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Photography and sex in Amos Badertscher’s Baltimore

The Baltimore photographer Amos Badertscher has been cataloguing queer lives in his city since the 1960s: male sex workers and their girlfriends, the 1990s Baltimore and Washington club culture, transgender people, crack and heroin addiction, and the impact of AIDS. His is the largest extant photographic record of the short lives of hustlers (male sex workers) that I know of. Though he could by no means be described as famous, Badertscher enjoyed a brief period of academic notice with the public...
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critic’s pick: She Needed No Camera to Make the First Book of Photographs

The British botanist Anna Atkins published her evocative cyanotypes of algae and seaweed 175 years ago. Now, the New York Public Library is celebrating her innovation.
Tags: Art, Photography, News, Atkins, Anna, New York Public Library, Anna Atkins, Talbot, William Henry Fox

Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” Gets Released on Instagram as a Digital “Insta Novel”: It’s Free from The New York Public Library

Back in August, we highlighted a new initiative by the New York Public Library. An institution that's hip with our times, the NYPL released on Instagram a digital version of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Now, in the Halloween spirit, comes a digital adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's classic tale, "The Raven." They write: "The Raven" includes a unique series of animations produced by Psyop and Studio AKA that takes readers on an ominous procession through a stark psychological ...
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NYC library turns Instagram into ebook reader for ‘Alice in Wonderland’

From the story: Quote: In an effort to broaden libraries‘ appeal among social media users, the New York Public Library today unveiled an unusual but ingenious use of Instagram. It’s turning full-length novels into ebooks that can be read with Instagram’s Instant Stories feature. The initiative was first reported by the Wall Street Journal, which notes that the library aims to promote reading while adapting to modern trends. In effect, Instagram’s visually focused social media network is being...
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Facebook removes 5000 ad terms to cut down discriminatory targeting Last week, the social media giant announced that it would be revoking thousands of options from its ad targeting function, in a move to cut down on discriminatory advertising. In total, the platform will be removing 5,000 ad terms which could show “bias against different religions, races and cultures”, including interests in Native American culture, Islamic culture, Buddhism, and more. A blog from Facebook said “While these opti...
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The New York Public Library Puts Classic Stories on Instagram: Start with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Read Kafka’s The Metamorphosis Soon

I'd be happy if I could think that the role of the library was sustained and even enhanced in the age of the computer. —Bill Gates The New York Public Library excels at keeping a foot in both worlds, particularly when it comes to engaging younger readers. Visitors from all over the world make the pilgrimage to see the real live Winnie-the-Pooh and friends in the main branch’s hopping children’s center. And now anyone with a smartphone and an Instagram account can “check out” their digita...
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Nearly 40,000 people read 'Alice in Wonderland' on Instagram

Animated e-book experiment by New York Public Library pays off with 21,000 new followers on Instagram, and nearly 40K people reading the book all the way to the end. Library system is huge on Twitter, where it has some 2.5 million followers who look for book recommendations.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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NYC library turns Instagram into ebook reader for ‘Alice in Wonderland’

From the story: Quote: In an effort to broaden libraries‘ appeal among social media users, the New York Public Library today unveiled an unusual but ingenious use of Instagram. It’s turning full-length novels into ebooks that can be read with Instagram’s Instant Stories feature. The initiative was first reported by the Wall Street Journal, which notes that the library aims to promote reading while adapting to modern trends. In effect, Instagram’s visually focu...
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This is Photography’s Debt to André Kértsz – The Quintessential Photographer

If I was asked to make the claustrophobic choice of picking only one photographer's work to keep with me forever as a source of inspiration and imagery, André Kertész's work would be it. All right … I'd have a hard time ruling out a lot of photographers like Helen Levitt, Mary Ellen Mark or Josef Koudelka, but in the end, Kertész would be the one. But why him? Because he did everything when it comes to photography, and he did everything at a great level of mastery. His images are still surpris...
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The New York Public Library is Turning Classics Into Instagram Stories

