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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Facebook Videos of Her Trip to Standing Rock Reveal Her Political Awakening

Almost everyone who came to Standing Rock repeated the same legend. Someone, maybe Crazy Horse, had made a prophecy a long time ago—probably in the late 1870s—about the looming destruction of the planet. The “who” and “when” parts of the story were always fuzzy, but the prophecy was always the same: the “black snake” of darkness and discord was going to infect the land, seeping into the fires and air and water, spreading conflict and violence, and threatening the reciprocal relationship bet...
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Bloomberg's 'social-media army' blurs the lines on political ads and makes it harder for people to know what they're looking at (FB)

Michael Bloomberg's presidential campaign is consistently pushing boundaries on the the rules around political advertising on social media. He is in the process of hiring a "social-media army" to spread his message online, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. Facebook's policy decisions on "branded content" may help Bloomberg's campaign evade scrutiny from researchers and journalists. Tech-industry insiders have already warned that Facebook needs to more clearly distinguish political...
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Here are the memes Mike Bloomberg's presidential campaign paid influencers to post on Instagram

Mike Bloomberg's presidential campaign recently deployed ads in the form of memes all across Instagram, The New York Times reported. The memes feature screenshots of messages from the Bloomberg campaign account, poking fun at Bloomberg's public persona. We compiled a list of the memes below. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The presidential campaign for Mike Bloomberg, the billionaire businessman and former mayor of New York City, has deployed self-deprecating memes all ac...
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Facebook is changing its political-advertising policies on Instagram after Mike Bloomberg's campaign paid for memes on the platform (FB)

Facebook said it will allow US political candidates to sponsor branded content on Instagram, as long as they follow certain guidelines that brands currently have to adhere to. In a statement to Business Insider, Facebook said "there's a place for branded content in political discussion on our platforms," and that it will allow content as long as the influencers who post the sponsored content disclose it through specific tools on the platform. The policy comes after The New York Times reported ...
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Controversy rages over Trump interference in Roger Stone case – live updates

Attorney general to testify before congress Chuck Schumer warns of ‘crisis in the rule of law in America’Help us cover the critical issues of 2020. Consider making a contribution 11.48am GMT The New York Times reports on the Instagram posts by leading meme-makers that Mike Bloomberg has bought.The self-deprecating and somewhat meta posts pretend to be screenshots of messages from the former New York mayor to the memestagrammers asking them to make memes that make him look cool. 10.56am GM...
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First Look: Leadership Books for February 2020

Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in February 2020. Don't miss out on other great new and future releases. Life's Great Question: Discover How You Contribute To The World by Tom Rath Life is not what you get out of it . . . it's what you put back in. Yet our current means for summarizing life's work, from resumes to salaries, are devoid of what matters most. This is why the work we do is often bad for our wellbeing, when it should be making us happier and health...
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Choose Creativity – A Conversation with Jordon Harbinger

Recently sat down with my man Jordan Harbinger on his podcast The Jordan Harbinger Show. As a radio personality and a podcaster long before it was cool, Jordan is no stranger to the mic. It was a fun conversation and I hope you enjoy! A few of my fav topics: I share my framework for learning from the masters by deconstructing what they do and applying it My creative slumps and how I dug out How mindset matters and unwinding our self-limiting beliefs and much more … Big shoutout to Jordan for hav...
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Jeff Bezos' nudes were reportedly leaked when his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez sent them to her brother, in a new twist to the dramatic saga — here's everything we know so far (AMZN)

A New York Times report alleges that intimate photos leaked to the National Enquirer of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend, former TV anchor Lauren Sanchez, came from messages Sanchez sent to her brother. This is the latest update in the complicated saga regarding Bezos' love life, which first gained attention after the Amazon CEO announced in January 2019 that he was getting divorced. This new development comes shortly after Bezos' phone was likely hacked by Mohammed bin Salman, crow...
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The life and career rise of Instagram head Adam Mosseri, the Facebook exec behind 'like' counts disappearing

Adam Mosseri has now been the head of Instagram for over a year, since the photo-sharing app's cofounders abruptly left their jobs at Facebook. Mosseri, 36, has pushed changes on Instagram meant to curb bullying and improve users' mental health. His most notable measure has been testing the removal of public likes from the platform, which could roll out to everyone in 2020. Here's everything you need to know about the head of Instagram: an employee at Facebook for more than a decade, a "close ...
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Regime Critic Says Saudis Tried to Kidnap Him on U.S. Soil

A suspected agent of the Saudi government attempted to kidnap a regime critic on American soil, according to the critic and multiple U.S. and foreign sources familiar with the episode. The young Saudi man says the FBI saved him from becoming the next Jamal Khashoggi.Abdulrahman Almutairi is a 27-year-old comedian and former student at the University of San Diego with a big social-media presence. After Almutairi used social media to criticize the powerful Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman over the...
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Saudis Tried to Kidnap Me on U.S. Soil, Regime Critic Says

