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Tips for Creating Successful Social Media Apps

Social media apps dominate mobile app usage. A recent survey found that smartphone owners listed social media apps as their most frequently used type of app almost 4x more than the second-place finishers, communication/messaging apps and gaming apps. Any business seeking to build a mobile app – no matter if it’s social media or not – should understand what makes social media apps so addicting and powerful. Using recent data from 511 smartphone owners, the following article offers tips and topics...
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Recent SEO News

What’s going on in the world of SEO? Matter-of-fact? What exactly is SEO? Consider this – you want to generate leads online and get results from your actions. That’s SEO. When crafting online campaigns, everything boils down to how effective your SEO really is. This is how people find and follow you. The right tactics and SEO strategy can help get you right where you want to be. With the year at an end, getting things in order for the New Year is befitting. One of the most recent and relatable S...
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How Your Business Can Attract Gen Zers in 2019

When it comes to getting Gen Zers interested in your business, there always seem to be so many challenges. Already, millennials were hard enough to market to, with values so different from traditional consumers’, but that’s nothing compared to marketing to this younger generation. Gen Zers, on the one hand, are resistant to traditional marketing, but on the other hand, want your attention all the time. They’re always on their phones using 3G, but if they get a pop-up, they hate it. They hate adv...
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Tips for Setting Up An Online E-Commerce Shop

As long as people do their shopping online, then e-commerce sites will continue to thrive. Anyone with a brick-and-mortar store can tap into the benefits of selling merchandise to thousands (if not millions). What determines a successful e-commerce site is the attention they put into the website’s construction.     Just like setting up a physical shop, your e-commerce site must act as a digital manifestation of your business plan. First, determine the product you want to sell. Next, create...
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Seven Ways Social Media Affects Teens

Any parent should be concerned about how their teenage children are using social media. We have heard countless stories about the hazards of this online platform on the younger generation. With the ubiquitous presence of social media, parents have their work cut out for them and they need to consider so many things. It is so easy for young people to get fully immersed in the online realm and get lost in it. Social media has become a strong online force and it isn’t leaving. Many teenagers alread...
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How to Build an Effective Content Distribution Plan

  How can you build an effective content distribution strategy? What if I told you there is an easy way to build a powerful content distribution channel that actually works. Yes, there is a way… and all you have to do is apply some simple steps in the process. But why do you need a distribution strategy? Because a proficient content distribution plan will get your content in front of your target market and enable you to create bonds with your buyer persona. This will result in trust a...
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9 Steps for More Instagram Followers in 2019

While making business resolutions for the new year, don’t forget about your Instagram presence. This platform may very well be your most important profile in the entire social realm, thanks to its rapid growth and ability to connect with more than a billion monthly active users. If predictions are correct, Instagram could one day usurp Facebook as the most used social media platform, and those who recognized it for what it was, to begin with, and put their best Instagram marketing foot forwa...
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How Instagram Stories Are Changing Marketing

By observing every step in the last eight years, it’s evident that Instagram is much more than just a member of the popular social media group. It started as a website with socially-related goals and an artistic outlet, but it turned out to be something more. Not just a photo-sharing platform anymore, Instagram has become a powerful marketing tool. A big reason for this is the Instagram Stories feature, a feature that’s being used by more than 400 million users . These peculiar temporary po...
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Social Media Trends to Leverage in 2019

Humans are social beings, and for this reason, the world has embraced social media faster than anything else. With over 2 billion people on social media, it is clear that majority of your customers spend their time online. Therefore, it is necessary for you to scale your social presence so that you can boost customer loyalty and reach. Here are seven ways of scaling your social media business in 2019. 1. Chatbots More individuals are utilizing messaging apps than social-media sites to link wit...
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Offering Subscription Services Brings in More Mobile Commerce Money

Courting customer loyalty is an ever-shifting goal to hit and no longer relies solely on a business offering a solid product. Digital marketing, word of mouth advertising and the natural lack of stagnation brought around by the age of interconnectivity might be leaving you wondering what the next big break in customer retention could be. If you’ve been regarding the era of the Columbia Record Club as a bygone age of old-school marketing, you might be surprised to hear about one of the strongest ...
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10 Best Image Designing Tools for Instagram

