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Everyday objects up close

An relaxing compendium of macro photos of everday objects such as eggs, leaves and donuts, except for the loud reality-TV "zooming in" sound effect that makes you think Gordon is about to start shrieking at them. Note the unnerving macro-scale resemblance of instant coffee to chicken nuggets.
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Shut-in novelists with cancelled book tours promote each other online

Publisher's Weekly writes: Not to be outdone by the children’s and YA authors "signal boosting" their fellow authors on Twitter, two novelists, Caroline Leavitt and Jenna Blum, are promoting their colleagues with an ambitious initiative called A Mighty Blaze. Anyone can participate in the conversations on A Mighty Blaze on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram about new releases, but for authors wanting their books to be signal boosted on these platforms, there are a few requirements: the book has to...
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Queen's Brian May teaches his famous guitar licks on Instagram and advises: “keep calm and create”

Brian May, "your friendly neighbourhood rock star" (as he described himself in a post) is doing a series of "MicroConcertos" on his Instagram account. On them, he shows fans and fellow guitarists how he achieves some of his famous Queen licks. Brian is also using his account to try and keep fans' spirits up and to encourage them to take self-isolation very seriously, observe sterile technique, and to make the most out of the time. "Keep calm and create" he summarizes. ...
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Pioneering "Top Chef Masters" winner Floyd Cardoz dies at age 59 from Coronavirus

Chef Floyd Cardoz, age 59, known for his NYC restaurants Tabla, Bombay Bread Bar, and Pao Walla (and former winner of Bravo's Top Chef Masters) died today of COVID-19. According to CNN: "It is with deep sorrow that we inform you of the passing away of Chef Floyd Cardoz," according to a statement from Hunger Inc. Hospitality, where Cardoz was the culinary director. Cardoz tested positive for Covid-19 on March 18 and was being treated for it at Mountainside Medical Center in New Jersey, the state...
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Control each other’s apps with new screensharing tool Screen

It’s like Google Docs for everything. Screen is a free interactive multiplayer screensharing app that gives everyone a cursor so they can navigate, draw on, and even code within the apps of their co-workers while voice or video chatting. Screen makes it easy and fun to co-design content, pair program, code review or debug together, or get feedback from a teacher. Jahanzeb Sherwani sold his last screensharing tool ScreenHero to Slack, but it never performed as well crammed inside the messaging a...
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Vintage snapshots of people sleeping

Esteemed vernacular photography collector Robert E. Jackson curated a dreamy collection of vintage snapshots of people snoozing. Goodnight. From Flashbak: The intimacy of sleep is a subject mainly found in snapshots as opposed to fine art photography, writes Robert E. Jackson. The reason is that to be a witness to such an action, the person holding the camera generally must have a close association with the person sleeping– such as being a friend, lover, or family member. There is a vulne...
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Artist makes travel posters for National Parks based on their worst 1-star reviews

"There are bugs and they will bite on your face." -- a bad review about Sequoia National Park This is hilarious. Designer Amber Share discovered that there were one-star reviews for all 62 of our National Parks and decided to illustrate and hand letter travel posters for them "as a way to put a positive, fun spin on such a negative mindset." She calls her series a "snarky love letter to the National Parks System" and it's absolutely delightful. See the entire series on her Instagram, and purch...
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How To Use Instagram Successfully As An Influencer

So, you’ve made it to #influencer status. Congratulations! There are many opportunities that will present themselves as you go on this journey toward Instagram stardom, but you’ll need to keep a few things in mind along the way. Whether you’re new to influencer status or you’re looking for some tips to take your game to the next level, this guide is for you.  Learn how to utilize your Instagram influence to grow your audience, attract advertisements deals, and solidify your standing in a grow...
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This New Orleans convenience store has a great Instagram account

From Rob Walker's excellent Art of Noticing newsletter, this recommendation to subscribe to the Instagram feed of a convenience store in New Orleans called Hank's Market: This NYT writeup on bodegas “going viral on TikTok” reminded me of a current favorite Instagram account. Hank’s is a convenience store on St. Claude, in the Upper Ninth Ward of New Orleans. It’s not the kind of place you would expect to have a social media presence, per se, but it’s got a very fun Instagram account. Especially ...
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The Smithsonian just released 2.8 million images into the public domain

The Smithsonian Institution has just released 2.8 million images (2D and 3D) into the public domain via a new Smithsonian Open Access online platform where anyone can browse and download high-res files. From Smithsonian: Featuring data and material from all 19 Smithsonian museums, nine research centers, libraries, archives and the National Zoo, the new digital depot encourages the public to not just view its contents, but use, reuse and transform them into just about anything they choos...
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Experts Say There’s ‘No Evidence’ for Bernie’s Russian Bot Claim

Bernie Sanders on Wednesday raised the possibility that social media accounts harassing his critics may, in fact, be Russian bots operating in disguise. But top security officials say they've seen no such activity. The platforms themselves hinted the same. And experts in the field are now saying that the senator's inference may cause harm by eroding trust for when such behavior does, in fact, occur.When pressed about his supporters’ attacks on members of the Nevada Culinary Workers Union...
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Jeff Bezos just pledged to spend $10 billion to fight climate change. Here's how the richest person in the world makes and spends his billions.

