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Why and How to benefit from Instagram Stories

Instagram is the largest social network today, and the communication power it offers businesses is unique. It is one of the best tools you can find to build brand awareness and grow your engagement with your public, which is what consumers expect companies to do today. Here is why you should use Instagram stories, and how to do so. Using Instagram Story Templates How many other ways do you have to reach a market of 500 million people? That is the number of worldwide users Instagram gathe...
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Followers Gallery – The Outstanding Application To Get Free Instagram Followers and Likes

Are you advancing a reasonable endeavor to build up a pool of dynamic Instagram followers, it may not be satisfactorily direct; fortunately, Followers Gallery causes you to make a working association with extraordinary free Instagram followers and likes the straightforward and the most secure way. Especially if you are devising another Instagram handle, it’s huge that you influence a good start, to have enough followers, and reach. It isn’t as basic as it would show up yet Followers Gallery will...
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The Impact of Instagram Followers To Social Media Success

Nowadays, diving into a career that relies on social media seems like something that anyone with a smartphone and internet connection could do. Either you use these platforms to build your brand as an influencer or to market your online business, you know how your number game should be strong to stand out.  Instagram, for example, is one of the most preferred social media platforms with more than 1 billion users each month, according to statistics . Approximately 500,000 of them claim to be...
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Top Seven Reasons Why You Should Consider Deactivating Your Instagram Account

Many of us scroll through social media first thing in the morning as soon as we get up. Honestly speaking, this is not a healthy habit. Who got a new dog? Who is honeymooning in Dubai? We feel the need to catch up with every little update!  Instagram, again one of the most popular social networking apps, sees more than 500 million active users every day. Total users are over 1 billion. That is a pretty good number, and we have all the reasons to convince you that you should deactivate your acco...
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Here Are 7 Tips to Kickstart Your New Business Online and Grab Eyeballs.

Let’s imagine you open a new burger joint, fire up your grills, hire your staff, and even let the doors open for customers. But people do not seem to flock into your store. Everything from the food to the decor is impressive, but the audiences simply refuse to show up. The reason for this is probably because you forgot to spread the word. Grabbing eyeballs means making the noise and telling the story. The same is true for any new business. Starting from a blank slate is, for sure, unwittingly ...
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Effective ways to grow your business on Instagram

Except for successful offline strategy, each company nowadays must pay attention to the effective presence online. Furthermore, a great number of modern companies prefer to operate only online, as it allows them to cut on operational costs and work with different customers from all over the world. Anyway, an effective strategy to grow a business on Instagram is a must these days. There are a lot of pre-paid tools on this social media, you can organize different advertising campaigns, but let’s ...
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8 Reasons why you should try video marketing for your business

Video Marketing is a strategy that aims to produce videos that improve the positioning of a brand on the Internet. Whatever you do video marketing in your business can help you achieve your promotional goals. If you are not sure, keep reading and I will explain everything that video marketing can do for your project. What is video marketing? This term represents the strategy for using videos to achieve brand objectives. And I am not referring exclusively to commercials, since videos come in man...
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Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) Guide for 2020

When choosing campaign budget optimization, your budget is spent most efficiently so that you get the best results, and the price for them matches your bidding strategy. A campaign budget is a budget that you set at the campaign level. You can set a Facebook ad budget for each individual day of the campaign – daily budget, or for the entire duration of the campaign – entire duration budget. Facebook business campaign budget optimization is used for all campaign budgets. Facebook CBO Strategy – ...
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6 PPC Network Alternatives to Google Ads

Pay Per Click advertising, or PPC as it is known to most, is an incredibly effective way to advertise any business or services on the internet. You create an ad, bid on some keywords, and if your bid is high enough, when people type those keywords in the search engines, your ad is displayed. Once you get the hang of advertising in this way, you can increase traffic and sales to just about anything you want to sell online. And because this method requires a search engine, the name GOOGLE quickly ...
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Use These 6 High-Authority Properties to Turbocharge Your Web Presence