A suspected agent of the Saudi government attempted to kidnap a regime critic on American soil, according to the critic and multiple U.S. and foreign sources familiar with the episode. The young Saudi man says the FBI saved him from becoming the next Jamal Khashoggi.Abdulrahman Almutairi is a 27-year-old comedian and former student at the University of San Diego with a big social-media presence. After Almutairi used social media to criticize the powerful Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman over the...
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Inside the rise of TikTok, the viral video-sharing app whose ties to China are raising concerns in the US

TikTok is a short-form video app that's become one of the most popular social platforms among teens and Generation Z. TikTok has , and is owned by a Chinese internet company called ByteDance. Here's the story of how TikTok got its start, grown into a wildly popular platform, and the problems that it's facing from US lawmakers along the way. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Follow INSIDER on TikTok. One of the most popular apps among teenagers at the moment is a short-form ...
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Social Media and Development: 7 Questions for the New Decade

In a very short time technology and virtual connections have woven into our everyday life and things seem to be changing at a breakneck pace. Many remember phones anchored to the wall with chords that limited space and privacy. Now it is estimated that over 5 billion people have mobile phones, over half being smartphones. Twitter and Facebook are just teenagers and Instagram is still in pre-adolescence. But in their short existence enlivened by smartphones, these platforms have altered social c...
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HBO Max Greenlights Animated Comedy The Prince From Gary Janetti

HBO Max greenlights animated comedy The Prince from Gary Janetti HBO Max has greenlit the animated comedy series The Prince, created by Gary Janetti (Family Guy, Will & Grace). The series is inspired by Janetti’s Instagram account which has nearly one million followers and has garnered international media attention for its satire of British Royals through the eyes of a young Prince George, eldest child of Prince William and Princess Kate. Janetti will star in the series as Prince George along...
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The Daily Edit – New York Times- The Neediest Case: Ellen Silverman

New York Times: Editor: Lisa Dalsimer Photographer: Ellen Silverman   Heidi:What was the genesis of the column? Ellen: In 1911 on Christmas day Alfred S Ochs the publisher of The New York Times was out walking after Christmas dinner when he encountered a man who had just had been served a Christmas dinner at the YMCA but had no place to sleep.  Ochs determined that he was a respectable man who was just down on his luck, he gave him a few dollars and told him to come see him abo...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Tuesday. Samsung appointed a new mobile boss as it faces 'peak smartphone' and competition from all sides. Roh Tae-moon, who's been at Samsung since the late 1990s, previously served as head of research for the firm's mobile business. Uber Eats has agreed to sell its Indian business to a local rival called Zomato, the New York Times reports. All Uber Eats' drivers in India will be switched over to Zomato, and its app will direct users t...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Monday. A startup company took billions of photos from Facebook and other websites to create a facial-recognition database, and hundreds of law-enforcement agencies are using it. Clearview AI, a facial-recognition startup that scraped social media for images, has been adopted by at least 600 law-enforcement agencies, according to a New York Times report. Snap CEO Evan Spiegel said at a conference on Sunday that he thinks TikTok could su...
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28 ways companies and governments can collect your personal data and invade your privacy every day

In modern life, privacy is no longer a given — people are being tracked on their daily commute, at work, online, and when they're shopping. That's because data is valuable. In 2018, American companies spent an estimated $19 billion attaining and interpreting consumer data. Data is a commodity to be sold for advertising, used by government agencies to stop crimes, or for companies to increase workplace productivity. Almost nothing is private anymore. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more ...
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Pinterest just surpassed Snapchat in popularity. Here's how its unassuming CEO built the social media powerhouse by avoiding big speeches and personally meeting its first users.

Ben Silbermann is the cofounder and CEO of Pinterest, which, according to a new eMarketer report, passed Snapchat in users in 2019 and has a comfortable lead. Its stock soared on the news. In fall of 2018, Silbermann appeared on Business Insider's podcast "This Is Success" to explain how he built the company and came into his own as a leader. Silbermann built a community around his company by hiring people based on their passions, and by personally meeting Pinterest's earliest users. Silberman...
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A nurse's viral TikTok video about how to prevent STDs is sparking conversations about prejudice in medicine

A now-deleted TikTok video of a nurse promoting abstinence outside of marriage to prevent STDs went viral this weekend. The post prompted Twitter users to talk about other prejudices and racism that they've felt from medical professionals, both in person and on social media. Some responded with videos of TikTok nurses they saw as more positive examples in the field. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. An 18-second TikTok video reposted on Twitter last week has led to anger, fe...
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From Priscilla Chan to Melinda Gates, these are the spouses of some of the most powerful people in tech

