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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Facebook Videos of Her Trip to Standing Rock Reveal Her Political Awakening

Almost everyone who came to Standing Rock repeated the same legend. Someone, maybe Crazy Horse, had made a prophecy a long time ago—probably in the late 1870s—about the looming destruction of the planet. The “who” and “when” parts of the story were always fuzzy, but the prophecy was always the same: the “black snake” of darkness and discord was going to infect the land, seeping into the fires and air and water, spreading conflict and violence, and threatening the reciprocal relationship bet...
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Workplace Revolution with Amy Nelson

Amy Nelson is the founder and CEO of The Riveter. If you’re not familiar with The Riveter, it’s a modern day union of women and their allies. It’s a community, a workspace and resource that supports women in building business and careers. The Riveter has locations all throughout the US and is growing rapidly. I cannot wait for you to this story. Amy Nelson practiced corporate litigation for over a decade in New York City and Seattle and worked in politics under several presidents. But it wasn’t ...
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Here are the memes Mike Bloomberg's presidential campaign paid influencers to post on Instagram

Mike Bloomberg's presidential campaign recently deployed ads in the form of memes all across Instagram, The New York Times reported. The memes feature screenshots of messages from the Bloomberg campaign account, poking fun at Bloomberg's public persona. We compiled a list of the memes below. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The presidential campaign for Mike Bloomberg, the billionaire businessman and former mayor of New York City, has deployed self-deprecating memes all ac...
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Shutterstock founder and CEO Jon Oringer steps down after 16 years

It’s an end of an era — and you might just want to snap a photo of it, and just maybe upload it for others to purchase Jon Oringer, who founded New York City-based Shutterstock in 2003, announced today that he would be stepping away from his duties as CEO at the photo sharing and commerce company, effective in April. He will move on to be Executive Chairman of the board, and says in a letter posted this morning that he intends “to continue to be involved in the strategy and direction of the b...
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6 Instagram accounts you’ll love if you’re in real estate

From the glamorous to the absurd, these Instagram accounts will lift your spirits and provide you with useful information.
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Best pop-up museums in the US

If the mere thought of visiting the Louvre and British Museum make you want to take a long nap, know that there are museums out there for those who are seeking a less traditional experience. Pop-up museums offer visitors highly curated experiences that are nothing like traditional museum settings — you can take photos and laugh out loud without putting anyone out. While the subject matter of pop-up museums runs the gamut from candy to optical illusions, the most attractive feature of pop-up m...
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An Artist Tricks Google Maps Into Creating a Virtual Traffic Jam, Using a Little Red Wagon & 99 Smartphones

Sometimes the miraculous time-saving conveniences we’ve come to depend on can have the opposite effect, as artist Simon Wickert recently demonstrated, ambling about the streets of Berlin at a Huck Finn-ish pace, towing a squeaky-wheeled red wagon loaded with 99 secondhand smartphones. Each phone had a SIM card, and all were running the Google Maps app. The result? A near-instantaneous "virtual traffic jam” on Google Maps, even though bicyclists seem to vastly outnumber motorists alon...
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The "Mona Cut" Is the Angled Bob Haircut Trend Taking Over Your Instagram Feed

I can always count on my Instagram feed to help me stumble upon a hair trend or moment that stops me dead in my tracks and often leads me down a rabbit hole. First it was the knotless box braids that practically took over last year, and now it's the geometric curly bob haircut that may or may not just inspire my next trip to the salon. The style in question, also known as the "Mona Cut," is somewhat of a signature of New York City-based stylist Mona Baltazar. Baltazar has become well-known on s...
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Harvey Weinstein Trial: What’s Happened So Far

After two weeks of arguments and witnesses, the prosecution’s presentation against the film producer accused of rape is nearing completion.
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How Deleting Instagram for 30 Days Saved my Sanity

Travel blog by Travels of Adam (Hipster Blog) – Travels of Adam (Hipster Blog) - By now, it’s no surprise that 2019 was a pretty rough year for me personally. It was exacerbated by a difficult breakup at the end of the year, some financial problems, and a general malaise from all the news of the world. By the time December 1st rolled around, I had pretty much checked out for the year—unable and unwilling to do much work, and just generally ~ tired. Every little thing was affecting my mood;...
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Photo District News Has Closed at 40

