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Followups and Updates: The Eloquence of Coincidence (OT)

• Yesterday's post made me realize that I am not giving my current food experiment a decent chance. I am cheating too much, so I don't get to find out if the WFPB plan actually makes you feel better. Thanks to John Gillooly for asking the question. I really need to redouble my commitment so that I get good data on it, with my statistically insignificant but personally very significant experimental sample of one. One commenter said he eats nothing but meat and has never felt better. I should poin...
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Wednesday Open Mike: Diet Progress

[I didn't write an Open Mike—"the anything-goes, often off-topic editorial page of TOP"—last week, so I'm being indulgent with myself this week. I stuck it behind a page break in case you'd rather skip it. On that heading, it's always wise to bear in mind that not every post here is for everybody. That's how I think of blogging as I write. Sometimes the posts are for 90% of all my readers, sometimes as few as 5%, and there are posts for every percentage in between. It's all good, though, because...
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Killing Themselves Softly With Complexification-Saturation

Just wanted to reiterate this. (I've said it before, here and there.) This is a renegade, outsider, beyond-the-pale, meta viewpoint, but... ...I still think the camera companies are killing themselves with complexity. It's easier to figure out a new computer than it is to figure out a new camera. A few mavens can do it; nobody will admit to not being able to do it; but here's what I think is happening: I think most buyers of high-end enthusiast-level interchangeable lens (IL) cameras bought one ...
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Real Options

Just musing here. Mulling over the comments about the Range Rover thing, how's this for a concept.... A.) you pay a healthy amount of money for a luxury car, maybe double what you'd pay for a similar mainstream non-luxury version of something similar, b.) you get presented with a list of options, and c.) tick as many boxes as you want, configure your car just the way you like... ...NO CHARGE. That's having options! I predict the first company to do this will make out like bandits. Kia could do i...
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Bruce Polin

Big congratulations to TOP reader Bruce Polin, whose work is being highlighted on the Lens blog of the New York Times. Bruce Polin, Jay and Missy, Prospect Park, 2018 The work consists of traditional 8x10 film (FP4 and HP5) environmental portraits that are both meditative and collaborative. I really enjoyed the portfolio, which is called "What's the Opposite of a Cellphone Photo?" Have a look at Bruce's work! Mike (Thanks to Bruce) P.S. By the way, the mysterious "boxy, old-fashioned Japane...
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When Ignorance Is Not Bliss (Annals of Automobilia) (OT)

This is off topic, but it's funny. Consider: The base model of Land Rover's top-of-the-line Range Rover SUV costs $89,500. The base model of Toyota's RAV4 SUV costs $24,500. However, the RAV4 comes standard with far more features than the 3.6X more expensive Range Rover. To get the features of the Range Rover up to the standard of a RAV4, you have to spend half the price of a base RAV4 just on options. So just to spell this out, after already spending ninety grand on a car, people who buy Range ...
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11x14" Print

Andrew wrote in the Comments: "Re 'Somewhere out in the barn I have a motion-blurred snapshot of John Gossage in the lovely garden-level dining room of Julie Pratt's mansion holding that print, the first one Robert Frank ever sold.' Dig it out and let's see it!" I tried. I tromped out to the barn and lugged in several boxes of prints, but I didn't find the one I was looking for. Here's another shot from the same NYC trip, though. John Gossage is standing in an art installation on the roof of a ...
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Write On (Blog Notes)

I finally broke down, bit the bullet, unclenched the fist clinging to the wallet like grim death, and bought a new computer. I had the kind help of Ben Rosengart and Steve Rosenblum. I bought an Apple 3.0GHz i7 six-core Mac Mini with 16 GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD. It's not here yet. I have a stack of envelopes sitting on my desk from readers who mailed donations recently, which is what paid for most of the new computer. The return addresses include J. Reid, Nicholas Hartmann, Robert J. Sliclen, R...
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Charlie Pratt's Prints

I've told this story before I'm sure, but Lord knows where. Many years ago, the photographer John Gossage helped organize a show of photographs by Charles Pratt at the Corcoran Gallery. Charlie, who had died of a heart attack at his gym four years earlier at the age of 50, had been the scion of a wealthy industrialist family. It turned out that John had other connections with the Pratt family, which included helping Charlie's widow Julie publish several books of Charlie's photography. Julie was ...
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Blog Note

TOP is temporarily down for recombobulation. (Never fear, nothing's wrong.) Back soon! —Mike the Ed.   [Author: Michael Johnston]
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How Do You Add Info?