Posting pictures on social media has become a trend now. But a study shows that 70% of the Instagram users never post their photo without retouching it. The users normally use some third-party apps or in-built editing features of Instagram. The user who edit or retouch their photos with the help of Instagram in-built editing features, they are ok. But those who edit their pictures with some third party image and editing apps, here we are to help them by telling top 10 best image designing tools...
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3 Easy Steps to Achieve a Better Instagram Following for your Brand

Instagram currently has more than 800 million users. 35% of all adults in the US use Instagram, and it’s only growing. Even as it’s parents company Facebook faces a PR nightmare with issues on privacy, promoting hate speech, and being questioned about the roll that Russian hackers plays on it’s platform, Instagram has remained untouched by the fray. People love the platform, and it’s got a shiny public image. As such, Instagram growth is a great business idea. I’d argue it should be part of you...
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13 Experts Share their Top Holiday Social Media Marketing Tip

Holiday season in full swing and digital marketers are focused on finishing out the year strong. Get an extra edge these actionable tips from bona fide social media , including Neil Patel and Mari Smith. You’ll find ideas for holiday campaigns, bidding strategies, organic ways to drive traffic to your unicorn content and more. I’ll start with my own tip — and it’s one that’s good year round! 1. Larry Kim | CEO/Founder at MobileMonkey Go into 2019 with at least one “intentionally delusional” ...
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Square Appointments Allows Businesses to Reach Customers on Instagram and Google

As a payment solution, Square (NYSE: SQ) is always looking to improve its platform by bringing the physical and digital world together for a seamless ecosystem. The company’s latest endeavor in this area is the integration of Instagram and Google with Square Appointments. This will allow users to reach more customers in two of the most popular digital platforms. Square Appointments on Instagram and Google For small businesses with a digital presence, this integration will make it possible to ...
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Top 2018 Instagram Trends for Business Use

Instagram is one of the most popular social channels available to businesses today. It’s growing quickly and evolving to meet the needs of its users. So for brands that use the platform, it’s essential to keep up with what’s happening. 2018 Instagram Trends If your business has an Instagram presence or if you’re thinking about starting one this year, here are some of the top statistics, updates and trends from 2018. Instagram Popularity Instagram had about 800 million worldwide users earli...
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How Ecommerce Sites Can Increase Traffic Beyond the Holidays

By Rob Toledo Ah, the holidays. Remember them? A time when merchandise practically walked itself from crowded shelves to customer doorsteps — when being an ecommerce site meant checking and rechecking and re-rechecking that your servers could handle daily surges of frantic last minute shoppers. It all seems so far away now. But springtime does not have to mean the ecommerce doldrums. Though your customer base might not be as imbued with the same sense of urgency as they do on December 23rd, ther...
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The Big Social Media Trends: Make Benefits Out of it

Technical paper. The social media industry is coming of age and currently has five major trends – from communities to their own departments, to social CRM. Social media has refashioned the way companies use the Internet. The image of the sending company and the receiving consumer has changed. So, the companies have adapted and went where the customer is. Social media is now a requisite part of many companies – mostly in the area of internal communication, marketing or public relations. Social M...
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25 Instagram Growth Services That’ll Double Your Following

Building up a decent following on Instagram is an exceedingly arduous undertaking. It involves spending hours combing through hashtags to find users that fit your audience profile, and then attempting to passively interest them in visiting your profile. Most often you’ll come up empty handed, and only a fraction of your efforts will ever seem to win over followers. It also eats up all of the time you could be spending on producing and improving your content. Don’t let this fruitless trudge ...
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How to Improve Organic Conversions From Twitter

Every social media platform has its positives for marketers. Facebook has the lion’s share of marketing clout, of course. Instagram is on the rise. Even Pinterest is still generating some interest, though it is a tough nut to crack. But for my money? The best lead generation comes from Twitter. Most of this is due to one on one interactions with consumers and influencer marketing. Twitter is a personal space, where brands can get right to the heart of their customer base. What gets tricky is try...
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Hot Marketing Trends That Are Essential to Your Small Business Success

In partnership with  Simply Business 4th in a series of articles exploring how to make 2019 your business’s best year yet. By Rieva Lesonsky Last week we talked about the innovations in local marketing small business owners need to adopt to be successful in 2019. Now, we’re going to discuss other marketing trends that are essential to your success. But first, this is a good time for you to assess your existing approach to marketing. Too many small businesses silo their marketing efforts; they m...
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7 Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales This Holiday Season