Emerald Expositions, the operator of business-to-business trade shows that runs PhotoPlus (formerly Photo East, and before that Photo Expo) in New York City at the Javits Center, and is the most recent owner of PDN, has announced that PDN will close down and stop providing content. PDN was founded by a photo assistant named Carl S. Pugh as New York Photo District News, a newsletter for the commercial and studio professionals along lower Fifth Avenue in New York city—the photo district. It was fi...
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International Center of Photography Refocuses in a New Home

When images are everywhere, what is the role of a photography museum?
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Incredible Architectural Shots: Built Environment Photography Award Winners Announced

Each year the Chartered Institute of Building, a global organization representing construction and property professionals, hosts a photography competition called The Art of Building. Photographers from over 100 countries send in their best shots celebrating the built environment. Here are 2019's winners, who've just been announced: Public Choice Award Alexandr Bormotin"The new Moscow metro station is made in a futuristic style." Judge's Award Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz"Due to the reflection of...
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‘Save Yourselves!’ Review: A Couple Goes Off the Grid Just as Aliens Arrive [Sundance 2020]

We’re all addicted to our phones. Whether it’s because we need the dopamine hit of receiving Twitter faves or Instagram likes, or just a gnawing need to constantly be connected, the addiction is very real. Save Yourselves!, the new sci-fi comedy from writer/directors Eleanor Wilson and Alex H. Fischer, preys on the FOMO you get if you don’t look at your phone for several hours, blowing it up into a worst case scenario. What if, instead of just a couple of missed notifications, you missed news a...
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The life and career rise of Instagram head Adam Mosseri, the Facebook exec behind 'like' counts disappearing

Adam Mosseri has now been the head of Instagram for over a year, since the photo-sharing app's cofounders abruptly left their jobs at Facebook. Mosseri, 36, has pushed changes on Instagram meant to curb bullying and improve users' mental health. His most notable measure has been testing the removal of public likes from the platform, which could roll out to everyone in 2020. Here's everything you need to know about the head of Instagram: an employee at Facebook for more than a decade, a "close ...
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How Danny Pellegrino turned his “Housewives” obsession into a full-time career

Danny Pellegrino, Tom Sandoval, and Ariana Madix at the book signing for “Fancy AF Cocktails.” When Bravo put on its first fan convention in New York City last November, lines wrapped around the block as hopeful viewers tried to catch a glimpse of Lisa Vanderpump in the flesh or to see Ramona Singer get into a tiff with a co-star live and in person. But through all the excitement of potential Bravolebrity sightings, there was another name on everybody’s lips: Danny Pellegrino, a podcaster...
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This Week in Photography: China and New York in the 80’s

  Everyone wants to be down-to-earth? Right? It seems like one of those compliments that is universally understood to be a good thing. It means relatable. Grounded. Empathetic to others’ experience. Humble. Polite. Thoughtful. Respectful. For some people though, (yes, they’re often rich,) the lure of being fake, affected and pretentious is just too strong. In this case, I’m thinking about Gwyneth Paltrow, the occasional actress, full-time GOOP lifestyle guru/ magnate, likely vegan, and occasiona...
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Trump’s Approval Rating Far Higher Among Men: Campaign Update

(Bloomberg) -- The gender gap in President Donald Trump’s approval rating is a massive 19 percentage points in a new poll.An 7 News/Emerson College poll of registered voters nationwide found 57% of men approved of the job he is doing as president, while only 38% of women approved.That is even higher than the 11 point gender gap in exit polls conducted in the 2016 election, which is tied with 1996 for the largest since 1980, according to the Center for the American Woman and Politics at Rutgers U...
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Sounds of the City

We sent four photographers to capture New York’s soundscape in images. Here’s what they saw (and heard).
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Social Media Helped Juul Dominate the Vaping Market. Now, Teens Are Using It to Help Each Other Quit

Juul Labs , the e-cigarette company so popular its name became a verb, wouldn’t be where it is without social media. In the company’s early years, a steady stream of posts from users and influencers helped turn Juul from a smoking alternative to a cultural phenomenon. So many Juul users— many of them teenagers —voluntarily posted about vaping that it hardly made a difference when the company in 2018 silenced its own accounts to help stem its popularity among underage users. Now, in th...
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Curious Photos Of Cynthia, A Superstar Mannequin In The ‘30s

Lester Gaba dines at the Marguery, a New York restaurant, with his mannequin Cynthia, 1937. Alfred Eisenstaedt/LIFE In 1932, a life-like mannequin named Cynthia was created by Lester Gaba. After several shoots around New York City for Life Magazine in 1937, her career was launched, and for a matter of months, Cynthia became a household name. Similar to an A-list celebrity... Source
Tags: Photography, New York, Design, New York City, Retro, 1930s, Cynthia, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Mannequin, Lester Gaba, Marguery

