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Magnum's Magnificent Steve McCurry Sale

Steve McCurry, Young man walks behind elephant. Sri Lanka, 1995. In honor of the publication of the retrospective Steve McCurry: A Life in Pictures in 2018, Magnum Photos is having a grand McCurry print sale. The 2016 McCurry controversy might mean he's better thought of nowadays as a photo-illustrator than a straight journalist (as he was when his medium was Kodachrome—you recall he was chosen to shoot the ceremonial last-ever roll), but he's certainly a spectacularly brilliant one, working t...
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Garry Winogrand on PBS

I'm sorry I had to take the past few days off...needed some mental health time (or maybe just plain health time...I slept 12 hours Thursday night! I didn't know I could still do that). But the comments are now all posted for the Ricoh GR III and the "Proper Attitude Toward Tech" posts. I'm also desperately apologetic that I forgot to mention this in advance of Friday evening when it was broadcast...there's a new "American Masters" documentary about Garry Winogrand on PBS (Public Broadcasting Se...
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The Proper Attitude Toward Tech (Frank's Lesson)

Michael Kenna, Stone Pine Tunnel, Pento, Abruzzo, Italy, 2016,silver gelatin print, 8 × 7 inches I learned this from Frank DiPerna, one of my teachers at the Corcoran. I must have been having difficulty with something one day, and with a wave of his hand and in a dismissive tone of voice he said, "Just master it. Just learn whatever you need to know to do your work. Don't worry about anything else. Just master what you need." Or maybe he said, "...don't worry about the rest of that crap." (I'm...
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Ricoh GR III (Interesting Recent Cameras I)

The new Ricoh GR III The Ricoh GR has a very long lineage at this point, across various formats and spanning film and digital. Generally they have all been fixed-lens compacts with a slowish 28mm (or equivalent) lens, a focal length that has long been considered central and important in Japan. The original film cameras, first introduced 23 years ago in 1996, included the GR1, GR10, GR1s, and the GR1v, plus several "Date" versions and the spinoff GR21, an ultrawide 21mm-lens variant. GR film c...
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Open Mike: The Must-See Movies of Paul Thomas Anderson

["Open Mike" is the often off-topic, anything-goes editorial page of TOP. It appears on Wednesdays.] And now for something completely different. I'm wary of movies—there's too much drek and dross out there, too much dirt to move to find the occasional gem. To get around this, I tend to follow threads of some sort—a director I like, an actor, even a writer (who are risky to follow because they usually don't have enough control over the final movie. That's the result of how they're treated, not th...
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Three Strange Dogs

I think I need a vacation! I had a dream last night (as happens from time to time) that I was taking pictures. I was at home, but somehow had a high view of a body of water, which my home in life doesn't have. Three strange dogs had entered my house, which for some reason my dogs didn't object to. Their owners were there too, and I tried to use the dogs to make friends with the people, but, even though they were in my house, the people ignored me, corralled their dogs, and left without acknowled...
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A Few Links the Morning After

Hybrid laser-scan/panorama photographs may be used to help rebuilt Notre-Dame: Vassar Professor Andrew Tallon uses laser scanners to make incredibly detailed maps of ancient structures such as Notre-Dame cathedral, accurate to half a centimeter, originally to try to understand the methods of ancient builders. But his scanning maps (which he merges with panoramic photographs) of Notre-Dame could well be invaluable in the rebuilding and reconstruction process. Because Andrew clambers around on led...
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Notre-Dame is in Flames

Photo: Geoffroy van der Hasselt/AFP/Getty. Published under Fair Use (informational) One of the great landmarks of Western civilization, 800-year-old Notre-Dame Cathedral on the Île de la Cité in Paris, is burning. The roof has collapsed and the spire has fallen. The fire is still raging and the cause is not yet known. There have been no deaths reported. The Cathedral, built over the course of one hundred years, was begun in AD 1163. It has been modified many times and had been undergoing reco...
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What Is Photography?

