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Teenage girls, body image and Instagram’s ‘perfect storm’

The suffering of the photo-sharing app’s users came into focus this week with the leak of Facebook’s internal research‘I felt my body wasn’t good enough’Emily started using Instagram when she was in her mid-teens and found it helpful at first. She used the photo-sharing app to follow fitness influencers, but what began as a constructive relationship with the platform spiralled into a crisis centred on body image. At 19 she was diagnosed with an eating disorder.“I felt like my body wasn’t good en...
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Facebook knows Instagram harms teens. Now, its plan to open the app to kids looks worse than ever

Facebook is in the hot seat again. The Wall Street Journal published a powerful multi-part series on the company this week, drawing from internal documents on everything from the company’s secretive practice of whitelisting celebrities to its knowledge that Instagram is taking a serious toll on the mental health of teen girls. The flurry of investigative pieces makes it clear that what Facebook says in public doesn’t always reflect the company’s knowledge on known issues behind the scenes. The r...
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Facebook aware of Instagram’s harmful effect on teenage girls, leak reveals

Social media firm reportedly kept own research secret that suggests app worsens body image issuesFacebook has kept internal research secret for two years that suggests its Instagram app makes body image issues worse for teenage girls, according to a leak from the tech firm.Since at least 2019, staff at the company have been studying the impact of their product on its younger users’ states of mind. Their research has repeatedly found it is harmful for a large proportion, and particularly teenage ...
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TikTok expands mental health resources, as negative reports of Instagram’s effect on teens leak

TikTok announced this morning that it is implementing new tactics to educate its users about the negative mental health impacts of social media. As part of these changes, TikTok is rolling out a “well-being guide” in its Safety Center, a brief primer on eating disorders, expanded search interventions, and opt-in viewing screens on potentially triggering searches. Developed in collaboration with International Association for Suicide Prevention, Crisis Text Line, Live For Tomorrow, Samaritans of ...
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Facebook knows Instagram is bad for teenagers' mental health

AP Photo/Jessica Hill Instagram makes teen girls feel worse about themselves, Facebook internal researchers reportedly found. Those findings were consistent across the past several years, the Wall Street Journal reported. Some teens using Instagram said using the service directly led to suicidal thoughts. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Facebook's internal research shows that teen users' mental health is negatively impacted by using the company's photo-...
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Photographer David Bailey reveals he has vascular dementia

‘It’s just one of those things,’ says the British celebrity snapper, 83, who is still busy with new workDavid Bailey has revealed he has dementia, a life-limiting condition the British photographer described as a bore.Speaking to the Times, Bailey, 83, said: “I’ve got vascular dementia. I was diagnosed about three years ago. Continue reading...
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Instagram ‘pushes weight-loss messages to teenagers’

Researchers find minimal interactions by teen users can trigger a deluge of thin-body and dieting imagesInstagram’s algorithms are pushing teenage girls who even briefly engage with fitness-related images towards a flood of weight-loss content, according to new research which aimed to recreate the experience of being a child on social networks.Researchers adopting “mystery shopper” techniques set up a series of Instagram profiles mirroring real children and followed the same accounts as the volu...
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‘It was devastating’: what happens when therapy makes things worse?

Therapists are meant to help people change their lives, but those who behave badly may end up doing more harm than goodCourtney thought it was strange when her therapist asked her to follow him on Instagram. She had begun seeing Michael – a psychoanalyst who has written books and appeared on television – to treat her fear of flying in 2018 (both of their names, and those of all the patients in this article have been changed). After a few sessions, he suggested the pair connect on Instagram, wher...
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Pinterest updates policy to prohibit ads promoting weight loss

Starting today, Pinterest will prohibit all advertisers from sharing ads that promote weight loss. This includes any language and imagery that encourages weight loss, promotes weight loss products, idealizes certain body types, or references the BMI (which is often a poor indicator of overall health). This makes Pinterest the first major social media platform to take this stance. Social media has played a role in promoting harmful beauty standards for as long as it’s existed. But even as “body p...
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‘We have more in common than what separates us’: refugee stories, told by refugees

In One Thousand Dreams, award-winning photographer Robin Hammond hands the camera to refugees. Often reduced by the media’s toxic or well-meaning narratives, the portraits and interviews capture a different and more complex tale‘Never stop dreaming’: refugees get behind the camera – in picturesRobin Hammond has spent two decades crisscrossing the developing world and telling other people’s stories. From photographing the Rohingya forced out of Myanmar and rape survivors in the Democratic Republi...
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Instagram reveals the 4 things it watches most closely to determine everything you see on the app