Photographer Desiree Rios

I was struck by the pictures in this interesting and somewhat offbeat feature in the NYT*: "A Luxury Dish Is Banned, and a Rural County Reels." Politically you could have any of a range of reactions to the story, but let's not go there. In a nutshell, a traditional delicacy for wealthy people is banned in New York City as being gratuitously cruel to animals, echoing many other such bans worldwide, but the poor people who produce it—some of whom have had a dreadful odyssey to reach safe haven—are...
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Illicit THC dealers are raking in the bucks on Instagram: Report

Not so dank, dudes. NBC News reports that “countless purveyors of illicit THC products” are selling illegal cannabis or fake cannabis products in plain sight on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. “They are facilitating a public health crisis,” said Timothy Mackey, a professor at the University of California San Diego. His team has done extensive research on how social media platforms are used to sell various illicit products. The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) sa...
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Surprise! Selena Gomez Got a New Tattoo to Celebrate the Release of Her Album

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on Jan 16, 2020 at 12:23am PST Selena Gomez's collection of tattoos is only growing. The singer took to Instagram on Jan. 16 to reveal that she recently chose to celebrate the release of her latest album, Rare, by getting an all-new neck tattoo of the album's title. "Did it again," she captioned a video of herself checking ou...
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28 ways companies and governments can collect your personal data and invade your privacy every day

In modern life, privacy is no longer a given — people are being tracked on their daily commute, at work, online, and when they're shopping. That's because data is valuable. In 2018, American companies spent an estimated $19 billion attaining and interpreting consumer data. Data is a commodity to be sold for advertising, used by government agencies to stop crimes, or for companies to increase workplace productivity. Almost nothing is private anymore. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more ...
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No Pants Subway Ride Around The World 2020 In Photos

Brendan McDermid/Reuters It’s been 18 years since the wacky cats at Improv Everywhere — true to its slogan, “We Cause Scenes” — got the bright idea to take to the New York City subway sans slacks in the middle of January. Of course the concept caught on, and this year more than a dozen cities took part in “Global No-Pants Subway Ride 2020.” More: Improv Everywhere Brendan McDermid/ Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Subway, New York City, Event, Ride, Brendan McDermid Reuters, No Pants

From Priscilla Chan to Melinda Gates, these are the spouses of some of the most powerful people in tech

Most of tech's most powerful CEOs are married.  Not everyone is coupled up — Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have girlfriends, while Jack Dorsey and Tim Cook appear to be single.  But for those who are married, many of them have been with their spouses for years or even decades.  Here's a look at the lives of the spouses of tech's biggest CEOs.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. It takes a special type of person to become the partner of a high-powered tech executive: From long week...
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The company behind the NYC photo studio made for Instagram influencers is opening gorgeous new spaces in Brooklyn and Los Angeles

Village Studio opened its first photo studio in 2018 in New York City for influencers and brands in need of Instagram-ready backdrops for shooting ads and promos. The team is now opening two new locations: a house in Los Angeles' West Hollywood and a $15,000-a-month loft in Brooklyn, of which Business Insider was given an exclusive tour inside. These studios run essentially like a WeWork: brands book the space to produce content, while Village Studio does the upkeep and ensures the space looks...
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McDonald's CEO has a new Instagram, and it reveals the fast-food giant's efforts to erase former executives' scandals

McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski sent a message to employees on Monday, emphasizing the company's values — and launching his new Instagram account.  Kempczinski's Instagram is as inoffensive and McDonald's-centric as possible, following 14 accounts including McDonald's partners such as Yoplait USA, Sprite, and Fanta.  Kempczinski has worked to clean up McDonald's corporate reputation internally, after Steve Easterbrook was forced to step down as McDonald's CEO in November following an investi...
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Seeing Beauty In A Cold And Wet New York City With Moody Photos Of Saul Leiter

Saul Leiter (1923-2013) found warmth in the rain and snow falling on New York City. Leiter was 23 when he left his native Pittsburgh for New York. The Rabbi’s son schooled in Jewish law and history found his metier in photography. His work was spotted by Edward Steichen, who included 23 of Leiter’s photographs in Always the Young Stranger at the Museum of Modern Art in 1953 and 20 of Leiter’s... Source
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