Your web presence could use a little work. What better way to give it the kick it needs (maybe even deserves) than to leverage the SEO firepower of the world’s most popular websites? What’s that, you ask? You don’t have access to any of the world’s most popular websites? Ah, but you do. You do. Each of the six properties on this list allow just about anyone to create and manage personal and corporate accounts, turning the authority their owners have worked so hard to build into SEO gold. Ready t...
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Retailing on the Internet – Starter Guide, Steps and Tips

How to get started in Internet retailing? Although Internet sales are one of the activities that the market is taking on in different sectors, its rise is not due to the fact that it is a very simple task, in fact, the sales activity itself is a relatively slow process that requires a lot of work and effort. Today, we can sell almost any product through the network and the best thing is that for this we have a wide variety of possible channels that are within our reach. Therefore, if you are wil...
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Building Brand Loyalty In 2020

Brand loyalty is a true benchmark of how successful a business and customer relationship is. Do you have the type of customer than comes back, again and again, to buy direct from you? If not, you could be missing out on a large portion of your sales and profits. When you think about even a 2 percent increase in customer retention can reduce costs by as much as 10 percent, building up your brand loyalty starts to make a lot of sense. We’ll show you some modern techniques successful companies are ...
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Why Instagram Is Better Than Other Social Media Platforms

With so many different yet similar social media platforms on the rise, it is often difficult to determine which is the best platform presently. But through all the rising and falling trends, we feel Instagram has held its own in terms of reaching out to its users and customers alike. For young artists and musicians, Instagram is the best place to garner followers and kickstart their career. In the beginning, to gain credibility and traction, you can get Instagram followers and genuine likes and ...
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Is Ecommerce the Future?

The eCommerce landscape has expanded in leaps and bounds over the years and the future looks increasingly bright. The ease and efficiency of just a few clicks to buy items online at the comfort of your couch is a trend that is unlikely to go away. This article will shed some light on what the future holds for this multi-million-dollar industry while mentioning the changes that may positively impact on customers. Will online shopping continue to grow? Given that close to 3.6 billion people of the...
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Intelligent Hints To Boost Your Instagram Likes and Followers

Instagram was basically a photo-sharing application that gains much popularity and now it is being used for serious marketing purposes. Most of the businesses and people are getting fame from their Instagram account. With millions of active users, Instagram has become an amazing platform to invest your time to build your Instagram account. If you want to grow your Instagram account then you must think about the better ways of turning your insta-page more popular and valuable and visit friendlyli...
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Best Practices For Posting to Instagram from a Mac 

Whether you are an aspiring influencer, or a consumer brand wanting more customers, Instagram is an amazing platform. With over 1 billion monthly active users and an organic reach that surpasses Facebook, it is a great way to cultivate an audience of fans.  For everyone else, who isn’t an influencer jetting off to Coachella or Burning Man, Instagram is a cool place to share our lives with others, through pictures, videos and live Stories. One downside of Instagram is that it was designed as a mo...
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The importance of Instagram for marketing your business

When talking about the use of social networks as a marketing tool for companies, only the big names such as Facebook and Twitter attract attention. The reasons are obvious. These are the most popular social networking platforms with millions of fans. Which entrepreneur would not want to capitalize on such a broad follow-up for his company? That’s why today we tell you the importance of Instagram for your business. Instagram offers you a simple way to not only grow your business, but also reach y...
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6 Kinds of Content to Intrigue Your Customers

Dropshippers know that their success largely depends on marketing. In the digital age, one of the primary avenues of marketing is through content, which can take many forms. Between blogs, social media, SEO, newsletters, and other media and techniques, dropshippers do not always know how to compose a plan of attack that will resonate with their audience the best. Simply producing content is not enough, though—it has to be compelling, or else people have no reason to pay attention. Are you a drop...
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5 most popular ways to increase Instagram Followers

The most popular ways to increase your Instagram followers are mentioned below: 1: Visual Quotes In the tradition of an effective storytelling The visual quotes are also widely used by the community managers to gain visibility. These are phrases inserted into an image, usually a photo or a simple plain background. These quotes, sometimes funny, sometimes inspiring, sometimes both, arouse a strong commitment and are very shared by Internet users. They must of course have something to do with your...
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With Instagram quickly becoming an influential tool in online marketing, it is important for businesses, both young and old, to get a hang on how to use it and understand how making the most out of this exciting brand of social media can help you and your company reach a larger market and interact in an engaging way with Instagram users. By using the app to spread the message of your company, its products or services and giving the public an idea of what you are all about, you can connect with m...
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Passion into Profit: A Guide to a Career in Photography

