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Vanessa Bryant Slams Rapper Meek Mill Over ‘Insensitive’ Lyrics About Her Late Husband, Kobe Bryant

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French Montana & Young Thug Exchange Insults After French Says He Has “More Hits” Than Kendrick Lamar

French Montana and Young Thug are going at it on social media, and it’s all because of a comment French made about him having more hits than Kendrick Lamar. The back-and-forth between the rappers started after French said in an interview with Complex that although Kendrick Lamar has masterpieces when it comes to his body of work, French feels as though he would “outshine” Kendrick at a music festival because he has “more hits.” “I mean, honestly, you could put somebody like Kendrick Lamar next t...
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Meek Mill Accuses Cosmopolitan Hotel of Racial Profiling, Plans Lawsuit…

Rapper Meek Mill says he was racially profiled this past weekend while partying in Las Vegas. The popular entertainer hit the net to warn fans stating: The cosmopolitan hotel …. and it’s a few other hotels that be doing this to black entertainers because they don’t want too many blacks on they property! Meek attempted to pay a visit to the Cosmopolitan Hotel for a DJ Mustard party, says he was turned away by security for no other reason than being a Black rapper. Details + video below… (more...
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Colin Kaepernick Supports Meek Mill, Says Rapper Victim Of 'Systemic Oppression'

Colin Kaepernick who was declared GQ Magazines' "Citizen of the Year," on Monday, took to social media to speak out in support to rapper Meek Mill who was sentenced to two-to-four years in prison for violating parole. The quarterback described Meek as being a victim of "systematic oppression,” and wrote a lengthy statement on Instagram and Twitter that also touched on how the legal system favored white people.
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Meek Mill Arrested For Reckless Endangerment In NYC!

Uh oh. Meek Mill was arrested for reckless endangerment on Thursday night after cops allegedly came across footage on Instagram of him doing wheelies through the streets of NYC the night prior. Related: Meek Is *Still* Mourning His Failed Relationship With Nicki Minaj! According to reports, Nicki Minaj's ex was arrested around 10:15 p.m. last night after his pre-taped performance of Young Black America with The-Dream on The Tonight Show -- and will remain in police custody until he appears befor...
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Trick Daddy Demands Apology From Meek Mill + Bans Him From Miami… (FULL VIDEO)

It’s been a while since rapper Trick Daddy hit the top of the charts but he hit the top of the trends on social media this past weekend when he sent an impromptu message to Meek Mill. Apparently Meek decided to take credit for Miami’s influence on hip-hop culture, as if it didn’t exist before Dream Chasers and that didn’t sit too well with the Miami based rapper. Trick Daddy hit the ‘gram with a live rant aimed towards Meek and advised him not to return down south anytime soon. Details below…...
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Meek Mill Takes His First L Of 2017, Shares Video Of Himself Tumbling Down Icy Stairs

Ever since his feud with Drake started in 2015, rapper Meek Mill has become the butt of many jokes on the internet, but this time, Meek is beating everyone to the punch. On Tuesday, the “Dreamchasers 4” rapper took to Instagram to share a video of him falling down the stairs at his mother’s house. People who live in areas where it snows know stairs can be a dangerous place, and Meek learned his lesson the hard way.
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Two Men Shot Dead Following Meek Mill Performance in Connecticut, No Suspects in Custody

Two people are dead following a shooting outside a Connecticut concert venue where Meek Mill had just finished his performance. Two other victims were also shot, but do not have life-threatening injuries. Meek finished his Friday (Dec. 30) show at the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, CT around 11:00 PM and was walking out the venue as shots were fired. The people shot were also leaving the theater. Video footage of the scene circulated on social media. Three people shot at Wallingford, CT's #...
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Are Nicki Minaj & Fetty Wap Dating? Hip Hop Stars Linked as Meek Mill & Nicki Split Rumors Heat Up

Have Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill split? Is Nicki dating Fetty Wap? These are questions we really have to ask ourselves because it’s what’s currently being reported. According to two sources that spoke to MediaTakeOut, there’s something bubbling between Nicki and Fetty. The sources say the unconfirmed couple have recently developed a “close relationship.” “They’re working on projects together, and maybe more.” However, the sources were careful not say the two are “dating” or “in a relationship.” Th...
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Overkill or Overdue? Meek Mill Announces New Project ‘DC4.5′

Either Meek Mill is trolling (which didn’t work out so great in his beef with Drake last summer) or he’s just wanting to make up for lost time, but less than a week after dropping his long-awaited DC4 album, the Philly rapper has announced he’s got a new project on deck called DC4.5, and it’s “dropping any day.” Meek took to Instagram last night to share the cover art for the project, which will presumably be made up of DC4 leftovers. Check out the DC4.5 cover below… YOUNGBULL W...
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Is It A Wrap??? Did Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Just Break Up Over THIS?

