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Facebook is dialling up punishments for users who abuse live video after the Christchurch massacre

Facebook announced Tuesday that it is tightening its rules around live streaming following the Christchurch mosque shootings. Facebook will now act on a "one strike" basis for live videos, blocking users immediately from broadcasting live if they seriously violate Facebook's policies. The company is also investing $7.5 million in research to develop new ways to prevent people circulating videos like Christchurch, using editing tricks to slip past its automated systems. It means Facebook is esc...
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Facebook introduces ‘one strike’ policy to combat abuse of its live-streaming service

Facebook is cracking down on its live streaming service after it was used to broadcast the shocking mass shootings that left 50 dead at two Christchurch mosques in New Zealand in March. The social network said today that it is implementing a ‘one strike’ rule that will prevent users who break its rules from using the Facebook Live service. “From now on, anyone who violates our most serious policies will be restricted from using Live for set periods of time — for example 30 days — starting on ...
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Josh Rosen: 'My heart really didn't believe' Cardinals would take Murray until it happened

While some NFL media and insiders have done what they could to tear down Josh Rosen in recent days, Rosen has seemingly stayed above the fray. As former NFL receiver Steve Smith went on an over-the-top rant about Rosen for unfollowing the Cardinals' all Kyler, all the time Instagram feed and fellow NFL Network analyst Charley Casserly kept up his constant criticism of Rosen, the 22-year-old was largely quiet.
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Kartje: Josh Rosen’s classy exit, David Gettleman’s folly and other NFL draft musings

His name loomed over the entire NFL draft, for reasons which, like most matters regarding Josh Rosen, were not of his own volition. Just one year after the Cardinals traded up to choose him in the first round, just weeks after reiterating that he was still “the guy” in Arizona, the Cardinals used the No. 1 overall pick on his replacement. They plastered the team Instagram account with photos of their new quarterback, Kyler Murray, then edited Rosen out of their hype videos. It was not subtle. Th...
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Former UCLA star Josh Rosen traded to Miami Dolphins

DAVIE, Fla.  — Josh Rosen, supplanted by Kyler Murray as the Arizona Cardinals’ quarterback of the future after only one season, has been traded to the Miami Dolphins in a deal that also involved two draft picks. The Cardinals used the No. 1 overall pick Thursday to draft Murray, the Heisman Trophy winner from Oklahoma. For Rosen they acquired from Miami a second-round choice this year — No. 62 overall — and a fifth-round pick in 2020. Arizona used the 10th overall pick on Rosen last year, and t...
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Facebook is cashing in on direct-to-consumer brands — even as marketers are scrambling to shift money elsewhere

According to new research from Facebook, 45% of disruptor brands said that they've built their business on the platform compared to 15% of non-disruptor brands. That reliance may lessen as DTC companies look to other kinds of advertising to reach potential customers. Facebook is betting big on Stories to keep interest from disruptor brands strong. With and a need to diversify away from Facebook, a number of direct-to-consumer brands have started spending less on Facebook in the past year. Bu...
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Facebook denies report that election war room was disbanded

Facebook’s election war room monitors and dashboards remain, since so does the threat of election interference. Facebook has confirmed to TechCrunch that its election war room that it paraded reporters through in October has not been disbanded and will be used again for future elections. That directly contradicts a report from Bloomberg today about the war room that claimed “it’s been disbanded”, citing confirmation from a Facebook spokesperson. That article has not received a formal correction ...
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Wonder Ventures aims to dazzle L.A. startups with its new seed-stage fund

Dustin Rosen thinks L.A. has a problem, aside from its famously car-choked highways. There aren’t enough investors willing to write small checks. Why not? The way he sees it, most of the so-called micro venture funds have grown their funds to the size of traditional venture firms, and are making bigger bets as a result. Meanwhile, some of the angel investors that Venice-based Snap was expected to produce have not materialized, owing to the company’s disappointing performance on the public market...
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Facebook Finds 'No Evidence' Hackers Accessed Connected Apps