In today’s digital era, businesses have never been more able to connect with their customers – both locally and all over the world. And this holiday season, 34% of consumers say they plan to spend more than they did last year; 36% plan to spend more online, according to research by Qriously. So what can your business do to attract these spending customers and increase sales this holiday season? The following seven strategies are the most exciting marketing campaigns that your business should emb...
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10 Steps Formula to Better Socialize Your Business

Today, on-an-average, seven out of ten Americans use social media platforms to connect with others, engage with newsworthy content, share the information and get entertained. According to the Pew Research Center study, back in 2005, it was just 5% of American adults who were using at least one of the social media channel, but today, about 69% of American public uses some sort of social media.   And as we all know, Facebook is the most-broadly used of the major social media platforms, followed by...
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How to Increase Leads in the Consideration Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

If we were to ask most business owners what their primary goal is, chances are that the vast majority would simply answer “more sales” (to absolutely no one’s surprise). Can you blame them? You need to make money to stay in the game. However, you CAN blame many of them for not understanding what it takes to get there.   Believing that creating some ads, putting some money into marketing and using newsletters would do the trick is being gullible. You need a solid video marketing strategy with sho...
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Give Us 8 Minutes, We’ll Tell You How to Get Followers for Your Business on Instagram

Instagram currently has more than 1 billion active users. It’s one of the fastest growing social platforms on the planet and is especially popular with young people, who happen to be a popular target for a lot of small business. So if you’re not already using Instagram to reach your small business audience, you probably should be. But it’s not enough to simply sign up for an account and start posting about your products or services. You need to actually get people to follow you if you want your...
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How to Reach an Influencer Level on Instagram

Instagram is no more a fun app for teens, it has transformed into a massive content marketing and networking platform. Businesses use Instagram to reach their target audience and they’re always looking for influencers who’d help them achieve their marketing goals. And there is a reason why businesses are in love with Instagram, it has a higher engagement rate than Facebook. According to Forrester , Instagram engagement rate is 58x higher than Facebook. This is the reason why brands don...
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10 Fundamental Reasons to Rebrand Your Company

Rebranding isn’t easy, but sometimes it’s the only choice you have. Instead of disrupting operations, compromising on the quality of services, harming the reputation of your brand and letting sales decline, it’s better to swallow the pill and rebrand yourself. But, how do you know it’s time, and you have no other choice left? It’s okay if you are doubtful. This article explains some fundamental reasons to rebrand your company and some successful and not-so-successful examples of rebranding that ...
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9 Tips for Influencers to Build Their Personal Brands on Instagram

Did you know that in 2017, the market value of Instagram influencers worldwide was estimated to be more than $1 billion? In fact, this value is expected to reach $2.38 billion by 2019. Instagram has made it possible for many individuals to turn their passions into a profession. Those who have leveraged the platform well are now some of the most popular influencers on Instagram. However, building your personal brand on Instagram is not easy. It can take years to establish your authority, gain tru...
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Selling Online? 3 Simple yet Effective Ways to Save a Fortune

Selling products online is an excellent way of boosting profits for your business without the need of creating your own physical shopfront and hiring staff to deal with transactions. Especially when you consider the fact that in a modern world, an eCommerce store can be built within a couple of hours. While selling online certainly holds great appeal, the approach is not without its challenges. You’ll need to figure out how to market your business, learn the best way to sell your product...
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How to Focus on Quality over Quantity with Social Media

Google ‘small business social media’ and you’ll find hundreds of articles touting the need to be on every single social media platform. The thinking is this: you have to be everywhere people are in order to reach the most people. But the truth of the matter is, being on every platforms can hurt your business more than it can help. Why Being on Every Social Platform Can Hurt Your Business Getting on to every single social media platform (and there are a lot these days!) can distract and diseng...
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Graphic Design Trends of 2019

Bold typography Type is a fundamental part of graphic design. As such, it’s no surprise every year that designers take type in a different direction. Recently we’ve noted an increase in the use of type as a bold, often primary element in design. This goes along with the general trend of design becoming more simple and direct. When you look at the current state of media, the use of bold typography makes sense. With advertisers and marketers fighting to get their message across, using stark, in-y...
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