Malcolm Myers (among others) asked: "How does one add comments to a physical print? Do you perhaps copy a 9x6 print into Photoshop, add some comments below and then print on a 10x8 or A4? I'd be interested to learn how people do this." In the old days with fiber base [sic] paper, it was easy—the verso (back) side of print paper had the same surface as ordinary writing paper and you just wrote on it with a fairly hard pencil, which didn't come off on the next print down and didn't fade or degrade...
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Index Prints

[...This follows on the previous post. —Ed.]   Here's a simple way to make sense of a sprawling, less-than-perfectly organized ongoing archive of photographs of the sort most of us have—and eventually help preserve your pictures at the same time. First, buy three boxes. You might need more than one set, but this will get the point across. You really don't need anything fancier than this archival drop-front metal-edge box. But if you want to spend more, naturally you can. Then, whenever you get ...
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Picture Permanence

Back in the saddle this morning—I needed to take yesterday off for personal reasons. I have a few more thoughts about "picture permanence" (PicP)—similar to "print permanence," except that not every picture has to be a print. There seems to me a division in motives for PicP. And that is, do you want to keep your pictures safe and secure for your lifetime, or last beyond it? I can see reasons for either choice. Another consideration is whether we're talking personally or culturally. I tend to thi...
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Follow-Up: Ronnie's 1,000th

This is a lot of fun even if you're the furthest thing from a fan. Doesn't everyone enjoy seeing moments of exceptional triumph in any sport or game? Ronnie managed to reach the magic 1,000 mark in the winning frame of Players tournament. For those of you who don't watch snooker, ordinarily the audience is not allowed to call out when the players are at the table. Far from the case at the end of this break, as you'll see! Fun. Fittingly, I'm off for my regular weekly date playing pool with my fr...
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Print to Save

Don't press like. Don't press save. Press print. Print to save. Someone named Missy Mwac is being discussed recently (although, as a recovering alcoholic and a confessed WFPB fanatic, I can't see how someone who eats bacon and loves vodka could be your guide to anything, much less the murky waters. That's murky living if you ask me). But I digress, as I do. Suffice it to say that I love her recent article "The Lesson from Costco's Photo Lab," discovered via reader robert e via PetaPixel. A quote...
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The Beauty of Physical Prints

...Or, why I chose the Ctein prints I chose for the current print sale. Printmaking—a word that encompasses making photographic prints, and the prints themselves—has always been an exceedingly important part of my enjoyment of photography. I'm both a part of the audience and a maker. I like objects. I like pictures of all sorts. But I especially enjoy well-made photographic prints. Having done it professionally for a spell in the '80s and '90s, I'm aware of some of the problems and pitfalls. Wit...
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Open Mike: The Thousand Centuries

["Open Mike" is the anything-goes, often off-topic Editorial page of TOP. It's supposed to appear on Wednesdays, but this has been an atypical week for me. That's my excuse. —Mike the Ed.] Ronnie O'Sullivan, from his Facebook page. With eventualchampion Judd Trump back in the bokeh. Just briefly—I know a lot of people don't care for cue sports, but I'm a lifelong pool buff and, lately, utterly besotted with the quirky put perfect English game of snooker. Snooker currently has a larger-than-li...
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Two Catalogs

For those of you who are into film and darkroom, Freestyle's new catalog is out. It's very splashy. For those of you who are into Micro 4/3, the new Micro Four Thirds Joint Lens Catalog is out. The catalog is limited to products offered by companies that formally participate in the 4/3 consortium. There are other lenses available from companies that don't participate but just copy the mount. Leica has more expensive lenses, Canon and Nikon have useful if somewhat scattershot lines, Sony furious...
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Just Wondering (Blog Notes)

Did you notice that TOP hasn't had any posts about gear since February 18th? That's because some people were complaining that they thought the site had gotten to be too much about gear. I thought I'd try doing without it for a while to see how you liked it. What do you think? Do you like it better this way, or worse? Have you been happier and more involved with the site in the past two weeks or so? Or did you catch yourself going elsewhere to read (or view videos) about gear? Just curious! Mike ...
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Seven Featured Comments for Moose's 'Counterpoint'

[Yr. Hmbl. Ed. has been moderately messed up in the comment moderation. So that you don't miss them, here are seven "Featured Comments" from the post I SNAFU'd this week, "One Good Book: Guest Counterpoint" written by Moose. —Yr. Hmbl. Ed.]   Geoff Wittig: "Yes! Thanks for saying it, Moose. John Szarkowski was immensely influential, and no doubt he was extremely knowledgeable and erudite on the subject of visual art. Yet his opinion imposed a kind of stylistic straightjacket on what was consider...
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Ctein Print Offer