Most of tech's most powerful CEOs are married.  Not everyone is coupled up — Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have girlfriends, while Jack Dorsey and Tim Cook appear to be single.  But for those who are married, many of them have been with their spouses for years or even decades.  Here's a look at the lives of the spouses of tech's biggest CEOs.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. It takes a special type of person to become the partner of a high-powered tech executive: From long week...
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This Week in Photography: Laughing at a Scary World

  Part 1. The Intro Believe it or not, I used to be funny. And this column was often absurd. For years, I made fun of Donald Trump, before he ran for President. Even after he won, I still joked about him all the time. For a while, anyway. It was never my intention to become serious, though 6 years working for the New York Times certainly discouraged my sillier impulses. (If you can find a less light-hearted group of colleagues, I’ll be very surprised.) The strange thing is, I never set out to be...
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Elon Musk is a notorious workaholic. Here's how the father of 5 makes and spends his $30.2 billion fortune.

Elon Musk's girlfriend and Canadian singer Grimes posted a photo on Instagram hinting that she's pregnant.  The Tesla and SpaceX CEO currently has a net worth of about $30.2 billion, Bloomberg estimates. Musk said in January he will not receive any form of payment or compensation until Tesla reaches $100 billion in market cap. A notorious workaholic, Musk doesn't spend his money on lavish vacations or expensive hobbies; he even planned to spend his 48th birthday improving Tesla's logistics. Vi...
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Here's what you need to know about Grimes, the Canadian singer dating Elon Musk who hinted she's pregnant in Instagram post (TSLA)

Grimes, the Canadian singer, posted a photo on Wednesday to Instagram and Twitter that appears to show her pregnant. The internet is already furiously speculating whether the father is Elon Musk, the Tesla CEO who Grimes has been in a public on-and-off relationship with since 2018. Here's everything you need to know about Grimes, who has been alongside Musk as he faced off against the SEC over his infamous "funding secured" tweet. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. At the Met...
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The Daily Edit – The New York Times Sunday Magazine: Dina Litovsky

The New York Times Sunday Magazine Director of Photography: Kathy Ryan Former Art Director now Partner at Pentagram: Matt Willey Photographer: Dina Litovsky Heidi: How much time did you spend with each athlete before taking their portraits, was it before or after Mavericks? Dina: I did two trips for the story, to Maui, Hawaii and Mavericks, San Francisco. Traveling to catch the waves is tricky, there is only a 24-42 hour notice of when the waves will swell. I had to be pack...
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From the Brig to Mar-a-Lago, Former Navy SEAL Capitalizes on Newfound Fame

A year ago, Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher was wearing drab prison scrubs at a brig near San Diego, facing murder charges that could have sent him to prison for the rest of his life. Now he is modeling his own lifestyle clothing brand, endorsing nutrition supplements and positioning himself as a conservative influencer with close ties to the man who helped clear him -- President Donald Trump.Gallagher was acquitted this summer of charges that he shot at civilians and killed a wou...
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Channing Tatum is reportedly looking for love on Raya, the exclusive dating app for the rich and famous that accepts 8% of applicants. Here's what you should know about how it works.

Newly single Channing Tatum is reportedly on Raya, along with other celebrities and creatives. Raya is known as the celebrity dating app for the rich and famous, but it also bills itself as a networking app. Getting into Raya involves having your application approved by an anonymous committee — it helps if you're successful, attractive, and know people. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Channing Tatum is single again, and he's already reportedly swiping for love. But you won...
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President Obama Shares His Favorite Books, Movies of 2019. Here’s What Made the Cut

Former President Barack Obama released lists of his favorite books and movies of 2019 in a series of Instagram posts, as part what has become a “fun little tradition,” he wrote. In the coming days, he will also be releasing his favorite music. “Outlets like literature and art can enhance our day-to-day experiences,” Obama wrote on his Instagram post. “They’re the fabric that helps make up a life — the album that lifts us up after a long day, the dog-eared paperback we grab off the shelf to ...
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Chris Burkard: Say Yes to What You Want

Today’s guest is one many of you have been asking for oh-so-long. He’s one of the top travel, outdoor, and landscape photographers in the world, bringing us to some of the most untamed and powerful landscapes in the pursuit of powerful stories, hidden surf, and a good adventure. Of course in this episode we get into his new book, At Glacier’s End, but we also get into some meaty topics such as: the power of exploring personal projects and how it can shape new opportunities the sacrifice that com...
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Best food cities of the 2010s

Planning a vacation involves a complicated mental calculation. Before settling on a destination, you have to consider the beauty, the historical landmarks worth visiting, and what outdoor activities there are. For people who love to eat, however, one consideration takes precedence over all the others: the local cuisine. Travel doesn’t have to be all about food, but it’s often the best part of visiting a new city. One of the biggest travel trends of the past decade — one that is sure to exten...
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