Images By Tang Ming Tung/Getty Images Instagram says it looks at how often you interact with users to determine what content to surface. The company revealed other factors in a blog post designed to tell users how Instagram works. Instagram and other social media platforms use algorithms to keep you scrolling on their sites. Sign up for the 10 Things in Tech daily newsletter. Instagram revealed on Tuesday how it decides what content, like posts and stories, to show you.The company publish...
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SCREEN GRAB: Funny, not funny

HBO's Fake Famous is a humorous dive into the Instagram racket, but it misses the painful collateral damage of the influencer economy The post SCREEN GRAB: Funny, not funny appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Model Tess Holliday reveals she’s recovering from anorexia

Holliday says she hopes her announcement helps to stop the idea that ‘only very underweight people can have anorexia’ Eating disorder campaigners have hailed a decision by the American plus-size model Tess Holliday to announce she is receiving treatment for anorexia, saying that it is helping to stop the idea that “only very underweight people can have anorexia”.Holliday, who has 2.1 million followers on Instagram and has been featured on the pages of Vogue, recently wrote on Twitter: “I’m anore...
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‘I was addicted to the high’: I became an influencer as a joke – then it nearly broke me

Comedian Bella Younger thought wellness Instagrammers were ripe for parody. Soon she was drawn in herself. Could Deliciously Stella find her way back to reality?I have always wanted to be a comedian or television presenter, but never knew how I’d make it happen. After years of working in TV production, pestering executives to put me in a show, I conceded that I might have to demonstrate to them what I could do in order to prove my worth. This is how I ended up spending a Friday afternoon in Apri...
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Instagram apologises for promoting weight-loss content to users with eating disorders

Social media platform says it was a ‘mistake’ and that harmful terms have been removed in an updateInstagram has apologised for a “mistake” that meant it promoted weight-loss content to users with eating disorders.A new feature on the social network provides users with suggested search terms based on their interests, with default prompts including terms such as “yard work”, “home decor” or “sunsets”. But some people with eating disorders found the app was prompting them to search for terms like ...
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Close-ups, cats and clutter: what the online yoga teacher saw

Teaching via Instagram and Zoom is both more and less intimate than a real-life classFifteen people lie down in rectangles on my screen. I am telling them to relax their jaws and soften the muscles around their eyes. I am also having a silent, hand gesture-based conversation with a five-year-old girl in one of the rectangles. This morning the girl’s mother sent me an email that read: “I’m going to attempt as much of the class as she will allow me to do – sometimes she is fine with it, and someti...
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I’m not okay.

So let me start out by saying the last four years have fuuuh-uuuhh-uuhhhcked me up. I have become OBSESSED with the goings on of our government, and I don’t mean it in the cutesy way the Instagram models mean it when they talk about whatever brand is paying them as much as M makes in a year for one post that says nice things about them. It’s unhealthy. I’ve lost friends over it. It’s caused problems in our relationship. It’s not good. But my obsession has resulted in a lot of navel gazing ...
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My book club used to meet in person in New York. Now we're scattered across countries and meeting weekly over Zoom — and it's helped keep me grounded.

Michaela Schwartz's book club at a recent meeting. Michaela Schwartz. Michaela Schwartz is a writer/producer living in New York. Originally from Boston, she graduated from Barnard College with a bachelor's degree in Film and Gender Studies. In September 2018, her friend Leah created a small book club for friends in New York. Fast forward to the pandemic: the eight members of book club are scattered around the Americas, and now Zoom in to discuss their picks. And since they no longer ha...
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SUCCESS INSIDER: How 4 Harvard grads built their fast food empires franchising with brands like Wendy's, Taco Bell, Burger King, and Popeyes

A customer walks into a Burger King restaurant on August 24, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. Scott Olson/Getty Images You don't always have to build something from scratch if there's a perfectly good solution already available. For example, owning a franchise is one way that many Ivy League grads put their business acumen to work. Franchise empires require time, research, and a healthy amount of cash up-front, but the model can be a sustainable source of income for entrepreneurs.We got the scoop...
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Coronavirus isolation fuels surge in mental health posts on Instagram

