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Festival Pass: Boots in the Park, a new Inglewood venue and Morrissey’s ‘Cruel’ return

Festival Pass is a newsletter that lands in your inbox weekly. But during prime festival season you get bonus editions, too! Subscribe now. We’re less than a week away from California loosening coronavirus restrictions. As of June 15, live music can start to come back in a big way. The first big event on our calendar is Boots in the Park, which returns to the SilverLakes complex in Norco on June 19. Reporter Kelli Skye Fadroski talked to the promoter about bringing back a big event as well as t...
Tags: Apple, Instagram, California, Beck, America, Los Angeles, Sport, Park, Things To Do, Soccer, New Zealand, Music Festivals, Coachella, Prince, Pasadena, Morrissey

Free car washes rock as this New Zealand band cleans up in Southern California

David Dubinsky recently found an unusual flyer in the mailbox of his Hollywood Hills home. It came from the indie rock band Emperors Night, but it didn’t advertise any sort of upcoming concert. Instead, it offered a free car wash in exchange for a follow on the band’s Instagram account. A few days after the entertainment lawyer messaged the band and determined they were legit, 32-year-old Anand, 31-year-old Bud and 28-year-old Dhyan Chalmers, the New Zealand-born brothers who make up the indie p...
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Paris Photos

I often go through this park on a bus but this time I decided to hop off and take some photos. A statue of la Fontaine famous for the fables he put together with two of the animals he wrote about. Another statue surrounded by beautiful Spring flowers. A more modern piece of art. Not in the park but the end of Île de la Cité where the trees are no longer bare.
Tags: Travel, Photos, Park, Paris, Flowers, Sculptures, Fontaine, Ïle de la Cité, La Fontaine

Buttes Chamont

I haven’t been to this park in years. It was formed out of an old quarry. There’s a replica of a Greek temple. We climbed up to have a closer look. There’s a good view of Montmartre from there. The symbol of Paris on a fence there. Colorful street art on a nearby building. Nice art work in a community garden.
Tags: Travel, Photos, Art, Park, Architecture, Paris, Montmartre, Buttes Chaumont

The Gold of Autumn

I saw on my weather app that there was 100% chance of rain the next day so I got myself out in the fresh air along with many other Parisians, this being a Saturday afternoon, and headed in the opposite direction of the Eiffel Tower for a change of scenery. I reached the Andre Citroën Park made from the site of the old manufacturing plant. It’s not my favorite, rather stiff and modern, but it looked good in its Autumn colors. I did pass the beautiful Mirabeau bridge on the way. There ...
Tags: Travel, Photos, Park, Paris, Eiffel Tower, Citroën, Mirabeau, Autumn Leaves, Andre Citroën Park

Police Report Filed After Brian Ortega Slaps Jay Park At UFC 248

There is some fallout from Brian Ortega slapping Korean rapper Jay Park at UFC 248 on Saturday.  Park attended the event, which took place at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, with Chan Sung Jung, better known as “The Korean Zombie.” When Jung went to the restroom, Ortega approached Park and slapped him. According to an Instagram post, Ortega said he would slap Park if he saw him. The reason behind the threat was that Park had served as a translator for Jung, where Jung said that Ortega had avoided f...
Tags: News, Instagram, Park, Ufc, Las Vegas, MMA, Ortega, Jung, T Mobile Arena, Jay Park, Brian Ortega, Chan Sung Jung, UFC 248, Brian Ortega Slaps Jay Park, Jason House of Iridium Sports Agency

The Viktoriapark Waterfall Overflowing with Naked Bodies

photos: Mischa Badasyan Victoria Park is one of my favorites places in Berlin. Being able to have that beautiful green spot around the corner in a huge city like this is a true luxury. Especially because of the stunning view of the waterfall and the streets you can enjoy when you get to the top. So it’s no wonder that this spot was chosen to create a compelling and sensual artistic piece. “Waterfall” is a human installation of naked bodies that cover the path that the water follows. Bodies tha...
Tags: Art, Photography, Fashion, Berlin, Park, Nude, Don, Berlin Being, Viktoria Park, Mischa Badasyan Victoria Park, Mischa Badasyan

Star Wars Bits: ‘Solo’ Easter Eggs, Deep Cut References, and the Legendary Cameo That Never Was

In this edition of Star Wars Bits: A whole bunch of Solo Easter eggs are revealed Ron Howard makes a stunning revelation Mark Hamill and James Gunn become BFF’s Taika Waititi becomes Boba Fett…sort of And much more! Solo: A Star Wars Story might’ve underperformed at the box office, but it definitely didn’t underperform when it comes to easter eggs. Not just Star Wars easter eggs though, as SyFy discovered there are also some pop culture easter eggs from classics like the Indiana Jones mov...
Tags: Star-Wars, Movies, Instagram, Sci-fi, Disney, Park, Tom Hanks, Sequels, Hasbro, Catholic, Thor, James Gunn, Lucasfilm, Indiana Jones, Mark Hamill, Ron Howard