Gizmodo has advocated for libraries as an excellent means of logging off, because a library is a service that lets you “stream” films, music, magazines, books, and all other kinds of media for free.Read more...
Tags: Books, Science, Instagram, Libraries, Gizmodo, New York Public Library

Literary Classics Come to Instagram With This Lovely New Project by the New York Public Library

For many, Instagram remains a place primarily to document our travels and brunch escapades, but the New York Public Library is out to elevate the medium by infusing it with some classic literature. Today, the library's Instagram account began posting Insta Novels, a collaboration with agency Mother in New York. The program will bring some...
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7 Great Photographers Born During The Austro-Hungarian Empire

Some may quarrel with me, but I believe that Hungary – especially during the Austro-Hungarian Empire – gave us many of photography’s most titanic figures. I like to write articles in which I speak of photographers from a certain country. I have a hypothesis that somehow, countries visually influence photographers born inside their borders. The Austro-Hungarian Empire gave us so many photographic giants that discussing only 5 was a real challenge – I had to omit a few photographers who were of ut...
Tags: Photography, Ukraine, Budapest, Hungary, Nicole Kidman, Paris, Liberia, New York Public Library, Capa, Escher, Laszlo Moholy Nagy, Cartier Bresson, Robert Capa, Gellhorn, Brassai, Martin Munkacsi

Hand-Colored Photographs from 19th Century Japan: 110 Images Capture the Waning Days of Traditional Japanese Society

What we euphemistically refer to as the “Opening of Japan” catalyzed a period of seismic upheaval for the proud formerly closed country. Between the fall of the Tokugawa shogunate in 1853 and the Meiji restoration in 1868, Japanese society changed rapidly due to the sudden forced influx of foreign capital and influence, much of it destructive. “Unemployment rose,” writes historian John W. Dower, “Domestic prices soared sky high…. Much of Japan was wracked by famine in the mid 1860s…. As if all ...
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Diana Davies Recorded Early Gay Lib. Here Are Some Of Her Incredible Photos.

American photographer Diana Davies was one of the leading photojournalists of the gay lib movement during the 1960s and ’70s. Her work covers an astonishing range of LGBT history, from early protests by the Gay Liberation Front to dances at the Gay Activists Alliance Firehouse. They were published in leading publications: The New York Times, Life, Time, and The Village Voice. Many of her images are archived at the New York Public Library’s Digital Collections, which consists of black and white ...
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10 Things I Liked Enough to Share With You: 10 Oct 2016

This week's 10 Things includes a 48-year mystery solved by an amateur genealogist, Ellis Island immigrants in living color, Oregon Trail wheel tracks, genealogy for kids, and more! The post appeared first on Little Bytes of Life.
Tags: Kids, Instagram, Dna, Museum, WWI, Immigrants, New York Public Library, Genealogy, 10 Things, Ellis Island, Ellis, Oregon Trail, Jane Doe, Statue of Liberty, Lady Liberty

Go Inside the Renovated New York Public Library Reading Room

A group of Instagram photographers got an early look at the Rose Room
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Thousands of Old Photographs Create a Google Street View Map of 19th-century New York City

When I found this I thought to myself… dang this is really cool! This is how creative people can be when they figure out how to use technology to do really fun/cool/creative stuff! This guy used over 80,000 old photographs to create a Google Street View map of New York City in the 1800s Via Business Insider: New York City has a long and sprawling history, but looking at the city today, it’s hard to tell what it looked like in the past. Luckily, an enterprising coder has solved that problem by ...
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Color Portraits Of Immigrants At Ellis Island

Many of the 12 million people who entered the US through New York’s Ellis Island wore traditional dress from their homelands. The early 1900s images by chief registry clerk Augustus Francis Sherman have been brought to life by colorists at Dynamichrome. The photos will form part of a book called The Paper Time Machine, by Wolfgang Wilding and Jordan Lloyd, which is currently being crowdsourced. An Italian woman circa 1910 wearing a traditional homespun dress and shawl. (Photo by Augustus Franci...
Tags: Photography, New York, Design, France, Germany, Russia, US, Norway, New York Public Library, Ellis Island, Alsace, Kola Peninsula, Jordan Lloyd