Is it a wrap or nah??? Did Meek Mill And Nicki Minaj Breakup? Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj seemingly announced their breakup last night with some not so subtle Instagram posts. Meek started off by posting about “not wanting to
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Is It A Wrap??? Did Nick Minaj & Meek Mill Just Break Up Over THIS?

Is it a wrap or nah??? Did Meek Mill And Nicki Minaj Breakup? Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj seemingly announced their breakup last night with some not so subtle Instagram posts. Meek started off by posting about “not wanting to
Tags: News, Instagram, Nicki Minaj, Jazz, Break Ups, Meek, SMH, Multi, Did You Know, For Your Information, What The Hell, Coupled Up

Beanie Sigel Blasts Meek Mill for His Beefs with Drake & Game, Meek Mill Responds on Instagram

House arrest may not have been enough for Meek Mill. He just might have to go into hiding because nobody seems to be on his side. Beanie Sigel just went on a 30-minute rant about the rapper and questioned whether his beef with Drake is about Nicki Minaj rather than music. During an interview with Taxstone, Sigel says Meek shouldn’t have any issues with Drake’s music because, “He’s not from the streets, so he don’t gotta live by that code.” “You can’t look at that man in a different light because...
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Beanie Sigel Allegedly Jumped By Meek Mill’s Dreamchasers In Philly

The recent beef between The Game and Meek Mill took a sudden twist when Beanie Sigel appeared on a diss track aimed at The Game last week. Never one to back down, The Game responded with a diss track of his own for the two Philly rappers. Recently, Beanie Sigel sat down with Persia Nicole of Philly’s 92Q, stating he made a mistake jumping into the beef and alleges that he helped Meek write some of the lyrics on their remix of Young M.A.’s “Ooouuu.” That interview ruffled a lot of feathers, a...
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The Game & Sean Kingston Trade Disses on Instagram; Meek Mill & Beanie Sigel Preview The Game Diss Track

The beef between The Game and Meek Mill has taken another turn. Things started on Friday (Sep. 16) when The Game dropped the song “92 Bars,” a diss track aimed at Meek Mill. The issue stems from an incident back in June at the Penthouse Nightclub & Dayclub in West Hollywood, LA, where Sean Kingston was assaulted and robbed of a $300,000 chain. Game and Meek Mill were both in attendance, and according to Game, the Dreamchasers rapper informed police that a members of Game’s crew were responsi...
Tags: Instagram, Beef, Jazz, Kingston, Meek Mill, The Game, Philly, Meek, Beanie Sigel, Sigel, West Hollywood LA

Sassy InstaFingers: Funniest Reactions To The Game Vs. Meek Mill & Sean Kingston

The Internet Vs. The Game Vs. Meek Mill & Sean Kingston The Game is back at it again with the messy InstaShenanigans that started with shots at Meek (who he believes snitched on him) and swerved into a hilariously petty
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Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Are Reportedly DONE!

Yeah... we're not too surprised. Following a rocky on-and-off two-year relationship and engagement, Media Take Out is reporting Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have called it quits. Related: Nicki's Brother Offered Another Plea Deal In Child Molestation Case Per the report, Nicki finally grew tired of Meek's "hood mentality". Apparently the singer has more "refined" interests like museums and fashion shows while Mr. Mill would prefer to hang with his "boys". The source went on to reveal: "Nicki and ...
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Meek Mill takes shots at Drake on new EP, feuds with 50 Cent, shares "The Trillest" video

What a weekend for Meek Mill. Yesterday he surprise-released the four-song EP 4/4 and reignited his Drake beef on the "Jumpman"-sampling freestyle "I'm Da Plug," which takes "Is that a world tour or your girl's tour?" from "Back To Back" and responds: "This is that hundred K a night when you perform tour, swimmin' in that good pussy while you're on tour, oh!" Drake wasn't the only person Meek took a shot at on the EP though. He called out 50 Cent (who has two upcoming NYC shows) on "Gave 'Em ...
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Meek Mill - Pray For Em

After previewing new records on Instagram throughout the day, Meek Mill returns with new music in form of his 4/4 EP. That’s right — Meek’s back with a brand new EP and the opening track features production from… (in post Meek Mill – Pray For ‘Em [Prod. by C-Sick] from Fake Shore Drive. More by this artist at )
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