Lens: Fearing Death, and Photographing the Rituals That Surround It

After the death of his parents, Chanho Park was left bereft. He started taking photographs and felt himself drawn to traditional Korean funerals and religious rites.
Tags: South Korea, Photography, News, Park, Death and dying, Funerals and Memorials, Chanho (Photographer, Chanho Park

Under a millimeter wide and powered by light, these tiny cameras could hide almost anywhere

As if there weren’t already cameras enough in this world, researchers created a new type that is both microscopic and self-powered, making it possible to embed just about anywhere and have it work perpetually. It’s undoubtedly cool technology, but it’s probably also going to cause a spike in tinfoil sales. Engineers have previously investigated the possibility of having a camera sensor power itself with the same light that falls on it. After all, it’s basically just two different functions of a ...
Tags: Gadgets, Photography, Science, Hardware, Tech, Park, Cameras, Solar, Solar Power, University Of Michigan, Euisik Yoon, Sung Yun Park

Recommended Marketing Podcasts: Week of January 22

Podcasts are a great way to educate yourself. Whether you’re on the train, in the car, at your desk, or anywhere in between, this medium is an incredible vehicle for supplementing your industry knowledge. Every week, I’ll be sharing with you some of the best marketing podcasts around, spanning the whole marketing landscape. Whether you’re new to podcasts or you’re a seasoned listener, I know you’ll find value in each weekly round-up. Let’s get listening, shall we? The Science of Social Media ...
Tags: Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft, Youtube, NFL, Seo, Park, Bob, Economist, Miri, Digital Marketing, Howell, Facebook She, Facebook News, Bob Knorpp, Hailley Griffis

This Week in Photography Books: Per-Anders Pettersson

  Well, this is embarrassing. I could pretend it didn’t happen, I suppose. That would be the smart move. Instead, I’m going to admit that I just got two completely different artists confused. Sure, that happens sometimes. But when you tell one person you like their work, when you’re really thinking of another, you should probably keep that to myself. But since when do I do the conventional thing? When I recently got an email from Per-Anders Pettersson about his new book, I conflated him with And...
Tags: Photography, Africa, Park, South Africa, Zara, Photography Books, Jim Comey, Pettersson, Simone Cipriani, Anders Petersen, Anders Pettersson, UN Ethical Fashion

Ivvavik: Canada’s Most Impressive National Park?

Located north of the Arctic Circle in Canada’s Yukon, Ivvavik National Park sees fewer annual visitors than the summit of Everest. Wanna take a look? In This Yukon Photo Essay You Will Discover: Panoramic Alpine Views Remote Hikes in Arctic Environs True Wilderness Adventure And More! “Bucket List” is the most overused term in travel today. With that in mind—you should put a trip to Ivvavik National Park on your Bucket List. This is not some pedestrian “Bucket List” like hiring a personal...
Tags: Travel, Hike, Photography, Adventure, Earth, Park, Culture, Canada, Tourism, Backpacking, Arctic, Eiffel Tower, Mount Everest, Arctic Circle, Caribbean, Recreation

Social Media Friendships, Artists As A Tribe And An Homage T o Artist David Park (1911-1960)

A person begins his spiritual accomplishment by learning how to be a friend. - Hazrat Inayht KhanAs someone who spends a ton of time on social media — way too much — I have been thinking a lot about friendship lately. On the one hand, while I have literally thousands of “friends,” there are only a handful that I actually know in person and perhaps one or two that would reach for me if I were sinking in a pit of quicksand. It’s a situation where there is quick, momentary gratification available ...
Tags: Facebook, News, Instagram, Minnesota, La, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Park, Francis, Alan, Sam, Huffington Post, Mark, David Park, Miró

The Best Gastropubs In NYC

Photo: Courtesy of The Penrose. Bars are as bountiful as Starbucks in New York City, but there are a few that raise their drinks — and their dishes — to an art form. So don’t just settle for a slice (or two) of $1 pizza! Instead, hit these crowd-pleasing gastropubs, where the scene is chill and the food is four stars; we're for any place that encourages a burger, fries, and a cold beer on tap. Seriously, what else could you possibly want in a night out? ...
Tags: Fashion, Music, New York, Instagram, New York City, Post Office, Park, Brooklyn, Broadway, Starbucks, Upper East Side, Fifth Avenue, Lincoln Center, Bronx, Upper West Side, Vermont

Exploring the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford London

Despite a rather chilly breeze, I spent an enjoyable September evening in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. The park was close to my hotel, the Travelodge London Stratford. I entered the Park close to the London Aquatics Centre, where there was a large mural, ‘Carpenters’ Curve’ by Clare Woods. It’s the most complex […]
Tags: Photos, England, London, Park, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford London, Travelodge London Stratford, London Aquatics Centre, Clare Woods

The stunning British countryside and national parks, in pictures

In pics: Photographer captures beautiful images of British national parks and countryside [Author: Telegraph Staff]
Tags: Landscape, Photography, Wales, Country, Park, National Parks, Walking, Sheffield, Forest, Peak District, Brecon Beacons, Side

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