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Mark Zuckerberg's Details Leaked in Facebook Data Breach

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's own personal information was among the details of 533 million Facebook users that leaked in a data breach, it has emerged. Facebook has now confirmed that the leaked data was obtained not by a hack, but by scraping the platform prior to September 2019. The company now says that an exploit was found in its contact importer, but the "specific issue that allowed them to scrape this data in 2019 no longer exists." Facebook has not clarified exactly what personal in...
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Section 230: What Your Organization Needs to Know

As some people believe social media companies to be overstepping their bounds, there’s been a lot of talk about Section 230 lately. Unfortunately, not all of this talk has been accurate. What is a platform? What is a publisher? Does any of that have anything to do with Section 230? As the representative of a business, you can’t afford to get caught up in politics, you need to understand the facts of how the law affects you. In this post, we’re going to look at just the facts surrounding Section ...
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'It's not a cause for alarm': Why advertisers aren't fretting over Facebook's huge News Feed change (FB)

While publishers are bracing themselves for a massive hit and re-assessing their strategies, advertisers don't seem half as perturbed. This is not the first time Facebook has tweaked its algorithm, and unlike publishers, brands have been paying to play on Facebook for years. The one down side, however, is that ad prices might be driven up as people spend less time and scroll less on Facebook. But even then, brands have avenues other than the News Feed to run ads on. Ultimately, advertising exe...
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Facebook’s war with Snapchat moves up a gear but what does this mean for PRs?

Mark Zuckerberg’s plight for worldwide domination was coming along nicely. In fact, it seemed all too easy, that was until Snapchat. When Spiegal declined a decent offer of $3 billion back in 2013 from Mark Zuckerburg, the owner of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp, wasn’t just going to sit back and twiddle his thumbs. I wrote a post back in June about why Facebook stories were failing in my opinion. First came Instagram stories, then Facebook and even Whatsapp. Whilst arguably Instagram stories ...
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Why Artists Need To Embrace The New 360 Model [Cortney Harding]

As 2016 shapes up to be a landmark year for VR technology, it's time for artists to begin embracing 360 video technology. The cost of creating such content continues to drop, but the returns continue to increase, as the ways in which fans interact with live content continues to shift. _______________________________ Guest post by music tech consultant Cortney Harding It’s already becoming abundantly clear that 2016 is going to be the year VR starts to break in a big way. Headset pri...
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