the “micro-transit” company said such scooters are likely to appear on streets within the next few weeks. Lime’s community affairs manager in Los Angeles, Karla Owunwanne, brought a scooter to the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council meeting to present company and scooter basics, from the vehic...
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But where’s Rudolph? Swimming Santa a holiday tradition at Seattle Aquarium

Tired of the same old Santa photo? A diving Santa poses for photos underwater while also exploring the massive Window on Washington Waters tank at the Seattle Aquarium on the downtown waterfront. Santa typically descends into the tank at noon on Mondays and Fridays, and twice a day (noon and 3 p.m.) on weekends. In […]
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