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Feds Raided Office Of Trump Fundraiser Elliott Broidy In Money Laundering Probe

A sealed search warrant obtained by ProPublica shows federal agents scoured Elliott Broidy’s office for documents related to China, Saudi Arabia and a Miami Beach club promoter. Federal authorities raided the office of Republican fundraiser Elliott Broidy last summer, seeking records related to his dealings with foreign officials and Trump administration associates, according to a sealed search warrant obtained by ProPublica. Agents were authorized to use the megadonor’s hands and face to un...
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Bruce Polin

Big congratulations to TOP reader Bruce Polin, whose work is being highlighted on the Lens blog of the New York Times. Bruce Polin, Jay and Missy, Prospect Park, 2018 The work consists of traditional 8x10 film (FP4 and HP5) environmental portraits that are both meditative and collaborative. I really enjoyed the portfolio, which is called "What's the Opposite of a Cellphone Photo?" Have a look at Bruce's work! Mike (Thanks to Bruce) P.S. By the way, the mysterious "boxy, old-fashioned Japane...
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Charlie Pratt's Prints

I've told this story before I'm sure, but Lord knows where. Many years ago, the photographer John Gossage helped organize a show of photographs by Charles Pratt at the Corcoran Gallery. Charlie, who had died of a heart attack at his gym four years earlier at the age of 50, had been the scion of a wealthy industrialist family. It turned out that John had other connections with the Pratt family, which included helping Charlie's widow Julie publish several books of Charlie's photography. Julie was ...
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Spring, Sunshine and a Good Book *bliss*

The sun is shining, birds chirping (I almost forgot what that sounded like) and I’m impatiently watching the snow melt off my deck and wondering how long it will be until I actually see grass in my backyard. My backyard is my absolute favorite place to be in the spring and summer months and I can’t wait to get out there again. The perfect morning for me consists of a spot in the sun on my deck, a warm cup of coffee beside me, and a good book in my hands. I. CAN’T. WAIT. It’s like my friends at S...
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A red flag in a Facebook exec's goodbye letter shows there's bad blood over Mark Zuckerberg's radical privacy plan

Facebook on Thursday announced that its chief product officer, Chris Cox, and Chris Daniels, the head of WhatsApp, were leaving the company. A telling line in Cox's goodbye letter suggests there were significant disagreements over Mark Zuckerberg's plan to pivot Facebook to privacy. This was backed up by a report in The New York Times, which said there were frustrations over Zuckerberg's vision for the company. Facebook sprang a surprise Thursday when CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that anothe...
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This red flag in a Facebook exec's goodbye letter shows there's bad blood over Mark Zuckerberg's radical privacy plan

Facebook announced on Thursday that chief product officer Chris Cox and Chris Daniels, the head of WhatsApp, are leaving the company. There was telling line in Cox's goodbye letter that suggests there were significant disagreements over Mark Zuckerberg's plan to pivot Facebook to privacy. This was backed up by a report in The New York Times, which said there were frustrations over Zuckerberg's vision for the company. Facebook sprung a surprise on Thursday when Mark Zuckerberg announced that a...
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The Daily Promo – Cody O’Loughlin

Cody O’Loughlin Who printed it? I used Smartpress to print this set. They’re great to work with during the proofing and mock up process, and offer plenty of quality paper options. Who designed it? I designed the promo myself with the help of my wife, Nicole, who has an excellent eye for design. I wanted to do a tri-fold in square format because it sequences a bit like a book. I also thought it was neat to have the portrait of Braxton in a diptych as well as a tryptic when the promo...
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Around the World in 50 Captivating Digital Marketing Statistics

Sit back and join us for a journey through 50 recent digital marketing statistics that combine to tell a captivating tale of change, innovation, and generational preferences in an industry that changes faster than Jules Verne’s Phileas Fogg could ever have envisioned in “Around The World in 80 Days.” via GIPHY Statistics exploring each of the B2B, influencer, content, and social media flavors of marketing combine to tell a captivating and unique story of how digital marketing has evolved...
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Raheem Sterling on being targeted for racism at Chelsea, Everton & in the media

Raheem Sterling & Man City It was a brilliant weekend for Raheem Sterling on the pitch for Man City. Sterling scored a Premier League hat-trick in a 3-1 victory over Watford. Man City remain a point above Liverpool after the weekend’s results in the top flight. With eight matches to go, Man City will be crowned champs if they can win all their remaining games. in monday’s @nytsports print editions. raheem sterling @sterling7 talks to @RorySmith about racial abuse, media stereotypes and rising ...
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Elizabeth Warren says she wants to break up big tech companies including Amazon, Google, and Facebook

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts Democrat and 2020 presidential candidate, has proposed a plan to break up some of the country's largest tech companies, including Amazon, Google and Facebook. The plan calls for banning tech giants from both providing a marketplace and selling their product on the same marketplace, and the appointment of new regulators that would undo mergers between massive tech companies. "That means we break Facebook away from Instagram and WhatsApp, Amazon away from...
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Elizabeth Warren's plan to regulate tech giants would force Facebook to break up with WhatsApp and Instagram (FB)

Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren just announced a new plan for regulation that would break up tech firms such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google. Under the plan, some acquisitions such as Facebook's purchase of WhatsApp and Instagram and Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods would be rolled back. Senator Warren announced the proposal in a campaign email on Friday in an email with the subject line, "It's time to break up Amazon, Google, and Facebook." Democratic Senator Elizabeth W...
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A teacher documented every notification her students received during class, and it's a startling look at how distracted teens are by their phones

A picture posted by a teacher is making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter that shows just how often the students in the teacher's class got phone notifications during a single period. The picture shows a "collective record" with tallies counting up the notifications that students received during the class period, with the pings divided into categories: texts, phone calls, emails, and notifications from various social networks.  A screengrab of the Facebook post was put on Twitter by New York ...
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Lens: The Best Photos From the 76th Pictures of the Year International

Fabio Bucciarelli was named Photographer of the Year and Jessica Phelps won Newspaper Photographer of the Year. The New York Times was cited for excellence in photo editing.
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'X-Men' spin-off movie 'The New Mutants' is reportedly in limbo as the Disney-Fox merger looms

The "X-Men" spin-off movie, "The New Mutants," is in limbo just five months ahead of its scheduled theatrical release as the Disney-Fox merger looms, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The movie faced a troubled production and its release was pushed back twice (it was originally set for April 2018). If the movie's theatrical release is in danger, could it debut on Disney+ or Hulu? "Dark Phoenix" isn't the only "X-Men" movie expected to hit theaters this year, but you may not have heard of t...
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Here's what we know about Facebook's big, secretive push into cryptocurrency (FB)

Facebook is reportedly planning to launch a cryptocurrency for WhatsApp in the first half of 2019. The company has some key execs working on this secretive blockchain project. Here are some of the key details. Facebook's cryptocurrency plans are slowly coming into focus. In May 2018, the Californian social networking giant announced that it was forming a team to explore the buzzy technology behind bitcoin and see how it could be incorporated into its products, but since then it's stayed mum a...
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Best credit cards for 2019

I’ve shared my favorite personal banking tips with you in the past. Here’s my pick for the best checking account Here’s my pick for the best savings account Today, we’re going to talk about credit cards. Let’s get to it. When my book was originally published, I named names. This is why some banks will never, ever partner with me. Oh well!! My old favorite credit card: Citi PremierPass card Anyway, in the first chapter on credit cards, I shared the details of my favorite credit card at th...
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An Honest Review of Gay Dating Apps

Everyone has an opinion on the gay apps. They’ve become so ubiquitous and ingrained in our popular culture, they’re impossible to resist. I remember the first time I downloaded Grindr—shortly after it was released. Once The New York Times writers discovered it, the app world seemed to explode with location-based dating apps. Gay dating wasn’t easy for a long time. I was lucky enough to grow up & come out during the iPhone generation when thousands of new types of apps seemed to be released every...
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Zoe Church: Hollywood's Latest Religious Obsession

When actor Chris Pratt went on The Late Show a couple weeks ago, he casually name-dropped "the Daniel Fast," a 21-day diet based on the Bible, which he said he learned about through his pastor at Zoe Church. This comment about his church and the rest of the conversation about his faith got Ellen Page's attention."Oh. K. Um. But his church is infamously anti lgbtq so maybe address that too?" Page wrote on Twitter, referring to Hillsong, another celebrity-friendly megachurch, which Pratt used to ...
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Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Malaka Gharib

by Mike Rhode Next month, I'll be moderating a Nerds in NoMa panel on March 12th on Comic Converts: The World of Comic Illustrators in D.C.” One of the attendees will be Malaka Gharib, and I must confess to not being familiar with her work previously, even though she has a book I Was Their American Dream coming out soon from Penguin Random House which describes it thusly:One part Mari Andrew, one part Marjane Satrapi, I Was Their American Dream: A Graphic Memoir is a triumphant tale of self-di...
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18 Famous Redheads Who Will Have You Calling Your Colorist ASAP

Natural redheads might only make up 2% of the population, but that hasn't stopped a whole spectrum of red shades from dominating salons, and gracing the heads of stars who may or may not have been born with it. From New York to L.A., trendseekers have been requesting everything from red-velvet transformations to auburn highlights.If you haven't found enough inspiration yet while bingeing Riverdale or Game of Thrones — seriously, those shows are filled to the brim with the burnished color — we'v...
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Beyoncé Challenged You To Eat A Plant-Based Diet — But Is She A Vegan?