An anonymous reader quotes a report from TechCrunch: Facebook has said it's found "no evidence" that third-party apps were affected by the data breach it revealed last week. Hackers stole account access tokens on at least 50 million users by exploiting a chain of three vulnerabilities inadvertently introduced by Facebook last year. Another 40 million also may have been affected by the attack. Facebook revoked those tokens -- which keep users logged in when they enter their username and password ...
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What Instagram users need to know about Facebook’s security breach

Even if you never log into Facebook itself these days, the other apps and services you use might be impacted by Facebook’s latest big, bad news. In a follow-up call on Friday’s revelation that Facebook has suffered a security breach affecting at least 50 million accounts, the company clarified that Instagram users were not out of the woods — nor were any other third-party services that utilized Facebook Login. Facebook Login is the tool that allows users to sign in with a Facebook account ...
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This Week in Photography Books: Claire Rosen

  Imagine an alien planet, teeming with life. There are plants, trees, rivers, oceans, and lots of creatures. Bunnies, of course, but also lizards, horses, orangutans, beetles, rhinoceros, and thousands of other species. (Or their alien-planet equivalent.) Then, all of a sudden, (in geo-time,) a new species emerges, called the Krackstock. These Krackstock are rapacious, and begin churning through the planet’s resources. Soon, they enslave the chicken, cow and pig-like creatures, and set up death...
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Facebook’s new transparency report now includes data on takedowns of ‘bad’ content, including hate speech

Facebook this morning released its latest Transparency report, where the social network shares information on government requests for user data, noting that these requests had increased globally by around 4 percent compared to the first half of 2017, though U.S. government-initiated requests stayed roughly the same. In addition, the company added a new report to accompany the usual Transparency report, focused on detailing how and why Facebook takes action on enforcing its Community Standards, s...
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Photographing Duran Duran nearly ended in blood being spilled and fingers being broken over copyright ownership

Acclaimed UK photographer Andy Rosen, who took many of the iconic photos of the early punk days, has written a nerve-racking, but entertaining piece about his bizarre experience he had after photographing Simon LeBon of Duran Duran. Excerpt: It all began innocently with an assignment to photograph Simon Le Bon, lead singer of Duran Duran in 1983. It was the first time one of my images was worth more than the cost of an Indian takeaway and a pint of beer. It should have been a great moment. I...
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Here’s Why Waiting For Your Crush To Text Back Is So Miserable

We do weird things when we're waiting for a text message back from a crush: obsessively unlock and lock our phones, become hyper-aware of the passage of time, and question every single interaction we've had with the recipient. It can be pure psychological torture, and cause even the calmest people to lose all semblance of chill.Texting is imbued with uncertainty, which is why it's such a complicated form of communication, says Bree McEwan, PhD, assistant professor at DePaul University, who stud...
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Extremely Good New York City Real Estate Drama Unfolding in NoHo

High-powered New York City real estate developer Aby Rosen has sent his business partner Jared Kushner a pretty rude message. A new billboard at a construction site Rosen owns at 337 Lafayette Street in Manhattan exhorts passersby, in huge white letters, to “Vote Your CONSCIENCE!” On Monday, Rosen posted a photograph of the billboard to Instagram with the caption, “Wake up America.”Read more...
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How Greats Built a Footwear Brand With a 50% Repeat Purchase Rate

On this podcast, you’ll hear from Ryan Babenzien, Co-Founder of Greats, a Brooklyn-born footwear brand offering tastefully designed sneakers for men starting at $49.  Find out how Ryan built a powerful footwear brand with strong customer loyalty and a 50% repeat purchase rate. In this episode, you'll learn: What is a Net Promoter Score and how to measure it. Why you should not post product shots on Instagram. How to customize your pitch to get the press to feature you. Listen to Shopify ...
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