Jeff Bezos, the wealthiest person alive, has pledged to spend $10 billion to fight climate change. Bezos became nearly $2 billion richer after selling some of his Amazon stock earlier this month. As Amazon's founder and CEO, Bezos was the first person in modern history to accumulate a fortune of over $100 billion — and he currently has a net worth of $130 billion, Bloomberg estimates. He spends his fortune on real estate across the US, a $65 million Gulfstream Jet, and his space exploration co...
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Cartoonist sells his "crappy rejected" New Yorker submissions

For Christmas, I gifted myself with a New Yorker subscription. At the end of January, in my inbox zine, I wrote about becoming a little obsessed with the magazine's cartoon caption contest, and how I had shared the fun with my 15-year-old daughter. I then found myself searching and following all the New Yorker-published cartoonists I could find on Instagram. That search led me to Brooklyn-based Drew Dernavich (and, boy, I sure am glad I found him!). On top of The New Yorker, he's been published...
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Facebook: Bloomberg campaign memes won't be classified as political ads

We've written here at Boing Boing before about Mike Bloomberg's awful memes, which the 2020 presidential hopeful's campaign machine crapped out on Facebook and Instagram this week with awful accounts like FuckJerry. Facebook said Friday it will allow 'influencers' like FuckJerry to produce sponsored content for political campaigns, as long as the posts are clearly identified as ads, but sponsored political content will not be placed in Facebook’s political Ad Library, unless they're "boosted" ...
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Mike Bloomberg launches zany meme campaign

Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg's billion-dollar ad spend has already upended the 2020 race to challenge Donald Trump, but yesterday's bizarre and coordinated campaign of meme-style content, published by influencers, has certainly gotten him more attention. Taylor Lorenz: Mick Purzycki is the lead strategist of the Meme 2020 project. He is also the chief executive of Jerry Media, a media and marketing company that is a powerful force in the influencer economy. The company’s portfolio incl...
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Photo of boxing orangutan wins wildlife photography award

Yesterday, I posted Sam Rowley's fantastic photo of two brawling mice on a subway platform that won the London Natural History Museum's Wildlife Photographer of the Year LUMIX People's Choice award. Also in the animals-that-fight vein is Aaron Gekoski's photo of a pugilist orangutan, a beautiful and ultimately tragic image that earned Gekoski a Highly Commended award in the Natural History Museum's competition. From the photo caption: Orangutans have been used in degrading performances ...
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Photo of mice brawling on a subway platform wins wildlife photography award

Sam Rowley's fantastic image of mice brawling over crumbs on a London Underground platform won the London Natural History Museum's Wildlife Photographer of the Year LUMIX People's Choice award. "With the majority of the world living in urban areas and cities now, you have to tell the story about how people relate to wildlife," Rowley told CNN. Over the course of a week, Rowley staked out multiple train stations each night to find the shot. Sir Michael Dixon, Director of the Natural ...
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Courteney Cox Dresses Like Jennifer Aniston for Her Birthday and Nails It

Now that all six leads from Friends have finally joined Instagram, there was ample opportunity for some nostalgia-fueled posts when Jennifer Aniston’s birthday rolled around on Tuesday. But while Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry both shared old photos of Aniston from her days playing Rachel, it was Courteney Cox’s present-day snapshot that seemed to resonate with Friends fans most. Cox’s birthday tribute to Aniston involved her attempting to cosplay as her longtime friend, but admitting that s...
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Interview with photographer Meeno Peluce about his favorite tools

My guest this week on the Cool Tools Podcast is Meeno Peluce. Meeno grew up as a successful child actor in Hollywood, and his kid sister is Soleil Moon Frye of Punky Brewster fame. He then moved behind the camera and has spent his life photographing and filming the world around him, from the burning ghats in Varanasi to the luminous landscapes of Tinseltown. He’s a proud Papa and ask him his profession, and he’ll tell you he’s a Meeno, and all that might entail. He gave himself the name when he ...
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Jeff Bezos uses Instagram to take an apparent swipe at a senior Trump official who accused him of ducking an important meeting (AMZN)

Jeff Bezos has taken to Instagram to vent following a Washington Post interview with White House trade adviser Peter Navarro.  In the interview, Navarro said Bezos told him at a recent party that they would meet, and has since dodged him.  But the exchange at the party and the Post report appears to have bothered Bezos enough for him to respond on his personal Instagram account. "Let's say you're at a big cocktail party and someone you don't know comes up to you while you're talking to your da...
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Social media influencer who falsely claimed to have coronavirus during flight is arrested after plane made emergency landing