The answer is no: Beyoncé isn’t a vegan.And no, Jay-Z isn’t either.The New York Times put an end to recent speculation with information straight from Bey and Jay’s personal trainer, Marco Borges: “Beyoncé eats ‘a plant-based’ — i.e. vegan — ‘breakfast daily’ and consumes no meat on Mondays. Jay-Z eats ‘two plant-based meals a day.’”So perhaps the best way to characterize the superstars is as part-time vegans (or rather, excuse me, part-time “plant-based” dieters). And “part-time” is key here, a...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Beyonce, Instagram, Jay Z, New York Times, Queen Bey, Jay, Bey, Borges, Bey Jay, Marco Borges, Greenprint Project, Coachella As Borges

Facebook’s Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp Integration Isn’t Complicated, 8 Things to Know

If you haven’t heard, Facebook announced that it’s working to integrate three major chat platforms — Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp — in order to allow cross-communication for users. This is a huge development. Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 and WhatsApp in 2014, making this power move possible. The new infrastructure would keep the three applications distinct while simultaneously allowing users to chat with each other, regardless of their platform. The project is under development and ...
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Mandy Moore Supports Phoebe Bridgers After Accusing Ryan Adams of Abuse

Days after Phoebe Bridgers and six other women came forward with claims of abuse against Ryan Adams in a New York Times exposé, the singer took to social media to share a message of gratitude for her supporters, and one of disdain toward those who let the music producer get away with his behavior for so long. Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams: A Timeline of Their Tumultuous Relationship “It’s been a weird week and I wanted to say a couple things,” the “Motion Sickness” songstress began a le...
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Shane West: Mandy Moore Is the Strongest Woman I Know

Standing right beside her. Shane West supported his A Walk to Remember costar Mandy Moore after she spoke out about her ex-husband Ryan Adams’ alleged abusive behavior toward her during their marriage. Mandy Moore, Ryan Adams’ Tumultuous Relationship Timeline “Warmest hug EVER to the strongest woman I know,” the Nikita alum, 40, commented on the This Is Us star’s Wednesday, February 13, Instagram post. Moore, 34, and West starred as unlikely teenage couple Jamie Sullivan and Landon C...
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Chris Pratt Slams Ellen Pages Claim That His Church Is Anti-LGBTQ

Chris Pratt is setting the record straight on his beliefs. The Guardians of the Galaxy actor took to Instagram on Monday, February 11, to defend his church after Ellen Page claimed it is against the LGBTQ community. Celebrity Feuds: The Biggest Ever! “It has recently been suggested that i belong to a church which ‘hates people’ and is ‘infamously anti-LGBTQ,’” Pratt, 39, wrote in a lengthy Instagram Story post. “Nothing could be further from the truth. I go to a church that opens the...
Tags: Instagram, Stephen Colbert, Religion, Social Media, Justin Bieber, New York Times, Jesus, Ellen, Ellen Page, Chris Pratt, Vox, Anna Faris, Hillsong Church, US Weekly, Hailey Baldwin, Pratt

Past Tense: Dogs Before Instagram

Vintage photos from The New York Times archive show the enduring power of the pooch.
Tags: Photography, News, Dogs, New York City, New York Times, Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, Instagram Inc, Past Tense

The FDA just called out e-cig startup Juul and tobacco giant Altria for backing away from a pledge to fight teen vaping

Regulators recently accused Silicon Valley e-cigarette startup Juul and its new partial parent company, tobacco giant Altria, of reneging on promises they made to curb teen use of their products. In a letter sent out this week, the head of the Food and Drug Administration requested a meeting with both companies to talk about what happened and how to move forward. Researchers have said they believe Juul and its ultra-strong nicotine products have essentially created a new generation of people a...
Tags: Instagram, Stanford, US, Trends, New York Times, Food And Drug Administration, Silicon Valley, Fda, Juul, Altria, Gottlieb, Scott Gottlieb, Times Don, Robert Jackler, Wednesday Food and Drug Administration

The Manure-Spreaders of Media Sensationalism

Opinion The Manure-Spreaders of Media Sensationalism USA – -( Here we go again. If you think the manure-spreaders of sensationalism who masquerade as ethical practitioners of journalism learned anything from the MAGA-bashing Covington Catholic High School hoax, I have three words for you: Ha, ha, ha. Last Tuesday morning's, uncorroborated claims by actor Jussie Smollett that he was the victim of a “brutal” hate crime by Trump supporters in Chicago went viral across social med...
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Facebook warned over privacy risks of merging messaging platforms

Facebook’s lead data protection regulator in Europe has asked the company for an “urgent briefing” regarding plans to integrate the underlying infrastructure of its three social messaging platforms. In a statement posted to its website late last week the Irish Data Protection Commission writes: “Previous proposals to share data between Facebook companies have given rise to significant data protection concerns and the Irish DPC will be seeking early assurances that all such concerns will be fully...
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Apple reactivates Facebook’s employee apps after punishment for Research spying

After TechCrunch caught Facebook violating Apple’s employee-only app distribution policy to pay people for all their phone data, Apple invalidated the social network’s Enterprise Certificate as punishment. That deactivated not only this Facebook Research app VPN, but also all of Facebook’s internal iOS apps for workplace collaboration, beta testing, and even getting the company lunch or bus schedule. That threw Facebook’s offices into chaos yesterday morning. Now after nearly two work days, A...
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