Ctein, Frozen Azure Cascades, 2014 Our old friend Ctein returns with some recent prints. (For those of you who might be new here, Ctein, pronounced "kuh-TINE," wrote more than 300 columns for TOP in the years up to 2016, when he departed for a new career as a science fiction novelist. He wore many hats, being the site's resident technical expert, computer expert, and tea and parrot aficionado among many other things.) We're offering three beautiful inkjet prints on premium 17x22" paper for $1...
Tags: Photography, New York, London, California, Sydney, Montreal, Print Offers, Ctein, Michael Johnston, Michael C Johnston, TINE

One Good Book: Guest Counterpoint [REVISED]

[Ed note: Working in a rush, I made a big, bad editing mistake and posted only a truncated version of this article yesterday. This is the full version. If you already read the first part here yesterday, please skip to the subsection with the heading "Then and now" and continue reading to the end. My sincere apologies to author and audience for my error. —Mike]   Written by Moose I bought Looking at Photographs by John Szarkowski based on Mike's recommendation. I would recommend that his hypothet...
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I Screwed Up: An Apology (Blog Notes)

It's not too often that I make a big, flagrant mistake here on TOP. But I really screwed up this morning when I posted Moose's article. I was in a hurry and I omitted the last part of the article. My cut-and-paste only grabbed the first page, not the whole piece he wrote for us. It's late now and I've had a long day and I'm very tired, but I've removed the version as I posted it today (leaving a placeholder so the comments made so far don't get deleted), and I'll re-post the article in its entir...
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Print Sale Starts THIS WEDNESDAY at 2 p.m. Eastern US Time

...And goes for only three days. Please come by and take a look! It's not who you think. Mike Original contents copyright 2019 by Michael C. Johnston and/or the bylined author. All Rights Reserved. Links in this post may be to our affiliates; sales through affiliate links may benefit this site. Want to help? (To see all the comments, click on the "Comments" link below.) Featured Comments from: No featured comments yet—please check back soon! [Author: Michael Johnston]
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One Good Book: Guest Counterpoint

Written by Moose I bought Looking at Photographs by John Szarkowski based on Mike's recommendation. I would recommend that his hypothetical friend not bother. No single book is sufficient to be worth the trouble, unless it's a "check off the list of topics" library; in which case, who cares? I just don't get that book. And yes, I do open it and browse from time to time, hoping that it has changed, hoping that I have not, at least in that direction. As Mike says, it's a history, a collection of h...
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Random Excellence: Nathan Benn

Nathan Benn, Gatorland, 1981. Edition of 15, $2,800. Remember our friend Nathan Benn? He has a new book out. First, you can see an engaging little mini-portfolio of his Florida pictures over at Photo-Eye. They're JPEGs of prints for sale in limited editions. The book is called A Peculiar Paradise: Florida Photographs. Here it is at Amazon UK and The Book Depository. Photo-Eye has it too, although TOP doesn't get a spiff there. There are some more of the pictures at the Amazon page, including ...
Tags: Amazon, Books, Photography, Florida, Michael Johnston, Michael C Johnston, Nathan, Amazon UK, Nathan Benn, Random Excellence, Gabriele Basilico, Bord de Mer, Fulvio Senore, Nathan Benn Mike

Music Notes: The D (OT)

A new mix by my friend KK is keeping me company today. (He kicked it off with Linton Kwesi Johnson's "Lorraine" at my request.) In response to the "One Good Book" post, Martin Doonan wrote: It would depend on the purpose of the collection. However, if the aim were to be photography appreciation, in a broad sense, then I would recommend to your friend to buy something that was furthest from their current tastes in photography as possible. I've found I've gained a much better appreciation of photo...
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Changin' Times

I'd like to thank everyone who commented on Thursday's question (if you could recommend one book, what would it be?). I was a bit surprised the post didn't get more comments (xx so far—I'll fill in the "xx" in a few minutes) and I admit I was hoping for a few more recommendations of more recent, digital-photography-related books. In part to educate myself. I chewed on that for a while this morning, and I guess the bottom line is that I have to accept that photo culture is changing. A long time a...
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One Good Book

This morning I've finally finished adding the "Featured Comments" to the "Museum Tricks" post. It makes good reading, I think. There are some great ones. Bear in mind too that "Featured" comments are merely representative comments, not necessarily all the "best" ones. There are some great comments in the Comments Section, too. Comments are featured here on TOP so people who don't have time to read all the comments can conveniently read a few. Advance notice: I have to take tomorrow off to deal w...
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Open Mike: Video Chautauquas* (OT)

["Open Mike" is the often off-topic Editorial page of TOP. It appears on Wednesdays. Off-topic posts on TOP are labeled "OT" in the title in case you prefer to avoid them.] While I delve into the no doubt delightful comments on yesterday's post (127 of 'em!), which should be fun, I thought I'd share a few of my favorites among recent YouTube discoveries. If you think I'm trying to distract you before you add more to today's workload, well, I take the Fifth. • A book author whose work I've enjoye...
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