Potok Philippe, a 28-year-old self-styled social media influencer, was charged with mischief after he told fellow plane passengers, "Can I get everybody’s attention please. I just came back from Hunan province, the capital of the coronavirus. I’m not feeling too well. Thank you." The plane made an emergency landing and Philippe was arrested. From : He later said "it was simply a joke" and that he had hoped to go viral on Instagram with the prank, which saw him being escorted off the plane in a ...
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I am bananas for these behind-the-scenes photos of Planet of the Apes

Makeup artist John Chambers' work on Planet of the Apes (1968) is a high point in Hollywood prosthetics. The characters don't look like real apes, but they have an interesting mix of ape and human. Combined with costume designer Morton Haack's outfits, the overall effect is spectacular and unforgettable. I learned that photographer Dennis Stock took a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos during the shooting of the movie, and you can browse them at Magnum Photos. [via Flashbak]
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Las Vegas' slogan will no longer be "What happens here, stays here"

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority is changing the city's official slogan from "What happens here, stays here." As we all know, nothing that happens actually stays in Vegas anyway because it all ends up on Instagram with that slogan as the caption. In any case, the new slogan, several years in development but not yet officially announced, is: "What happens here, only happens here." From ABC News: The new tourism slogan is expected to be officially unveiled in a 60-second ad duri...
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Regime Critic Says Saudis Tried to Kidnap Him on U.S. Soil

A suspected agent of the Saudi government attempted to kidnap a regime critic on American soil, according to the critic and multiple U.S. and foreign sources familiar with the episode. The young Saudi man says the FBI saved him from becoming the next Jamal Khashoggi.Abdulrahman Almutairi is a 27-year-old comedian and former student at the University of San Diego with a big social-media presence. After Almutairi used social media to criticize the powerful Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman over the...
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Saudis Tried to Kidnap Me on U.S. Soil, Regime Critic Says

A suspected agent of the Saudi government attempted to kidnap a regime critic on American soil, according to the critic and multiple U.S. and foreign sources familiar with the episode. The young Saudi man says the FBI saved him from becoming the next Jamal Khashoggi.Abdulrahman Almutairi is a 27-year-old comedian and former student at the University of San Diego with a big social-media presence. After Almutairi used social media to criticize the powerful Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman over the...
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Russian comedian who dissed Putin flees country

Aleksandr Dolgopolov, a 25-year-old Russian comedian, made some jokes about Russian President Vladimir Putin and Christianity during a stand-up performance last year. Dolgopolov says he has now fled Russia over fears for his safety. In a show he did at amall bar in St Petersburg 12 months ago, Dolgopolov joked about Putin and his supporters: "Our population has split into two camps. On one hand there are those who support Putin; on the other, there are those who can read, write, and reach log...
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Boda Boda fashion show: equipping Nairobi motor taxi drivers with outfits to match their glorious bikes

Boda Bodas are the ubiquitous motorbike taxis of Nairobi; Boda Boda drivers are in an arms-race to produce the most elaborately decorated motorbikes in order to differentiate themselves from the competition. The Ugandan-Kenyan fashion designer Bobbin Case and the photographer Jan Hoek created new fashion looks for seven Boda Boda drivers that matched their bikes, a venture that was so successful that the drivers kept their outfits and now wear them to work: "The nice thing is that because o...
Tags: Post, Photography, Fashion, News, Kenya, Nairobi, Boda Boda, Boda Bodas, Jan Hoek, Bobbin Case

Illicit THC dealers are raking in the bucks on Instagram: Report

Not so dank, dudes. NBC News reports that “countless purveyors of illicit THC products” are selling illegal cannabis or fake cannabis products in plain sight on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. “They are facilitating a public health crisis,” said Timothy Mackey, a professor at the University of California San Diego. His team has done extensive research on how social media platforms are used to sell various illicit products. The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) sa...
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The beauty of sewers before the first flush

Our cities' sewers are some of the most incredible structures in the built environment. In a new book, "An Underground Guide to Sewers: or: Down, Through and Out in Paris, London, New York, &c." historian Stephen Halliday explores the systems (and people) that deal with our shit so we don't have to. From the book description: Halliday begins with sanitation in the ancient cities of Mesopotamia, Greece, and Imperial Rome, and continues with medieval waterways (also known as “sewage in the str...
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Absolutely magnificent black-and-white photos of trees in the fog

These are just a small sample of Michael Schlegel's glorious photographs of trees in Fanal, the laurisilva forest of Madeira, Portugal. The otherworldly images reassure me with their quiet calm. (via Kottke)
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