Photography is photographers. ...If you ask me. It's defined by the people who do it. That's whose side I'm on. That's my personal answer, and has been my approach for a long time. Bob Shell, who used to be the Editor-in-Chief of the then-powerful Shutterbug magazine (even though he was technically an independent contractor, not staff) and is currently serving a sentence of thirty-two and a half years in prison for involuntary manslaughter in the death of one of his models,* once sent me a stern...
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The Best One-Volume History of Photography

A spread from Photography: The Definitive Visual History by Tom Ang A few reflections about histories— I used to be a pretty good resource for histories of photography and their relative value. I'm not any more. I used to hungrily absorb a lot of the histories I came across; nowadays it's been quite a while since I did more than skim through one. The histories I know mostly relate to the medium as it was practiced when I was younger, for the simple reason that I read them back then and the pe...
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Something Else

There aren't (m)any: Well, I feel a little better this morning...after doing some digging last night, it appears that there are no "histories of the digital transition," at least that I could find. So that makes me feel a little better about not having read one. By "digital transition" I mean what I've defined before as the main period of the transition to digital imaging, from 1994 to 2011, with antecedents going back to the earliest glimmers of digital in the 1970s, and the extension of it (st...
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The History of Photography

I have a question. Just personally curious. Have you ever read a history of photography? I won't specify what or which. Long online article, ancient classic from the '30s, whatever. You can answer just plain yes or no if you like, and I'm not going to slag anybody for a "no" answer. Mike (Thanks to c.d.embrey) P.S. Also, check out the Featured Comments for the "Too Easy" post below—just added. Original contents copyright 2019 by Michael C. Johnston and/or the bylined author. All Rights Reserve...
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Sony Supercamera Sale

Cheapest A7rIIISony's most desirable supercamera, the full-frame mirrorless A7rIII, went on sale last night at midnight at B&H Photo and at Amazon. You can also get your choice of a variety of extras for free, including a microphone or a 4TB hard drive (check all of the options under "Configuration" at both sites), and three months of Adobe's Creative Cloud Photography Plan. The discount is $400 and the price is the lowest you'll find on the 42-MP powerhouse. Knew you'd want to know.  :-) Mike ...
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Has Photography Gotten Too Easy?

Is photography too easy? Maria Popova—along with Virginia Woolf(!)—suspects that maybe it has. Their point is that when something is rare and valued, more effort and care is expended on it. By becoming thoughtless and easy, it also becomes trivial and devalued. Maria, the Bulgarian writer who pens the famous Brain Pickings site, first quotes Virginia Woolf, the great author and woman of letters: The Victorian age killed the art of letter writing by kindness: it was only too easy to catch the pos...
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RIP for a Reader

Allow me today, if you will, a reminiscence. The other day when I wrote that April Fool's post, I hadn't been intending to write one. I just felt the content for that day had been a little sparse (I mean, how exciting is it to read that all the Print Sale prints have shipped, unless you're getting one?), so I bashed it out. It was one of those posts that takes only two or three hours from conception to completion. Sometimes coming up with a blog post is like pulling teeth. Other times words flow...
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Editing the Baker's Dozen

I now have about 300 submissions for the Baker's Dozen, so it's off to work on that. Here's my process: First I search for "BDMuseum" in Mail, which brings up all the submissions. I've looked at most already when they came in, but I'll go through them again slowly and look again. After waiting at least a few hours and maybe till tomorrow, I'll go through and flag all the ones I think are prospects. With that many submissions, there will probably be 30–60 that I'll flag. Then I'll go through the...
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Open Mike: Protein and the Power of Propaganda

["Open Mike" is the often off-topic, anything-goes Editorial Page of TOP, in which the Editor indulges himself slightly more than usual on whatever happens to be on his mind. It usually appears on Wednesdays. Oh well, maybe it doesn't usually.] - It's amazing how effectively false "facts" can suppress the truth under the right conditions. Propaganda (currently also called "fake news," although that charge is often hurled, gaslighter-style, against real news) has real reach and power. For examp...
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Peter Est Franais!

Photo by Carl Westergren, April 4th, 2019 Got this nice note from my friend Peter this morning: Dear Mike, A beautiful day. Je suis Français (I am French). It's now official. Today, I was welcomed into French nationality and citizenship at a ceremony in a Paris town hall. It was a beautiful ceremony, and I was one of more than 70 others, from nationalities from all over the world representing a sort of mosaic of international geopolitics of these past seven decades. I am very proud to be bot...
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Vocabulary: Eye AF and Related Terms

Eye-Start: A system invented by Minolta (?) whereby the camera turned on and began to autofocus when you put your eye to the viewfinder. Now used in some cameras to switch between the rear viewing screen and the eyepiece viewfinder. Eye-Controlled Focus: A system invented by Canon for film SLRs in which a series of sensors in the viewfinder eyepiece read the "bump" of your cornea to cause the camera to autofocus on the area your eye was looking at in the finder. Successful implementation varied ...
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We've Come a Long Way, Dudes and Dudettes

Does it ever occur to you to be grateful for the (good!) changes you've been able to witness, and the cool technology you've experienced the introduction of? It's something I appreciate. I've very glad my lifespan straddled traditional film and early digital, for instance. I wouldn't give up experiencing either one if I had my choice. I mentioned recently that my first computer was an Apple 512k Macintosh, in 1985. (It was also author Michael Crichton's first Mac, and his experience was similar ...
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A Non-Review of the 2018 Mac Mini