Photography is one of the most popular hobbies of people around the world today. With the advent of technology, a lot of people have been actively updating and posting photos on different social media websites every day. In fact, according to Zephoria, there are about 300 million photo uploads on Facebook alone per day. That is approximately 136,000 photos uploaded every 60 seconds. As a result, a lot of photographers use several social media websites as a platform to promote their work and earn...
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Stories from My Past: Need help with my files

People who use computers can’t always express what they need, but you learn to discover it with experience. I helped a client once who asked me to stop by the house to help manage files. When I arrived the “file management” they wanted to do was to create a collage or arrangement of photos. It wasn’t any standard program either, but a webpage that was linked to a third-party website that would print the poster for them. All of this was completely new to me. However you learn by doing so away we ...
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Projector use is decreasing in business

I have noticed that in the last 10 years the use of projectors is decreasing in business. I think there are many reasons for this. TV’s have become so cheap it is hard to justify the savings of a projector anymore. In addition because many people are using Skype or other video chatting applications, it becomes natural to want to have a higher definition image than projectors supply. Projectors need a surprising amount of maintenance. They get dusty, or dirty lens, or the white board they projec...
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Beautiful photos from the Atlantic

See more at this link!Bj.:42!V-NmX/ The post Beautiful photos from the Atlantic appeared first on - Stuff worth knowing about.
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Brand News: Land’s End, Foxconn & Sharp, Leap Day Branding and More

The latest branding and marketing news and campaigns: Land’s End apologizes for featuring Gloria Steinem as a legend in its spring catalog following right-to-life outcry over pro-choice abortion stance. Foxconn and Sharp execs meet today to try to salvage merger while Marissa Mayer is in New York to try to save Yahoo. Apple files to dismiss demand to unlock terrorist’s phone and aims to make phones even more unhackable. Facebook‘s Zuckerberg chides employees for anti-Black Lives Matter move as ...
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Guy invents digital camera and boss makes him hide it

Is it no surprise that Kodak is a shadow of its former self? Rather than appreciating creativity and intelligence, they can’t see past their own current market. Kodak guy invents digital camera and boss tells him to hide it. The story is fascinating to read because even though Kodak did not market it, they built it, and made billions off of his invention. To me, he should have gotten a share of that since it was his genius that made it possible. When you read stories like this you have to wonder...
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Why did SuperMan wear tights?

You can learn more in this article. They have some stunning photos of Supes. The post Why did SuperMan wear tights? appeared first on - Stuff worth knowing about.
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Being grateful for what you don’t have.

Source: Today in History: November 23 – StumbleUpon Broward County Canvassing Board member, Judge Robert Rosenberg, stares at a dimpled presidential punchcard ballot on November 23, 2000 as the board begins counting the county’s ballots that were considered questionable. After review by the three-member panel, the vote went to Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush. (text from article) As Thanksgiving approaches, we consider more all the things we have to be grateful for. History is ...
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American Express card is often spoofed

More so than any other credit card I have used, American Express is often spoofed. I received an email that looked like it came from Amex. I will paste it below. Account Access Alert: Important Alert Notification Your Card Number Begining: 55XX Dear Valued Client, We have recently made some changes to make our Valued Customers happy with better security and more benefits for staying with us. All Customers are advised to Update to our new system procedures for total on-line access and benefits, A...
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Does your Windows computer not want to see your iPhone with error MTP USB?

Source: [SOLVED] Failed installing Samsung Mobile MTP Device Error code 10: This device cannot start | The _khAttAm_ blog So if you have a Windows computer you may have found that your computer doesn’t seem to accept the iPhone’s USB connection. The iPhone can’t be accessed to download photos in Picasa for example. It doesn’t show in the device manager list either and usually has an !iPhone or !MTP USB driver message. Downloading and installing the MTP USB driver doesn’t fix this issue. Rebootin...
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