People are sharing their struggles amid the growing pandemic
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It's time to embrace the internet's perma-positive brigade

Instagram’s relentless optimism and promises of silver linings are giving me unexpected comfort when I’m distinctly lacking my own The ramifications of the coronavirus outbreak are still unfolding, changing how we work, interact and, for me at least, use social media. Self-isolation means that most of us are using our phones even more than usual. It was already a great deal, with the average Brit checking their phone about every 12 minutes of the waking day. A digital detox is probably more nece...
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Caroline Flack's family releases unpublished Instagram post

TV star wrote message days before she died but her advisers warned against posting itCaroline Flack wrote an unpublished Instagram post weeks before she killed herself revealing how her “whole world and future was swept from under [her] feet” over claims she assaulted her boyfriend, her family has said.The former Love Island presenter, who was found dead aged 40 on Saturday a day after she discovered she would stand trial accused of assault, said the domestic incident was an accident. Continue r...
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Social media firms 'should hand over data amid suicide risk'

Royal College of Psychiatrists hope research will shine light on how young people use platformsSocial media firms such as Facebook and Instagram should be forced to hand over data about who their users are and why they use the sites to reduce suicide among children and young people, psychiatrists have said.The call from the Royal College of Psychiatrists comes as ministers finalise plans to crack down on issues caused by people viewing unsavoury material and messages online. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Facebook, Twitter, Technology, Media, Instagram, Social Networking, Children, Internet, Social Media, Society, Mental Health, Psychiatry, Digital Media, Young People, Royal College of Psychiatrists

Has Instagram changed after its ban on self-harm images?

A year on from banning self-harm images, we’d like to hear your thoughts on how the photo-sharing platform has improved the situation for peopleLast year Instagram announced that it would ban all graphic self-harm images as part of a series of changes made in response to the death of the British teenager Molly Russell.The photo-sharing platform made the decision after being met with a tide of public anger over the suicide of a 14-year-old girl, whose Instagram account contained distressing mater...
Tags: Health, Technology, Instagram, Mental Health, Molly Russell

Instagram expands ban on content related to self-harm and suicide

Earlier this year Instagram banned photos related to self-harm and suicide. Acting on calls for greater action, this week it expanded the ban to cover fictional depictions of the same subject matter, including memes and drawings.
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Instagram expands ban on suicide content to cover cartoons and memes

Instagram has expanded a ban on graphical self-harm imagery to include a broader range of content depicting suicide, including fictional illustrations of self-harm and suicide methods such as drawings, cartoons and memes. “This past month, we further expanded our policies to prohibit more types of self-harm and suicide content. We will no longer allow fictional depictions of self-harm or suicide on Instagram, such as drawings or memes or content from films or comics that use graphic imagery,”...
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Instagram to extend its ban on images of self-harm to cover cartoons

Move follows appeal by father of 14-year-old Molly Russell, who killed herself in 2017Instagram is set to extend its ban on depictions of self-harm to cover cartoons and drawings, following an appeal from Ian Russell, whose 14-year-old daughter Molly killed herself in 2017.Molly had been looking at graphic content relating to suicide and self-harm before she died, her father discovered, prompting him to go public earlier this year and campaign against the platform’s rules that allowed that mater...
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Here are 11 great ideas for using your photography to give back to the community

If you are a photographer, you can use nothing but your skills to make a difference and make this world a better place. Isn’t that wonderful? If you’d like to give back to the community by using your photography, it may be a bit confusing at first. You may not know where to start. But […] The post Here are 11 great ideas for using your photography to give back to the community appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Having Anxiety or Depression Doesn’t Mean Your Faith Is Flawed

I find it hard to confess that I was emotionally wounded because people might question my faith. Worse yet, they might accuse me of not trusting God enough or tell me that worry is a sin. They might say I’m not praying enough, reading the Bible enough, or applying it correctly when I tell them I’ve been feeling numb, lonely, anxious, or depressed. But mental health issues happen to everyday people — even to believers who are strong in faith and have friends. I know this because it happened to me...
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How nature photography brought me back from the brink of suicide

Photography offers an escape unlike any other. It allows us to capture moments, create moments, and interpret the worlds we see through a lens. We document, we study, we create art, and for me, this was lifesaving. Several years ago, in my early twenties, I suffered a huge mental breakdown. It was unexpected, out of […] The post How nature photography brought me back from the brink of suicide appeared first on DIY Photography.
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