This absolutely doesn't rise to the standard of a review—I'm not remotely competent to write one. On the other hand, I've used Macs since 1984, pretty much from the day they were introduced. I've lost track now, but I believe I've owned or regularly used 17 of them since that first one, either at school, at the office, or at home. But I did want to mention that my new (2018) Mac Mini has had an almost transformative effect on my workdays, and I'm delighted with it. The specs on mine are: 3.0 G...
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Super Recognizers

We've talked before about prosopagnosia , the condition also known as face blindness. People who have it lack the normal human ability to recognize other people visually. The example I always think of is Oliver Sacks, the late great writer on neurology. When Dr. Sacks would go to a restaurant to meet his assistant of ten years for lunch, she had to raise her hand so he'd know which table she was at—he couldn't recognize her. Turns out there's an opposite condition—a small number of people are s...
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'At the Museum' Update

I've gotten about 230 submissions for the Baker's Dozen portfolio. I'll be doing the initial edits no later than this weekend, so if you still want to submit something, plan on doing it before the weekend. Lots of great stuff so far. This is going to be another tough one to edit. Mike Original contents copyright 2019 by Michael C. Johnston and/or the bylined author. All Rights Reserved. Links in this post may be to our affiliates; sales through affiliate links may benefit this site. Everyth...
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New Advance in Smartphones

From a recent article in The Verge it looks like there's been a further advance in low-light photography in smartphones. The article compares Google's previously impressive Pixel Night Sight in the Pixel 3 with the forthcoming Huawei P30 and P30 Pro, which leave the Pixel 3 in their dust. Note that two of the illustrations are the "windowshade" type, where you can move the dividing line back and forth. (Does anyone know the proper name for that? I searched but couldn't come up with anything.) W...
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The International Digital Photography Museum

Not that I mean to downplay this news at all, but, first of all, I'm getting married! She's a TOP reader, and has been for the past eight years. She said she has watched my personal peregrinations with interest over the years, and 16 months ago now she decided to introduce herself. Her name is Magda, and she has residences in Budapest, Hungary, and New York City as well as a vacation home in a location she prefers not to disclose. After we get married we'll have two vacation homes, the second on...
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Ctein Prints Have Shipped

No foolin': All orders from our recent Ctein print sale have been shipped. If there is anyone who hasn't gotten a "your order has shipped" email from Ctein and an email from the USPS with the tracking number by today (be sure to check spam folders), they should email Ctein at [email protected] Mike Original contents copyright 2019 by Michael C. Johnston and/or the bylined author. All Rights Reserved. Links in this post may be to our affiliates; sales through affiliate links may benefit this site...
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The Very Very Very Best Backup...

...Is still a box of prints! (Or a "few-of-a-kind" custom book like a Blurb book.) Okay, maybe not the best backup but the best archive. I had planned to make this point again two days ago (bringing us around full circle in recent discussions here on TOP), when this comment came in from David L. night before last: "My engineering career was as a hard drive engineer and in server storage. My advice—make prints." (That's his whole comment.)  Ending up with prints is still a good idea, even though ...
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Deal of the Day: Samsung SSD (Solid State Drive)

On topic for World Backup Day, Amazon's "Deal of the Day" today is Samsung SSD portable solid-state hard drives for anywhere from 25 to 31% off list. The larger sizes are still pretty expensive, but they're more reliable than spinning portable drives and great as scratch disks among other things. The 1-terabyte size is only $178, marked down from $250 (Newegg's best price is $218). The 500GB size is only $98. The ones on sale are USB 3.1. By the way, this is a top recommended brand of external ...
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New Backup Plan (?)

Dateline, Sunday March 31st — Today is World Backup Day, in case you haven't already guessed the reason for the recent topics. (Also because I got a stonkin' new Mac Mini which is awesome, brilliant, slick and fast.) I'd link to, but they're probably getting slammed, because the site has not been responding all day. They probably took World Bandwidth Day off to go to the beach and missed that memo. —Mike So here's the backup solution I've decided of, um, this minute...
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Because I am an unwilling slave to authoritarian Big Brother corporations and my mind has been taken over, I can't help thinking of the old Raid bug spray commercials that featured insects happily destroying human property until the can of Raid comes out, at which point they all shriek "RAID!!!" and flee. But what we're talking about here is not that, but computer storage. In the computing world, RAID stands for "Redundant Array of Inferior Disks." It's an umbrella name for several strategies fo...
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