Really Handy Tips for Client Proofing Using Lightroom Web

Hi gang – and greetings from New York City (I’m doing a shoot this morning at the New York Public Library before they open to the public – a shoot for my book “The Great Indoors.”). Anyway, today I wanted to do a post on how to use Lightroom Web for doing online client proofing. STEP ONE: Go to Lightroom on your computer; choose the collection of images you want to make available to your client for proofing (they can the images they want retouched, pick final images, etc.), and sync that collec...
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Portraits of Ellis Island Immigrants Arriving on America’s Welcoming Shores Circa 1907

The shibboleths of our political culture have trended lately toward the loathesome, crude, and completely specious to such a degree that at least one prominent columnist has summed up the ongoing spectacle in Cleveland as “grotesquerie… on a level unique in the history of our republic.” It’s impossible to quantify such a thing, but the sentiment feels accurate in the fervor of the moment. We’ll hear a torrent of well-worn counter-clichés at the other party’s big convention, and one of them that...
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Woo Woo: Public domain materials from the NYPL without fees or forms

I've been singing the praises of The New York Public Library's digital collection of years now. So I was super-excited to read they have opened access to the public domain images. It no longer requires requests or fees to access certain files. It is a massive collection in which you will discover all manner of goodies. Thanks to my friend Tom Novotny for pointing us to it. The Update is labeled (May 5, 2016)... Here's how: Follow the link below, enter "food cart" in the search box (top rig...
Tags: Chuck, Photography, Design, Illustration, New York Public Library

Stereographic New York: animated 3D images from the 1850s to the 1930s

The stereoscope was the virtual reality headset of the 19th century. The New York Public Library’s collection contains tens of thousands of stereographic images, offering a unique insight into a long forgotten New YorkThe stereoscope provided 19th-century viewers with the illusion of 3D depth, in much the same way as the virtual reality headsets of today. In the pre-television, pre-movie days, families would gather round the stereoscope instead.Stereoscopic photography uses the binocularity of h...
Tags: Photography, New York, Technology, World news, US news, History, Cities, Culture, Art and design, New York Public Library

Access Tons of Books, Photos, and Videos in the New York Public Library's Digital Database

Libraries are a pretty awesome resource. They’re full of tools, information, and materials anyone can use. Even better, all of it’s free. And the New York Public Library now offers access to a massive database of digital collections.Read more...
Tags: Photos, Books, Libraries, Free Stuff, New York Public Library, Public Domain, New York Public Library s Digital Database

Timeless New York Street Scenes Photographs In The 1950s, Found In A Home’s Attic After Nearly 50 Years

These vintage photographs capture a timeless energy and diversity that is characteristic of the sleepless streets of New York City. The recently discovered antique portraits showcase the city in the midst of the 1950’s, as seen through the Rolleiflex lens of the undiscovered photographer Frank Larson. While digging through his aunt’s attic, where Larson stowed away his images in 1964, the photographer’s grandson found this remarkable collection of street scenes that give a candid glimpse into t...
Tags: Photography, New York, New York City, Queens, Manhattan, Associated Press, Fifth Avenue, New York Public Library, Chinatown, Central Park, Times Square, Larson, Frank Larson, Queens Museum of Art, Frank Oscar Larson, Queens Museum of Art The Chrysler Building

How Not to Ruin Instagram (Now That the Ad Floodgates Are Open)

“Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.” —Steve Jobs The news broke last week that Instagram will expand its advertising service to all marketers, not just a chosen few (Disney, The Gap, Ben & Jerry’s) it’s been working with since first rolling out ads in the fall of 2013. That means the popular photo-sharing app is opening up to zillions of advertisers, who’ll be flocking there to take advantage of more ad styles and sophisticated targeting tools developed by Instagram’...
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Here Are 40,000 Photos Of Old New York Plotted on a City Map

Hope you’ve already checked out of work on this pre-Memorial Day Friday because this site might eat your long weekend for breakfast. Over 40,000 vintage photos of New York City from the New York Public Library archives have been geotagged to a Google Map, letting you click right through history on every street corner.Read more...
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